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Found March 29, 2012 on Larry Brown Sports:

Via Larry Brown Sports:

Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones is already involved in litigation with a website over damaging claims they made about her, and now she faces accusations of having sexual relations with a student.

Jones has been a Ben-Gal the past five seasons and resigned as a teacher at Dixie Heights High School (Ky.) last November. She’s been indicted on felony charges of first-degree sexual abuse and unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual or other prohibited acts, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

Jones’ mother, who is a middle school principal, was indicted on charges of tampering with physical evidence in her daughter’s case. The lawyer for the Joneses says his clients maintain their innocence and will plead not guilty.

“Sarah denies it completely and apparently the quote, un quote ‘victim’ denies it and is not cooperating … and his parents are upset Sarah is having to go through this which is not usually the case in these situations,” Eric Deters, Jones’ attorney at the time, said in December.

Bengals spokesman Jack Brennan told The Associated Press the club is aware of the case and had no comment. Each charge she faces is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Jones is also involved in a highly publicized case with a website that claimed she had slept with several Bengals and had two STDs. A federal judge in Kentucky awarded Jones an $11 million default judgment for defamation, but litigation continues in the case.


Photo Credit: Mark Zerof-US PRESSWIRE


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  • Lacegirl your a moron, the writer spelled Principal correctly. If your going to comment please know what the hell your saying. What a dumbass.
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  • The comment was and is still valid. Lacegirl is a moron.
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  • Nor should you. A word which starts a sentence begins with a capital letter. The correct grammar is "He did not misspell 'Your'."

    That said...she can teach me English any time!
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  • That's "YOU'RE", not your, Einstein!
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  • ..."what the hell (you are ) saying," is the sentence in question.

    "Your" is not the correct choice. You are is the correct choice. Dave00 - "You're" the dope.
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  • I am sorry I have to add to this ridiculous conversation but you did misuse 'your' three times. You were stating 'you are' all three times and therefore, to shorten it, the proper use is 'you're'. In reference to the article, if this girl actually did what she is accused of doing, she needs to be charged just as anyone else would.
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  • this cheerleader should not be treated any differently just cause she is a Bengal. she should be tried an prosecuted for the crime she did to hte minor she is a nasty skank and she ain't that pretty i seen better looking cheerleader's. people like her need to taken off the streets preying on minor's like that. her and her nasty bugs......
  • Sexy females seducing willing teenage boys should not be a crime. Just sayin'.

