It Was The Best The Offense Looked All Year.

Posted October 13, 2013
Because it wasn't just a half a game of football. It wasn't because their defense bailed them out. It's because when they needed to make plays they did. Everyone was involved for once. Riley Cooper was finally more than just a blocker. Shady McCoy rushed for over 100 yards. Wasn't that something that couldn't happen unless Vick was under center? The offense capitalized on Red Zone opportunities and scored on the big play. Wasn't that something that was only supposed to happen when Vick plays? Let me be clear here. For everyone concerned about the locker room if Vick doesn't get to start when he's healthy stop worrying about it. The only way this locker room turns will be if Foles is playing poorly and the team is losing. Foles was under pressure all game, still gave up only one sack, scored 4 times and most importantly got the win with ZERO turnovers. If nothing else Foles should start against the Cryboys.
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  • Impressive, but still it's a winless team. This team will be tested vs. Dallas. They're gonna have to put up some major points b/c I don't see this defense being able to handle Romo and his skill players.
  • This was a winless team with a very good defense. Tampa's defense overall is much better than the Cryboys. Now our defense will most certainly be tested, but I think our offense is in better shape if Foles starts next week.
  • Looked at their stats, the Bucs defense actually isn't half bad. That said, I'm still in two minds over whether we should address the QB or defense in this draft. I know Foles has played well, but looking at this upcoming draft class it's kinda hard to resist thinking about a QB. If we want a long-term franchise guy this would be the year to do it.

    I'm just not sold on either QB on this current roster and still think the long-term solution lies in the draft.
  • I wonder (if Foles is given the job) if we will lose enough games to be in contention for one of those quarterbacks. Personally I would rather see offensive efficiency rather than Chip Kelly stealing plays from Tecmo Bowl thanks to the fact he has a running QB.
  • I know the division really is that putrid this year. I know it sounds counter-intuitive and downright disloyal, but I'm wondering whether or not making the playoffs out of this division would really be a good thing. We'd probably get waxed by the Niners, Bears, or Packers in the wildcard round.

    In regards to my ideal QB, I'd personally want a QB that's kind of like Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson. In other words, a QB that can beat you with his feet but will do it with his arm first. A true duel-threat QB. From everything I've read on Mariota, he plays just like Kaep. Some have even gone as far as to call him a Kaepernick clone. If he's available where we pick, I think it just makes too much sense for Chip not to pick him. He probably knows Mariota better than anyone. Ideally I'd want Boyd, but he's probably going within the first five picks. Hell any one of these guys could.

    The read option can be viable in the NFL. We definitely have the right tailback in Shady, we just need a QB that's both smart and agile and we'll have almost everything we need for this thing to really fly.
  • I think I would rather see a new pass rush linebacker, safety, and shutdown corner. We already
    have a QB who can move the football.
  • It would be a major mistake for Chip to switch QBs even thogh Foles won. He looked good against the Bucs but so what? He has made a choice and he would be double talking if he made a change now. I would be scared to have an owner like you. Doesnt your word mean anything? Chip had an open competition found his QB for the season and went with his instincts. Going with Foles would prove that he is just like Reid . a liar and a backstabber. Do we really want that kind of coach again? I hope not because they dont win s***.
  • You had no problem with the switch when Kolb gut hurt back in 2010.
  • LOL! I was just about to say the same exact thing! I was upset in 2010 because I felt Kolb was still an unknown and I looked at Vicks overall body of work as a failure.

    That said, I think by week 4 or 5 I was hardcore supporting Vick. I even drafted him in Fantasy early in 2011 expecting large numbers. By the end of 2011 I was pretty much ready to move on though.
  • Holly, if Reid was such a liar and a back stabber how do you account for his 6-0 start in KC. You can't just ignore that's a fact. I get that you don't like Reid, but he is obviously a good coach.
  • kc is adifferent place. Reid wont win with that one dimensional scrub squad. Smoke and mirrors.
  • If that's smoke and mirrors I'll gladly take it the way this season has gone for my team so far.
  • The Smoke and Mirrors have now reached 7-0.
  • Good point Green. And Hollywood I thought you cared about winning? I thought all of your frustrations were directly related to that? So are you actually telling me that if Foles is a better option for winning that's worse? Personally I don't care who starts as long as they win. This season is about winning and not about seeing who is the franchise guy remember? If Foles equals wins then you play him. The same goes for Vick, Barkley, Bryce Brown, and whomever else. Like Green wrote you had no problem with them switching QBs in 2010 so you shouldn't have a problem now.
  • This might be the lamest reason Hollywood has ever come up for anything. Because the coach SAID so? This from one of the guys who were outraged that Kelly didn't just give the job to the QB with 33 turnovers in 23 games the last two years because he thought Vick gave the Eagles the best chance to win. I'm not going to sit here and say that Foles is the answer going forward but with his command of the offense and with it running more fluidly the last week and a half I think he definitely deserves another shot. There's no question he has grown this year and THAT is what this year should have been about, not giving the has been ANOTHER shot. We've seen Vick's struggles which always surface when things get tough, it's time to see if Foles can keep growing.
  • If Foles truly is legit it would be best to know now, because there are so many holes to fill on this roster and having a quarterback would make this situation much easier in the future. I don't think this offense needs a running type QB to make it work as long as Chip is willing to accept that fact. Brady makes it work, so does Manning, and apparently Foles can too. Foles is winning so they should play the hot hand.
  • Here is my problem w/ this QB debate we have each and every week. Each week we here: Vick can do: A, B, C all very well and Foles can do: D, E, F very well.

