Isn’t Andy Reid A Quarterback Guru?

Posted June 30, 2013

The list of names attributed to Andy Reid as him either developing or rejuvenating is expansive. Many people on this site and abroad have credited Andy Reid for being great at developing quarterbacks. Now after the Chiefs hired Andy Reid, it became known that he made a phone call to them about the availability of one of their quarterbacks. That quarterback was Nick Foles. This is interesting because Andy knew that the only reason Mike Vick was back with the Eagles was due to the fact he chose to accept their offer of less money. Otherwise he would have been shown the door just like Nnamdi was. So If Andy Reid the quarterback guru knew that Mike Vick the guy his son was close with, the guy who he himself helped rejuvenate could have been had for a draft pick, then why did he call the Eagles about the availability of Nick Foles? Andy eventually settled for paying a hefty price of a 2nd round pick for Alex Smith. Does anyone realistically think Mike Vick would have cost that much? Nevertheless Reid chose NOT TO MAKE AN OFFER FOR HIM. So what does this mean? It would seem to me that the quarterback guru doesn’t believe that Mike Vick has anything left in the tank, and he does believe in the future of Nick Foles. One thing over the years Andy Reid has proven to know about even more than his penchant for knowing a quality NFL quarterback.  It’s his ability to know when to give up on a player before it’s too late. The Guru has made it clear. Mike Vick’s time is nearly up.

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  • What it means is that Alex Smith is a better QB with more upside at this point than either Mike Vick or Nick Foles.

    Also Foles is making 600G's to Vick's 7M this season. Considering the Chief's issues with resigning their own players this year, it would be silly to pay a QB 7M and then bench him, since they already have a better one starting.
  • Alex Smith had his own big contract as he was recently resigned be the Chiefs. So in the reality money wasn't an issue considering the Chiefs could have restructured Vick's deal. I can remember how everyone scoffed at the idea of Alex Smith joining the Eagles, but now suddenly he's better than Vick? Foles was Andy Reid's initial plan, but when the Eagles told him now he then turned to Smith as a second option. A very steeped price second option. He could have gotten Vick for far less, but he didn't even bother to ask, because he knows the guy is cooked.
  • The Eagles wanted a first or second for Foles.

    The 49ers wanted a second for Smith.

    The Chief just snapped up the better offer.
  • Yet they could have gotten Vick for significantly less. As I stated Reid knows Vick is cooked.
  • But Vick isn't on the CHIEF'S roster competing for a starting spot. He's on the Eagles roster. Andy didn't make that call, Kelly did.

    What that means is if he wins the starting spot, you either have to root for a "cooked" QB, or you'll have to root against your team to lose until they replace him.

    If they're losing and Kelly DOESN'T think the problem is Vick, I have NO IDEA what you'll do. But it could be fun to watch.

    Me? I'll root for whomever they pick to start. I'll expect 7-9 (since so many seem to), but I'll hope for better.
  • I'll take you rant as you agree with me that Reid views Vick as cooked.
  • (Ahem)

    So you ASSume that I agree with you, about your ASSumption of one stranger's opinion of someone else?

    What could I agree with? There isn't a single fact to be had in there.
  • Well you went on some fictional rant that had nothing to do with the topic. Andy Reid
    The quarterback guru didn't want the guy who wanted to win a Super Bowl for him,
    and his son. Reid didn't bother to ask about the availability of the guy who, said Andy
    was like a father to him. Why? I'll answer since you would rather dodge the question
    with talk of Chip Kelly. He knows Mike Vick is cooked.
  • Even if he is. You're the one who's going to have to root for a "cooked" QB.

