Money money money money.................. MONEY

Posted February 26, 2013

Is the front office gearing up to treat its fans to another dumbed down season.  So far , we have hard ball negotiation tactics with Nhamdi and Vick.  And now we have the release of two veteran players that actually can play.  Now we still have GTD out there patting the eagles on the back for their cost saviing techniques but any normal fan has to ask is this the new way of doing business.   We all saw first hand how these tactics have played out in the past and the result isnt pretty.  Now these moves have me reevaluating the season.  Its early mind you but these indications tell me that things could get a whole lot worse.  This is obviously and owner that hasnt learned his lesson.  The truth is spending and winning go hand in hand.  And historically speaking the Eagles have been cost cutters and not near the peaks of spending.   The Eagles have been a modestly successful team with a new stadium.  Are they respected ?  Not really.  They dont have a lombardi and until then Lurie will never have the fans or the leagues respect.  

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  • I'm not patting the Eagles on the back, hollywood...I'm trying to make sense to why they need to make some of these cuts. Let's be real, big changes need to be made on a 4-12 team and you are nothing but a fool if you just sit back and insist the Eagles could have continued on this season without making cuts and allow Kelly to go into year two possibly OVER the cap or unable to get their new coach his type of players. I already think the Eagles are making a huge mistake with their first move of the season (Vick)...was I patting them on the back for that one? Do you not get how the cap works or do you just hate the FO so much that you just refuse to look at possible cap complications going forward?
  • its as they say," water under the bridge"
    Im still wondering as a University Of Oregon fan If Chip can preform the magic he had at Oregon in the NFL????
  • We've been 8-8 n 4-12 since spending big in free agency. I guess spending n winning don't go hand in hand so much. U can't spend it all this year n be over the cap next year. Go read an accounting book or something.
  • I understand how the cap works in general but the Eagles were 23 million under last year and potentially even further under this year with further cuts. They were in the bottom 3 last year. cant go much further beyond Jacksonville and KC. Two teams that want a new stadium.
  • If we weren't under the cap so much last year we would have been over this year resulting in even more cuts. Contracts in general go up every year meaning u need to clear enough space in the future. It's not just about now. Players know they won't see all of the money when they gt older that's why they put so much into the signing bonus
  • Thats sort of a strange logic. Isnt that almost the way the cap works for most teams. In general , you have to make some sort of cut to remain near or below the cap every year. Sothere may be some mild swings in the needs to make cuts but inevitably being near the cap year in and out means you are spending the maximum amount to remain competitive. At the end of the day either you spend the most in a season or spend the least. the Eagles were near the bottom in 2012. Thats the fact. Thats the number. manipulate it anyway you want but they were the most frugal along with the jags and Chiefs. Not a coincidence that their record was also near the bottom.
  • How is working with a budget a strange concept? Do you get that the Eagles simply can't do everything you want them to do because of NFL rules? They can't throw huge contracts at Vick, McCoy, Jackson and all of their up and coming players, they can't give Cole, Mathis, Herremans and the vets new contracts to keep the experience in Philly and they can't keep overpriced veterans that aren't doing know what tells me they can't? A 121 million dollar cap. They have to limit their money in one way or another. Before the Eagles cut Patterson and Jenkins they were actually only 2 million below the cap (and they were well over before they restructured Vick's contract)...that is a fact. The rest was carry over from last year. It doesn't take an accountant to figure out that if they would have used all their cap money last year that they would have been about 40 million over the cap to start this year (they started at about 17 million before Vick's restructured salary and before cutting Bell). Is that good business sense? They tried the all in approach in 2011 and where did that get them? To be honest with you looking at where the Eagles are with contracts lately I wonder if Roseman has the sense to keep this team somewhere near the cap every year without getting them into trouble. Some of the contracts he's handed out in the last two years have me worried.
  • Funnything is the joke amongst front offices around the league is if the lombardi was given to the team with the best cap management the Eagles would have a superbowl.
  • Funnier thing is the pats aka the gold standard restructured n extended bradys contract same way the eagles did Vick just we didn't extend Vick. Whens the last time the pats handed out big contracts? They usually get rid of players who want too much more money.
  • You know hollywood refuses to look at reality when it comes to the Eagles FO. No matter how many times I tell him that the Eagles would have been further over the cap to start this year if they would have spent more last year (which would have meant MORE cuts this year) he continues to whine about how far they were under in 2012. Biased much?
