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Prepare For A Long Quarterback Battle Posted 7 hours ago By Chris McPherson Who will be the Eagles' starting quarterback this season? Head coach Chip Kelly doesn't know and he doesn't plan on announcing one for quite some time. "I've never understood why you have a starter on paper because you don't play the games in April," Kelly said during the NFC coaches breakfast Wednesday at the NFL Owners Meetings in Phoenix. "It's the most important position in the game, so you should use the full amount of practices you have where you have to make decisions on who that guy is." The Eagles bring back their two starting quarterbacks from last season in Nick Foles and Michael Vick as well as backup Trent Edwards. Since Kelly was hired in January, the team has signed Dennis Dixon, who played for Kelly at Oregon, and G.J. Kinne, who played for Eagles quality control coach Press Taylor at Tulsa. And the team may potentially add more arms in the draft. The Eagles recently held a private workout with former West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith. The workout was attended by Chairman/CEO Jeffrey Lurie. Kelly also said that the team hosted Matt Scott, who was Foles' successor at Arizona. The Eagles will also have a private workout with former Florida State quarterback, EJ Manuel, per Kelly. The team also has the ability to host other draft hopefuls at the NovaCare Complex in the coming weeks. Kelly did not rule out that the Eagles could use an early draft pick, possibly the No. 4 overall selection, on a quarterback. "It would make sense if they were the best player out there for us to take. We're always looking to improve the team," Kelly said. What exactly is Kelly looking for in a quarterback? "There’s not one thing that trumps the other thing. It’s the ability to grasp the offense, number one; number two, how do they process it when they’re on the field? Can they take it from drill to practice?" Kelly said. "There’s a lot of guys who are great in drills. Then, all of a sudden, you get them in and they’re OK in seven-on-seven, but when you add more people and get to 11-on-11, it’s not as good as it looked when we were in drills. How do they transfer that knowledge from a drill to practice, to when you get in more team situations? But you’re evaluating them as a football player. So you’re evaluating them, really, when we’re doing mostly on 11-on-11 stuff, because that’s how the game is played." Kelly added that his quarterbacks must learn the entire scope of the offense, which would include read-options plays, and from there the team would formulate a gameplan to take advantage of the signal caller's strengths. The bevy of arms that the Eagles currently possess could allow them to potentially make a trade down the line, but that's not something Kelly is concerned about. "I'm trying to get the best players on the field to win games right now," Kelly said. "I don't think anybody is thinking, 'We need to play this guy in a regular season game to make his trade value go up.' Whoever we play in the opening game, we're trying to beat them. We're not worried about trade value in the opening game, I can tell you that." That is why Kelly is not going to bother naming a starter at quarterback now. There are still more than five months, unfortunately, before September and the start of the regular season. Kelly isn’t complaining. He’s going to use that time to his advantage to be ready for the season.
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  • For those who may have trouble comprehending what the Eagles are trying to tell you I will try and elxpain it to you. ASSuming who the starters will be in March is a waste of time. In fact don't expect the team to name starters anytime soon. Performance will be the key and not paychecks or ASSumptions.
  • Shout outs to Temple and La Salle for advancing in the tournament!
  • The Eagles have bought themselves years where now the fans expect almost nothing but a QB competition? Thats pretty pathetic. How many years you giving them 3-5? I havent heard any meaningful plans spelled out or laid out for that matter. I think its the Lurie con job but Im trying to be patient.
  • If the eagles bring in geno or Manuel it's an even bigger indication that foles won't be in any competition. As it stands today Vick is gonna be the starting qb. If ones adds through the draft we may see an open competition. But like I said before u can't have apples n oranges compete.
  • foles is the cheap backup. thats his role. EZ he is out of it stop trying to make a scenario that doesnt exist
  • Why don't you click on the link? You would realize that I DIDN'T WRITE THIS AND It CAME DIRECTLY FROM THE EAGLES WEBSITE!
  • just another diversion. a sideshow to get interest. win a superbowl and stfu
  • First I'm trying to build up Foles and now it's a diversion. Maybe it's just you.
