Lmao Are you guys seriously crowning Foles after one game?

Posted December 05, 2012

Bryce Brown is the reason the offense looked good in general and Andy got his WHITE qb a new Olineman as well that happens to be decent. In the last few games the Eagles have ran the ball more than they have in the last 4 years,including in the redzone. How many times did we see Vick passing 40/50 times with No Oline and in the redzone? When we couldve easily ran the ball. lmao Yeah crown Foles after facing a division opponent that Andy is 17-10 against no matter who the qb is.


 We beat the friggin Giants with VY. Andy always coaches well against the divison no matter who the qb is. However the Buccaneers are gonna crush this kid an i cant wait because he is not the answer. Crown Nick Foles and we still hadnt won a game,if Vick was playing we would won atleast 3. Vick is flawless against the Cowboys rarely ever gets hit when we play them and has his best games against them beating them 20-7 and 34-7 last season.


lmao yeah keep crowning Foles. This will be the Kevin Kolb experiment all over again. Yeah get rid of Vick when theres no qbs in the draft. This organization is screwed, I HOPE THEY LOSE THE REST OF THEIR GAMES THIS SEASON AND GO WINLESS THE NEXT. LIKE THE LIONS did years ago.

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  • He seems like a tough kid but I just dont think he is explosive enough. But there are many in Philly willing to give up years to find out. Weird.
  • What's truly weird (although dumb is probably a better word) is that even though the Eagles have already wasted years finding out that Vick is not the answer you want them to give him more time.
  • Truth is Hollywood is that judging by your logic Foles is going to be an all star. After all it was you who blamed Kolb for Lenard Weaver's injury, and Beanie Well's ineffectiveness, because you said he was a bum. So if in contrast Foles makes a 7th round pick look like the 2nd coming of Jim Brown he has to be great right? This is YOUR logic and not MINE.
  • Unfortunately we all know how flawed hollywood's logic is.
  • Definitely a Supa forum if I ever saw one. Who is crowning Foles? Most fans just realize that Vick is not the answer so they are happy the Eagles are seeing what Foles can do. You are one messed up dude.
  • Everytime you hear a commentator say h" hes a goodlooking prospect or just looks good playing" you take it for gospel. Thats the job of broadcasters to create interest. They are hired by the networks to keep people watching. They arent going to promote whatever the Eagles are doing. Anyone with half a brain can tell the offensive gameplan has been altered drastically to protect Foles. The defenses are playing soft and allowing some running room. But its obvious the opponents kow they are going to win. Thats the tradeoffnot to get that rookie hurt. If you want to see what "he can do" why not let Edwards line up as well? I have never seen where a coach makes a comment like "hes the starter the remainder of the season". Whats the point of that? It was stupid to even bring that up. It was another manipulative management moment. Thats why the Eagles suck.
  • Absolute BS like usual, hollywood. Commentators tell it like it is for the most part (besides if you take what every commentator has to say as gospel than you are a fool). I haven't heard anyone going overboard with Foles and when he was throwing bad balls in the earlier games, the local media and the network analysts were discussing his issues. Your comments and Supas are just bitter shots because of the benching of "your" man Vick and nothing more. The media see a rookie player who is showing a little improvement and they have been discussing it, they see a team whose struggling QB hasn't wowed anyone since his great start back in 2010 and they get that he probably won't be back so they realize the Eagles have nothing to gain by keeping Vick in so why not Foles? Do you realize since that fast start in 2010 Vick is back to a 54% completion rate, has only 4 more touchdowns that interceptions and has a passer rating of around 77? Not good numbers at all and Supa's suggestion that Vick didn't have a good line or a good running game get thrown out the window because he had BOTH last year and still sucked. Your comments that the NFL is taking it easy on the rookie is not even worth commenting on...why do you bother watching football at all if you think it is fixed? I honestly don't think you feel this way...it's just your desperate attempt to try to justify a rookie you ripped a bit having a decent game. You are a piece of work! You two just need to let it go because the more you whine about this the more you lose any credibilty...what the hell am I typing...neither of you have any anyway. Carry on!
  • Qb rating doesnt value rushing yds. Keep that in mind but thats tnot the argument here. The point is what purpose did it serve to come out poublicly with that starter proclamation. It made zero sense. Ive never heard that here in Balto or Washiungton. It served only to subtly tell fans Vick isnt an option. Thats ok I dont care but that doesnt make them a better team. To discount someone at this point is a mistake. Foles needs to look over his shoulder cause frankly he doesnt impress me.