  • Not biased but the fact is after a poor showing the last two season you would think they would try to emphasize changes that make a winner. Cutting for the sake of cutting isnt the formula I was expecting. But again, maybe they have a better plan. Ill give them the benefit of the doubt but just listening to WIP I think these moves are leaving fans baffled and concerned. but I know your not why would you be its normal for a team to just demand cost cuts and cut veterans.
  • You ARE biased against the FO so why deny it? I don't think it's mormal to cut veterans (as long as they are playing well), hollywood but where they were to start the off season with the cap it certainly was necessary. I'm just not surprised because a new coaching staff in general means new personnel. I expected this while you stated that a 4-12 team with a new staff could just add a couple rookies, tweak the roster just a bit and make a run. The Colts had an unheard of number of roster changes last year and went younger...and still made the playoffs. I don't expect the Eagles to change as much nor do I expect them to make the playoffs this year. You can continue to set unrealistic goals for a team that has gotten worse the last 2 years and has gone through many changes already and are looking at more before this is all over if you want to and I'm sure you will...that way you can whine when they don't reach the goals you set for them. I also have been listening to WIP and the move I hear that baffles people the most is why did they KEEP Vick. I think most people get the changes that are being made but why are they letting the vets go now after committing to Vick for another year is how it is tied in. On one hand the Eagles decided that a 33 year old ineffective QB could be the quickest way to get back to their winning ways but here they are making big changes on a defense that has already been struggling. Honestly, here is the way I look at it. Vick intrigues Kelly but he was smart enough not to commit past this year with him...he can come back from that if his QB (or QBs) struggles THIS year and until the draft is over we don't know if he get's his true QB of the future. As for the moves they are making on defense it isn't like any of the players were studs. Jenkins started well but hasn't been anything more than a mediocre DT while in Philly and you know that is all I thought Patterson was also. Fletcher Cox is the starter now and should have no probelm transitioning to a 3-4 as a DE so the Eagles didn't need two 4-5 million dollar players sitting there especially considering they will probably have to get a true nose tackle anyway (Patterson would not be a fit at all at NT or DE and Dixon may not be the answer). Asomugha has been horrible and most people I hear discussing him are wondering why the Eagles haven't just flat out cut him and I'm a little surprised myself. Anthony Gargano of WIP (I think it was him) stated exactly how I feel about Vick and Asomugha right now...they are the faces on offense and defense of what has been wrong with this team in the past two seasons yet the Eagles make moves to bring them back. That seems to me to be why the fans are upset and confused over what this team is doing..spin it all you want but most fans understand the changes. You probably do too but that wouldn't fit your argument, would it?
  • I think Jenkins and Patterson could have easily adjusted to 3-4 just not the nose tackle spot. But you think Dixon, Thorton and Landri are better suited? Please. Three scrubs. But whatever. Look I dont have to sell tickets thats Luries job. I think there are quite afew other players that dogged it worse than those two but who am I to judge. I know this defense sucks and is gonna get alot worse when they let go of Nhamdi and DRC. Are they contibutors? Was anyone last year? But from strictly a physical standpoint the Eagles are gonna be severly downgraded with these roster moves. They have to replace the athleticism lost no matter how you cut it or the defense will get worse.
  • What makes you think that Patterson could play DE in a 3-4? Let's see your BS. I didn't type anything about Landri (he probably won't be back) and Thornton and I actually typed that I didn't know if Dixon is the answer but hey, thanks for putting words at my fingertips like you usually do. It's all about clearing out capspace by letting go players that haven't lived up to their salaries, hollywood and it needed to be done. No matter what you type Vick and Asomugha haven't been worth 15 million each, Patterson and Jenkins have benn so-so and the Eagles seem to be gearing up for a defense that doesn't play to their strengths so I don't have a problem with what they are doing. I get that the NFL is a what have you done for me lately profession in more ways than one...for the fans, the owners and the players.
  • I just think he has the body type to be DE in a 3/4. Ive seen the Ravens play it and the DE typically arent pass rushers but run stoppers weighing anywhere from 290 to 320. So, he is probably big enough and athletic enough to be better than Dixon or landri. Do you think they are better football players than patterson? So essentially from your comment you admit they dont have anyone that can play the position. Thats called a downgrade.
