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Originally written January 11, 2012 on NESN.com:

From NESN:

Charles Barkley may be in the process of slimming down his waistline thanks to his Weight Watchers scam, but there's one thing a diet won't cure -- his big mouth.

The Round Mound of Rebound is back at it, and this time he's flapping his gums about what else, Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

Deadspin points out that Barkley made a radio appearance on 97.5 the Fanatic in Philadelphia, and the conversation eventually turned toward Tebow.

"The national nightmare continues," Barkley said. "Hey listen, I like Tim Tebow but there comes a point, he had a great game. He's supposed to have a great game. They want to make it seem like 'Oh so the world is aligned correct.' I'm like, 'He does play quarterback.' He is supposed to play well."

Barkley was then asked whether or not he's had enough Tebowmania.

"I think the world has," he responded before being asked about all of the Tebow fans that are out there.

"First of all Mike, I don't know anything you said about Tebow, but let's just say the jury is still out on Tebow. He seems like a nice kid but these ups and downs are so different. The jury is still out on Tebow. Just because he had a great game and made four or five great throws [Sunday] doesn't mean he's gonna be a great starting quarterback in the NFL."


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  • Hear hear, Sir Charles. I'm sick to death of Tebow Tebow Tebow. If any other quarterback in the NFL had games like his, there's no way they'd be considered for a starter job, but Tebow gets special treatment. Until he can play consistently, in all aspects of being a quarterback (like passing), he's nothing special.
  • as to sick of tebow?---tough. he's everything the media craves in a story---polarizing and winning when he should stink.
    you must not watch much football. if any other qb in the league had games like his that resulted in wins, that qb would start. terry bradshaw was not a very good qb, but wears 4 sb rings and started for a good long time. and what special treatment? running the offense around the skill-sets (no matter how limited) of the most important position? that's not special treatment; that's intelligence.
  • "terry bradshaw was not a very good qb"

    Stangmark, you are a BLASPHEMER!
  • Barkley I know you make alot of money with your fat mouth. To bad you never had to use your brain. The fans I know are only sick of your mouth. Maybe your mouth will end up in the hall of shame someday. You are not even funny anymore, and I doubt if you are a good person either.
  • I doubt if you are a good person,most poeple that's quick to call on someone else isn't much or dosen't feel like much themselves.Or they trying to find fualt because of their on pass maddness.
  • Sounds like Barkley is looking for a little attention. It's too bad the only way he can get attention these days is by badmouthing a person who is a better role model and person than Barkley could ever think about becoming. We don't know Tebow will finish his career, but right now he is doing pretty good.
  • I used to like you Charles Barkley, even tho you always were outrageous. The only thing Tebow is really being criticized for is being a Christian.
    You need to think about that. I don't see Christians having any reason to criticize. If you aren't a Christian, you need to look into it. If Tebow were professing any other "religion" most people would not be criticizing him for it. I think he's a great witness for God and I'm proud of him. And he's a very good quarterback, too.
  • Barkley is right. He's not being criticised for being Christian. He's being criticised for being a dumb ass exhibitionist. Consider Matt. 6:5-6: "Whenever you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, because they love to pray while standing in synagogues and on street corners so that people can see them. Truly I say to you, they have their reward. But whenever you pray, go into your room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret. And your Father, who sees in secret, will reward you” (Matthew 6:5-6).

    Even Jesus would agree with Barkley. Teebow is a joke.
  • This is a terrible understanding of the context of this verse. Please work on your biblical understanding before you throw around bible verses so flippantly.

    Please expound on the harsh assumption that Tebow is a "dumb ass exhibitionist".
  • Just remember - those who are ashamed of Jesus - Jesus will be ashamed of when they stand before God. Go TEBOW. Tebow is just being a role model for many are are led astray... people who need to know that Jesus is the way, the truth and the LIFE!!!!
  • Hey helmboy. Judge not. I see you're a biblical scholar. Maybe you'd like to call Tebow a "fool" as well as a joke. I don't believe Jesus thinks any of us are a joke, even Barclay, and he, Barclay, sure has a better lifetime and career record of acting like one than Tebow ever will. . . .Hey, I know, let's call Dennis Rodman away from his coaching duties with the topless women's basketball team and see what he thinks of Tebow. That would carry about the same weight with me as Barclay's attention getting opinion.
  • because of what u expressed everytime i see him on his knee i change the channel...i see tim tebow does'nt follow the word
  • That is the most considerable amount of hog-wash I have ever heard! Tebow is the bravest QB there is. Jesus is definately proud of Tebow. Keep you stinkin' garbage of a mouth shut!
  • He is not praying he is thanking God and he is not asking the media to film him they are doing it all by themselves, you must not know much because for years after EVERY GAME there are players that get together ON THE FIELD and pray but the media does not show that, so to single Tebow out with your ignorance is sad
  • I agree!
  • Wow you can quote the Bible, now are you judging too? It's called being a role model!!! If you deny Jesus then he will deny you to the Father, Wow I can quote the Bible too!!! I think Tebow is a great guy and he shows the world there is a God! I love Kurt Warner too!!
  • WTF