  • not you on diversion. the eagles. this open competition bulls*iit. who cares. just field the team and quit boring us with the formalities. Phuck their tournament I want a superbowl
  • You need a quarterback who doesn't turn the ball over to win a Super Bowl. So maybe the competition isn't just B. S.
  • Lets wait while the Eagles have a QB finding egg hunt. Like little kids Eagles fans shadow their every move and follow them like little lambs. While the real contenders ,like the Ravens, seriously adjust their squad with veteran players and load up again for another strong run. Eagles are just stroking the fans with their little QB mish mash to garner attention. No one nationally even cares or is paying attention. Its funny. They look silly.
  • Actually most feel Chip Kelly is doing a good job so far as head coach for the Eagles. NFL Network listed the Eagles as "Winners" of the free agent market highlighting the fact the Eagles snagged up quality young players (still hungry players) for little cost. Ozzie didn't become Ozzie overnight. Nobody was calling Ozzie great when he worked in the Browns organization and he FIRED THE GREATEST COACH OF THE MODERN ERA OF FOOTBALL!!!! Get a clue people.
  • I agree at first all his moves with his coaching staff we're head scratched. the more i see what he's doing the more i realize that he's bringing in people who work hard, are talented, are affordable, and many of them people could say have something to prove. They are getting younger and hungrier. I'm not saying they're gonna win the superbowl this year but i feel like good things are on the horizon for this team.
  • That's how I see it as well. This is going to take some time to turn around. There is some talent to work with, but the team needs a couple more solid drafts to completely turn this around.
  • Whether or not it take a while to turn around will be based on how the coaching staff utilizes their players and the talent they continue to bring in. Look at what Pete Carroll has done in Seattle. Nothing says that Kelly can't have that same success.
  • I think a lot will have to do with the man under center. If he's a turnover machine and injury waiting to happen like Vick it will take some time, but if they can get a guy out there who can stay healthy and makes smart decisions with the football they could come back quicker than anticipated.
  • Oh yea no doubt about it. just look what happened to Seattle when they got a good QB. No reason that can't happen with the eagles if the d gets turned around and they can either find a competent QB or make vick into one.
  • I don't think there is a coach in the world capable of making Vick into a competent QB. Reid was close for a season, but that fell apart fast. Ironically Vick has had some of his best passing statistical numbers in Philly. That gives an insight on how terrible a quarterback he really is.
  • I think vicks best days are behind him too thats why i think the eagles need to find their russell wilson asap. It just may take a season or two. in the mean time chip is focusing on the d which has been a huge let down. revamping that and making it a force in the nfl will go miles to turning this team around. then once we do get out QB we'll be legit contenders
  • bnugent, the Eagles do need to find a QB ASAP for Chip Kelly's sake and that is why I would like them to use a draft pick early next month. Like I stated I wouldn't be upset if they used the #4 pick on Smith (seems he's climbing the boards with his workouts and may not even be there) but I would rather they target Manuel in the 2nd so they can get Milliner, Fisher or whoever they feel fits their needs without reaching at 4. You stated in an earlier comment that Manuel should be there in the 3rd and it is possible but from what I've read the Eagles may have been targeting Russel Wilson with their 3rd round pick last year but unfortunately so were the Seahawks...12 picks earlier. I told ganggreen a while ago that there are no guarantees in waiting for your QB in next year's draft and I have heard that echoed by Ike Reese about a week ago and I have seen the same sentiments written in at least one local article recently. Kelly needs his franchise QB. Going after Manziel, Brigewater or Boyd (or someone else) next year may be what the Eagles end up doing but why wait when QB is the most important position? Nothing wrong with having a head start on a backup even if Manuel doesn't have the skills to be a solid starter. It's even possible to think that Smith or Manuel could be better than anyone that comes out in the draft next year. Kelly has limited years to turn this thing around...I'm thinking (and hoping) he's going to want to get his guy ASAP.
