Nick Foles And The Beginning Of The End Of Fake Eagles Fans.

Posted November 03, 2013
No matter what happens a Philadelphia Eagles name will be in the record books. Not McNabb, not Vick, but Nick Foles. Nick Foles will have his name in the books, and that will make all the Foles bashers sore and sorry. Sure those clowns won't admit they were wrong. They will just go running into hiding like they did before. I find it funny how the so called fans(more like sharks) came circling when they thought they smelled blood then bam! Egg on their faces. Foles is making a real claim at being the franchise QB for the Eagles and even though he smashed the choke land gaydars (nobody if relevance) he did it in spectacular fashion. He even did it against the "type of quarterback that is supposed to run this offense." I'm glad Chip didn't let of the gas and just crushed them. Treat those bums like the PAC-10 scrubs Kelly used to beat up on. I think it's clear this offense goes as the quarterback goes. If he's making plays the Eagles will move the football and they will do it often. Nick Foles is going to have to keep this up, and stay healthy. For the record it's nice to see all the so called fans go running when Foles shuts those clowns up.
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  • Thank you Andy Reid for Drafting the best Quarterback in the 2012 NFL Draft class!

    All I heard was:
    "Foles played better than he is against Tampa. He can't put together another performance like that."

    "Foles can't run, so trade him. We need a running QB in order for this system to work."

    "Andrew Luck, Russel Wilson & RG3 are far greater than Foles will ever be."

    "Foles is a good BACKUP in this league and nothing more."

    "Starting Foles is saying goodbye to the season. We want to win NOW!"

    "Vick wouldn't have played that bad against Dallas."

    "Foles and Vick are the same QB except Vick can run. So why would you ever start Foles!?!"


    FACT: Nick Foles straight up outplayed Andrew Luck and every Quarterback in the LEAGUE TODAY
  • Today Foles is king of the hill. I know a certain gaydars fan is eating some humble pie right now. Too bad he's too much of a couch to admit when he's wrong.
  • Love this post, Eazy. I typed to Hollywood the other week that the Dallas game was one of the reasons why I thought Foles should be the starting QB and this game is the other side of that. Honestly, all the games he's played in this year besides Dallas is the other side of that. If nothing else Nick Files should have just shut the door on the QB debate and just like some of us have been typing all year should be the starter in 2013. He deserves to ride this season out to see where he's at week 17. It's one of the things this season should have been about right from the get go.
  • Every myth these people bring up as the reason why Vick or someone else should be the starter Foles keeps knocking away. Can't wait to see how flipocrite spins this one. After all how did Foles and the Eagles beat the vaunted gaydars when in his feeble mind they were supposed to be outclassed, out coached, and out gunned?
  • The only post I saw of his was a reply to his great buddy romorules (yeah, he's that desperate) and you could tell he wasn't too thrilled with the outcome. I'm sure he would have posted a brand new forum post dedicated to a Raiders win but an Eagles win with GREAT Kelly and Foles outputs only deserved a reply to a man pretending to be a Cowboys fan. Lol. Of course you know with everything he's posted since Kelly got hired that he was pulling for the doubt in my mind. Knowing him he's probably been rooting for failure all year just so he can pat himself on the back again. He and Hollywood (and others on here) need to just stop with the predictions and let this year play out and enjoy games like yesterday. Yesterday's game proved what this offense can accomplish when a quarterback puts the ball where it should be. It made me think about the Chargers game and how Vick hit on a few big opportunities and missed on a doubt that he would have missed on a few of the ones that Foles hit on yesterday...that's part of Vicks failures.
  • Congratulation to the Eagles an all Eagle fans, we all deserve it. This win was a long time coming. Does anyone know did we ever beat the Raiders at any other time? If we did I can’t remember. Easy I read your post and you stayed the course. You said Foles was the man and I could not see it. I hope he and the rest of the team can repeat this win many times and just not a fluke. I want to see the Eagles win every game. I also want to see Foles make something of him self so we don’t waste a pick on a QB if it is not needed. We need Foles to get this team to click again offensively. The Eagles defense has been showing up the last few games. So Go Eagles!

