Is Vinny Curry A Wasted Pick?

Posted October 11, 2012

I really liked the Vinny Curry pick when the Eagles made it and I after hearing the kid speak I liked him more. I think he has a bright future in the NFL hopefully with the Eagles. He's a good story. The kid who got drafted by the team who he's been rooting for all of his life. It's a childhood dream turned reality. That's why it hurts me to write this, but I believe in hindsight the Vinny Curry pick was a wasted one. The reason why I feel this way is because the Eagles weakside linebacker position and their special teams kickoff coverage have been a disaster all season. The Eagles are stacked at the line position especially at defensive end. The have a solid mix of young players and veterans capable of contributing. Curry isn't even dressing for games.

Right now the Eagles have already cut their original starting weakside linebacker who just happened to also play on special teams. Their second guy who also plays on special teams has been hurt and let's be honest when he had the job wasn't exactly lighting it up. Now we are onto the third man and he's completely lost right now. Oh and by the way the special teams still stinks. 

Now the special teams may get a boost with the eventual returns of Riley Cooper and Cold Anderson, but with keeping Curry the Eagles had to let go of other guys who have played solid special teams for them like Keenan Clayton. There are a few linebackers who have been taken after Kendricks who are currently helping their teams and playing right now that maybe the Eagles could have moved up in the draft to take.

2nd round picks should be either starting or at least getting some solid playing time early and so far Curry is not getting either. Don't get me wrong I believe Curry can play. If someone goes down I believe he will be able to step in and be a solid contributor as well, but he's not starting and maybe drafting another linebacker would have produced a starter.