  • I think when I said Manuel could be available in the 3rd it was if Geno Smith fell to the later part of the 1st. If he falls I see every other QB in the draft being pushed down also. That's a big IF, but I'd like to see it happen because it means the Eagles DIDN'T take him at 4 and other guys will be available later. Win/Win for the Eagles.
  • Mike Mayock said the other day he believes 3 quarterbacks will be taken in the first round. If that's true the Eagles could find themselves out of the QB picture for the draft if they pass on Smith. EJ won't be there for them to pick in the second round.
  • Keep in mind that these analysts are all over the place with their predictions. Mayocks top 3 aren't Kiper's top 3 and his aren't Todd McShay's and so on. I've seen one analyst think Manuel is the 5th best in this year's draft (and I would guess that some may have him even later). The most worrisome thing is that it seems that the mobile QB will be what many teams will target with the early success of Griffin, Kaepernick and Wilson so it wouldn't be a surprise to see Manuel go in the 1st. I even saw a blogger typing he thought the Browns should target him with their #6 pick. I would be stunned to see him go there but I wouldn't be surprised to see a team that doesn't use their early round one pick trade back into the late 1st and take him there. I'm hoping the Eagles land him with their 2nd somehow even if that means using it to trade back into the 1st. The good news is that besides the top 10 I don't see any teams that will likely need to draft a QB early so I would doubt they would waste a #1 on a QB but a trade up into the late 1st by a QB needy team is always a possibility. It's only the Jags and the 49ers sitting in the 2nd ahead of the Eagles but you never know how the 1st round pans out for each team. Do the Jaguars take a chance on Smith in the 1st? Do the Raiders draft Smith in the 1st and the Jaguars wait until round 2 to replace Gabbert? Do the Bills, the Browns, the Jets or the Cardinals try to get back into the 1st round to get ahead of any team in front of them to get a shot at Manuel and do any of these teams even hold him in that high of a regard? It should be interesting to find out...less than 4 weeks to go!
  • So many questions and so much uncertainty with this draft. Of course the Eagles choose the draft where the top 10 players constantly seem to be changing as the draft to be in the top 5 picks. Between the three I have more respect for Mayock. Kiper has just gone over the top with his persona, and McShay seems more focused in proving Kiper wrong than anything.
  • Just using those 3 as examples, Eazy. Who knows what truly will happen come April 25th. As the Raiders showed us with the Heyward-Bey pick (and the Janikowski pick) it only takes one team to fall in love with a certain player.
  • The Raiders truly are the organization who are suckers for falling in love aren't they? I wouldn't be surprised to see them draft Manuel this high. He fits everything they are about. He's a guy "climbing the boards", he has all of the physical tools, it would be their shock move, and when you consider how willingly they not only reach for players, but they throw early round picks away by trading for guys in their mid 30s I would not be shocked at all to see them take him here. Considering they don't have a 2nd round pick thanks again to their disregard for the draft, why wouldn't they take him there if they believe he's the better quarterback?
  • They are obviously confident in their picks or they wouldn't make them but it would help their case if they didn't just release two of their 1st round picks the last couple years.
  • Their best 1st round choice of the past ten years was Nnamdi. I would say the second was McFadden, and he's not even the 4th best back in his draft class. They have no clue how to work the draft. Ultimately their incompetence could help the Eagles out in the long run.
  • And IM damned glad thats his worry and not mine!
  • I hope he will play best players on the field---not ala money,like seattle seahawks,best player on the field--either draft or on the roster--this team can win now--if they fixed defense and qb postion,they have the players--it all starts in the locker room chemistry---they will need to draft a qb--period. chip likes smart qb--no turnovers.
  • I believe that's what he's going to to. All of his moves have indicated as much. Nobody on a 4-12 squad should feel safe about their jobs. Especially when you consider the fact many of these guys are the reason Andy Reid was fired. Anyone coming into camp thinking they can just show up and expect to start will most likely find themselves wondering why they were cut or benched. I keep telling people Chip Kelly has no allegiances to any of these players. He's going to play the best 22 regardless of what they did in the past for some other coach who is no longer here. It's not about money, or assumed status. It will be about execution and production.
  • Ya gotta love it!