  • WTF

  • a good example of how the devil knows scripture and trys to pervert it to his purpose. Jesus was talking to the pharisees the religous priests of His time that were the ultimate hypocrites. They would make public displays of there "religiousity" fasting and praying in public when as JESUS PUT IT "INSIDE THEY ARE FULL OF DEAD MANS BONES" sO FAR TEBOW WALKS THE WALK!
  • You are taking that particular scripture out of context. It's talking about the hypocritical Pharisees who pray loud prayers in public places in order to be heard and admired by the people. There are numerous scriptures that command Christians to let their light shine and not to hide it under a basket. All you have to do is observe what Tebow does off of the field and what he does with his money to see that he the real thing and not a joke. You are the one that is a joke.
  • After this weekend Tebow will accept Tom Brady as his Lord and Savior.
  • You can take you Christianity and shove it. I was raise Christian, and fortunitly as I grew up I realized it was nothing but a fairy tale made up for little kids. If you look closly at the REAL history of Christianity you will realize that it was set up for nothing but a system of control. As for me I prefer to think for myself, and not what some book that was put 1700+ years ago!!! As for Tebow he's need to keep his beleifs in his home or church and not wear it on his sleeve!!!
  • Then how did everyone get on this earth, how did the earth get here?....
  • What did God do to you? If Tebow needs to keep his "beliefs" in his home, then you should also keep your opinions in your head. I mean lets be fair, if he shouldn't express his self how he wants to wherever he wants to, then why should you?
  • Fortunately, Tebow lives his beliefs, which call for him to be a witness to others.
    PS - learn to spell
  • I was raise Christian??? sounds like your literacy and "thinking for yourself" couldn't get you through even grammer school! stay prideful little one
  • djs062875,

    You think for yourself ? Did you use that same approach in learning how to spell ?
  • First of all djs062876 your spelling is horrible. Probably why you did not understand christianity, YOU CAN NOT READ or SPELL.
    Plus Christianity started more than 1700 years ago.
    Obviously you feel threatened by one mans belief in his God.
  • If Tebow needs to keep his beleifs [sic] in his home or church and not wear it on his sleeve, then you do not need to be posting on a public forum like this. You need to keep you beliefs in your home as well.
  • I am sick of Tebow, too. He isn't the only Christian player. If they are going to cover him, then they should cover the rest of them
  • Then why are you sick of Tebow, it is the media that has decided to show him, he is not asking them to do that....you just want to hate...so direct it somewhere else.
  • Your logic, or lack thereof, really baffles me. Is Tim Tebow directing the media to cover only himself and not the rest, or is it the media who are trying to make a spectacle of Tim and ignoring the rest? How in the world do you get up in the morning and put on your shoes with logic like yours?
  • I couldn't have said it better!!
  • Barkley is Barkley, his mouth is why he is famous. Yes he used to throw a good elbow and grab a few boards but really he wasn't anyone until he was not on the court and started running his "bigmouth" and honestly I find it amusing, maybe I don't agree but it is funny. On the Tebow thing, I hope he is around for awhile because my children need a good role model and honestly there are not to many out there....even the ones we thought were, like Peyton Manning!
  • Jericho04 your the epitomy of an oxymoron! you just called out someone you know nothing about for giving thier opinion of a celebrity who has the worst track record of having disrespect and dishonors his fellow human biengs rights. You must be a huge Charles Barkley FAN!!! let me guess: President of his Fan Club?!!!!
  • Cry me a river wah!
  • .
  • I agree. At least Tim Tebow has class which is more than I can say about Charles Barkley.
  • I have to agree, Charles just talking to be heard. Tebow is playing good enough to get the Broncos to the pIayoff. Is everyone so down on Tebow because he give recognition to the one he believe in and knowing he would not be able to perform without the almighty (who he believe in, and million more individuals) giving him the talent. Keep it up Tebow, you are doing as the words in The Bible quotes.
  • Your grammar is worse than some of Tebow's passes.
  • I am a Christian too, so I have nothing against Tebow being a Christian. However, I don't think that God favors one Christian Football Player over another. There is Christians on every football team, but do you see them getting in the news?
  • thats his Butt talking because his mouth knows better......
  • You hit the nail right on the head jhnybegd46. Iam really tired of Barkley myself. He should only speak for himself and not say the world is tired of Tebow. I think it's more like jealousy because like smart people like you, we don't pay much attention to him anymore.
  • Lets be Real. Barkley needs to get down on his knees and do some praying. who does he think gave him what he has today.
  • Tebowing would have been nothing more than another td dance if the liberal left hadn't felt they had to attack it. When you do dumb things like suspend a kid in school over something that innocent it becomes bigger than it would have been. So if you're tired of it blame the people who attacked it for inflicting it on you.
  • AMEN!!!!
  • Hey Barkley...I know a quick way for you to lose 20 pounds of ugly fat - and no "Weight Watchers" needed

