Posted February 07, 2013


Who here buys that Billy Davis was really the Eagles first choice for Defensive Co-ordinator?

(I just put my hands in my pockets.)


Here is his resume as a DC:

In 2005 the 49ers ranked 30th in points allowed and 32nd in yards allowed.

Then in 2006 they were 32nd in points and 26th in yards.


The Cardinals in 2009 ranked 14th in points, and 26th yards.

In 2010 they slipped to 30th in points and 29th in yards


And finally the Browns. In 2011 they ranked 5th in points and 10th in yards.

In 2012 they slipped to 19th in points and 23rd in yards.


I'm not surprised that the Eagles lied and said he was their first choice, I'm surprised that this guy has been working steadily! Every defense he touches does WORSE in his second year there!

How did this guy even make the LIST???

Are other coaches avoiding this team THAT MUCH???

I initially thought that maybe coaches were being warned off of coming here. Now I'm sure of it!. 

Juaaaaan! Come baaaaaack!

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  • Did they really say he was their number one choice? LOL like I wrote earlier this guys has scapegoat written all over him.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • ever play the game??? chairs in a circle start a story?? and by the time it gets back to the first chair???? its different???
  • Well if you think about it after the eagles hired kelly as the head coach hiring a guy to come in and be the defensive coordinator wasn't going to be easy. this is why i wanted a defensive minded head coach to come in. it would have been much easier to lure a coach to come in and coach the eagles offense will all the young talent we have. hiring an offensive minded coach made it increasingly harder to get a guy excited about taking over for a defense that has way to many holes and way to many problems that need fixing.
  • What kills me is neither man has been any good as a coordinator. It's understandable that the best of the best may not want to work under a baby coach, but come on! Throw us someone or something to be pumped up over! It's a long wait til the Draft from now. It's almost as if the Eagles don't want to drum up any enthusiasm.

    The level of the decisions made so far, has me VERY concerned about this year's Draft. If we come out of this Draft as hyped about the Eagles as we are today, then it'll be a loooooooooooooooooooong wait until September.
  • I agree it isn't exciting, but thinking about it last night even if i were a positions coach for the 49ers or Ravens idk how keen i'd be on jumping ship right now just to have a coordinator job. the eagles defensive roster isn't a coaching dream. coverage was terrible, we had no sacks for weeks, int's were few and far between, players motivation has been questioned, and now theres a new unproven in the nfl head coach. doesn't exactly scream that it would be the best career move for a position coach from a proven team.
  • You hit it right on the head.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I think he was...well, maybe not first choice...second or third maybe? Didn't they interview him about a week ago? I remember thinking...no, please no...not a Brown's assistant. Not thrilled with the hire. One of the hosts on WIP summed it up with one word...underwhelming.
  • The entire offseason has been underwhelming so far. On balance (and I know I'm gonna get crap from EZ on this) we really have taken a MASSIVE step back so far.

    Better NFL coach: Reid or Kelly? Answer: Unfair fight as Reid knows the league and the tendencies of various players and coaches around the league. But on balance, as of today, it's Reid.

    Better OC: Marty Mornhinweg or Pat Shurmur? Answer: Mornhinweg, as until this year his units never finished LOWER than 22nd in scoring (once), while finishing in the top 10 EIGHT of 11 years. Yardage? Never LOWER than 15th EVER. Top 10 unit EIGHT out of 11 years. Shurmur in two years has never been HIGHER than 26 in either category. This is like comparing a blow*** to being burned alive.

    Better DC: Billy Davis or Juan Castillo? Answer: Castillo. Yes. Juan F****** Castillo. Davis's resume is at the top of the page. Castillo? Last year we ranked 10th in points allowed and 8th in yards allowed. And that was after struggling so badly early on. This year we were the 13th ranked unit in scoring (no idea about yards) when Castillo was fired. We finished this year 29th in scoring, 15th in yards.

    We've gone backwards in experience, results, pedigree, height, weight, you name it. I'm almost past the point of hoping I'M wrong, because there's only so wrong one man can possibly be.
  • It hasn't been what we all hoped but that doesn't mean that changes didn't need to be made. We can discuss the moves all we want to (and we will) but nothing we do will matter at all and too many complaints after the change just turn into whining to me. The coaching staff is taking shape so I will hope that somehow Billy Davis is better in Philly than he was in Arizona and San Fransico, I will hope that Shurmur is a better offensive coordiantor than head coach (I read that the Rams improved in most categories when Shurmur was their offensive coordinator). I hoped Vick would show me something here (and I will again this year if he's still in Philly) so why not do the same with coaches who don't fit what I wanted in coordinators?
  • The head coach comparison isn't fair. this wasn't about reid being the better coach. this was about the franchise making and change a moving on. I'd be less excited if reid wasn't fired all we'd be talking about now is how we need to get ready for another painful season with andy n vick.