  • What has Mike Patterson done to make you think he is athletic enough to move to DE? I don't see it and I haven't heard anyone but you say that they do. If you look above you will see that I stated that Fletcher Cox can and will move outside in a 3-4. I'm not sure that the other 3-4 end is on the roster but it certainly wouldn't have been Patterson at 4 million, hollywood. Cuts have to made somewhere and Patterson was one of the most are just too biased against the FO to admit it.
  • So the bottom line is when the Eagles didn't spend money on veterans over 30 often they went to 5 NFC Championships. When they decided to spend big contracts for guys over 30 they went 8-8 and 4-12. The answer is clear, but you want them to keep going down that path? I know you by self admition haven't been watching the Eagles so I'm not surprised.
  • For some reason Eagle fans have 30 on the brain. There are plenty of players over 30 that can play. You think the Pats should get rid of Brady?
  • Do you think Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson are Tom Brady?
  • I dont think they are "stars". But they qualify as starters pretty much on any team in the league. So, whats your point? They are stars when compared to the rest of the DT talent on the Eagles less Cox
  • Patterson will not start on any team. He's a role player at best at this point in his career. Jenkins has now been let go by two teams. Neither of them thought he was irreplaceable. The point is they are overpaid and can be replaced by cheaper younger talent. They don't belong in the same class as Tom Brady, because they aren't close to the same player. You should be embarrassed for mentioning these guys in the same sentence as if they belong there.
  • He had half his skull removed of course he wont.
  • That is an exaggeration, but all the more reason to move him and spend that money elsewhere.
  • Hollywood exaggerate?...never!
  • I don't know why he works so hard to try and protect mediocre players. I mean He is working overtime like he's their agent! How far will one man go just so he doesn't have to admit he is wrong? I wonder if he knows about the Cardinals plan to cut the so called elite Beanie Wells? Of corse his rebuttal won't be about his man crush, but it will be about Kolb as if I care.
  • It's more about ripping on the FO than protecting the players with hollywood..we both know that.
  • Yeah I knew he would use two role player releases as his way to rip the Eagles FO as if they were being cheap and like this was a move keeping us from the Super Bowl.
  • Hollywood loves to pit players against Tom Brady. He did it with Kolb and then tried to state that you and I did the same thing.
  • Find something else to whine about. This is getting old.
  • You think your crap doesnt get old?
  • I come with facts. You come with muddled nonsense, but at least you didn't state Mike Vick will be the starter, because he's looking at pictures of Randall Cunningham so I'll give you that at least.
  • statistics are just that statistics.
  • Pontificating is just that as well. At least facts are a byproduct of statistics, while pontification is a byproduct of B.S.
  • I think you have it reversed stats are a byproduct of facts.
  • 2+2(stats) equals 4(fact).
    Benie Wells averages 617 yards a season(stat) Shady McCoy averages 967 yards a season(stat) McCoy is > Benie Wells(fact)
  • Russell Wilson QB Rating 100/ Joe Flacco 87 Qb rating. Joe Flacco a better QB - FACT
  • Judging by those ratings I would have to disagree. Well one thing is a fact. They are both better than Vick.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Dixon makes sense, Spotella and he shouldn't be more than a backup QB that has experience in Kelly's system. I wouldn't get too worked up with that. The Vick signing does bother me. People will argue that Vick makes sense also because he can run and throw but I beg to differ. He also needs to read and react and we all know that isn't one of Vick's strong points. Besides being a 33 year old oft injured turnover machine he also is a big part of why this team has been 12-20 these last two years...I was hoping for a new QB with the new coach and will continue to hope for that until opening day.
  • I still feel that signing Vick only works if they are truly going to hold an open competition for the job. Kelly is going to find himself in a world of hurt relying on Mike Vick. There is a bit of arrogance when it comes to these coaches and Vick. These guys are always thinking they are the one who is going to make it work as if they are smarter than the guy who tried before they did. It never does, but they all still try. The allure is just too much for them not to. All of them never realize the truth until its too late.
  • For some reason you think the Eagles work as a team. They always put all the emphasis on the QB an let him carry the team on his back. So out of all 5 Qbs which one is most likely to carry the Eagles by himself? That is why Vick will start. Whether you like it or not he is the only one that is multi-dimensional enough to give the fans something to watch.
  • I understand the concept of team, but are you so naive as to say you don't understand what a quality quarterback can do for that team? Do you think your beloved Ravens would be half as good as they are without Flacco? Look at what happened to the Colts. Double digit wins every season with Manning. As soon as he went down they won one game! They draft Luck and they make the playoffs. Don't give that crap fan want to see Vick! The fanbase hates Mike Vick. The polls tell it all. Nobody wants Vick here but Kelly. Wake up Hollywood. I know you're smarter than that.
  • Hollywood is now back to stating that the Eagles only player is their oft injured QB? What happened to "they have enough to win now"?

