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Prudence is not one of Metta World Peace's virtues. Just weeks after the Los Angeles Lakers forward put an elbow against Oklahoma City Thunder forward James Harden's head that could have caused serious damage, World Peace is taunting his former victim. This time, he's doing it over Twitter -- as Harden plays in the NBA Finals thanks to the Thunder eliminating World Peace's Lakers. "No brain all beard," World Peace tweeted Sunday night after disapproving of Harden's play during Game 3. But World Peace, who has also shown great ability in backtracking after he realizes he's said too much, was...

  • Yes, he should just shut up and focus on his own name.
  • I agree If he changes it again I doubt he will remember it
  • Metta World Peace is an idiot. He's mad he's past his prime and Harden is at the top of his.
  • getto world piece of Sh!t..more like it...
  • yeah
  • Oh Please!, ...how about 16 rings "LAKESHOW"..ZERO rings "okc"?..James HArden KD and Westbrook have to be the most OVERHYPED big 3 in NBA history/...All show..No GO!!!
  • You say they are over hyped but who is still playing and who is sitting in la watching..la= lonley a$$es at home...hahaha...I am not an okc fan but ANYONE but the la fakers....what a bunch of jokes...
  • Whose still playing??? I doubt thats what you call "playing" and as for the rest of the my argument Lakers 16 rings(that means we have won the TITLE 16 times) okc 0 (that means they have NO RINGS which translates to zero rings) win ONE then maybe you can TRY to create an argument BUT until then sit back and watch as they struggle for their first! PERIOD!!!!

  • Man shut up! You bragging off that old has been stuff. The fakers are washed up. It will be another 16 years before they win another one. in Fact I bet you OKC will win a ring before the Fakers does. Anyway, OKC have even been around that long and they are in the finals. Go back and see long long it took those Fakers to go to the finals in their beginning. Anyway all those rings do not belong to the Fakers some of them are mineapolis rings idiot!!!
  • first of all you have to realize thunder is a new team and young. they have advanced very quickly! how long did it take the fakers i mean lakers to get their first ring? i beleive every team has had their good days and it rotates back around when its their time. this is perhaps the thunders time so drop the laker 16 ring thing. thunder is the quiet team, no trash talking very humble and great young men. sit back and watch youngster!
  • If you're going to count the rings that the Lakers picked up in Minneapolis then you can count the ring that came from the Sonics. So by your reasoning OKC has a ring.
  • Sounds like a typical Laker fan response. Have you ever heard the song 'What Have You Done For Me Lately'? That should be the Lakers new theme song. Your comment is just sour grapes because you know that OKC is MUCH better than your team right now. Can't you just be happy about the Lakers history and hope that they get to the top again soon, instead of hating on the BEST TEAM IN THE WEST just because it's not your team? It's called 'Maturity' and you should try it sometime!
  • Dodgerdad31...... Most overhyped in nba history! Really?? You are a fool and shouldn't be allowed near a computer. 4 years in the league is the average of OKC's big 3. I suppose Kobe is better than Jordan right?
  • AAAAAAAMEN!!!! Finally someone with some sense!! OKC has NOOOOO hardware!! it never ceases to amaze me how much OKC celebrates every little time they Think they've done something "spectacular"!! Bottom line is you have'nt done Jack until you win a title!!!!!
  • And they are about to be ELIMINATED!!!!!!
  • Peopel should understadn that the Lakers beat themselves in the series against OKC!!

  • Wow! Cali should go back repeal medical weed smoking because it sounds like all the Fakers fans are sick. Explain to me something, how did the la Fakers beat themselves did they play themselves. Wow! that is insane.

  • OkC is overhyped because they the Lakers, yeah you right because a Diary Queen team can beat the Fakers, GO OKC!!!
  • Your arguement is kind of like that 20 year retired fat 65 year fat out of shape boxer reliving his glory days by talking about how he won 4 championships over 40 years ago. And this is a thread about Ronny Boy talking about James harden. Its not like "world peace" is the reason why the Lakers won 16 championships so why are you making a point thats so irrelevent to the topic ? Bitter laker fan ?
  • Metta proved he was an idiot a long time ago. you can fix a lot of things you just can't fix stupid
  • Let's see....Harden is playing in the NBA finals, while Metta is sitting at HOME on Twitter. Peace needs to own up to his part in why the Lakers are out of the playoffs instead of criticizing Harden.
  • Why does anything this fu***ng idiot say or do make the news?
  • Talk about no Brain - hey, Pot, meet Kettle...
  • Just as I thought after OKC beat the crap out of the Lakers, he is all mouth and no play!!!
  • easy for ronmetta to diss as he has lots of spare time on his hands.....enjoy the summer MWP, there's always next year!
  • Artest may be a koo-koo, but at least he backs up his big mouth with physical play. Harden is a trash talker that got laid-out like a punk on national TV.
  • The dude cheap shotted him in the back of the head while he wasn't looking .Hardly anything honorable or tough about that
  • he did not get laid out. ron artise is a bully and harden is more mature than ron. you know the idiot that calls himself world peace but elbows a man and could have killed him or ended his career. really!

