Posted February 21, 2013


NOW that DRC is an Unrestricted Free Agent, and has announced that they expect Nnamdi Asomugha to be cut, I’m absolutely terrified about the Draft all of a sudden. We’re about to go into it needing an entire Secondary. Can you imagine a Defense with 4 rookies back there?

Let’s face it, our Safeties are horrid. If it wasn’t for the fact that people expected so much from the Cornerbacks, I’m sure fans would be equally as disgusted with all 4 players back there. The only thing that keeps people from screaming for the heads of Kurt Coleman and Nate Allen is the fact that nobody expected much from them. Even I figured the CB’s would mostly play underneath man-press and the pass rush would trigger quick throws into what I referred to as “the shark tank”. I imagined a Secondary where the Safeties kept people in front of them. I imagined something like this:                 

                              FS                                SS

      CB   WR                                                                WR  CB

                                     WR                              TE                                                                                                                      SLB 

        (WLB)                          MLB

     (RB)               DE        DT         DT        DE

                          OT    G         C       G         OT



Instead we’re looking at what? Ripping out an entire Secondary? Just replacing the CB’s? Not to sound like Ricky Watters but: With who? With what? Arguably the biggest FA CB prize out there is a guy we’re just letting walk. Safety looks promising until you realize most of what’s out there is likely staying put. So we’re left with the Draft (which could consume half of our picks) and whatever is on this roster as our answer, I guess.

I think it’s really creepy that no one but me finds it odd that THE EAGLES managed to tank TWO Pro-Bowl CB’s in the two years the team couldn’t (wouldn’t?) hire a decent DC. In fact, since Jim Johnson died we just can’t seem to manage or draft CB talent anymore.

I submit to you that the CB’s who started here in 2011-12 are still VERY good CB’s. I further submit to you, that both DRC’s and Asomugha’s play will rebound in 2013. The problem was coaching. Or better yet a lack thereof. You’re shaking your head right now, but by December you’ll be asking the same question I’m so sick of hearing from our fanbase: Why couldn’t he do THAT, here?  The answer is in this paragraph. If you ever ask, the answer is in this paragraph.

I don’t know what the plan for the Secondary is, but I’ll tell you this: From a building standpoint, it doesn’t look good at all.


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  • It doesn't have to neccessarily be a whole rookie secondary but if that is the way they go than it can't be much worse than what we have seen the last two years. Yes, I think it has been THAT bad. There are a few options the Eagles could go with during free agency but like you stated...some free agents will definitely re-sign with their current teams. At corner Sam Shields will almost certainly be heading back to Green Bay but Keenan Lewis and Sean Smith could be viable options. Safety is much deeper and I could see one or more of the these players slipping through and signing richer deals with teams knowing that they need help like the Eagles. Keep in mind that we don't know if some of these teams are cap strapped or if they have a young corner or safety that they think can step in if their more expensive free agent option gets a lucrative offer. Also keep in mind that the NFL has a new rule this year that allows teams to discuss contracts with free agents days before free agency actually opens. In my opinion this will allow free agents to get a feel for their value (which could push more free agents to wait instead of signing with their current teams) and could also allow the Eagles to make a front loaded contract to a top free agent while his agent is playing teams against each other. That carry over money the Eagles have would be best used in this way so the Eagles don't hurt themselves capwise in years to come. The Eagles could still agree to a shortened deal like Vick was offered in hopes that what you think has happened to Asomugha is true. Most people were shocked that Vick is back...could be the same surprise with Asomugha. Allen or Coleman could be starting again also...we just don't know. Maybe Billy Davis sells Kelly on Rodgers-Cromartie and the Eagles make him the best offer...I don't see it happening but with this offseason I wouldn't be floored. We also have to keep in mind that if Kelly is stating that it is open competion than Boykin will also be considered for a starter's position.
  • My offseason moves for the secondary is simple
    1) DRC comes back
    2) asomo takes a pay cut if not go for Sean smith
    3) William Moore use the extra cash from asomo plus cap space
    4) Eric Reid we all want him
    5) if no William Moore, Tony Jefferson 4th round
    I know two rookie safeties is insane but Jefferson doesn't have to start right away n Reid has been playing like a pro for years.
    I think if this happens we r in good shape no matter what type of front 7 we use
  • first off since jim johnson died we haven't been able to put anything that closely resembles the defenses that he used to command. I've said it since before the firing of andy reid. this team needs to rebuild. Now everyone is going to jump on my case with the "what about shady mccoy/DJax/Maclin? we just dump those guys thats dumb!" No we don't dump them they are all talented young players who are the foundation for the new eagles. this team isn't even close to looking like it did that last time it made the playoffs so we need to stop hoping for a superbowl run this year, lower our expectations, rip out the faulty parts and rebuild around the young talent we have for next year. this means figuring out what we are going to do with the QB situation (i still think we should just be done with vick) and take a good hard look at the defensive roster and start figuring out where we want we want it to look like how we want it to preform and who we think/want to keep. on that side of the ball there are only really 4 guys who were starters last year who i think we need to keep: trent cole, fletcher cox, demeco ryans, and mychal kendricks. those four are a mix of talented veterans and young potential that the eagles should build with. I wouldn't be against keeping brandon graham as he hasnt been able to show us what he has really due to injuries but most everyone else on the starting roster from last year could be let go and i wouldnt shed a tear. you gotta tear it all down before you can build it back up.
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  • If they draft a corner, and sign Brent Grimes they will be better at corner than they were last season. The could also sign one of the free agent safeties. You have to assume everyone of them not be resigned. Perhaps the secondary will consist of two starting rookies..... Does it matter right now? I mean we had veterans back there the past two seasons and they were horrid.
  • I like Grimes. He's a local guy and before his injuries he was easily one of the better (and unsung CB's in the NFL). But if we're going to talk about one former Falcon with injury problems, why not talk about all of them. Add to that that he missed last year, and it stands to reason that he would be a high risk add right now.