    ...cut off your head!
  • There has never been ANY doubt that Charles Barkley is not a good person. I never have liked him or his foul mouth and I refuse to buy anything he sponsers. The only way he gets any attention these days is to bad mouth someone who does.
  • TB himself admitted he wasn't very good. But, like Tebow, HE WINS GAMES. stat,shmats. He get the ball to receives who score touchdowns, same as TB did in Blitsburgh back in the day. Bradshaw didnt have overly impressive numbers, he just won ball games. Same as Tebows doing now.
  • Hate to agree w/ stangmark, but Bradshaw was merely adequate as a qb. He was to the Steelers what Trent Dilfer was to the Ravens, i.e., "just don't do anything stupid and lose the game for us". If it weren't for Franco Harris, Rocky Blier, Lynn Swann, John Stallworth, a monster o-line anchored by the greatest center in the game, Mike Webster, and the Steel Curtain defense, John Madden's Raiders would've been the dominant AFC power in the 70's.
  • stangmark,

    You are right Terry Bradshaw was not a very good QB with 4 S.B. rings.

    He was a fantastic Quarterback.
    I can say that and I'm also a Browns fan.

    I can't beleive I just admitted that in public :'(
    Feel free to kick sand in my face :)
  • The wrath of the Dawg Pound will reign down upon you for statements like that Howard!!
  • No sand will be kicked into your face Mr howard. I will however direct you to terry bradshaws career stats page.http://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/B/BradTe00.htm. check it.
  • im sick of this tebow story i like him as a player but if he were black he wouldnt have gotten drafted as a qb and he would have to go and make the team
  • SAVE IT! Its 2012 every athlete has had a 1st 2nd and 3rd chance....
  • what does black or white have to do with it, i am sick and tired of the race issue, he was good enough to take over as a QB , so just watch him do his magic, when they lose, they lose as a team not just one player, it's looks like people are making this a big deal because he shows his faith, so it looks as if the people complaining are just plain ole atheist....
  • Hear! Hear! Amen, stangmark
  • Tebow is just like Sir Charles....just what the media wants to see...contravercy...Mr. Tebow and Sir Charles...run to the bank with that money...they just like making the both of you rich...more power to the both of you....!!!!!
  • Charles Barkley, your the "NIGHTMARE" and am surprised the network TNT keeps your sorry negative butt and that mouth your not funny just annoying at least they have Shaq who isnt that way but is funny...you hate on everything/everyone from your diet your on that was a joke but your getting paid! the success from one of the greatest players ever M.Jordan won all those championship rings and you have ZERO kinda funny you use to bash Shaq and he sits on the set with you. So keep your jabber jaw shut in a sport you never played as a professional (NFL)player and focus on Basketball and hate on people in you old profession and keep your jabber-jaw shut on TEBOW or any other player in the NFL!! hope TNT cuts you when your contract is up and Shaq takes over cause it will be a better program with out Jabber-Jaw the mouth of the south!
  • Charles Barkley, your the "NIGHTMARE" and am surprised the network TNT keeps your sorry negative butt and that mouth your not funny just annoying at least they have Shaq who isnt that way but is funny...you hate on everything/everyone from your diet your on that was a joke but your getting paid! the success from one of the greatest players ever M.Jordan won all those championship rings and you have ZERO kinda funny you use to bash Shaq and he sits on the set with you. So keep your jabber jaw shut in a sport you never played as a professional (NFL)player and focus on Basketball and hate on people in you old profession and keep your jabber-jaw shut on TEBOW or any other player in the NFL!! hope TNT cuts you when your contract is up and Shaq takes over cause it will be a better program with out Jabber-Jaw the mouth of the south!