    Truth is, we haven't seen enough of Foles to make a decision if he is the Franchise guy. He didn't have any mistakes against the Bucs, but he is a young QB that is BOUND to make mistakes! So of course, I worry that the next time he makes a mistake, IE: Interception

    You will hear the Vick fans come out in full force!

    The major difference here is 7 Starts vs 100 starts. If this QB competition was really as close as we all think it is, the Younger Guy should win it period! Cause the Young guy is going to improve, the old guy is going to get worse and get injured.

    So put in Foles, call it a season and figure it out. If we win, we don't need a QB. if we lose, we need a QB.

    The only reason we start Vick over Foles is if you really think he will win more games than Foles.. and personally, I don't see it.
  • The truth is they never should have brought Mike back, but Kelly got enamored with Vick's skills and that option part. Mike can really disrupt a defense when he's running around and coaches like the idea of putting the defense on the defensive, but the truth is since the inception of professional football, teams have been winning games with quarterbacks who get the ball in the hands of their playmakers and not playmaking quarterbacks. If it ain't broke don't fix it.
  • I'm with you all the way on this, Zukny and my opinion that Foles should be the starter has never wavered once all year. Even after admitting I thought Vick won the competition I still stated I would rather see the young gun get the starts and also stated I knew we would still see Vick's faults surface. I agree with Eazy...Kelly should have never brought Vick back!
  • Agreed!
  • Here's the funny thing. If Mike Glennon had the same type of game that Foles had for Tampa (although he played pretty good in his own right) they would be stating they have a future QB, but in Philly we downplay it and demand more. Ironically we won't demean that type of performance from Mike Vick. It seems to be a lose lose situation for Foles. If he plays well we still want to draft another QB unless he somehow plays even better. If he has one bad game we immediately assume he was never good enough from the start and should be replaced by Vick. At this point I no longer see what we gain from playing Mike. We aren't winning with him, and if Foles truly isn't the guy it's best to find out now while we are still in a position to maybe draft one of these young QBs next season. Ironically I believe we are likely to lose more games by starting Vick over Foles now.
  • Ike Reese is stating right now Kelly needs to start Vick when he is healthy so he doesn't lose his locker room and I wouldn't doubt that happens (not what I want to see but...). He's stating that Vick has played well and doesn't deserve to lose his job and that is not the way I see it. He's putting up the yards but he also has thrown some horrible balls lately (his only big gainer against the Giants went right through the safety's hands) and isn't at his career average for completion percentage. He's holding onto the ball too long again and taking those shots that are bound to keep him on the sideline. It's time for Kelly to stop worrying about what Vick can do for this team and start thinking long term and seeing what Foles can do for the rest of the season...if he isn't consistent by year's end and still playing at a high level then they have to think about a QB next year.
  • Vick's completion percentage is near 40% his last three games. He hasn't thrown a touchdown since week three. I can't remember the last time he's won a home game. He hasn't won a game without a Foles assist since week one. Ike downplayed how well Foles played in the Red Zone and up played Chip Kelly getting better with play calling and I promptly turned him off, because of his Vick apologetic garbage. I broke down Jackson's red zone score and came to the conclusion Mike Vick could never have made that play and I will explain why. Nick Foles got Jackson open. He did this by first looking to his left and holding Barron the safety to the left, then he looked to his primary Jackson and recognized the deep safety help, and pump faked Gholdston locking him in place. He then lofted a perfect strike over his head to an open Jackson. On one play Foles manipulated TWO safeties for a score! That's not something average quarterbacks can do. None of that was on Chip Kelly's play calling. It was about a player executing a play to prefectly despite good defense. If you can watch the play again you should. It was a brilliant display of quarterback play by Nick Foles. I'm convinced I've never seen anything like that by Vick.
  • I'm still listening to Reese and what you brought up about him up playing Vick and down playing Foles is very true and very ironic because he just got done stating that some callers are doing the same while up playing Foles and down playing what Vick has done...all these pro Vick people are also ignoring that you just can't throw out what Vick has done in the past because this is an offensive system that supposedly fits what Vick does...33 turnovers in 23 games the last two can anyone forget that?
  • I'm not being pro or anti either of them. I will just take what they have done this season. Forget everything else for a moment. At this point judging by their performance
    Nick Foles is better, and if Foles starting means losing the locker room
    I have two comments to reply to that. The first is players wanted to keep Andy Reid for the locker room,
    and that shows playes don't always know what's best for them.
    The second comment is I know what truly cures an ailing locker room. Wins.
  • I'm not going to lie, Eazy...not only do I want Vick gone I wish the Eagles didn't resign him. I stated it when they signed him and am not going to pretend I didn't.