    BTW: Why doesn't Kelly know that Vick is cooked?
  • Flipster once again your ASSumptions have gotten the better of you. Don't ASSume anyone is the starter until Chip says so. Now Kelly is in the business of winning football games, so he's going make sure he has every opportunity to do so. As such we have not just a quarterback competition, but a team one. Chip is going to leave no stone unturned with the roster he has to try and play his best players. That means Mike gets a chance to prove he can be the guy. Chip has no allegiances to any of these players except for the guys he drafted or brought in. Everyone else is going to have to earn it. So do yourself a favor and stop ASSuming you have all the answers, because you don't. And if I find myself having to root for an washed up quarterback, and in over his head rookie coach, or a confused second year quarterback, or even one of the rookies I will root for them. Can you say the same considering you've been crying like a baby for months when they haven't even started training camp yet?
  • Five replies up I ALREADY said that I'm rooting for whomever. It's on this very page.

    As far as your don't assume anyone is a starter, Sorry kiddo, that's EXACTLY what the offseason is. You know that Heath Evans prediction you've been basing your recent posts on and whacking off to?
    Yeah, Evans had to assume starters to do that. We're all doing it!
    IT'S A PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Flip's rooting for whoever yet just about everything he has typed this year shows who he wants to see start at QB even if it's simply because he thinks his claims will be vindicated. So does his new post no matter how many times he claims that he doesn't care who starts nor that he doesn't want to debate the subject. Who puts out a post about the QBs and ends it with "I don't want to debate the subject"? Let me answer your not so great QB questions here, flip.

    #1. It isn't a debate when people are's a discussion...aren't we allowed to discuss on yardbarker anymore?

    #2. We are discussing Michael Vick because right now we don't know what Kelly is going to decide...we just don't have your skills of seeing into the future.

    #3. Your claims that Eazy stated Kelly can see that Vick is "cooked" may have come from you not getting that he actually stated that Reid knew Vick was "cooked" (that is how I saw it anyway). Hopefully soon Kelly sees it also.

    #4. We all pretty much knew that Dixon and Kinne had little to no shot to win the QB competition...if it's come to you hanging onto that to pat yourself on the back these are tough times for you.

    #5. Matt Barkley isn't likely to be the week one starter but stranger things have happened than an early 4th round rookie beating out two players that haven't exactly looked like elite QBs. Let's not just focus on week one...I have heard analysts (Didinger being one of them) that think with Vick's yearly injuries and Foles not being a lock, Barkley could very well get a start or two (or more) this year.

    #6. "Benching Vick in favor of a Super Bowl caliber QB". Can you tell me what makes you absolutely positive that EVENTUALLY Foles or Barkley can't? I can tell you why Vick can't...turnovers, sacks (holding onto the ball too long), injuries and just not being a very good QB anymore (if he ever was one). Many unanswered questions with Foles and Barkley...may as well start getting some answers in year one.

    #7. Super Bowl...why would you even ask that when every fan on here gets that it isn't going to happen this year?
  • LOL. I don't hate you, flip...not at all. I just get a bit bothered when people base their comments and arguments on one common theme instead of case by case. With Hollywood it was his hate for Reid and Lurie (and the rest of the FO). With you it is so easy to see. When McNabb was traded you went from "pure" Eagle fan to calling for boycotts and throwing tantrums until the pain eased without Reid you go from calling us bad fans when we were discussing a 12-20 run to hardly finding a good thing to type about them yourself and looking for things to complain about. I see what you'll never be able to admit about yourself...bias, hypocrisy and double standards based on Reid not running the show anymore.