    The Palmer trade is complete. We get a 6th rounder THIS year and a conditional NEXT year.

    Considering that Palmer (making 20 mil over 2 years) WILL be the Cardinals starter; his playing time will earn us a pretty sweet conditional position (likely a third or fourth rounder in 2014) that will more than likely equal or surpass what we send Seattle in 2015 (provided Flynn even starts).

    A s*** ton of upgrading and it was all practically FREE! Chip Kelly, take a lesson.
  • It's a 2014 conditional 7th round pick... plus the raiders had to give up their 7th round pick this year. So if Palmer starts 13 games they essentially gave him up for a 6th rounder... and not even the Cards first pick in the 6th. All that after the raider's gave up a first and a second for the guy!!!

    As for Flynn they gave up a 5th in next years and a conditional in 2015. So when they gave up a 1st (1012), a 2nd (2013, a 5th (2014), a 7th (2013), a conditional pick (2015), and Carson Palmer. In return you got a 6th (2013), possibly a 7th (2014) if/when Palmer starts 13 games, and Matt Flynn.

    How is that a ton of upgrading "all practically free"?

  • Your information is woefully inaccurate. (And that's being nice.)

    Here's TWO links (Raiders.com and NFL.com) that will tell you ACCURATELY what we gave up for Flynn.


    All Seattle gets for Flynn, is next years 5th and a 2015 conditional. That's it. No 1st or 2nd or additional 7th.

    Palmer was traded to the CARDINALS in a separate trade. For him we got this years 6th, a conditional next year, and 7.5 million in cap space WHICH, we could not have made by simply cutting him due to $9M in dead money over the next 2 years. Because of his new deal with the Cards, that dead money is off the table.

    We got a younger healthier QB and it didn't cost a thing in 2013, almost nothing in 2014, and 2015's conditionally will likely be offset in 2015 by what we get conditionally in 2014. Here it is expressed algebraically: 0-5-?/$+6+?.

    I don't know where you got all that flawed information, but it couldn't have been less based in reality.

    And you're right, I should have said HOWIE ROSEMAN take a lesson.
  • The info isn't flawed....

    Oakland gave up a 1st and 2nd to get Carson Palmer from the Bengals... fact

    They also traded next year's 5th and an unnamed 2015 draft pick for Matt Flynn... fact

    They then traded Carson Palmer and a 7th round pick for a 6th in this years draft and a conditional 7th round pick in next years draft... fact

    So that TON of FREE upgrading at no cost actually already cost you last year's 1st round pick AND this years 2nd AND next years 5th, AND a 7th rounder this year AND possibly a 7th next year AND another unknown pick in 2015!!! FACT!

    Don't worry though you got a QB who was beat out by a rookie last year, and only has two starts under his belt belt in five seaons. Oh sorry and Arizona's 6th round pick this year and maybe their 7th next year... great job
  • They gave up a 1st and a 2nd for PALMER and got 5,000 yards out of him. That trade was TWO YEARS ago.

    I'm talking about THIS season and THIS Draft. I'm talking about MATT FLYNN and the trade that brought him here. Nobody cares about last year and the year before. (New management you dig?) Try to keep up.

    You're just hatin' because the Raiders and the Eagles of the last 10 years have now traded places. Now guys like you are just scared that the Eagles are going to be where the Redskins were a couple years ago.
  • I'm not afraid of the eagles becoming the new skins or the raiders for that matter... they too went 4-12 last year if you dont remember, and havent had a winning season since 02.

    New management or not you still have to weigh what you gave up to get Palmer vs. what you got back or could have gotten if they weren't so dumb. You're team still agreed to one of the, if not the, most one sided trade in NFL history.

    Their management really didn't do anything... got nothing back for a guy who didn't want to be there (he wasn't even on the roster in Cinci and they got a 1st and a 2nd from Oakland), excuse me not nothing you got a 6th round pick and most likely just swapped this years 7th round pick for their 7th rounder next season.

    As for Matt Flynn he's such a great QB that he not only got beat out for the starting job in Seattle but they let him go for a 5th. This is a guy who started twice in five seasons! Yes he did have that incredible game where he was on one of the best offenses in the league.

    Remember Kevin Kolb... remember all the hype about him after his two amazing games. Now look at him. So idk why you're going all crazy about getting low draft picks and an unproven QB and call it a TON of upgrading.
  • Lemme seeeee why WOULD I call it a TON of upgrading?

    First off, let's not knock Carson Palmer's arm. The guy can still wing it; but his knees make him almost a stationary target in the pocket, Matt Flynn has no such problem. UPGRADE!

    Carson Palmer's attitude (gave him the benefit of the doubt in Cincy, but now it's TWO teams in a row...). Matt Flynn is young and hungry and wants to compete. That's a big improvement over a guy who isn't consistent about wanting to do those things. UPGRADE!

    Locker room atmosphere! When the leader of half of your team is CONSTANTLY disgruntled, it's hard to get people to buy in. Disgruntled was fine during the days of AL DAVIS, since AL LOVED surly players! But it doesn't fit the new culture. (To be honest it had stopped fitting during AL'S last days as well.)

    By the way: If you look at all my postings about the Raiders, you'll see that I'm CLEARLY pulling for Terrelle Pryor to be our starter. I even did when Palmer was still the starter. But the fact is, I love this move, more for the message that it sends than anything else.

    I can't tell you the last time we had TWO young lions (who Dennis Allen said would EQUALLY split reps in practice), vying to be THE GUY who leads us forward. It's a LEGIT QB contest. It's mano-a-mano. Two guys playing with a sense of urgency starting in APRIL! That urgency could be infectious to other guys who also have jobs to win.