    I'd still like to see Asomugha, DRC and Allen working under an actual DC who can coach a focused PTC (philosophy/concept/tactic).

    Update: February 22, 2013
    "I like Grimes. He's a local guy and before his injuries he was easily one of the better (and unsung CB's in the NFL). But if we're going to talk about one former Falcon with injury problems, why not talk about all of them. Add to that that he missed last year, and it stands to reason that he would be a high risk add right now. I'd still like to see Asomugha, DRC and Allen working under an actual DC who can coach a focused PCT (philosophy/concept/tactic). "
  • Maybe DRC comes back when he sees the money isn't out there for him. Maybe Nnamdi takes a pay cut to stay. Maybe Allen returns to the guy he looked like he could become before he got hurt. There are a lot of maybes even with the veterans. I think at least one of the safeties and corners should be a young guy.
  • I think they're gonna wanna see what a player like DRC is offered compared to a Sean smith. They have the dame tools, tall fast play better press. Grimes is good n I wanted him here last year n the year before but after his injury n him most likely going to want bigger money I think it's time to forget about him.

    The safeties I think we should look at are
    William Moore ( he can ball but rumored to be tagged this year)
    Rest are rookies
    Eric Reid
    Tj McDonald
    Tony Jefferson
    Tyrann the honeybadger mathieu
    A combo of the two lsu guys would be great Reid can play more in run support while the honeybadger has amazing ball skills and if they don't want desean doing returns he's amazing at that. His talent in worth the first round he's problems r gonna drop him to about 4. If we could pick up a late third( might be all we can get for foles) I would take him.
  • what about byrd from buffalo if he doesnt get tagged the eagles should grab him. and this idea of waiting to see what drc, nnamdi, and allen can do with a new d coordinator and MAYBE it will work is dumb. Grimes could actually be low risk if the money is right. not playing last season should devalue him a bit when it comes to salary. DRC lacks motivation and Nnamdi looks like he isnt aging well. the secondary need to be retooled if not completely rebuild. a min of 2 new guys need to be stating this season
  • DB's are to unused to the ball in their hands and often lack that "make you miss' quality.

    I'd like to see them draft a slot WR to be KR/PR. Just a guy who can flat out fly when he sees daylight. I want a WR because while RB's are also used to holding the ball, mentally they are more prone to look around for blocks and gauge the field. Wideouts get the ball and just GO. Seriously. Look around the NFL and see what position produced the most KR/PR scores. It was WR's.

    This is one of those cases where I'd like the Eagles to not get cute and just do the obvious thing.
  • wouldn't the obvious thing just be to have DJ go back to returning then? why are we even talking about a return guy when the there are glaring holes all over the defense?
  • Dax isn't a KR guy. I would love to see them give Bryce Brown a shot at KR.
  • I was only mentioning KR because 20Dawk brought it up, and a good KR/PR is actually an excellent idea. Field position goes a VERY long way to setting the confidence level of a Defense.