    Mornhinweg jumped ship plain n simple. good career move for him and i dont blame him. THIS TEAM IS REBUILDING! being with a team that is going through that and might struggle won't help his resume.

    as for DC yes Davis isn't an exciting hire and obviously wasn't the eagles first choice no matter what anyone says. i imagine it was really hard to get one of their first choices to get excited about coming in and completely overhauling the D, which if we are honest with ourselves needs to be done.

    so while we may have gone backwards the only reason that we are is that we are rebuilding even if no one will say it.
  • I have no crap to give. On paper you are correct the Eagles staff has regressed, but I do agree with green. Changes had to be made, but sometimes those who are making the changes can screw it up. Just cause I don't agree with the moves doesn't mean they will fail. I am just am going to wait and see.
  • It's that "the Eagles don't have better so they shouldn't make a move" attitude again. If someone isn't doing their job at their place of employment they get fired, right? The company they work for has no idea if the person replacing them will be better at that particular job but they take that chance because they know the last employee wasn't working out. They go through their process and find what they feel is the best replacement for them and move on. Sometimes that employee decides that place of business isn't for them. The same rules apply in the NFL and the road is littered with coaches, quarterbacks and every other position that just haven't worked out for some reason or another in their cities. You can't just sit back and wait for a 14 year employee in the hopes that he'll remember how he did his job 10 years ago...especially when that employee has made some huge mistakes in the recent past. 14 years and no championship is almost unheard of in the NFL. That, the way this team has been playing lately and his recent mistakes (Vick, Washburn, Castillo, the McCoy injury and the reasoning for it) are enough for me to know Reid had to go.
  • OOOH! OOOH! I am SOOOOOOO the expert on this one!

    Speaking as the guy who developed the recruitment, questionnaire assessment, and conducted interviews and auditions for a group was #2 in; I can agree and say YES if a guy isn't cutting IT, you cut HIM.

    What you DO NOT do is run out and get someone who has a consistent history of failure (Davis and Shurmur). Also when companies interview, they like you to have some experience with what they do. They don't hand over full control and the largest salary they've ever paid out to someone who has none (Kelly).

    We'll see how it all shakes out though.

    It's funny. NOBODY is happy with what they're being handed, but ALL OF YOU are so defensive about me actually being willing to actually say that the emperor has no clothes.

    Either complain about what we got (Kelly, Shurmur, Davis and Vick), or cheer for it.
  • Why do I have to do one or the other? Why can't I be unhappy about them but hope they prove us wrong?

    Don't you get that I don't give a damn about your complaints? What I do give a damn about is you telling me and other barkers all season that we have nothing to complain about and if we are complaining about football that are lives must not be complete! You told us how you've grown, that you were in a good place in your life but when Reid got fired the real you showed through just like it did when McNabb was traded. You aren't happy with the hirings, doesn't seem like too many people are so you're just part of the group. Just don't try telling us that your complaints are more valid than ours especially when you tried leading us to believe you were above "petty" complaints. We complained about a bad football team and were hoping something would be done to start some type of transition...you're complaining about something that just isn't going to change no matter how much you whine about it.
  • *our lives.
  • I know you don't give a damn about my complaints. Nobody on here gives a damn about each others complaints. It's one of this sites worst aspects.

    You seem reeeeeaalll concerned about the fact that I've gotten back down in the mud with you all.

    The entire time while I was trying to stay out of it, I kept hearing (from especially you), that I wasn't better than any of you for doing so. If that's the case then what does it matter that I'm in, out, here, gone, considerate or an a**hole, straight arrow or flaming hypocrite? If no matter what I do I'm still **** to you people why bother to aspire to anything higher when I'm on HERE?

    YOU (as in all, not you individually) made it not matter how I conduct myself when I'm on here. I am at heart an aggressive character. Why not give as good as I get? Or give better in fact. I just took you people's permission and ran with it.