  • Really?...passer rating (not qb rating) isn't affected by rushing yards (sarcasm, hollywood)...why would they assess rushing yards in a rating system set up to evaluate passing? I guess you never thought that out, did you? You actually tried making a couple different points in your comment but none of them truly makes sense to me. First of all, I highly doubt your claim that you never heard of a coach make a claim that a certain quarterback was his man the rest of the year. With the quarterback situation the Eagles are in it makes perfect sense for Reid to come out and answer the first question he will be asked at every post game press conference...who will your starter be next week? What is the big deal...there is NONE...you just like to whine. Going with Foles is the right move and announcing it will be that way for the remainder of the year was also. You truly are just a big whiner, you do get that, don't you? You post an article telling Reid to be more honest and when he is you change your mind and question why he was honest in this case and you do it all within a day. Just like I have stated numerous times, you flop around like a fish when it serves a different argument. You and Supa keep telling barkers that Foles isn't the man, that he isn't that good so let me try and make this perfectly clear for you AGAIN. Not many are stating that Foles is the next coming of ANY quarterback...nobody has typed on here that he will win a GAME let alone a division title, an NFC conference championship game or a Super Bowl. Most of the people I have heard discussing Foles agree with what I have been telling you for weeks. Vick won't be back next year so why not go with the rookie to see what he can do? Your man Billick was on WIP this morning stating the same exact things I have been telling you...the rest of this season should be about evaluating Foles when discussing the QB position. Ray Didinger wrote the same in an article a couple days ago. You, Supa and a few other Vick fans are the only ones pissed off about a move that to every normal person makes absolute sense.
  • I'm pretty sure he meant rushing yards by the QB but if hollywood wants to clarify than so be it. Not sure I'll believe him at this point but he can give it a shot. I get that numbers don't always tell everything but regardless, 20dawk, I think we have all seen enough of Vick to see that the Eagles need to move on...all of us except hollywood and Supa anyway.
  • You are clueless Dawk. Wont happen
  • You always refer to numbers as a basis fo all of your arguments but refuse to look at facts. I read a good article which spoke of Martys game plan change to accomodate Foles. He put in strictly run packages which lessened the pass rush so he could make some pretty vanilla plays. But you argued that Foles was more successful than Vick because he was getting rid of the ball. But the TRUTH is Foles is getting rid of the ball more often than Vick because Marty has redefined and simplified the offense to protect Foles from failing while at the same time givibg the Eagles less of a chance of winning.
  • I refer to numbers to help my argument sometimes which is much better than your way of making something up in your head and running with it. Of course Mornhinweg is going to call more vanilla plays with a rookie who didn't start taking the bulk of the reps until a few weeks ago. What the hell did you expect, hollywood and honestly I NEVER stated that Foles was more successful...I typed he was getting rid of the ball quicker and taking less hits and you can argue all you want to...the facts are there. Big difference there, dude. You need to stop reading into replies and seeing what isn't there. Besides, are you really going to question my stating Foles gets rid of the ball quicker (which is true) when YOU typed that he was taking less hits because the Oline and the coaches (and the NFL) were in on an elaborate scheme to get Vick hurt and make Foles look better? Really, hollywood?? LOL. What a joke!
  • I actually was going to bring that scenario up to hollywood and also Frazier going with Ponder over McNabb in Minnesota but decided against it. Didn't want to make it seem like I was beating up McNabb.
  • I'd like to see Foles do well enough that if he's not going to be a starter, Eagles can trade for someone decent. Who knows, Foles may have a break-out game soon and start tearing up the league. I can dream, can't I?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Thats what I said give him time. They will only ruin his confidence. Reid ruins QBs. so far McNabb, Vick, Kolb and soon Foles. But they have you believing hes a great QB coach. How did they manage that hoax.
  • Just because a quarterback sits on the bench for 3 years and learns doesn't mean he will flourish into a good starter. You don't need to go farther than Kolb to see the truth in this statement. Your comments aren't about you worrying about the Eagles ruining a potential starter anyway and you know it...they're all about the Eagles giving up on Vick. Let it go, hollywood. The Eagles are moving on and it's what they need to do even if it means they are still looking for that QB in 5 years because we have seen what Michael Vick brings to this team. A 54% completion rate and a sub .500 winning percentage.
  • sure why not. I dont think the fans in Philly know what they are in for. This is old Detroit football in Philly. Not a pleasant future. But GTD will tell you the organization is making all the right moves while they sink like a rock. If there is one person on this site that could sink a business my guess is it would be GTD
  • You putting words at my fingertips again. Where have I stated they have made all the right moves? I keep typing the Eagles have no choice but to go with their 3rd round rookie. I also stated that all 3 "stud" quarterbacks they had in 2009 wouldn't be winning championships right now...does that sound like a good endorsement to you? I have typed NUMEROUS times that Reid make a mistake by hiring Washburn and Castillo, hollywood. Again, stop typing BS that isn't even close to being true. All because you don't like me stating that Vick needs to be benched and Foles needs to start? This is like 2010 all over again when you were making crap up about me when I typed that I wanted the Eagles to trade McNabb. Two years, you hit the 50 mark and you truly haven't grown up yet have you?