    As for everything else you typed...all very true...if Foles keeps winning or at the
    very least producing (the defense will keep them from winning too many games)
    the players will be fine.
  • I think John Madden said it best. "Winning is the best deodorant."
  • Ike Reese has been sucking the Vick D*C all season! He has claimed that Vick has been a top 10 QB all season. He has said, Vick has the better arm and gives the team a better chance to win! HE also continuously says he is the better QB for the system.

    After Reese is gone, the rest of WIP will say Foles is the better QB lol
  • The funny part of it is that he claims he doesn't have a preference even though you can tell he does. I get tired of hearing Hollis Thomas also but at least he doesn't hide the fact that he's pulling for Vick. Thomas was telling another host during the off season that the reason Foles looked better at times last year was because Reid only dropped Foles back 20-25 times compared to the 50 he dropped Vick back which is complete BS. I looked at the numbers and it was actually Foles dropping back more by a percentage point or two but extremely close. Just about everybody always looks to strengthen their points when it comes to an argument, media members included.
  • Last friday Ike actually used this excuse:

    If you take away Vicks running ability he is the same Quarterback Foles is. That's why Vick is the better QB because he can run the ball. Foles can't.

    I'm just sitting there driving my car listening to this garbage and thinking: How in the world can a former player of the game be this dumb?
  • I had to turn him off this morning. He sounded like an apologetic moron.
  • I didn't like the Vick signing, but what's done is done. Still right now Nick is the better option. I'm pretty sure Mike won't be playing against Dallas. Although Dallas does not have a defense as good as Tampa this will be a major challenge for Nick. He's playing at home and against an offense that can score points. If he wins this one I think that locker room starts to believe in him if they don't already.
  • Breakdown of Foles vs Vick
    stronger Arm +1
    Faster +1
    Doesn't throw interceptions +1
    Nicer Spiral +1

    Taller +1
    Looks for 2nd and 3rd receiving options +1
    Faster Release +1
    Reads a defense +1
    High RedZone Rating +1
    Doesn't Fumble +1
    Doesn't throw Interceptions +1

    *Feel free to add to this list.. So many people keep calling into 941 WIP and keep giving why they would rather have Foles or Vick start at QB. Let's actually break it down to who has the most plus side.
  • So far Vick doesn't throw interceptions, but we all know that will change. Foles better touch on the ball.
  • U think that softer touch is why cooper can catch the ball now? I was joking yesterday that "see he is a racist. He can't catch the ball for a black man". But woke up today and actually thought about it and remembered when dmac had to learn to have a softer touch.

    The offense was sweeeeet yesterday. Mccoys rushing yards didn't suffer, which I think is more of having desean taking the safeties back still. Celek and ertz played better but last week had too many drops for both qbs. There was times where foles made bad reads and had young player mistakes that can be corrected in practice

    I still say go with Vick when he's 100 percent and move on in the offseason. If he sucks we are in position for a top defensive player like clowney Barr or Von noy. If he's good then we can make the playoffs and do some damage. Plus u gotta take into account the fact he battled all year for the spot won it and shouldn't lose it to injury. I think the difference between the kolb injury was kolb sucked until garbage time and when in the red zone teams just said no more for u and took the ball away. Vick was clearly better. Dmac was still better. With Vick n foles it's really a toss up to who is better. Foles still needs to grow and he can grow on the sideline.
  • I personally don't see it as a toss up. The reason why Cooper didn't catch any passes before is mainly because Vick never looked his way except a few times.

    Vick takes his 1st read and if the 1st read isn't open he tries to run the ball.

    How do I know this? Simple. Foles will Check down on his passes and pump fake. Those 2 things tell you Foles is getting to his 2nd and 3rd option. Where Vick in those situations would have run the ball.

