Lurie - Pulls trigger AND fires shot across the fans bow

Posted November 07, 2012

Ive told you guys everything that happens, happens for a reason.  Jeff Luries wallet is the reason.  I wass listening to Eskin and Ray Didinger on WIP and there seems to be alot of worry that Lurie has just blocked a real GM and coach from coming top Philly by extending Howie Rosemans contract far into the future.  Havent we seen this strategy play out before.  Reid /Mcnabb.  McNabb leads a furious Eagle comeback only to find that the Phat Phuck is rewarded with a 3 year contract extension.   Well lurie has done it again.  Do you think Cowher would take orders from a young green Roseman?  hell no!.  We are about to get the next 15 year screw job.  Its gonna be a no name or a run out of town rehab job taking the fat phucks job.  Lurie knows exactly what that extension meant.  It means no committment to winning.  Lurie should sell the franchise and do everyone in Philly a favor.  He is gonna run the same scam he ran the first time.  A whole lotta nothing and NO SUPERBOWL trophy.  Thats the way its shaping up.

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  • Stop crying
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  • Its funny how a team on the verge of collapse coming off a horrible season extends the GMs contract that is mainly responsible for this mess but fires everyone else. You saw what happened when Reid went looking for a DC. What do you think Roseman is going to get. A Holmgren? A Dungy? sure.
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  • so I guess last season wasnt a partial disaster?
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  • truth is its gonna take years to clean this mess up
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  • you know whats funny romothese guys rag on Jerry Jones but what they fail to realize is that he rolled the dice in a big way with his own fortune because he is passionate about football. I see Lurie hiding like a little scared girl behind the reids and rosemans while he does the whole city of Philly wrong. Hes 20 million under the cap for a reason becausehes lining his pockets and subjecting the city to this humiliation.
  • So which is it, hollywood? One day you claim Lurie has his hands all over this team and makes all the decisions and the next you claim he is hiding. If you are going to whine about everything please stay consistent at least.
  • hes hiding behind surrogates. hes calling the shots they deliver the baby
  • Surrogates? What a lame ass way to try to prove one of your lame ass "theories" that again has no basis to it!
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  • I mean didnt we put the cart before the horse when we signed a defensive line coach before we hired a defesive coordinator. This is Luries attempt to maintain complete control. He is just like jerry Jones but he uses surrogates.
  • It's funny to watch you complain about everything and KNOW you have no clue what you are typing about. Whenever anybody brings facts to debunk your claims you go and hide. There are comments out there from everyone involved and moves that Lurie has and hasn't made to prove you wrong but that isn't good enough for hollywood whiner. If he thinks it it must be true...bull freaking ****!
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  • like what
  • Like what? Okay, I'll give you a chance to come up with more of your BS. How about your claims right now about surrogates when I have never heard anyone but you whine about Lurie being a hands on owner (like you know anyone behind the scenes to make this crazy ass claim...LOL). How about your claim that an owner who hired a black man as his first head coach and had many black quarterbacks as the face of his franchise is a racist...again, never have heard the words uttered nor have I seen the words in print...except by the "great" hollywoodeagle. How about when you claim he bleeds the community dry and is an outsider who brings nothing to the community and I showed you proof of the organizations in the area he belongs to and ran and hid and stopped replying to me. What is so disturbing about your claims is that you obviously have no clue what Lurie is about and who he is yet you make ridiculous claims because you only want people to hear (or see) your words. They aren't even close to the truth! They are freaking ridiculous, that's what they are.
  • You appear to have a rabid interest inprotecting the reputation of Jeffrey Lurie. He owns the team goof ball. He is at the office everyday in the complex. Ok, you act like he is off on an island somewhere and leaves the keys with Roseman and Reid. He sets the agenda just like I do in my business. You can take the smallest business to the largest business and the same principles apply. Unless its Luries "hobby" and a passive investment hes involved. And for some strange retarded reason you think Lurie had no clue what hiring and firing Castillo would mean. Stop thinking we are that stupid. He gave the green light to reid either thru tacit approval or a rubber stamp when they hired Castillo. You mean to tell me Lurie doesnt know Juans capabilities after being in the organization for 18 years. That company isnt that big. lets say the Eagles employ 150 people I bet my left testicle that lurie knows everyone on down to the janitor. So STFU with your bullcrap and pitiful understanding how businesses operate. Thats point one. Now on to the racist thought. Lets see the careers that Jeff Lurie has ruined: Rodney Peete, Cunningham & McNabb. I think all three of those guys could have been superbowl winners. Where did they end up? Injured, brokendown, run out of the game. Its funny the excessive punishment all those guys took in their careers but not a word from the coach or management. And I would characterize many of the hits late. Now onto the financial aspect of the Eagles. Almost every team that has built a new stadium has one a superbowl for their city. Exception Eagles. Year in and out the Eagles reign supreme in attendance, merchandise sales and TV coverage and the reign supreme at being significantly under the salary cap year in and out. FACT. THye are one of the most profitable franchinses . FACT. The value of the franchise since Lurie bought them has tripled. FACT . And you dont think the fact that the taxpayer subsidy of building the stadium has anything to do with his finacial success. Ill tell you wwhat GTD eliminate your rent or mortgage from your lifestyle are you richer? Hes a fat cat. GTD you need to stop the lies. He gives back you *******. You give me $20 dollars GTD and Ill give you $10 back. You call that giving. I told you the fish rots from the head down and until Jeff Lurie makes the committment in every single aspect of being given the HONOR of owning the Eagles. He will be a LOSER
  • I could not read all of this BS, hollywood. First of all...I NEVER stated that Lurie has NO clue what goes on with his team! Of course he does but he admits to allowing Reid to make the decisions and also publicly stated he had a hard time with both the Vick and the Castillo move...there is no reason not to believe him especially when watching and reading about Lurie during his time in Philly (something you obviously don't do). You make **** up hollywood, everybody on here knows it. I call you out on your racist claims and you downgrade it to Lurie ruining careers? His head coaches gave some quarterbacks a shot in the NFL, they weren't good enough to win championships and somehow that is Lurie's fault? I honestly hope no one on here ever takes you are unbelievable!

