Mike Vick Was Very Impressive.

Posted August 10, 2013
In the sample size of the two quarterbacks I would have to give the early edge to Mike Vick. Vick made three very impressive plays against the Patriots. The pass to Jackson was a thing of beauty. He placed the ball in a spot only where Jackson could get it and you saw the burners click on. Jackson was going to bring that one down for HIS guy. Despite how great that play it was two other plays I found to be more impressive. The first was a read option snap where Vick rolled to his RIGHT stopped and threw a medium ranged strike to Riley Cooper. On a side note did anyone notice how awkward the crowd was after the catch? They didn't know it they should cheer or boo him. There was just an awkward mumer from the crowd. Vick moving to his right has always been an achillies for him, but on that play it just seemed natural to him. The second play didn't amount to much of anything, but it was still very important and very impressive. Mike threw a dump off pass to Brent Celek after getting a little pressure in his face. He didn't hold the ball to try and make a big play. He didn't take a hit, or a sack. He didn't force the ball into coverage. He just took what the defense gave him and got rid of the football. These are the times when Mike would have taken the unnecessary hit to try and make the big play. Those are the hits that accumulate and ultimately knock him out of games. This time he didn't take that hit. Not taking that hit allows him to play another down, another series, another game, and so on. We still haven't seen him attempt a slide, but these actions alone are very promising for Mike and his future with the Eagles. Another quite noticeable thing was how well the offensive line blocked for Vick. The gave him a lot of time to make that touchdown throw to Jackson. Last night Mike Vick looked like a 10 year plus veteran.
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  • Yeah, he did...but in early 2010 he looked like a 7-8 year plus veteran. Hey, if Vick is still looking like this after week one against the Redskins it will be a little easier for me to start easing up on my skepticism but part of me will be either waiting for Vick to start slacking after he's named the starter (sloppy play, turnovers) or for his season to end early. Both could possibly happen and I'd almost guarantee at least one of the two will. Who knows, maybe the two year stint away from the game and a new chance in the NFL (and a new HUGE contract) wasn't the boost he needed...maybe he's just a man that needs to be driven with a threat of not being the man...what happens when he's the man again? If he's named the starter let's hope he doesn't take it for granted again if in fact that is what happened the last two years.
  • I'm not taking anything from the past for granted. I'm just giving the guy his props for what he did on the field. I'm still skeptical and in fact with the defense as terrible as it looked I don't even see the point regardless of how he plays. It still won't amount to much.
  • Vick will do well as long as Chip doesn't make him feel like he has to do everything. That was the biggest problem under Reid the last two seasons.
  • I think the main thing is for Mike to stay healthy. He can't allow himself to try and force anything. That goes against everything in his competitive nature. He needs to make quick decisions and protect his body. You can't lead from the trainers table.
  • He will have to do everthing thats the problem. they dont have any talent that is tangible. Jackson leads the receiver corp and then? McCoy leads the RBs and then? Celek leads the TE's and then? The defense looks small weak and feable. Even Ryans looks for answers. Chaney looked befuddled.
  • The season hasn't even started yet and you're already making excuses for Vick?
  • Like you said it wont matter what he does they dont have enough talent to win.
  • It's a shame you can't take the logical next step here though. You don't believe that Vick has enough talent around him to win here, but you believe it's better to play him. That makes no sense, because playing him does nothing but set the franchise back another year. Next year we will be asking the same questions. Who's our quarterback going to be? Can Barkley or Foles play? Should we draft ANOTHER Quarterback? Meanwhile the defense lacks a legit pass rush linebacker, shutdown corner, and two safeties who can tackle. The most ironic part here is how you openly have made excuses for Vick here, but in the next sentence will criticize Foles and the other guys EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE WORKING WITH THE SAME PLAYERS AS VICK.
  • Its not that I think he is the answer. Its more that I dont think the other guys are. You have to be entertained to a certain degree and I just dont think watching Foles bumble the ball and Barkley throw the ball sideways is worth my time. i think they need a franchise draft pick QB. I agree with you. Lets hope its next year because this is goig to get worse. Even though the defense was panned I do think our secondary has some decent cover corners. Williams and Fletcher should be more measurable than Nhamdi and DRC. Both dont have an upside and what you see is what you get. I like Chung and hope that Allen can get tough. Its either now or never for him. But the dline is a train wreck. Cole looks his age and either wants out of pHilly , stopped roiding whne Reids son died , or just plain stinks. The interior is marshmellows or better yet powder puffs. a bunch of journeyman castoffs and cheap DT/DE that cant start of a bonafide defense. Cox is the only pedigree in that interior and hes developing bad habits. i dont see how a 279 pd Curry fits in. Thats too small for the 3-4. In Balto, the DE are 320 pders with Nata at 340 pds. they look huge and play big. Im not sure what they are trying here in Philly but its gonna get that DC fired . Thats the fall guy. By the time its Vicked we will be in yeartwo or three with our new QB. This is a holding pattern for the Eagles disguised as a team. Vick gives it an air of credibility. Foles would make it look like a train wreck and Barkley nothing short of a natural disaster.
  • I don't believe Foles was the "train wreck" of last season. People like DRC and Nnamdi were. Cullen Jenkins getting gashed up the middle was. Brent Celek dropping easy passes was. Mike Vick getting exposed by the Cardnial defense while Kevin Kolb looked like an all pro was the train wreck. Mike Vick throwing 4 picks to the Browns was. Kurt Colem and Nate Allen missing tackle after tackle was. You see most of the problems last season were the veterans and not the young guys.
  • He'll tell you Foles was a train wreck while purposely ignoring that Vick's numbers were similar to the 3rd round rookie's. Steve Trevelise said this the other night on WIP and it really has been my point all along about Vick and Foles...this can't be a neck and neck competition (which it seems like so far). Vick has to win this competition convincingly or Chip Kelly should go with the youth...plain and simple. I don't think that happens...I think if it's close Kelly goes with Vick because he allows the Eagles to use more of his offense but I do agree with how Trevelise sees it...that's the way it should be.