    We wouldn't have gotten that from Palmer. We COULDN'T have gotten that from Palmer.

    Healthy. Hungry. Competitive. Happy. Infectious.

    THAT is why I say a it's a TON of upgrading.

  • I'm not saying that getting rid of Palmer wasn't smart. But you can't say that Flynn is a HUGE upgrade because he is completely unproven even though he's been in the league for 5 season.

    Yes he's younger that's an upgrade... is it "huge" makes it seem you just got a potential MVP candidate. Let's not make this out to be more then it is which is the raiders ushering out a bad decision and bringing in someone who had a ton of hype last offseason but hasn't ever been a starting QB. He's unproven, and he two has not been let go by two teams.

    You can be excited for getting rid of Palmer who I agree was a cancer to you're locker room but to call Matt Flynn and a couple of late round picks a TON of improvement... let's just be realistic. It has yet to be seen if Flynn is the next Rodgers or the next Sanchez. With every season that goes by and the guy isn't a starter though it doesn't seem like he's going to be one of those top tier guys.
  • You seem to be stuck on Flynn. I'm not. I'm a Pryor guy.

    What I SAID above was: "But the fact is, I love this move, more for the message that it sends than anything else."

    No single player turns around a whole franchise, but a MINDSET can. (Note how I mention other guys trying to win jobs.) This upgrade isn't about the guy who I hope ends up on the bench, it's about the team.
  • It's a smart move by the Raiders..... That's if somebody thinks investing all of those picks in the same position for the past three seasons is a great idea. The Raiders are the joke of the NFL. They are even getting fleeced by the Cardinals.
  • Flip, excuse me for interrupting your discussion with bnugent and I would have asked this after the pertinent comment but thought you would be more likely to see this here...why is the dead money for Palmer off the table because of his new contract with the Cardinals?
  • Truth is, I'm not sure if it is now.

    I heard earlier that it was, but per your question, I went looking it up to shoot you a link, but all I'm seeing NOW is that we'll have no 2013 dead money, BUT the 9.34 million dollar carry-over will hit us in 2014. (I'd have just as soon absorbed it this year if we must.)

    The thing is, I'm not seeing it on an ESPN, NFL.com, Raiders, Cardinals, or other responsible website to site a credible source; just mostly threads which I never site because they're populated by yahoos like us.

    According to this link: http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000156329/article/matt-flynn-traded-by-seahawks-to-oakland-raiders

    ,even if the Raiders had to eat a lot of dead money to move Palmer, they preferred that to paying him 13 mil this year.

    So knowing they went into it with eyes wide open (and still worse case scenario, save a couple million they can reallocate), it's still a neat and and inexpensive trick they pulled off with the 2 trades.
  • That's what I was hoping to see you type. Dead money is money already paid out to a player by form of some type of bonus pro-rated over the length of the contract and no new contract given by any new team will make that dead money go away. The Raiders owe 9 million but I do think you get your wish since Palmer is officially off the roster by June 1st...it should be this year that they get the hit.
  • While looking for that link I never found, I read somewhere that dead money can be absorbed by the team that gets the player in a trade, IF both teams agree to it. Would have been nice...

    But seriously, I can't complain. It's been a long time since we had an offseason this good. If this Draft is as good as last years, we'll be well on our way out of the basement.

    Then I can turn my worrying to the Eagles. 2002 seems so long ago now.
  • No offense but like most guys in this yard I can't get myself excited over the Raiders. Back to Palmer's contract with the Raider's. I can't see how the other team in a trade could absorb a payment that was already made by another team without actually giving them cash back...something I never remember happening in my time of paying attention to football. Maybe it can happen but I don't remember hearing that it's actually ever happened so to think that the Cardinals would be willing to do that while trying to get Palmer to accept a lower salary from them (5 million less per year and very voidable after the first year) was extremely hopeful. Hey, in the end it seems like they are saving 4 million this year and his salary for the remainder of the contract so I guess they made out.
  • ONE STOP SHOPPING! (Love it when it happens.)

    Here is the link where I read about the dead money, and how somehow the Raiders are saving less than 1 million with dead money and Flynn's contract this year.