    I see towards the end of the paragraph you are spouting more BS you probably know nothing about. The Eagles aren't always significantly under the cap year in and year out (they are this year but it is probably because of where they will be NEXT year...17 million OVER! You cry and whine and NEVER try to look at everything because if you did your whining wouldn't have as much bite to it. I guarantee you won't be any different next year with Reid out...I also guarantee that if your "5 year plan" pans out you will be on here shortly burying the new are a whiner, hollywood, that's all you know how to do. Make crap up and whine.
  • show me over the cap and that assumes they keep Vick and you dont want them to right?
  • I tried copying and pasting some of the pertinent information on next year's salaries but it didn't all carry over so I deleted it. Just go to and check for yourself...I'm pretty sure you can handle it. Look at next years estimate and of course Vick's salary is there...he is an Eagles as of now and the Eagles can't just assume his money will be gone when going into this season. This FACT won't do anything to deter your incessant whining about the matter even though it is a very good reason for the Eagles to stay well under the cap this year. You like to whine amount of proof will slow that train down.

  • yu keep calling it crap. But you loved managemnt two yars ago. Raved bout them being a top notch organization. Defended Reid passionately. Whos changed?
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  • Things do change, Spotella and I have told hollywood so on numerous occasions sometimes giving him leeway on him when he changes his opinion. More times than not hollywood would rather deny he typed what I know he did or he will somehow twist his words to try to make it seem like his opinion still holds water....usually doesn't take much for me to point out the leaks.