  • Lol no problem green I posted a few of them for him already. You see he's a fraud of an Eagles fan. He's always has been. Most of us knew it, and his recent actions have only proven it. His best buds are on the site are a giants fan and an a so called cowboys fan. When the Eagles were winning he was nowhere to be found. When the Eagles started losing he shows up like a bad penny. Happy about Foles bad performance and then blaming Vick's on the coach. Meanwhile that clueless coach of ours along with our terrible QB made his playoff bound gaydars their beoch. I couldn't have happened to a nicer piece of crap. Hopefully he's gone for a few more weeks, because that means the Eagles are WINNING!
  • Its one game. Lets see what he does when Riley Cooper isnt 5 yards wide open. You are so quick to annoint him. Are we in the playoffs? Should we forget about drafting a QB? You are a funny guy. Yes Nick is it now and forever. LMFAO
  • An Eagles QB has a record tying game and this is how you respond? Just like I've typed about you in the past you are only a fan of your ideas and predictions. Eazy had stated that he isn't anointing Foles anything so just chill there buddy especially since you came out after ONE bad game by Foles and stated he is nothing but a backup. The truth of the matter is that none of us know right now but just like I've been typing all year Foles has shown enough that he should be the starter...if for no other reason but to see if the Eagles need to draft one in the first round next year. By the way, regardless of whether Cooper was wide open or not (and on two of his TDs he wasn't) Foles put the ball where he had to on most of his throws...something Vick barely does with his career 56 % completion rate. Keep showing us how excited you are for your team though...wouldn't expect anything else from you.
  • Foles had a good game. I didnt see it. But unlike you i dont get carried away. Ive seen these kind of games before. Lets see him string 4 good games together including division opponents and Ill get a hard on. Right now Im in wait and see mode. I wont cheerlead anyone.
  • You don't pay attention to what others type or better yet ignore the truth in their comments. Just like Eazy I have already started that I'm on a wait and see campaign with Foles...always have been and still am but you don't care about he truth, do you? You on the other hand care more about what you've typed in the past and your predictions than you do the Eagles. What a joke! I don't believe you are on a wait and see mode with are on a wait and pounce mode...another screw up and you'll pounce.
  • You dont have to worry he is getting his chance. The phantom injury has Vick down again. I have no interest in the QB shinanigans going on in Philly. Bring a Lombardi to the city adn you will peak my interest. This shell game does nothing for me.
  • So you have seen record setting performances before? How old are you wood?
  • Yeah. Jamal Lewis. Steven davis from the Redskins. aA one hit wonder. We will see. Not overly emotional. Ive seen too much with the Eagles to be impressed by them. When you pat them on the back they ram you in the rear.
  • Jamal Lewis helped win a superbowl and was in the league for 10 Seasons...
  • Steven Davis was as well.
  • Hoooolyyy crap. That freakin game. That's what happens when Kelly calls the game the right way with foles and the oline doesn't crap out. We had roll outs by foles throwing to WRs crossing the field. Foles kept it sometimes on design plays something even the commentators wanted Barkley to do. We had screens to everybody. That was awesome. Awesome coaching. Only at one point did chip get to in love with the deep ball and tds but he came back to the underneath stuff and got it together.

    Freakin foles. Thank you foles. Anthony Barr or Kyle van noy in the first round I hope.
  • Is van Noy the linebacker from Alabama (I know Barr is from UCLA)? A friend of mine said he saw him as the Eagles pick in a couple mocks. It would be a great pick but so would a top corner. I'd like to see Williams get replaced but the Eagles have been known to go after a top corner in free agency...they could go that route. If Foles keeps having these types of games there shouldn't be any question that he is next years starter...let's hope it continues. I'm editing this because I went back to look up van Noy. BYU and CJ Mosley is the linebacker from Bama . Both names are familiar to me only because I downloaded college rosters for NCAA 2014. Lol. A top playmaking linebacker would be a great pick if Foles proves he can keep playing at a winning and competitive level.
  • If we don't go that route I would love Louis nix III. Big guy who can play nt or de in the 3-4. I think corners in this draft can be had in the second round. Other guys I been looking at as later picks r lb Denzel perryman from miami hurricanes, safeties kurtis Drummond from Michigan state and Kenny ladler from Vanderbilt.
  • I thought kelly told you he doesnt think about the future. He is the only one with any sense in Philly. Hw wants wins. I hate so called fans that write off seasons for drafts its nauseating and weak. Go watch girls soccer or something and share in the hugs and tears if you dont care about winning.
  • Look at you questioning 20dawk's loyalty when it comes to winning when you're so obviously pissed off the Eagles got a win in an incredible way with the arm you've questioned ever since the Eagles drafted Foles. You, Hollywood are a joke on here and your anger always brings the true you out even when you chill for awhile. By the way, stop acting as if what is going on with the QBs is made up by the FO and the coaching staff. It was brought on by the crappy play of Michael Vick and the eye opening games at times by Foles. If it wasn't for this front office and coaching staff Vick would be out of Philly by now.
  • No Kelly's never told me anything. I don't have conversations with him. Wanting to improve the team at all times shows I don't care about winning? That's news. Kelly doesn't think about the future? U should go down to nova care and tell that to soap. Oh wait.... That's right he's been traded for a 5th round pick. Guess getting rid of a player for draft picks was all the gms decision. Dumbass.
  • that guy was a slug and he went where he might contribute but I think you forgot about the sixth pick we gave them. Nice try Crybaby
  • Who's the one crying here tart cart? I'm excited we don't have to waste a pick on a qb and can improve the team around a qb we have. Ur crying that Vicks on his way out.
  • Hopefully this offense can learn to put this together consistently. I thought it was a great game plan, but I think we do come back down to earth against Green bay.

    Good Offense. Good Defense. Good special teams. Going to be a hard fought game.
  • Thankfully Rogers is out
  • I enjoyed reading 20 and Green's comments, because it shows what I've been hoping for. If Foles can truly be the man we can focus on improving this roster as a whole. I can't see why any Eagles fan wouldn't want that!
  • The only two that we know who aren't thrilled with yesterday's game are the Brothers Grimm better known as Flip Gloom and Hollywood Doom.
  • Funny thing is I didn't read Woods comments, but it shows his true colors once again. If a member of the team you root for breaks a record and you are angry about it you're either stupid or aren't a real fan.
  • Ill be at the Redskin game if you want to meet me there. Im not afraid to show up are you?

    Update: November 05, 2013
    I meant for a beer
  • Will you be rooting for the Redskins?
  • If Foles is starting you know he will be.
  • The Eagles win and no comment from wood about the game. Where's he been hiding?
  • He actually came on once and still kind of ripped on Foles. He couldn't simply leave it at Foles looked good...had to add looked clumsy when there was a pass rush and some other crap. These Vick fans just have to look for anything when evaluating a second year QB
    who only has a dozen starts
    under his belt. Ike Reese has
    been filling the airways with the same BS...just admit it people...the 2nd
    year QB is better in this offense
    than Michael Vick is.
  • Ike says he's a Foles supporter, but with supporters like him....
    Wood should be like flip flop. If you have nothing nice to say then say nothing at all.

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