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  • Can't argue with your logic. I actually was first surprised and upset with the Curry pick (same as you...why not fill bigger needs?) but after seeing highlights and hearing talk from the media and his coaches liked the pick. After seeing him sit out the first third of the season you do have to wonder why the Eagles didn't draft a player who would at the very least dress game day and hopefully help the team this year!
  • I thought he was a3rd round but thats right he was taken in 2nd round. Ouch that hurts.
  • Unless the 3rd round pick is a quarterback he at least should be contributing on special teams. We aren't even getting that.
  • I agree
  • At the time the Eagles were struggling and still may be struggling at safety, and at linebacker. The one position the had depth was at defensive end. That's why the pick seemed a little curious. I thought he would at least be in the rotation, be he isn't even dressing. 2nd round picks should at least be in the rotation. The fact he didn't beat out Tapp is a problem, because that forced the Eagles to go light on certain areas of the roster to keep him.
  • Just another in the long list of 2nd and 3rd round picks that the Eagles don't seem to get anything out of. Laws played but not well enough to garner a new contract, Bryan Smith, Daniel Teo' Neishem, Matt McCoy, Jarrett...we can go all the way back to Reid's first second round pick in Gardner. The Eagles got a few decent years out of both Gocong (he may have been a 4th round pick) and Bradley but again, didn't think enough of either to keep them around. Curry may end up being a stud but we'll never find out if he doesn't play plus if he has shown the talent in practice you would think he'd at least be in the rotation. Tapp seems to only be visible when he's getting a flag thrown at him and Hunt has somewhat disappeared since having that great preseason so maybe we will see Curry soon.
  • I judge a lineman by their presence. Out of the DE Cole has a veteran solid presence. He could have played on any Eagle team from the 90's on and been effective. The rest I dont know. Babin is a pass rush specialist. Tapp I cant quite figure out. Looks solid one minute and the next looks like a goof. Hunt is out matched and over his head. Curry looks good but needs to grow into his frame. I mean they have "potential" but there are quite a few teams that have very solid starting DE's. This is where I get a little pissed off when the Eagles start saying they have the "best" DL. They dont.
  • When you type Eagles say that, do you mean coaches or players? I haven't heard any coaches make that specific claim and players on all teams make those types of claims. No big deal!
  • They have climed that their depth is impressive. Im not really buying it.
  • But you don't buy anything when it comes to the Eagles, right? You have your boycott.
  • That whole boycott thing gets under his skin doesn't it?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • This thread was a few weeks in the making. Latinenferno wrote on my thread about RG3 praising all of the Eagles picks, implying the Eagles are better off with who they drafted other than being in a position to draft a franchise QB for the next 10 years. He cited Curry as an heir apparent. Well considering the Eagles line and other than the middle guys, most of them were either free agent pickups or late round picks. Does a team really need to draft Trent Cole's replacement? Especially after they just gave him an extension? Then I pondered some more as to why would the Eagles waste a second round pick in order to groom a lineman? It's just a dumb idea as a whole. In a season where the head coaches job is on the line it doesn't seem smart to waste a high pick on hoping a guy can play in 3-5 years. Don't they already have that guy in Graham and he was a wasted first round pick! Well this is what happens when you draft for the "future". Your present is stuck with a weak link at linebacker, safety, and you special teams coverages struggle. 2nd round picks need to be contributing to the team. Curry isn't, and regardless what he does from here on out makes me see him as a wasted pick.
  • On Eagles live earlier today one of the hosts pointed out that Graham was one on one with a Steelers TE on one play and lost the battle. That can't happen!
  • That sometimes can happen. Just like when I saw Mike Patterson get run over by Packers fullback Kuhn for a touchdown, yet Hollywood swears the guy is an all pro. I seriously doubt that would have happened to JPP. Graham is yet another player the Eagles moved up in the draft to get only to allow the Giants to just sit back and draft the better player.
  • Certainly up in thae air with him.
  • Im not going to knock using the pick on a DE because you need them to win superbowls. They are always important in post season but like you say we need help elsewhere. We could have used a OL, a DT or Lb. So, its costing us again to have high picks not available. Especially, on a team that is constantly on a youth movement. If you dont draft right you crumble.
  • The pick could have been used on a starting weakside linebacker. You also need them to win super bowls.
  • Im a firm believer that it never hurts to have good players at the same position. You cant have too many good athletes in one spot. The trick is utilizing the talent.
  • I agree, but the problem is they have too few good players in other positions.
  • Again I don't see how a team that was 8-8 could use a 2nd round pick on just in case. They need players! Look at the mess the offensive line is in right now. Look at how there is no safety depth. Look at how the special teams is struggling. How can a team that has so many flaws can have the audacity to use a 2nd round pick on potential?
  • Uh how long did we ALL say Brandon Graham was a BUST and now he's playin well and you all wanna throw a kid (who had a really good preseason) is a waste seriously? Look Tapp is a liability and won't be back next season and well have curry and Graham being the 2nd team bookends that will one day replace Cole &Babin. So just hush with that....
  • i expected a strong season out of him and thought he would have an impact. He isnt meeting those expectations yet.
  • In 7 games Brandon Graham has 12 tackles and a 1/2 of a sack. In that same span JPP from the Giants has 30 tackles and 5.5 sacks. Let's not go on about how Brandon is the future just yet. So far he's not showing it.
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  • Casey Mathews was a 4th round pick I believe. I mean ha hasn't produced, but there isn't much I expect out of a guy drafted at that time. Curry like Jarrett and many other early round picks either didn't play or were busts.
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  • HEY dustytrail, haven't heard from you since that Suckker4GayLove comment. Mostly all the mock draft experts had Curry on the Boys draft board as a 3 round pick. Another underachiever stolen from us {Nnamdi} thanks. WHEW!!
  • Mostly all of the mock draft experts? Yeah, I'm sure you checked them all. Many of the mocks I saw had Curry going in the 2nd and I didn't hear anything that thought the Eagles reached on him.
  • I don't think he was a reach. Like I stated I liked the pick and I like the kid. I have a problem with the pick now (in hindsight), because they didn't address all of their needs.
  • I know you didn't or at least wasn't typing to you, Eazy. Replying to sucker.
  • Oh okay.
  • I just think he's caught in a numbers game. The other guys have NFL experience. He doesn't and it cost him. The truth is this isn't about Curry. This is about the Eagles making a wasted pick on a player who can't help them when right now they are a team that sorely needs help.
  • And there in lies the major weakness of the Eagle philosophy. The Eagles use free agents and draft picks to build their team. Since veteran players are shown the door the Eagle success is predicated on strong drafts. And the fact is the Eagles have had a run of poor drafts and dont have quality youthful depth. I think the way out of this is for the Eagles to sign the more players to second terms. I Think if the avg age increases so will the wins.
  • So just draft players and let them get old and the talent on the team gets better...okay coach!
  • Where were yall during the 2008 draft, when coach Jones drafted Felix Jones?
  • I remember cowboys fans on this site were talking Felix Jones up like he was the next Tony Dorsett and how the Cowboys (and not Oakland) got the best Arkansas back. Those people also completely ignored the fact Jerry Jones was almost willing to give up his entire draft for McFadden. Those same people were talking up Demarco Murray being in the same class as Shady McCoy. Don't worry sucker. We laughed at them then too.
  • 1. Cox - has been legit
    2. Curry - So far NOTHING
    3. Kendricks - Has been solid most weeks (so far awesome)
    4. Foles - Eagles Starting QB by end of the season
    5. Boyken - Starting 3rd CB / Kick returner
    6. Bryce Brown - Solid number 2 RB & should get more carries