    On a side note in today's Inquirer there is an article that bothers me a little bit. It was written by Bob Ford and he hints that because of the way the Eagles handled that Cooper incident they will have to give the starter's job to Mike Vick so Kelly doesn't lose the majority of the locker room...I think he typed that the choice is now already made in his opinion. I truly hope that doesn't hold any water but who knows? In today's world it just may (I do believe that Vick is ahead RIGHT NOW by his play but there is a couple weeks of competition left). Did somebody on here type that it's just a word?
  • I don't see he Kelly could simply hand over the job to Vick if Foles outplays him. ESPN is convinced it's Vick's job to lose and they may be right, but if Foles outplays Vick and isn't given the job Kelly still could lose the locker room, because players won't believe him to be truthful. Neither Vick nor Foles can be mediocre and expect to win this job.
  • If the locker room is leaning towards Vick they may feel he's done enough already to win it...barring a meltdown by Vick Kelly could lose the locker room if he chooses Foles. I get that players want to play with who gives them the best chance to win today but Kelly should be thinking about the team's future (and his future) over a couple highlight reel plays and an extra win or two on his rookie record.
  • At this point I'm not willing to say Mike gives a few extra wins anymore, because I believe he can also lead to more than a few losses with turnovers.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Jackson is certainly an unpredictable character. I can't tell you he won't do such a thing as he's done similar in the past. It's quite possible.
  • He held back some when he didn't get his money so who knows, Spotella. I'm sure he thinks his pleas should be heard or he wouldn't be speaking them.

    I honestly think we will be watching Mike Vick week one against the Redskins but he is bound to get hurt so Foles will be getting some starts this year also. It will be up to Foles at that point to show that he can be just as effective as Vick when given the chance. We'll see what happens at that point if it goes down this way.
  • It's like clockwork. Even if Vick does end up winning the starting job, it's not a matter of if he gets hurt. It's when. You just know it's coming. It never fails.
  • "going with youth" . what does that mean with Foles and Vick. When Brady took the job from Brees he earned it. He got an opportunity to take the job and he prospered. When Foles got his chance to take hold of the job he dropped the ball and did nothing worth even talking about. You cant even mention a play that was electric that he made. He fumbled his opportunity. Giving him the starting job will result in the same mess. Foles isnt a starter. Cant you get that through your head. The competition should be between Foles and Barkley. we should be trying to get more out of our #2 so we have a good replacement if he goes down. Foles needs to be put in the situation either by injury or camp vs a #1 pick if it happens. Handing the job to KK backfired. He never earned it. Make him the next in line and leave it at that. Vick looked better than Foles anyway so whats the point.
  • How did McNabb earn the job? With his 49% completion rate in 1999? Don't explain how he earned it...I know how he got the job...by being the heir apparent when he was drafted. If he didn't get the job done his first couple full seasons he would have had a quick career here...Vick hasn't gotten it done.