  • I have no objection to "benching , getting rid of Vick or whatever, but the only alternative you offer is a useless 3rd rounf draft pick slug that isnt even close to starter quality. what other ideas do you suggest? You have none and you call playing Foles a smart idea. You can have all the stats in the world but you dont know squat about superbowl calibur qbs.
  • Whatever it takes, hollywood. Every team goes through this at one time or another. Thankfully it isn't up to me or you to find the Eagles next franchise quarterback but seeing what Foles has right now is a MUCH better idea than to keep wasting time and next years money on a man that just can't get it done.
  • You want to waste a year keep that idiot inthere. They would be better off bringing back Vince Young and paying im. He threw a couple picks so what he had 400 yd games but that wasnt good enough? The team stunk but he looked decent. Better than Foles, better arm , better vision, better pedigree. BETTER.
  • Next year shouldn't be about bringing in a starter that has already had his struggles in the league while Foles fate is up in the air and if you truly believe the Eagles shouldn't see what Foles has than you are absolutely clueless. Who knows what next year brings but I highly doubt it will be Young. I can see the new coach bringing in another free agent QB, possibly someone he knows like Reid did with Pederson in his first year and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Eagles draft another one sometime in the draft...let them battle it out in training camp next year and the best quarterback wins.
  • too many words in here...
  • Hi Monster, that's right, you prefer pictures, huh? Check out this video - this hs jr. returned 6 punts/kicks for tds in 11 games www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYh1K_r_DE0
  • thanks but youtube is blocked at work....that is crazy though
  • There is no other option at this time. There are no franchise quarterbacks in this years draft. Michael Vick is not the answer especially for his hefty salary. Give Foles a look for next season.
  • Right now I dont think he can win a NFL game with his arm.
  • Wrong again...it may have been against the NFL's worst pass defense but you did type A game, didn't you? You should be happy as a fan but something tells me you are upset for all the wrong reasons right now. It will be good for the Eagles if Foles shows that he can be a starter in this league but that isn't truly what you want, is it? You want the Eagles to either do what YOU hope they will do (McNabb, Vick...now Geno Smith?) or what you predict they will do or you would rather see them keep losing. What a "great" fan.
  • There's no decent alternatives.
  • Hollywood's a Vick fan so even if Foles lit it up through the next four games (I know it won't happen, hollywood....just making a point) he will argue that Reid made the wrong move playing him.
  • Geno Smith -West Virginia is the real deal . check out his videos
  • I flagged you by accident my bad... But no Geno Smith is terrible and I have watched his videos actually
  • #folesfever
  • Foles>Vick.
  • Hollywood typed earlier he likes Foles but doesn't think he has an NFL arm (I have not heard ANYONE else question his arm strength) yet in the last couple days he has called him an idiot and a slug. What has Nick Foles done in his short Philly career to deserve to be called either? Hollywood is nothing but a freaking wack...and yes hollywood, you have done plenty on yardbarker to be called that and more.
  • His "football sense" or whatever you want to call it is leaps and bounds ahead of where it should be for a rookie. He reads the defense and audibles at the line, always keeps his eyes down field, smartly steps up in the pocket, the list goes on and on.. So yeah I don't think he's an idiot
  • The kid has done everything the Eagles could hope for and probably more. I'm not ready to state he is the concrete starter next year and in the near future but I'm thrilled that he is making the plays and giving us some hope. What fan wouldn't be?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Every pass isn't going to be perfect and every quarterback will have a bad throw or two in most games. I'll give him some of those throws as long as he completes over 60% (he's currently at 61.5% for the year and the only game that is bringing it down from being very impressive is the Redskins game which was his first start...45.7% with 2 picks) of his passes. I know it's only been a few games and the Eagles still can't be sure he will last as a starter...all I'm stating is so far so good.
  • I was just reading Foles scored very high on the wonderlick. I don't think he's an idiot and he seemed to over throw guys in this game. I think with repetition and some consistency with his receivers (guys finally starting to get healthy) he should get his touch and timing down. On a side note I also read Fole called the last two plays in the game. Rather he made them up. That's something other quarterbacks would never do here.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • He's a smart kid and he has a lot of likable intangibles. I'm content with him finishing the season and right now I think he's earned himself a shot to be the starter next season.
  • Foles has me pretty darn excited!. I'm all down on crowning him
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]

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