    Anyone watching that game thinking that Vick wouldn't have been sacked 5 times is crazy.
  • So 20 are you actually advocating giving up a season for Vick if he sucks? Do you realize this team has a shot to make the playoffs? You guys were crying all offseason about not tanking a season, but now you want to do it for Vick? With all due respect that is the craziest idea I have ever read.
  • Someone called in the other day and said: I don't want to start Foles because I think we can win more games with Foles!

    Then he said: "Because we still need to draft a Quarterback."

    Why are people in this freaking town not happy with a NON-Running QB??? People in this town would probably kick Matthew Stafford out for being an Average (Non Running QB) if it were up to them.

    Back to the point: Putting Vick in to tank the season makes absolutely no sense! If Foles is the guy, then you already have a QB and you DON'T need a top 5 Selection for one. Plus building a winning culture does have importance.
  • Some people have lost their minds in how vehemently they will protect Mike Vick. What has this guy done for our franchise to deserve that kind of admiration? He's 20-19 as a starter thanks to a Foles assist otherwise he could have been 19-20. We see how efficient this offense can be with a legit passing QB, yet people are still obsessed with getting another one. What a waste of a pick to draft a QB when they have a guy who can potentially provide them with 3-4 scores a game. And don't give the future garbage. If Foles is doing this NOW then the future is NOW.
  • I think the city really loves running quarterbacks. The city is enamored with them. It seems people don't know how to react w/ a normal QB. When Kolb came in and threw for 350 yards and no interceptions people said the game was "Boring" I'm worried that we are goin to have the same problem w/ Foles.

    Even though Foles is clearly better than Kolb ever was.
  • I agree with Eazy and Zukny. Not sure how you see it as a toss up and you were one of the ones stating it should be Vick because he gave you a better chance of winning. Foles is playing and the team looks much smoother while scoring touchdowns. At the very least he should get a longer look to see if he can sustain this type of play...we already know Vick can't so like I've been stating all along...why bother? That's what truly is strange about your like Foles but he should wait??? Why? Makes no sense.
  • Because I still feel Vick is a better option for this team at this point. Foles beat up a horrible defense and a defense that's just eehh. The play calling was different. It's not just as simple as looking at a stat sheet and saying Vick did this and foles did that. U have to look at the whole picture. Like how the defense has found a way to close out games. Special teams didn't blow this game. Foles isn't doing squat in the playoffs and we can make it there with him or Vick. That's why I say go with Vick. Vick can still put this team on his back and carry them. If Vick put up the same numbers people would bash him for the team falling off in the middle of the game. For getting the ball swatted in his face. For not telling someone to put a hand on lavonte David. I still like our chances this year with Vick more than foles. But I am fine moving on from Vick starting foles next year and addressing the defense in the offseason.
  • Your response clearly shows you don't see it as a toss up. You obviously still favor Vick and I don't get it but that's your call and you have every right to your opinion.
  • I do favor Vick this season. But from a talent stand point as a qb/passer it's a toss up. Vick has the legs to give him the advantage and as easy pointed out in the offseason chip wants a running qb. He doesn't need one but he wants one.
  • I just don't get how you think that the experience Foles could get this year wouldn't be invaluable to him. Repetition and experience are the best things for a young QB but you want Vick to have those reps even though it comes at the cost of the team getting an early start in developing with who you want as the QB of the still makes no sense to me at all. This should be about the team's future...not about Mike Vick.
  • @greentildeath - You are missing his point! He simply feels Vick gives us the better chance to into the playoffs and WIN! Obviously Vick has DONE it before, so we know he can do it again!

