Posted July 19, 2013

RECENTLY  a fan on here asked other fans (who have no inside information), what they expect.

When that happened nobody batted an eye. And nobody should have. It was a legit question.

When a player on this team revealed HIS expectations, suddenly he needs to "Shut The H-E Double Hockey Sticks Up".

Why is that?

If FANS have a right to expectations for this team, then how is it that a man who actually has to fulfill those expectations has no right to any expectation of his own?

Or is it only because he expects good that he should be silent. Stands to reason that he should. Last year was his first time on a losing team. All through college and as a pro he was career winner. Isn't it only natural that he wouldn't expect to be down long? Shouldn't he expect to bounce back? 

I personally dig it. Unlike the "Dream Team" reference which was made by a bench player barely hanging on to a career, THIS statement and the "Dynasty" statement (largely intentionally taken out of context) were made by starters. They assume the weight and set the bar. Like the 49ers did. Like the Ravens did. Didn't hurt them!

In anything else that's called setting a goal. But it seems that Eagles players aren't supposed to have lofty goals. It's okay for FANS to expect a Super Bowl, or for the Eagles to bounce back from 4-12 to 10 wins, but not the guys doing it. THEY should be silent and play the underdog. 

Comparatively meek teams don't win much in this league. I prefer a team that loads up on expectations. I prefer a team that walks the walk AND talks the talk. And quite frankly when you're down, there is no more important time to keep your head up, and your eyes focus on the goal.

Then again that's probably just my culture speaking. 

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  • Yea I never got the whole keep ur mouth shut crap. Talking does no harm. Saying dream team dynasty or that u expect to win does nothing. It's all just blown up by the media and changed into what they want u to think the player meant. Like Vicks starting comments. I never once heard him say Kelly needs to name him the starter. But if u look at the crap ez writes u would think he did. It's just words people. Sticks and stones everyone.
  • How has opening their traps and talking helped? 8-8, 4-12. How about we just win football games this time?
  • People in this city kill them for that but praise j-roll for all his talk. The difference is the results. The talking doesn't dictate that.
  • What was it 2006 or J-Roll first said that the Phillies were the team to beat? He set that bar and BOOM! 2008.
  • Fist J-roll gets killed by a lot of people today for not running out ground balls, but an interesting thing happened after J-Roll talked about being the team to beat. They ended up becoming that very thing for like six years and won the World Series. I don't hear J-Roll saying they are the team to beat these days though.
  • Better question: How has opening their mouths HURT?

    You make it seem as if stating their expectations is why they lost. It's called setting a goal. Where is the sense in a gladiator who is afraid to speak. Everybody in Philly is all "I tells it like it T-I-is!" and "I call 'em like I see 'em!"; but our FOOTBALL PLAYERS should be afraid to do the same? Our WARRIORS should be meek?

    Heeeeell to the niz-aw on that!

    Every team's goal should be the Super Bowl. Why should OUR GUYS be afraid to say that or something akin to it?
  • Nothing wrong with a player talking so long as he backs it up...but he has to realize that he's gonna take some heat if he doesn't.
  • Absolutely. And you know even after having fallen short in both of the last 2 years, none of the Eagles duck what they said. In fact when thing fell apart in 2011, Vick even said the Dream Team is over

    He took it head on, even though it wasn't his quote.
  • Ray Lewis always talked. He said he wanted a superbowl every year. He talked before season, during the season and before games. Everyone has to be accountable. I wish Mcnabb had been more vocal. Just wasnt his nature. But Id like to see Ryans start to talk sh*t. And I like Jackson. Keep up the expectations.
  • Funny how Jerry and Joe never had to talk about beating other teams. They just did it. Nobody is backing it up. Seriously how can Jackson say the Eagles are STILL a top 5 team when they haven't won a playoff game since 08? He sounds like a moron doing so. And to say they are owning up to it is stupid too. You own up to it by producing on the field. You guys love mediocrity so much it's frightening.
  • Jerry and Joe? Mr. "I Only Root For The Eagles" is throwing 49ers in the face of Eagles fans? Perhaps you should go root for the 49ers, since you think THEIR players do it right. Oh wait. THOSE 49ers are even more ancient history than the Cowboys last Super Bowl.

    Perhaps you should become a Browns fan. You NEVER hear them proclaiming. Bills either. HEY! My Raiders are being pretty mum this year. Care to join up?
  • I'm talking about certain players and not about their team. Regardless try to ignore the fact those HOF players didn't need to pontificate on how great they were, because they were far too busy being great. Nevertheless you keep on being happy with people telling you how great they are and not showing you how great they are. No wonder you are so Ga Ga for the Raiders this season.
  • What are you TALKING about??? The Raiders haven't proclaimed a thing. I guess we're too busy BEING great to talk about it! LOL!

    But you just go on bashing the Eagles and piking up the 49ers. Nothing says FAN like throwing your team under the bus, to d***ride a conference rival.
  • Throw your team under the buss is what you've done all year before they have even played a game. In what world does claiming the team has an incompetent coach mean you are praising them? In the world of flip flopping hypocrisy.
  • I said the coach is either incompetent or a liar. That's a comment on Kelly not the players. But tell us more about the great 49ers, and about how our PLAYERS don't measure up to theirs.
  • So you are actually trying to be critical of me for stating great players don't need to talk to be great and imply I'm making light of the Eagles, meanwhile for the past 6 months you have been making post after post about how the garbage Raiders who have less than 5 players I would even consider having on the Eagles roster are in every way shape and form organizationally better than the Eagles!?! This is even weak for you flip flop.
  • Wow! Not even YOU listen to you! Let me take 2 excerpts from what you JUST said.

    "Raiders who have less than 5 players I would even consider having on the Eagles roster"

    "are in every way shape and form organizationally better than the Eagles"

    That's TWO halves of ONE sentence. So which are you talking about, the Raiders roster or the Raiders organization? Because those are two VERY different aspects of the Raiders right now. I even talk about them differently.

    What I DON'T do, (regarding the Raiders OR Eagles), is shaft them for having lives AWAY from football, and then throw another teams HOFers in my teams face.

    That's some shabby fan behavior.
  • What's shabby is your feeble attempt to try and hide your hypocrisy. Just keep telling us how great those Raiders are going to be. I love reading the funnies.
  • Notice how your circle has shrunk? It's because your credibility has all but disappeared.

    YB isn't a popularity contest, but it seems that people are beginning to dismiss you altogether. The shame of it is you USED TO BE a sought out and respected voice on here. Now that you've reduced yourself to a crank who can only talk about how much you hate 1 athlete on a roster of 90 or so, you just make yourself seem so small. S-M-all.

    I mean really. ASSume, flipocrite, hypocrisy, mediocrity, flipflop, scared to answer the question, filled with're almost a sound bite now.

    These days I just start out by dropping your own words in your lap, and I watch you even run from what YOU said. It'd be one thing if you simply changed your mind over a year or two or over some new information. But it's pretty sad when a guy can't stand behind what he said less than 24 prior.

    In a sense you've become Kellyscott.
  • Flip flop I don't concern myself with circles. I simply tell the truth. Most people oppose the truth until it slaps them straight in the face. They never tell me how right I was from the start and honsetly I don't care. Regardless I'm going to keep dropping the truth and just like telling you all about McNabb some truths can make one unpopular with the crowd. Like you wrote this isn't a popularity contest, and considering the fact when you are confronted with the truth you counter it with thoughtless accusations of racism receiving and so called judgment from you runs hollow to me.

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