  • Again, I can't remember it ever happening...probably because to get a deal like this to work it is with minimal risk to the team getting the player. The link that you sent is just a blogger typing that it is possible not that it was happening. I would just about guarantee that if McKenzie would have told the Cardinals they had no deal unless they took on the dead money the Cardinals GM (Steve Keim) would have laughed before hanging up on him.
  • I think they'd have laughed about THAT part (and maybe they did), but from the way they threw Drew Stanton under the bus at the mention of Palmer, and the re-doubled effort to push the trade through when Palmer's agent hit a contract snag, I seriously doubt much would have gotten them hanging up the phone.
  • ARRG! i keep flagging posts by accident they need to move that freaking button somewhere else. Sorry for taking this discussion back and forth so much between posts.

    They got hosed over the whole Carson Palmer ordeal they would have picked 17th last year (where Dre Kirkpatrick) and they would be drafting 5th in this years second.

    My point is they are still hurting from that trade in the big picture.

    As for you're links here's a few highlight quotes

    "It's a minor miracle they got anything in return for Palmer from the Arizona Cardinals."

    "Those picks probably won't make a difference for the Raiders"

    "Flynn has only two career starts under his belt, both with the Packers. He was brought to Seattle last offseason as the presumptive favorite to start, but rookie Russell Wilson beat him out in training camp."

    "The Raiders never were comfortable paying Palmer $13 million this season, even if they have to eat a lot of "dead money" on the salary cap to get it done."

    "Flynn should give the Raiders similar production at quarterback"

    About Flynn "his inexperience is clearly an issue, and there's reason to wonder about the perception of his talent after a string of events over the last 12 months."

    "Palmer took a paycut but not a huge one and is the real winner in this deal."

    "For the Cardinals, it's a steal. If Palmer starts 13 games for them in 2013, they'll have to give up a seventh-round pick to the Raiders. Which means Palmer is basically free for Arizona."

    "At the very least, Larry Fitzgerald should be the happiest guy in Arizona right now."

    Those are quotes from your links. I get that it's good that Oakland is moving on from Palmer and it's better from them moving forward with their rebuild, kudos to them. But these trades aren't landscape changing trades there isn't anything to get overly excited about. There isn't anything to receive high praise except maybe making the decision to move forward which was pretty obvious.
  • Flip, there is no way the Cardinals would have agreed to take on the guaranteed money, that would have been a deal breaker...it just wasn't going to happen.
  • Bnugent:

    I'm a fan. When my team does well I praise them for it. Always have, always will.


    True. It wasn't going to happen and so it didn't happen. We both had already said as much.
  • All i'm saying is don't try to make this some monumental move when you really didn't get anything for Palmer and you had already lost so much. Be glad that they are through with him and moving on but don't say that the Eagles staff should take a notice, or that the Raiders and the Eagles have switches places and Oakland is suddenly so great.
  • The Eagles should follow nothing the Raiders have done other than knowing when to cut dead weight (holding up a picture of Mike Vick). With that being the case how can anyone say that getting rid of a guy who threw for over 4000 yards, completed over 60 percent of his passes to no named receivers, and threw for over 20 touchdowns for a guy who couldn't beat out a rookie despite getting every opportunity to do so is an improvement? Even a senile Al Davis would think that's stupid.
  • Several weeks of promoting a quarterback competition is followed by less than a minute of praise for Mike Vick and suddenly there isn't a competition? I highly doubt the latter.
  • Dawg you need to stop. Chip Kelly already shut you down with this.

    There's 52 other spots to talk about on this roster and you all fixated on one dude like a female with hurt feelings. Let it GO. You say you're a Eagles fan but all you do is rip the player that their 2 biggest stars (Shady and DJax) have already publicly lobbied for.

    How are you a fan when you hate what makes the teams biggest stars feel they can be at their best? What is it: "F*** Shady and DJax, please EZ in 2013?". Is that your mission?

    You sad man. And petty. And small.
  • He shut nothing down. Sorry you lack the ability to comprehend that. Just keep on praying to your idol. He needs all the help he can get to WIN the job Hollywoodraider.
  • This is going to be fun.
  • Let me just ask this. Does it really matter to you who the QB is as long as he produces? I can tell you absolutely it doesn't matter to me.
  • It matters to you. Thats a lie right there. You want Foles . Just say it and stop hiding your inner thoughts. We all know you here. We know whats up. You want Foles just admit it and end your feeble attempt at being open to anything.
  • Why don't you answer the question for yourself rather than trying to answer it for me. Especially when I clearly provided and answer. Your turn or go whine someplace else.

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Yardbarker is the largest network of sports blogs and pro athlete blogs on the web. This site is the hub of the Yardbarker Network, where our editors and algorithms curate the best sports content from our network and beyond.