    yes... i just said that lol
  • Oh, I get his point just fine and I won't take my answer to that as far as Eazy has with even stating that Foles may win them more games then Vick at this point...I just don't know. My first comment to that will be that watching Vick I truly don't think he can get this team with this defense into the playoffs...just don't think it's going to happen. Secondly, even if this team makes it to the playoffs they aren't going to do any damage against the better teams in the league. With a new coach setting up his schemes should take precedence over a few wins and a short playoff run. Even more important than that is finding his quarterback of the future and if he's already on the roster he has to be getting the snaps right now in my opinion. Now, after stating that I'm still not certain that Kelly thinks of Foles as his QB of the future...part of me still believes that he wants a QB that can give him the ability to run the read option.
  • Getting more reps doesn't always mean a better qb. I bet David Carr wishes he could have sat while the texans put the team around him. Instead he was behind a spotty oline with no weapons outside of Andre Johnson. What happened was he stayed in got sacked more than any other qb in history over the amount of time he was the starter and somehow managed to get a back up role after that. Their defense was even worse. Vick has more of a chance to win with this team. Our oline has been bad. Maclins out. No other wr stepped up until cooper the bucs game. And Kelly still wants to use he read option.
  • The o-line has the talent to be better and was better last game...or is that the 1 second that Foles get's the ball out quicker than Vick that much of a difference like many of us have stated? Foles has taken hits and they don't seem to faze him, that's the least of my worries with him. In most cases more reps certainly do mean a better quarterback and the reps Foles got this off season seems to have done him wonders just like I'm SURE the in game reps will help him in the long run...the long run, year and beyond. The hell with a few possible wins THIS year(which Foles may be able to get himself...again, we just don't know...after all Vick hasn't exactly been racking up the wins himself). You state that Foles wins were only against a bad defense and an "eh" defense...Foles drove the team cold to a field goal on his first drive against the Giants and threw two TDS in the second half against a bad secondary...a bad secondary that Vick didn't complete a pass against in the first quarter. Do you realize that Foles did three things in his first start against the 8th ranked defense (but of course now the NICK FOLES beat them they are only "eh") that Vick has either struggled to do or hasn't done in over two years...first the struggle...REDZONE efficiency..much more improved with Foles so far. He also threw for 3 TDS and had a 133.3 passer rating...Vick hasn't seen those numbers since 2010. Foles starting does two Foles the experience that every QB needs no matter what you or David Carr may feel and gives the Eagles the opportunity to find out if he can consistently run this offense over the course of a season...extremely important going into Kelly's second year and also into the off season with a deep QB class looking at them in the 2014 draft.
  • There isn't much more that needs to be added to this argument. People who want Vick in there are completely irrational. They want to use fear tactics citing David Carr, but in the same time wish to ignore the clear and present struggles of Mike Vick. You aren't going to ever change that type of illogical logic.
  • One of the hosts on WIP put it beautifully yesterday, Eazy. What the hell has Mike Vick done in Philly to deserve so much loyalty? Honestly, what has he done anywhere? Look at his career stats...they don't lie. I've said it all year...he's an oft injured turnover machine. The injury is already there...give him back his starter's spot and I'm sure the turnovers will follow.
  • So u don't like how Carr should have sat. Maybe u like that Rogers sat behind favre who was at the end of his career. Or baby Eli sitting behind a horrible Kurt Warner. Brady had to sit and earn it until he was the last option. Schaub sat behind Vick and that helped his career. Throwing a qb out there just to get reps doesn't always help, especially when the oline in front of him isn't established.
  • 1. David Carr never played as well as Foles
    2. Vick has 2 playoff wins lol So let's stop the Vick can carry this team into the playoffs talk this season. It's more than Romo but that's about it.
    3. Eli Manning did not win that job from Kurt Warner. Eli sucked his first 2 seasons and there was major talk of moving on from him
    4. Mike Vick is no: Brett Favre or Kurt Warner for that matter. Those two guys are going to the HOF. Vick is NOT even CLOSE
    5. There was talk in ATL that Shaub was going to supplant vick as the starter. That's why the management moved him. Because, they didn't want the controversy.
    6. ATL has moved on to Matt Ryan and has done far better w/ him than they ever have with Vick. Roddy White suddenly learned how to catch his 3rd season in w/ Matty Ice.
    7. Getting thrown out there just to get reps does help you long term. If this wasn't true, you would have seen Ryan Tannehill, Luck, RG3, etc... be a back up for their first season.
    8. Colin Kaepernick might be your best defense, but he won his job because of injury and was already projected to take over for Smith "when he was ready"