    I don't care how Vick looked in his first preseason start I care how he looked in 2012 and more importantly how he looked in 2011 with a strong offensive line in front of him and one of the best backs in the game behind him. He looked like crap. I also only care about the future and Mike Vick isn't it and if you don't get that by now you just don't get what's going on here. If Chip Kelly does decide that Mike Vick is his future than in my opinion Chip Kelly has a short future here.
  • I dont think any of the Qbs on the roster is the"future". But the NFl isnt about the future anyway. That was 80s and 90s football. Get with the program . You have a few core players and high priced mercenaries. Your core has to have leadership or forget it. Our core is void of any leaders exception maybe Vick. The rest are soft as two ply downey.
  • Foles may not be the future either but he is more of a sure bet on who is with the team longer when looking at the future. Why not give him much needed reps while getting ready to get that clearer franchise QB next year? You can state all you want that the future is now but EVERYBODY knows the Eagles have NO shot at winning anything of importance this year...even Kelly knows that no matter what he says about winning this year. If the Eagles plan on drafting a QB next year Vick is out of the picture anyway...what would his starting this year amount to if he isn't even with the team next year...absolutely nothing but possibly getting Kelly's truer offense incorporated a bit more. In my opinion seeing what they have in Foles and getting him some valuable time under center is much more important than Kelly being able to run 8 read options per game instead of 4 or 6 instead of 3.
  • You and EZ never understand that not every QB has to compete to be a starter. There are alot of very good #2s that do everything they can to support the starter including not creating qb controversy. They are there to take over in case of injury or if the players skill nose dives. Thats Foles. He is not a 16 game starter and he would do himself a favor by concentrating on being ready if called upon. Jeff Hostetler was a great #2. Guys like Garcia, Earl Morrell, Kirk Cousins are all bonafifde #2 guys that can win games. But you add thepressure of winning and they suck. And thats Foles. He needs to enter a game in a pinch and then gaion confidence with no pressure. The pressure will ruin him just like KK. Had KK waited and developed skills and leadership he may have been a number 1 . But he rushed it and lost the respect of his team for attacking the #1 like he deserved the job. He never won that job. And now KK will be where he belongs as a strong #2.
  • Kolb wasn't ruined because he was rushed in...he just doesn't have it in him to be a number 1 and many teams make mistakes like that (let's not fool ourselves either...giving McNabb a new 4-5 year deal wouldn't have worked out either). Don't give me that BS that you believe that every QB has to compete to be a number 1 either. You and flip are the only two on this site that believes Kelly should have given Vick the starter's job on either the LEGEND of Mike Vick or because of what you think he brings to Kelly's offense without actually seeing how it works out. Being you are one of the only two on this site that I saw typing that Vick should have been the starter months ago I don't see how you can type to me about QBs' earning anything. The only thing Vick has earned with his play the last two year's plus was a QB competition and he's lucky it wasn't a ticket out of town.
  • Foles didnt take the job when it was his. That was the golden opportunity. He had no pressure. And he literally dropped the ball and showed NOTHING special at all. There isnt even a single play you can remember that stood out. WTF
  • Are you really going to try and argue that Foles dropped the ball when the rookie played just a bit better than the 10 year vet with lesser talent around him? What the hell does that say about Vick and how he played? You cried and whined and made excuses for how poorly Vick played and want to crucify Foles for playing just a bit better with the same line and without more of his skill players surrounding him. Just like I stated earlier about you...you BS when you debate. I guess now I'll start seeing you type how Reid, the coaches, the team and the NFL all wanted to see Vick hurt. LOL...keep it real and honest Hollywood or just stop wasting my time.
  • Name one play. just ONE memorable play
  • A beautifully placed ball to Cooper who had a one handed TD catch against the Cowboys. There was the whole drive late against the Redskins where newly signed TE Evan Moore dropped a beautiful ball that slid through his arms as he was falling across the goal line that would have tied the game. Then there was his only win of the season with a very nice game for a rookie...he threw for two TDs (one with time running out) and ran for one. Check out the highlights for the game...he threw 51 times (something you whined about Reid doing to Vick...dropping him back that many times yet Foles went out and had a nice game when passing way too much for any QB let alone a rookie). You have to keep in mind something you continue to purposely avoid...Foles was just a rookie last year...he has much more upside than Vick...we know what Vick is and it just isn't enough. Foles had some nice throws during the season, Hollywood. You just refuse to acknowledge them insisting he is nothing more than a backup. You may be right but the time to find out is this year. There are issues I have with Foles. I think he started getting a little too comfortable in the pocket and started holding onto the ball too long himself (that can be fixed especially when looking at a 2nd year pro)...I also think that his arm strength last year was questionable at times and balls seemed to float on him but I'd like to see him in more games before I say he just doesn't have what it takes to be an NFL starter. If he isn't a starter than the Eagles move on and draft one. One thing I know for sure is that the Eagles aren't going to win a championship with Vick under center and with him at age 33 (and with him looking pitiful for the last two seasons) it's time to move on.