  • Charles Barkley, your the "NIGHTMARE" and am surprised the network TNT keeps your sorry negative butt and that mouth your not funny just annoying at least they have Shaq who isnt that way but is funny...you hate on everything/everyone from your diet your on that was a joke but your getting paid! the success from one of the greatest players ever M.Jordan won all those championship rings and you have ZERO kinda funny you use to bash Shaq and he sits on the set with you. So keep your jabber jaw shut in a sport you never played as a professional (NFL)player and focus on Basketball and hate on people in you old profession and keep your jabber-jaw shut on TEBOW or any other player in the NFL!! hope TNT cuts you when your contract is up and Shaq takes over cause it will be a better program with out Jabber-Jaw the mouth of the south!
  • Barkley needs to keep his trap shut. Stick to Basketball.
    With all that is negative in the world, there is nothing wrong with a little happiness and good news for awhile. The more the merrier, God knows we need it.
    No one is saying he is special. As a matter of fact every loser broadcaster still says how bad he is...but there is one thing that is a fact. 26 other teams with there "traditional quarterbacks" are sitting at home watching some damn entertaining football. PEACE
  • Exactly, Charles Who? Brakley can screw up anything he is involved in. His mouth got him in trouble with Weight Watchers when he ran his mouth on national tv during a game saying that weight watchers was a scam to get your money. He's not even that good of a B-Ball player. You know that Tebow gets almost all the attention these days and he rightfully should. Taking down the Packers in style should say it all. Suck it up Barkley. You lose.
  • I listened to those comments a couple of times...Barkley was not calling weight watchers a scam, he was calling being paid to loose weight a scam, just like being paid to watch sports. Why can't people get the facts straight?
  • Actually he did say Weight Watchers was a scam. You are referring to his face-saving spin to keep from losing his WW contract. Charles Barkley is extremely unpleasant. I'll never understand why "powers that be" in the media think we need people like him.
  • That's the million dollar question, why is this guy on the air anyway? He's one boring guy and didn't even impress me as a NBA player.
  • Barkley is a has been who needs to just shut up. It is so obvious that he is jealous of Tebow. What a complete jerk. Let's not allow anyone else to be happy but him. What a loser.
  • i am with you this is why i dont watch anything with barkley on it big mouth!!!!
  • Barkley is liked by the powers that be for the same reason Tebow is: what he says and does tend to polarize people. You can love or hate CB just as you can love or hate TT, but you can't ignore him. And by the way I hope TT keeps up the strong witness for the Lord! You're right he's not a great qb now. But Troy Aikman ranked dead last among starting qbs as a rookie.
  • Barkley is liked???? YEAH RIGHT!!!! Think about this a very long time.... HOW IS CHARLES BLOWHARD LIKE KING CHUMP JAMES???? Now look at their fingers.... BOTH A COUPLE OF BLOWHARD IDIOTS!!!!
  • Then you didn't listen very well. Maybe you should because this is the same Charles who bare chested waved a sign pole after a bar fight. He is a clown who takes endorcement money and then claims not to be a role model. Just not a class act.
  • Listen, let's be honest. I will be certainly called a racist because if you merely TALK about race you are a racist. The truth, I believe, is that if Tim Tebow was, e.g., a Muslim, and openly prayed in the traditional manner as, e.g., Muslims, with forearms extended and pointing to heaven . . . a beautiful way to pray. There would not be one NFL player, (esp a black player) who would openly mimic him. Not one! But b/c Tebow is a Christian, he is fair game. It takes a few years to become a really good QB in the NFL; however, Tebow is expected to be flawless in his first year (and not a full year). Barkley is a coward, who would NEVER say the things he says about Tebow were he (Tebow) a black NFL player who openly prayed according to his Non-Christian beliefs. Barkley could talk forever about athletes who get arrested, use drugs, beat their wives/girlfriends, etc. But he has had enough of Tim Tebow, which says more about Charles Barkley than Tim Tebow. Please don't think Barkley is the only coward. There are more out there. And not all of them are people of color. Cowards, as do role models, come in all Races and Creeds.
  • Remember, it was Barkley, at his most ignorant, who once said "I hate all white people". Abraham Lincoln said "Better to keep silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt".
  • He likes to gnaw on jockstraps