    So the question becomes.. How can you really argue that Foles isn't ready after the last 2 games?
  • I think Zukny covered this even better than I could have but I'll add to it. Many of the QBs you mentioned played for teams that had QBs locked in at their positions at the time. Brady had Bledsoe ahead of him and no one expected Brady to be as good as he was or the Pats may have moved on earlier...the Packers had Favre. Vick is not locked into the starter's spot like either one of these QBs were...not at this stage of Kelly's era...not with a QB competition just ending less than two months ago. Foles didn't show any signs of getting shell shocked by hits that he took last year (and he certainly doesn't seem fazed by any he's taking this year), he actually did everything you would hope a young QB would do...he improved just about every week. I didn't go back and look but I'm almost certain the majority of his picks last year (the ones that most Foles detractors bring up when trying to strengthen their point that a ROOKIE sucks) were in his debut against the Cowboys and the following week in his very first start against the Redskins. As much as he improved last year he seems to have improved by leaps and bounds this year and the best way to find out if he has is to leave him out there...and honestly it isn't to supplant a Brett Favre, a Joe Montana or even a Donovan's at the cost of a starter who has 33 turnovers over 23 games in 2011 and 2012 and hasn't stayed healthy for one full season while playing here. Vick may be putting up the yards this year but his completion rate is horrible and his red zone efficiency is bad like usual and if you haven't noticed he is hurt once again. Foles is ready to show us whether he can sustain this and if he can't then the Eagles need to address the QB spot in next year's really is that simple from a fan's perspective but I get that it is a little tougher when it comes to what Kelly must do now with naming Vick the starter. The thing that really throws me for a loop is that you seem more sold on Foles than I am yet you still want to see Vick out there this year...I guess I'll just never get that.
  • I'm with Eazy here. Give Vick enough chances over the course of the year and I'm convinced those interception numbers will climb.
  • i dont care what the eagles do with Vick or Foles but one thing is for sure is that if you were following a business model and they took your advice the business would be in chaos. It shows really how far removed you are from running any organization. You would run it into the ground. First rule is dont flip flop on your employees. 2nd rule is show consistency in your message. nobody wants a boss that they dcant trust or cant understand. feel me .
  • You mean flip flop from Kolb to Vick? My motto is just win. I'm not going to keep a player starting due to loyalty if he's not winning us games.
  • Sorry guys but I may have flagged some of you. This site isn't touch phone friendly!
  • Well I don't think anyone has written anything bad so it shouldn't be a problem.
  • Truthfully right now I trust Chip. So if says its Foles Im ok with that. I think the good thing out of all of this is that we have a coach that has people ready. I think he is keeping it simple and he is building credibility. In my view , right now Chip is doing a great job handling these decisions. I think he is very intelligent and I will bet my left testicle that if Vick is ready he will reinsert him into the starting role.
  • I wouldn't bet any body parts over this one. If Mike Vick plays against the Cryboys looks rusty, throws interceptions, plays poorly in the Red Zone, takes sacks, and shows he can't run he will be booed out of the building. He will then really be the negative talk of Philly and so will Chip Kelly. Now is Foles stinks it up Kelly can always go back to Vick, but if Vick stinks it up we are stuck with him. Play the hot hand.
  • It looks like the whole team steps up and plays better with Foles in there. He is more efficient and looks to get more people the ball too. With Vick it looks like the team depends on him way too much to make plays.
  • I don't like how this argument seems to go down the same path. Mike Vick is not the Eagles. He's done nothing for this organization to deserve any special treatment. Neither does Nick Foles. Neither guy is an elite football player at this point. What matters is winning football games. I don't care who wins so long as they win.
  • Accurate comment . My only focus is Chip maintaining his momentum. He will make a good choice.
  • Chip I think is doing this the right way, but his OC made it seem as if a change could be possible even if Vick is healthy. All that matters is winning. If Foles wins three straight how can they bench him for Vick? It's wise for Kelly to keep his options open.
  • So many people before and during the season repeatedly say: I don't think Foles is the Franchise. I don't think Foles is elite.

    Well.. How do you know??

    So far when you look at his stats.. He certainly seems like a special talent
  • McNabb stopped being a running quarterback, and for the most part of his career really wasn't one. He was a guy who used his legs mostly to get out of trouble. McNabb beat more teams with his arm rather than his legs. It's a complete injustice to McNabb to lump him in as a "running quarterback" and if you think I'm wrong maybe you need to go take another look at his stats. Finally screw Kevin Kolb. He sucked and anytime the guy was placed in any real pressure situations he folded like a piece of paper. Let's stop lumping the white guys in one bowl and the black guys in another, because frankly it makes everyone seem like ignorant racists.