    Watch the highlights of the Eagles, Bucs game and watch some of Foles pinpoint throws...also keep an eye on Asomugha and see why the Eagles weren't willing to keep him at 16 million this year.

  • I never said Foles doesnt have an upside. But, when a QB steps onto the field when he clearly isnt ready bad things happen. Not only did he break physically but his play was not getting better. The best player should play despite age. Its like me saying put that new machine to work even though the old one works faster. Bad move in my business and it holds true in every business. It looks like it will take 2 years to develop Foles. He needs to come from the bench when Vick breaks down.
  • In the same paragraph you mention Foles breaking physically and then him having to be ready to replace Vick WHEN Vick breaks down. One year in the first year of a whole career ahead of him. I like the 6'6" 245 lber's (who get's rid of the ball and is willing to slide) chances at staying healthy over his career than the 6'0", 215 lber who is known to hold onto the ball until the last second, just doesn't get the concept of sliding and drops his shoulder to try and run over defenders.

    That old "machine" you discuss is always breaking down and the new "machine just may have better output in the long run...you're just afraid to give it a chance. You've seen what that new "machine" puts out and it's not enough. Time to see what that new "machine" can do before you spend money and time on a new one next year.
  • *what the old "machine" puts out and it's not enough.
  • BS dude! You wrote Foles "was the next Kevin Kolb."
  • Haha...how did I miss that? He doesn't know what he wants to type.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • We don't know what kind of game Foles has but I'd rather see what he has this year than a wasted year behind a QB that probably just isn't going to be here next year. If Vick is the starter odds are that he will eventually show us what he truly is. A sometimes exciting QB that get's hurt too often, has a low completion percentage and turns the ball over way too much.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Vick has too many questions himself for Chip Kelly and the Eagles to to be fooled into thinking he is their long term answer (again for the Eagles). Like I stated if Kelly gets fooled into thinking that Vick is his future I think Kelly's future in Philly will be a short one.
  • I will give Vick the benefit of doubt. Maybe he's turned the corner. We will see on Thursday what these two guys are about.
  • Thanks EZ for you wild support of Vick. We really need that.
  • Who needs that? You and flip? The Eagles? Mike Vick? You typed a few strange things yesterday (you usually do but a different kind of strange). Flip even questioned one of them. Are you feeling okay?
  • I'm not sure where he was going with this comment either. You would think he was Vick himself the way it comes across.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I'm glad I could help his cause I guess. Lol
  • Kind of like the crying Indian in the "Keep America Beautiful" commercial in the 70s? LOL.
  • Tonight's game shows some typical Vick tendencies. He makes some very good plays, but he also makes plays that make you feel he's going to end up getting hurt.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Too bad choking has always been Tono Blomogames problem right Potter?

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