    Reid was a good coach at one time but his stubborness to change and his desire to do most things one way...his way is what is going to be his downfall. We are all tired of the press conferences with the same words that have just been old, stale and boring for a long time now...we are all tired of the time outs when they aren't needed, shouldn't be needed and when his team isn't prepared. We are all tired of his refusal (or forgetfulness) to run the ball at times even when McCoy (or any other back) has had first half success. We are all...just tired.
  • I still think that Lurie is a good owner...don't think I have ever stated this was a top notch organization but I think under Lurie it has been pretty good. Absolutely hated Lurie and Banner's claims about the "gold standard" and how they are similar to the Steelers...never like to hear anyone pat themselves on the back especially when the haven't won a championship. I have never made it a secret that our discussions are about me bringing you back to reality when you make your claims that Reid is a horrible coach (he HAS gotten worse these last few years and it is time for him to go), that Lurie is nothing but a cheap ******* who doesn't want to win a Super Bowl. There have been others on here who have shown displeasure with Reid and Lurie and for the most part they have had more legitimate complaints than you and I let them have them...I told you I argue with you because you go WAY constantly make up lies to try to support your claims and I call you on them.
  • Lies. means Im being dishonest. I dont think Im dishonest at all. In fact, Im taking information I hear and read and forming opinions. I listen to WIP sports , talk to former players and read alot about football ingeneral and teh Eagles. I dont have every minutiae detail to say unequivoacally that I am right but I have evidence including 18 years of average football, witha a new stadium , to form certain opinions. Its you , that wont face the truth and act like you are ready to deliver Luries baby. Your a front office surrogate baby momma.
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  • He has told many more blatant lies than the ones you bring up, Spotella and the BS I brought up above about Lurie are just a few of them.

    Hollywood, your weak replies and backpedalling above don't hide the fact that your claims about Lurie are nothing but BS coming from a man who simply doesn't like the owner. I have read many articles, listened to hours of WIP myself and have never heard or read some of the BS you throw around so I would guess most of your opinions you build up are more built from emotions than actual proof. I won't type that I have never heard some people calling Lurie cheap but I think that is based on a few things. Reid's lack of bringing in wideouts started it and there has been a couple times the Eagles went into the season a bit under the cap. I typed it before...when they have had room going into the season, the Eagles usually re-sign players already on their roster but fans like you almost never take those types of moves into consideration at the end of the season...yet you'll whine that they let too many of their young players go now. You pretty much just whine about everything Eagles. All teams let some talent walk and no team goes after top free agents year after year yet the Eagles have been pretty good in both aspects if you look at the past dozen years...of course you can't be biased about it when looking at it...something you will certainly struggle with because you only see things the hollywoodeagle way.
  • ...and by the way, what the hell does possible late hits on a quarterback have ANYTHING to do with you claiming Lurie is a racist? Honestly, please tell me what is wrong with you!
  • I finally forced myself to read all of your trash up here. Rodney Peete a Super Bowl winner? You have to be kidding me. Then again, this is coming from the Kurt Coleman fan, the Moise Fokou backer (the, the only fan in Dimitri Patterson's fanclub not named Patterson, and the only person who will be wondering how in the hell Mike Patterson didn't make it into the Hall of Fame.

    All that trash you typed about Lurie just makes you seem bitter about someone owning a football team yet you show love for Jerry Jones who has such a big ego he took what could have been an even greater era in Cowboy's football and crashed it into the ground. Let's not fool ourselves here...two things greatly helped Jones line himself up for those 3 championships...Jimmy Johnson and the Minnesota Vikings and probably what was one of the top two worst trades in NFL history. Hats off to Jones, he hired the men who made those championships possible but he is also the reason they haven't come close to sniffing the Super Bowl since Johnson's players have left.
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  • Chip Kelly
  • That would be an interesting choice.
  • Quit ya blood clot cryin,the kid the eagle,everybody dyin no lyin
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  • GTD is Jeff Luries surrogate. You delivering a baby?
  • Roseman's contract has nothing to do with this situation. If Reid is gone you can best believe whoever comes in WILL NOT BE TAKING ORDERS FROM ROSEMAN. Roseman can be the money guy, but his days of picking players is over.

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Chris Bosh on blood clot diagnosis: ‘I’m lucky to be alive’

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Eagles coach Chip Kelly made a mess at quarterback

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