    And as far as David Carr well he stunk, because he stunk, but if you're going to go down the path of guys sitting too long then look no further than Kevin Kolb. Had he been out there earlier the team could have found out much earlier that he wasn't mentally capable of handling the job, or maybe their over coddling of him is the reason my his mental wasn't there in the first place. The idea of waiting for a guy to develop means waiting until he's ready. When Kapernick was ready the 49ers played him. When Wilson was ready the Seahawks played him. When Rodgers was ready the Packers played him. When Andrew Luck was ready the Colts played him. Finally in the current NFL you can't afford to groom young quarterbacks, and most of them have been playing at a high level since high school. Foles went to the same high school as Drew Bree's and broke all of his passing records. This guys is ready to play quarterback.
  • If a QB has it starting him in year one (or two now with Foles) isn't going to ruin will only give him the experience that makes EVERY QB better. If Foles shows that he isn't starter material it won't be because he was thrown out there in year one or two. I don't get 20dawk's argument here. Foles did not show that he can't handle the early starts last year why would that change this year? If anything these last two starts should have put that argument to bed. I'm not sure what Foles will be but he's absolutely shown me enough to make me want to see more.
  • I just think it's 20 reaching for a reason to support Vick, because he simply likes him more. Every reason that people want Vick to start has been debunked, so they are going for this method. I just feel at this point Foles gives the Eagles the best chance to win. If Foles starts to stink maybe he's no longer that option, but this idea that Foles needs to develop is over. Barkley needs to develop. Foles needs to play.
  • That's my point. Wait until he's ready. He's been progressing without taking the beating of having 300 lb lineman hitting him every week behind a spotty at best oline. Carr leaf couch all guys who would have benefited from sitting learning the nfl and allowing the team to be built around him as someone else takes the beating then be placed in as the missing piece. All the broncos were missing was a legit qb then they went out and got a beast in Peyton. The difference is we have another qb who can take us to the playoffs. Foles isn't winning the Super Bowl this year. In the future he may. We have seen enough to know he's got it in him. U wanna being up kolb. The difference is dmac put up one of his best years the year before we got rid of him for a guy who already proved he can't hack it in the nfl. Don't just look at stat lines people. Watch the games. It shows a hell of a lot more.
  • Then what the hell have you been watching for the last two years plus? Haven't you seen enough of Vick to know that he is what his stats oft injured turnover just waiting to happen? By the way, Vick isn't winning a Super Bowl this year (and I don't think I'd be going out on a limb by typing ever) either.
  • Mike Vick is winning us nothing. Mike Vick can not carry this football team. I've watched him play and he's shown me no reason to believe he can lead us to a Super Bowl. Nothing that I've seen from Foles has shown me that he isn't ready. You're grasping for straws here. Regardless in the matter it's not my call or yours. The coach is going to play whoever he thinks is the right guy, but unless he wants to lose it will be Foles.
  • The Eagles are roughly .500 and nose diving with Mike Vick "carrying" this team the last two years...just exactly where is he carrying them? I'm sure 20dawk and Hollywood in their blind loyalty will tell us that the Eagles record would be worse without Vick but honestly, would it? His 33 turnovers in 23 games and red zone inefficiencies are a big reason this team struggled in 2011 and 2012. He's still struggling in the red zone and his completion percentage has been subpar since game one (subpar for him is hard to do but for the year he is roughly 54% which is even below his pitiful career percentage rate of 56). Why wouldn't any fan without an agenda want to see if Nick Foles can be that QB of the future...I just don't get it
  • I am hoping that the qb competition and the reduced pressure of having the start the season has given Foles some vauable experience. Learning to be humble can be a great lesson. I think Foles looks alot more sure of himself then he did when annointed starter. He has a chance to earn it and lest see if he can make the most of it. So far he has an A.
  • When was Foles ever anointed the starting job? I hope you aren't referring to last season, because a lot of that was due to the terrible circumstances he was thrown in. Even then he was never anointed the start. Mike Vick once again got hurt.
  • I started typing something similar to Hollywood but deleted it. Figured it wasn't worth it. I mean come on. Do we really want to bring up how a rookie QB may have looked uncomfortable at times or just maybe this is Hollywood's out because like 20dawk lately he has been hung up on the old "let Foles develop" statement. I also got a kick out of his humble comment. When has Hollywood ever come off to anyone as being the type of person worried about humility? The big TO fan worried about the QB staying humble
  • His perception of Kolb demanding to be the starter is sticking with him despite the fact we all know it never happened.
  • Does that surprise you?
  • Do you know the back up to Flacco, Kaepernick, Brady, Brees, Tannehill, Smith, Newton...etc? Only in Philly is there a perpetual "contorversy". Great marketing strategy. Losing superbowl winning strategy.
  • There's a controversy because the starter hasn't been good for quite a while now... do you get how it works?
  • I was going to state the same thing, but I do know the backup to Brady is actually. Score one for me. Anyways you're right it's a silly argument to even try to place Vick in these players status. Mike isn't close to the level of Brady, Brees, or Manning (by the way I know the name of his backup too thanks to the fact our starter wasn't on his level we got to see their backup) and he isn't a developing young talent like Newton, Tannehill, Kapernick, or RG2.5. Mike is a middle of the road starter who occasionally shows flashes of being great. Frankly those occasions at this point in his career are too infrequent for the Eagles to count on.