    Just naming those 6 guys, the Eagles had one of their best drafts in years.... Whether Curry becomes good or not.. I am extremely happy w/ this draft class
  • I'm not questioning the legitimacy of the draft class or even if Curry can actually play. What I am questioning is knowing how many needs this team had, did they waste a high pick on a guy who isn't playing? I think the answer is yes considering how things have gone so far. Even if Curry turns out to be a great player it doesn't change the fact drafting him forced the Eagles to go heavy at DE and light in other areas on the roster.
    As far as the draft goes I still like the draft, but I think it's a mistake to just assume everything will be just fine. Cox has been solid, but the interior line is still lacking a push up the middle and his personal foul penalty was just stupid. Curry like you wrote nothing so far. Kendricks has been really good, but there has been times where he's shown his rookie side as well. Even if Foles is the starter next season there is no certainty that he's going to be great. Boykin hasn't exactly been stellar as a return man and he's also been a little exposed against bigger receivers. Brown could turn into a good player, but the Eagles are giving him too much playing time. By the way running back is another position the Eagles kept too many players.
  • I have to disagree on a few things here. Cox so far has been pretty solid as a DT in this league.. I actually drafted him in fantasy & am not regretting it like I expected. He has been able to get some pressure & so far has been decent tackling as well.

    As for Kendricks, He had maybe 1 bad game; He doesn't always "show up" in the numbers, but that's also because he is playing the TE a lot. Last season TE's ran all over us. This year.. Not so much.

    Boykin - i'll concede that he hasn't been stellar in the kick return game, but he has been far better than what we were last year.

    So lastly; We picked up Curry deep in the second round & he was the best player on the board. Couldn't pass him up. A team that is possibly so deep at WR it's disgusting (aka Giants) Picked up Reuben Randal, because he was the best on the board... My point is, if you want to be the best.. You have to pick the best on the board no matter what your needs are alot of times.
  • The idea of picking the best player isn't always the best situation. The Eagles could have moved up to select another linebacker to help this team. The idea of picking the best player on the board makes no sense if you already have talent at that position. It's the reason why the Rams traded down. Why pick another QB when you have one? Bottom line is the team has far too many holes to make a luxury pick.
  • making that statement in October is a lot easier than making it in April. Plus, our Linebacking crew has actually done exceptionally well. Also, how many sacks have the Eagles had in the last 4 games? Maybe our DE's are done after all. I mean 0 sacks guys
  • As done as these guys have looked right now don't you think it's a little concerning that Curry isn't getting any playing time?
  • I think your analysis of the draft is accurate but if Brown can run Id like to see him get more carries. The Eagles have a large longterm investment in McCoy. They dont need him sidelined with injuries.
  • This draft was better but just because they are out there doesnt mean they are effective. Case and point Casey Matthews when he was drafted. But they have solid guys in this draft but to be successful the Eagles have to piece 3 or 4 excellent drafts together.
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  • Come next year when the Eagles go away from the Wide nine with a new coach Curry may be needed. Babin was just a journeyman without needing to be lined up a few steps outside the tackle. Curry could see much more time with a new coaching staff especially if Babin doesn't start making some plays. He gets paid to get sacks and 3 games with no sacks is just inexcusable. He could be one of the ones that falls victim to a new coaching staff at 5 million a year and either no cap penalty or very little.
  • correct GTD
  • That little diversion will be gone. That wide 9 waqs a smokescreen for whats coming.
  • Babin is so over rated and so selfish that I will be glad to see him go. I'm just tired of all of these selfish players on this roster who are just collecting a paycheck and really don't care.
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  • Prime example of the me first players on this roster. If this is Reid's last year I could see a lot of guys gone next year.
  • If someone new comes in they start with the nucleus of talent. McCoy, Jackson, Cox, Kendricks, Peters(if healthy). Some vet leaders will stay: Celek(not my favorite), Avant, Patterson, Nhamdi, Ryans, Cooper, Cole. the rest who cares?
  • Herremans
  • Some guys you left out, but there is a group of players who should stay and a lot of guys who should be shown the door and many of them are from the 2011 free agency class who have come in here and have turned the Eagles into a me first mess.
  • Maybe cut him? That would be interesting
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  • "Tapper" should have been released. He's a waste of a player.
  • Bottom line is that Reid ripped the culture of this team apart with his style of play. He took the Eagles away from their tradition and now it must be rebuilt to old form. The finesse team is outdated and not in the image of prior championship Eagle teams. And if you want to use the 60's as a benchmark thats a good place to start.
  • The hard nosed Eagles I grew up watching has long since left the building. It's funny how the late great Jim Johnson is more reverenced in this town than the head coach he worked under.
  • The Eagles still having trouble getting to the quarterback, yet Vinny Curry a 2nd round pick can't get on the field. Seems kind of a waste right now.
  • a very simple question deserves an answer

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