    By the way, if you have so many "haters" that you have that posted on some facebook page than just maybe you should take a hard, long look at yourself.
  • QB guru? Only a name that a self promoting organziation could choose. Reid made McNabb/Vick and Garcia. Thats a laugh.
  • Personally I too believe that Reid's persona of being this great coach of quarterbacks is somewhat overblown; however, Reid has rarely missed when it came to letting a player go before he turned bad.
  • We all know that Reid had NO desire to bring in Vick yet again...especially with a fresh start in KC. There are probably some tentative fans already that didn't want to see a retread coach that hasn't won a playoff game in 6 years. Reid is smart enough to know that if he brought in Vick at all let alone to start he would have a shorter leash given to him and some fans would have called for his head day one...he wasn't going to make that mistake again.
  • I most certainly agree. I'm just trying to make a point, and clearly flipster and wood would rather ignore the fact of Vick being washed up. Funny how flip wants to always ignore Reid when he brings up a post about Chip Kelly, but here in a post specifically about Andy Reid as the Chiefs head coach all he wants to talk about is Chip Kelly. Go figure the flipster still thinks his rules only apply to the rest of us.
  • When it comes to the two of them it's all about being "heard" and not about discussing a subject.
  • Well it's good to see that not everyone is a spineless and scared to answer simple questions as others.
  • Here's the thing EZ. The QB issue is a coin flip and so I see no point in debating it for now. (When Kelly makes up his mind, maybe that will change.) Notice how many times you said Vick was cooked and how I NEVER said he wasn't.

    I put up a bunch of Eagle stuff on here dealing with OTHER aspects of the team and you avoid it like the plague because right now since there's nothing hard and fast to discuss at QB, you don't NEED knowledge to yell what you want. As far as anything else, you know my knowledge dwarfs yours and prior beatings have you wanting to say out of the ring with me. Smart move. Cowardly. Unmanly. Gutless. But smart. Yay you.

    The only reason you stick to discussing QB's is because I'm off the subject (for now). Since I'm off the subject, you feel SAFE talking about it. Enjoy it. Because I won't let you off the hook forever.
  • I told EZ he wasn't safe and suddenly he has an emergency "vacation" to take?

    LOL!!! My man "done runned off" to Russia to get his Stallone on! Mental sit-ups to be able to hang with me once things pick up. Good move. His debating has always been weak and poorly focused. Better to spend sometime boning up so maybe he can make a decent point or two and maybe even teach me something. And get away from all this jibber-jabber!

    Once I removed "Ed McMahon" (YYYYYES!), from co-signing everything EZ said, all the nonsense looked just like what it was. NONSENSE. Points with no merit didn't stand because they couldn't stand.

    Enjoy your "vacation" EZ. And send us some pictures why don't you.
  • and isn't Reid gone???
  • Really, flip? Lately your way is to make your claims and state "I don't want to discuss it" (or to concentrate on my calling you a hypocrite and not actually debating my points and then blocking me) and the way you remember that is by claiming Eazy doesn't want to get in the ring with you? Not surprised at all.
  • Pretty safe to say Reid has lost some credibility with his personnel decisions after going with Kolb and Castillo.
  • I don't think so at all considering that much of his KC staff is almost a transplant of his Philly staff. His defensive staff is as good looking as it's been in years, as he's got himself a legit (though not great) DC in Bob Sutton and he's gone back to Tommy Brasher as his D-line coach. (Actually when Washburn was let go, Reid tapped Brasher to finish last year.)

    With guys like Al Harris (Secondary assistant), and Doug Pederson as the OC, it seems that Reid is still into taking a chance on guys. But he's also added solid talent and experience to his staff in guys like Andy Heck, Eric Bieniemy, and Emmitt Thomas.

    I'm also intrigued by the special position he created for Brad Childress where it's Childress's job to "study" the Spread Offense.

    Nothing about his arrival, his deal or what he's done so far indicates that KC has him on a short leash.

    In fact it seems quite the opposite.

    ADD ON: Spread Game Analysis/Special Projects is Childress's title. I went to the Chief's site to get the specifics. If I were smarter I'd have STARTED there! LOL!
  • welcome all ready???
  • Sorry flipflop I didn't realize you were threatening, because I criticized your god Mike Pick. Actually I didn't criticize him, I just told the truth. Maybe if you weren't on your knees in "worship", and actually stood up and watched the games you might see the truth as well. Instead you would rather "worship", and bore us with you 12 steps for making an abominable football team.
  • The fact Andy Reid wanted Foles; while wanting nothing to do with Mike Vick makes it clear. The Nick Foles problem, pales in comparison to the Mike Vick problem. Even the "Quarterback Developer" knows there is no hope in fixing Mike Vick.

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