  • OK so how do you explain the controversy with McNabb. Fellas the years are adding up. Its all about headlines and nothing to do with football. Philly is the only city other than a couple of scrub football towns that dramatize the QB controversies. Its a waste of time. Creates interest when your football team stinks. I could add more names but this like the controvery is a waste of time
  • What controversy? McNabb got pulled out of one game in his career because he STUNK for two and a half games and Reid squelched any controversy by telling the media IMMEDIATELY that McNabb would start the next game. Of course the media is going to talk (it sells papers...people turn on the radio) as well as fans that want to see a different QB...that isn't a true controversy. This is just you looking to trash the organization...what the hell else is new?
  • I see so a QB in a team sport plays bad for 2 1/2 games but takes you to 5 nfc championships and its normal to pull them out of a game? Thats smart. Lets see the Ravens lost 5 in a row win a superbowl but I dont remember the QB getting "yanked". You are a funny guy. Thats precisely why Philly doesnt have a lombardi.
  • Should Reid have benched McNabb?...NO! In what world does that make his benching a QB controversy? Only in the agenda filled world of hollywoodeagle. Stop twisting things...stop making things up... funny guy! We all know how things went down. We all know that wasn't a true QB controversy...we all know that Kevin Kolb never demanded nor lobbied to be the starter...we all know that McNabb didn't lose the Suoer Bowl on purpose...we all know that Jeff Lurie isn't a racist....just stop. Stop making yourself seem foolish!
  • Please stop lumping McNabb and Vick together. This is MORE or an insult to McNabb than lumping Foles and Kolb to each other.
  • I would say thats a valid point. I dont put Vick in the McNabb category. You need not worry about that. I do think Foles may have closed the gap but lets see how he does under pressure. The Bucs didnt serve up a big pass rush.
  • Foles can separate himself today with a nice game. If he chokes today he will find himself lumped in with all the Eagles failed QBs from the past.
  • He may be lumped in but a poor game today doesn't mean he is a failure...that's one of the reasons why he should have been given the whole year and why it's important he gets the rest of the season.
  • Kiss Nick Foles goodbye. He stunk the joint up and will never be a bonafide starter in Philly or possibly anywhere else. Its Vicks team. Thank god that debate is over.
  • This all but confirms it. The Eagles next QB is still in college. I hope to God it's the one out in Eugene, Oregon. Midnight green would be a good look for Mariota.
  • The next one after Vick because there is no way the name Foles roles off my lips ever again. Hes a backup and an average one. There you have it GTD and EZ debate over. Dont ever even think of running your mouths again about whether Vick or Kolb oops I mean Foles should start. I beg you .
  • No question that Foles was bad today but my god Hollywood, are you that clueless? I know kelly will go with Vick when he's healthy but why would you want to allow a 10 year vet bad game after bad game and just shut the door on a second year QB after one of those valleys every young QB has? All you Vick fans only have one agenda...proving a point that does nothing for the Eagles future at all. Like I typed I know it will be Vick when healthy and let's see where that gets closer to having any clue who will start next year and beyond. I know you think Foles is done after one bad game but I'll bet Kelly will be telling us he's got a shot next year and maybe sooner when this season is lost...just like Reid and last year.
  • Hes a backup. case closed. blah blah blah. he had a chance to lay claim to the starting job. A strong performace vs boyz and its his. What does he do? Looks like a 1st year 1st game college player with no clue what he is doing. lays a turd on that field and embarrasses the city. Hes a #2 at best . More than likely hes a bust.
  • A 3rd round BUST. That settled are clueless. Case closed. Lol. Let's see, Foles has as good a year in his rookie season as your hero, plays well the last two weeks, lays one egg and it's over for his career? You may be right but I wonder how many pro bowl QBs careers would have been derailed with that short leash of yours? My point has NEVER been that Foles is the next franchise QB but I still absolutely believe that he should have been the QB from day one this year and allowed the peaks (the last week and a half) and the valleys (today) that most young QBs go through. Again for the 1000th time, Vick as the starter does nothing for the future...week 17 is bound to show that.
  • Do you realize how hard it would be to go to the stadium knowing that stiff was leading this team. It would be worse than a bad joke. Get it through your small pea brain he sucks.
  • What do you expect from Mike Vick this year, Hollywood? Exciting plays? A big run every now and then? 33 turnovers in 23 games, Hollywood...can that seep through that thick head of yours? I saw that Marcus Vick is ripping Philly fans again for not appreciating his brother...for what exactly? Why do the Eagle fans owe Michael Vick appreciation? For a .500 record when healthy and more mistakes then big plays? Marcus Vick is as clueless as you are but at least there's blood there.
  • For carrying this crappy roster on his back while the owner stuffs his pockets with cash. Yeah thats for what moron.
  • Where has he carried them? You are so clueless and narrow minded you refuse to accept that besides his first year where he had his nice run this team has done nothing relevant at all and Vick's 33 turnovers had a lot to do with the Eagles crappy record. I don't know why I bother discussing this with someone who refuses to look at the truth or even type the truth. A bad Foles game doesn't mean that Vick is the answer Hollywood. The Eagles will probably be drafting a QB early next year and Vick's play the rest of the year will be part of the reason why. His career doesn't lie. He may have a decent game this weekend against that crappy Giants secondary but give him time...the true Mike Vick always resurfaces.
  • Only 3 Points, but hey....that was a nice FG.
  • See more comments >>

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