  • Because they are idiots and only hear what they want to hear!
  • cuz people only hear what they wanna hear. they dont stop to hear the whole story. Barkley DID say it was a scam, but further in the commentary, he stated, "its a scam, they are paying me to lose weight and givng me good money, that's a good scam', only bad part is, i have to use that money to buy a new wardrobe".
    I love Chuck. my fave all time player behind Dr J. but yes, he has a HUGE mouth and most of the stuff he says you have to shake your head at.
  • Not that good of a basketball player? Clearly you know nothing about b-ball. Charles is one of the 20 best NBA players EVER! Easy, no-brainer Hall of Famer. The only way Tebow will see the Hall of Fame is if he buys a ticket. Watch films of young Charles with the sixers, he was an unstoppable force!
  • Tebow isn't worried about the HOF, he's just doing his job and behaving himself, unlike so many professional athletes now. I don't care how good Barkley was as a player, that doesn't make him an
    authority on what's right or wrong about everything and everybody else.
  • MWHITTER: "He's not even that good of a B-Ball player."
  • I don't think that Tim is even thinking about that or even cares. Just going to work every day and doing his job. His fellow team members respect him and he is clean and not selling drugs. Or being associated with crap like Kobe, Big Ben or Charles for that matter.
  • Your right about Charles he was a outstanding basketball player but he has been and always be a racist big mouth.
  • Sir Charles never said anything about race. You sound a little racist yourself.
  • Not only is he a
    racist pig, he gnaws sweaty jockstraps

  • barkley is a joke, put him in the hall of shame with the rest of the overpaid bball players
  • Barkley an old jealous man.
  • He's just bitter because he never got that championship ring.
  • Barkley Right I am sick of Tebow come sat. the party over for Denver!
  • WOW this shows how stupid you really are.
  • thank you. charles barkley has one of the biggest mouths on sports tv and i don't even watch it that often. no he wasn't that good of a bball player just alot of mouth and negative attitude and as far as weight watchers goes whatever works. in times like this it is refreshing to see someone in the spotlight such as tebow give thanks. more people in the spotlight should do it.
  • Ijust wished he would'nt say anything if he can't say anything nice.I guess he's just old and washed up.He just wants to be noticed.Let's please be postive and let other people enjoy alittle sucess to.It's not all about you and basketball.You might be jealous and alittle racial.He's leading alot of people to the Lord.It's a great way to learn about God.(peace out)
  • Actually that was "Very" tame for Sir Cumference.

    I'm enjoying Tebow and the Broncos as its a great feel good story. Charles was nice about his comments and even said he likes Tim. He is just personally tired of the hype.
    Some like it and some don't
  • I totally agree Barkley needs to "stfu"
  • I guess whats funny about Barkley's statement: we all have had enough of Tebow. No, we all have had enough of Barkley running his mouth. However that doesn't seem to stop him from running it or picking up hookers....
  • I'm with you. I have nothing against him, but there are other QBs in the NFL. why does every story, every day have to be about Tebow, just because he's a good christian virgin.
  • other qbs are boring to watch hohum every week stuff tebows exciting thats why it was the most veiwed game of the year and the most viewed wild card game in history.steelers at broncos
  • Not because he is a Christian but because he is a winner. Got that a winner. He has inspired others by example on every Foorball team he as ever played on.High School, College and now the Pro level.Not only is he a winner but he does it with class and humbleness.Shares the accolades with his teamates and coaches never takes the credit. Rightfully so, Football is a team sport. But how many players in the world of team sports are that considerate and that generous with thier praise.95+ percent of pro athletes today are selfish and carry a huge sense of entitlement a "chip on thier shoulder" if you will. Tim Tebow is what is good and possible in all of us. I think that most people would say that they wish that they had more rather than less of the qualities that he has. We all wish that we could lead by example as generously and consistently as he does.Taking the blame for failure and sharing the success. He is an inspiration to all! If you are not inspired by his success and the way in which he does it you must be a selfish and lonely narcissist. There is nothing wrong with aspiring to be more than we are at this moment. He may not be the most athletically gifted quaterback in the NFL but he is most certainly one of the greatest role models that the NFL has ever produced. I hope that his story continues for many years.
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Yardbarker is the largest network of sports blogs and pro athlete blogs on the web. This site is the hub of the Yardbarker Network, where our editors and algorithms curate the best sports content from our network and beyond.