    Some day humanity will realize that sex is real and a legitimate part of our existence.
  • First of all the writer should know that the way to differentiate between principle and Principal is that a school principal is your "pal". Also, it sounds like this Ben-gal is a real "skank".
  • The SOB isn't lucky if she gave him an STD.
  • She won the civil suit by proving she was STD free...there goes that theory stupid.
  • I was making a joke, numbnuts,since the first poster was using the letters s-o-b, I used s-t-d, which was referenced in the article. I guess you were trying to make a joke above, only yours wasn't too funny.
  • yup thats true that is just plain sick.
  • she could have paid them off to deny all of it, just to save her nasty self. money talks!!!!!!
  • Denial doesn't mean it didn't happen.Probably embarrassing for the kid and his family. Learn what "default" judgment means- and the case is ongoing. I think these female "abusing" boy stories are ridiculous, as the males are loving every minute of it. But teachers need to stick to the job they are paid to do, and that isn't boinking the student body.(pun intended)
  • Laceegirl: The spelling of principal is correct and who do you think you are calling someone a "skank" that you don't even know? What is being said is, as yet, unproven. You are basing your nasty remark on what you are reading about this woman and nothing more. You would do well to temper your opinion, as well as your remarks, in the future, lest you find yourself on the wrong side of the bench. If you have trouble understanding my last sentence, I'm certain there is someone on this board who can explain it to you.
  • At least the kid lost his virginity.
  • Okay everyone, I was a student at Dixie Heights from 2006 to 2010, which is when Ms. Jones was an English teacher at the school. Laceegirl: she is not a "shank", she was actually one of the better teachers there. She got a bad rap only because the fact she is a Ben-Gals cheerleader only sparked the minds of 14-18 year old boys to wonder...
    I hear the same about the denial by the victim and the parents but there is also RUMOR it is actually did happen. So, as for now we'll see what happens but my judgement is that she is innocent.
  • I would never call someone a "skank" unless she deserved the title. If you truly believe she is innocent of these disgusting charges, I hope you have a chance to give your opinion and stand up for her. It is possible that this is a scam or just a rumor, however, if she is in fact guilty, she should be prosecuted. I certainly hope that this is just a nasty rumor. You know how high school boys are. One kid makes up a story and it spreads like wildfire.
  • she must have been doing a short arm inspection on the whole black Bengal team.
  • Where were these teachers when I was in school...
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  • say it ain't so...
  • Sounds like the kid got lucky and then when his parents found out he made up some **** and bull story about being forced to have sex.
  • Spare me Gary. This is about white women getting away with it. There haven't been many cases of black female teachers doning this. But the 2 I know of ended in very tough prison sentences.
    Too many people think CERTAIN women are a treat to be with- even if the act is criminal
  • When I was in high school I was amazed the first time I shtupped (did I spell that right?) a lonely sad 24 year old teacher. Was I damaged, was I ruined for future relationships?
    Looking back, maybe a little. So were a lot of girls and boys I knew. It sure beat sitting home and watching Lawrence Welk with my folks though. The only damage was in making the transition to girls my own age. In college I skipped them and went to younger ones. Personally I would never Vampirize a child like this so-called beauty. She's a dog. You guys mustn't get out much.
  • Sorry she's not impressive and hardly building a good reputation with all of these stories! Mom the principal doesn't sound much better. Where there's smoke there's fire. These stories probably don't cover half of it. And what a double standard ... a woman teacher hops a young guy and it's 'cougar power' but flip the roles and it's rape. Frankly the young guy knows he's got her on the sex with a minor charge and he's waiting for big bucks ...
  • yeah thats what i'm saying it's all about money!!!
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  • now why couldnt this happen to me when i was a kid lucky little bastard!!
  • I know somebody is going to claim a gender double standard. But its more about race and class. If you are a white woman you get a pass and teh younger and more attractive you are- the lower your sentence (and you get money from interviews after you get out).
    There haven't been many case of non-white female teachers doing this, but the 2 I know of ended in some tough prison sentences.

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Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader accused of sex with high school student

A Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader was indicted on two charges of sexual abuse after she allegedly had sex with a high school student at the school where she taught. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Ben-Gals team captain Sarah Jones has been charged with first-degree sexual abuse and unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual or other prohibited acts.

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Former Bengals Cheerleader, Teacher Sarah Jones Indicted On Sex With Minor Charge

Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader Sarah Jones, a former high school English teacher, was indicted for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a student Thursday. She could get up to five years in prison. Not only is Jones team captain of the Ben-Gals, but she’s the same Sarah Jones who sued TheDirty.com in 2009 after the site posted dirty pictures of her, along with the allegation...

Cencinnati Bengals Cheerleader Indicted for Having Sex With Student

Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader Sarah Jones quit her job mysteriously earlier this year, and rumors began floating about regarding investigations about a possible relationship with a student. Now the investigation has been made public and Jones has been indicted for first-degree sexual assault and unlawful use unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual...

Bengals cheerleader accused of having sex with a student

Pro sports cheerleaders actually do hold regular jobs. To some it's hard to believe the jobs outside of cheerleading aren't in the sex industry. Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader, Sarah Jones, was a teacher, which means she was actually pretty bright and had a good head on her shoulders. To some that may be a shocker. Jones, the team captain of the Ben-Gals, has found herself...

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Bengals Cheerleader and schoolteacher accused of SEX with student!

I guess when there’s preliminary clouds of smoke, fire soon follows. Or Kentucky women who parade around in bikinis in public aren’t as wholesome as you previously thought. Remember our good friend Sarah Jones who was once a member of the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleading squad? The former schoolteacher is being indicted on charges of having sex with a student. In October 2009...

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