  • Hey Ronny, Who's still gettin' down? Who's sitting down?

    Moron World Piece (of @#$%).
  • How does he have time to tweet... Oh, that's right, he's home WATCHING the Finals...
  • Anybody who would change their name to Metta World Peace is an absolute idiot. If you gave this guy a penny for his thoughts he'd have to give you change. If better, if he were any more stupid he'd have to be watered twice a week. Enjoy the finals on TV Metta and enjoy your next team; that is if anybody wants all your baggage.
  • world peace is world loser, go home and make peace with yourself
  • Ronald is a punk, was a punk, and will ALWAYS be a PUNK ! He also has to sit to pee. If the la slakers had half the class OKC has ,they would fire R O N A L D and send him to little girls school to learn some manners.
  • Woohoo!!! Redneck 58, that's what I'm talking about.
  • Shut up and fix your game MWP.
  • First off Harden was pretty good at acting. If MWP was going to hit him he would have been down for the count. Harden needs to shutup, cut his beard and mohawk and act like a player not a whining little kid.
  • He is talking about someone else with no brain?
  • He helpe distroy the Pacers and now he is trying to distroy everything else around him
  • World Asshole has nothing else to do but to make negative comments!! At least Harden is still playing-better player huh!!! I don't understand why Artest changed his name-definitely it does not match his personality. He should feel lucky that no charges were made against him by Harden when he gave him that elbow. I think Artest just likes to see comments about himself and to see who agrees with him. As far as whining little kid-I think that at least 80% of the players have whined one time or another. No matter what is said about the Heat and the Thunder-they are the teams playing for the Championship by beating all the other teams-so live with it!!!
  • Metta World Piece of S--T. Shut the F--k up before you get Bitch slapped. For real, no one and I mean no one wants to hear you.
  • World Piss has no reason to crow considering his own low IQ.
  • First of all his name is not Metta Worldpeace and any one who refers to him as that is as big a moron as he is.

    Secondly his name is Ron Artest and he is a total douche. Next year at this time he will be in the same position as fellow douche bags Chad Ochocinco and that other guy who thinks he is bigger than the game.. Oh yea Turdrell Owens. Neither of which could pay a team to take them.

    Mohamed Ali and Kareem Abdul Jabar he's not!

    Why as a society to we pay any attention to these turds?
  • MWP knows what hes talking about. He's a defensive specialist and just quickly pointed out Hardens mistake. How about all talk, 1 championship.
  • Ron Artest always been a TURD.
  • you cant f with ron,makes a lot of $ for being whatever you want to call him huh?.wonder what his peers say about him, they know him better than us. redneck,that man has family friends,ect.just like you do,do you sit to pee?just because i think so? because you sound like a girl, do not hate.Ronald Artest does not even know your name a lot of people hate everything they cant be a part of or something,i do not know? people hate people who make more,talk more,do more,people like Tiger,Lebron,Obama,people who speak their minds,at the top of their games for what? do not judge people these guys give scholorships,give food,money,time,build boys and girls clubs,ect come on people do some research don't just judge someone as a punk for your own reasons.peaceout. i mean one love, ok world peace.lol

  • I am a Blackman, I am ashamed that he is a Blackman(Ron Artest) that cat is clearly a prozac cat, if it was not for basketball he would be in the pen. Do take up for that foolishness call a spade a spade.
  • Just one more example why he should not be allowed to play in the NBA...
    Malice at the Palace, Elbow to Harden, now disrespect for Harden.
    Metta World Puke! Stern needs to man up and get rid of this disease!
  • o I forgot to ask does anyone see a pattern in where the hate is going? Probably not it's always been focused in that direction.ashamed sometimes, just saying there are a lot better things to hate if you must. like children going hungry,ect.....
  • haters,find something to hate that matters.lol you couldn't carry his jockstrap
  • So much for that citizenship award. I'm just waiting for this guy to go nuts in his house and beat up his kids next.Then he'll take to twitter and taunt them.
  • interesting that a child like metta would say someone else has no brain after he stormed that seats to pound on a fan that could be the definition of a brainless move.
  • Ron has a ring. Him and Harden have a special "bond," so the trash talk isn't anything out of the blue. OKC thinks they're the hulk everytime they do dunks and what not. Buncha shameless punks. I hate those noisy fans over in OKC. LA is swag and style and so is Miami. Prepare to be a LeBron without a ring for a long time Kevin Durant.
    Sasha Vujacic = 2 rings James Harden = 0 'Nuff Said.
    Hmm.. being in la la land never felt so good. Well, back to the LA Kings celebrations!!!

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