    A good return can swing momentum, take a crowd out of a game, and change the way a Defense plays your Offense on that possession. There's nothing minor about Special Teams.

    I just think it would make sense to get a guy who does BOTH KR and PR. I don't see the sense in that being two guys. It just eats up a roster spot.
  • first off yes i created a new account. i want my own name n be able to log in n out.

    flip i get what u mean about a WR being better with the ball in his hands but look at this guy with the ball in his hands. hes a beast

    grimes may be done. corners hardly come back from that with the lack of talent likely to hit the market getting rid of both CBs is a bad move. asomo could use a pay cut or be out but then we would need to land a sean smith n still need another corner (DRC). by keeping DRC we are good at one corner spot. keeping asomo, at a reduced price with safety help over the top allows him to be him. the entire defense played good under costillo n the DBs played better after we got rid of washburn, not great but better. we seen how good they looked when colt anderson was in there instead of coleman or allen. that tells me with better safety help we r able to use asomo n DRC at a possibly reduced price. we cant draft an entire secondary this year since we have so many other holes to fill.
  • Keep Nnamdi and draft a guy. I don't think it would be wise to bring DRC back. The guy takes plays off and can't tackle.
  • reduced price Asomugha is fine with me that way when he gets beat out by a sean smith or brent grimes then we aren't paying him 15 million to play the nickle. as for DRC let him go replace him with someone else in FA. I could get behind drafting the honeybadger I like his play. but i've learned that guys that i want my team to draft never get drafted by them. like last year i wanted vontaze burfict cause the guy is an animal. people has questions about him and blah blah blah but the guy can play and he hits hard thats what this defense needs guys who want to make plays and want to lay people out.
  • i wanted burfcit too. if it was me the eagles would have hakeem nicks kenny phillips william moore sean weatherspoon vontaze burfcit n alot of other better players that they drafted the same position as in the same round. we got graham instead on weatherspoon i think but he may become a LB anyway
  • That is precisely the reason why I tend to avoid a long dragged out post on who I think the will draft or what I think they will do with their picks. They never draft the guys I want them to get. It's a total waste of time if you look at enough mock drafts you will see numerous different players as the selection and nearly everyone of them is wrong.
  • I see what you mean, but it looked a lot more like spotty tackling than anything else. I didn't see NFL-type change of direction or breakaway speed.

    Defensively he seems like feisty cuss, but he surrenders WAAAAAAAY too much space to WR's on these highlights. You can't leave guys open like that and have a career at the pro level. He also deflected a lot of balls that floated. you look for a guy to pick those off. I hope the Cowboys draft him.
  • who says he can't be coached at the next level to do just that.
  • idk he looks pretty fast when i watch him in games n these highlights. DBs dont usually break away unless they catch an out route or curl. he has the moves n vision to be a ball carrier on punt returns n is clearly good on int returns n knows how to force turnovers. i think he will be a good safety maybe not the star he was in college but i sure wouldnt wanna go against him twice a year. he ran a 4.47 at pre combine workouts. its not great by any means but for a guy who was out of football all year its not horrible.

    the giving up space thing is usually when hes playing safety. he did play CB n safety at LSU. that can be coached out, but if hes in deep zones or on the slot hes pretty damn good.
  • Here's the funniest joke of the day:

    Chip Kelly had almost nothing to say about Nnamdi Asomugha. When further pressed further on the issue, Kelly told the Press: “I don’t have his group of plays, or how he played in Game 1 through the last game of the season,” then after more questions, “I think Nnamdi has the skill set (pause) that can play football.”

    Then news comes that Asomugha will be released if he won't restructure his contract.

    Now wait.

    If you haven't seen his tape, how do you know you want him at ANY price? Especially when all the press surrounding his recent play has been so negative. And it's not like taking money away will make him any faster. It's not like he plays while wearing a backpack stuffed with 100's.

    Seems to me if he's worth keeping he should be worth paying, and if he's not worth paying he shouldn't be worth keeping.
  • I think he's looking at the roster and thinking about letting DRC walk and if that's the case and he's just gonna cut Asomugha he's left with two HUGE question marks at the CB spots. So my guess is he wants to do the same with Nnamdi that he did with Vick, give him an incentive type contract. This frees up cap space to look at free agents. Maybe he thinks he can coach Vick and Asomugha back to greatness he just isn't willing to bet the bank on it in case he can't.

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