    I saw an article that claimed that the Cowboys have restructured 5 contracts of current players. How dare Jerry Jones take that money away from players he already promised it to. I guess he is all about money, money, money, money...MONEY!
  • They did but if they kkep removing players and dont replace them then I will have to reevaluate. But, I assumed they wanted to win. Time will tell. They now have more holes to fill and less options. Thats not real intelligent. Plus, they are prying open the wallets of their veteran players. Another no no.
  • That is the same as what the Cowboys are doing. It's the business of football. It's not just the Eagles doing those things. Even Stevie Wonder can see that.
  • Don't replace them? When are they supposed to do that and with what? You do get that free agency is still over a week away, don't you?
  • I like the title of MONEY
    must be nice to do something you love and get payed for it
  • That implies you don't.. I feel sorry for you.
  • Just a comment here about something that I hate. It's when a Barker tries to call themself a fan but instead of backing their team with no hesitation or reservations, instead trashes their team as a sure loser just so they can possibly say..."I told you so". If you're a fan you should stand up for your team no matter what the last season turned out to be and you don't trash them just to make yourself feel better should they fall on their butts again and end up settling for a Top 5 Pick. Man that crap really nauseates me, and the losers that do it are pathetic beyond words. Those who do it know exactly who they are and should be ashamed of themself. They have NO RIGHT calling themself a fan if they engage in that kind of two faced bullshiit!!!!! A fan is a fan win or lose....PERIOD!!!!!
  • blind loyalty isnt being a good fan its called a dope. Period. Its easy for you to say sitting on your superbowls. TRy over 32 years of loyalty and 20 years of blind loyalty. That will build some contempt and bitterness. So why dont you stfu ****** and go stroke Phil Sims nutz.
  • I actually wasn't even referring to you but thanks for proving you fit the mold as well. Your eagles will never win a Super Bowl because of the Bad Karma that surrounds the franchise. It's pretty obvious why even the eagle fans on here can't stand you. But I guess your avatar name says it all...hollywood personalities are phonies, so your just a phony eagles fan.
    has the season begun? and no one told me??
    are the eagles sitting in last place? and no one told me???
  • Give em time, they will be.

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MLB's 2015 All-Star snubs

Gronk, David Ortiz in latest Dunkin Donuts iced coffee video

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