    Congratulations! You got 2008's Birdflipper back in your Yard.
  • I see it now green. We should stop trying to fix what therapy can't accomplish. I get where you're coming from though. It's simply logical to be skeptical about unknowns, but as a fan we are optimistic they have gotten it right. You can't explain to some people the simplicity of if you aren't doing your job then you will likely to be replaced. When a new person is hired the hope is he/she will be an improvement. If they aren't then they will be gone too. Complaining about things that haven't even happened yet makes no sense to me. Lets see the guy fail before we actually talk about him failing first? Meanwhile the same people predicting doom and gloom for Chip think that Mike Vick is the answer to bail him out? You can't fix stupid.
  • Here's the deal for all you Einsteins hoping to be proven wrong about the COACHING STAFF being third rate. It means the staff has to find a way for MICHAEL VICK to do well.

    You can't pray for Vick to fail in hopes that his failure will validate the staff. A QB's failure gets pinned on his coaches. Ain't that right, Marty and Andy!?

    So here it is. You either hope Vick (and the staff) fails; OR you hope Vick (and the staff) succeeds.

    I don't think much of this staff.
    Vick isn't a top 5 QB, but Chip Kelly and I think he gives the Eagles their best chance to win 7 or 8 games this year.
    If I'm wrong then I'm wrong. But I rep what I think.

    Either complain about what we got (Kelly, Shurmur, Davis and Vick), or cheer for it.
  • That doesn't work for me, flip. I'm hoping Vick is simply gone and if he stays I will hope he succeeds...just doubt he will. Besides, your statement about having to root for all stands on the presumption that Vick stays and you know how I feel about that.

    I'll address your comment up above down here. You claim you were trying to stay out of it? The only reason we are having this discussion right now is because of your holier than thou attitude topped off by your judgemental BS. Practically every time you claimed you were better than us and told us how much you'd grown you'd send a few shots our way so don't plead your innocence now! I keep stating to you that I don't care how you act on here except for your judgemental BS but you keep ignoring that and you try to spin it to me being bothered by the way you are acting now. I don't care how you are acting NOW! I cared how you were trying to tell us how we should be on here while patting yourself on the back. Sling mud, trash me, type whatever you want. Just don't tell us how much better you are than us while you're calling us all ***holes. If you grew as much as you claimed to have it would have never gotten to this point.
  • It's okay to think all the BS you want, but when you put it out there, someone like me is going to call you on it.

    It's impossible to be enlightened and not come off as judgmental to lesser people. If you were rubbed the wrong way by it, then YOU needed to step your game up, not whine about the fact that I did and am PROUD to proclaim it.

    Back when I was TRYING to be nice, I would have found another way to say this, but since you don't care how I'm "acting NOW", let me put it bluntly to you.

    You aren't my equal. The internet has neat little way of leveling out an imaginary playing field, where each person gets X number of bits to express one of an almost infinite number of viewpoints, each cheapened by the existence of the next one to follow. HERE in the cyber world you being wrong = me being right, and vice versa, as no validation is ever asked or required. It gives the ILLUSION of equality, while providing no substance to back it up.

    My enlightenment only bugs you because when you leave the cyber realm you go back to being you. If there is any joy to it it has NEVER come across on here. Since Day One most of what you put up here is negative.

    Me? You know what I look like, because I've posted my pics. (I get a lot of compliments on my looks, and pride is my worst sin.) You know what my woman looks like. You know what I do. You know who I do it with, and for how long I've been doing it. I've shared my level of success and even some of my failures. I'm ME on the internet. FULL-TIME! I have no need to hide OR embellish. Even when I was failing, I was doing something I would have done for free. My life isn't a fairy tale but BY GOD it is magnificent! I complain on here, but I'm just as likely to post a BOTTOM LINE, THE 12, or an ongoing Draft Wishlist where I ASK for input. I try to do constructive things.

    I don't use smoke and mirrors. In fact I tear down barriers that stand between ME and the world. I unlike you, don't hide behind them. I stepped up my game so that I could be proud to rep the real me. You? (I'm shaking my head as I say this.) Are clearly not my equal.
  • Sure flip, believe whatever you like. It seems to make you feel better about yourself when you try to judge people you'll never meet. I choose not to throw myself out there to people I will never meet besides discussing football on an internet site. You just never know what kind of wacks you will run into on here. Look around this site, we've had our share. I've had a couple people message me asking me for an email address...why the hell would I want to give anybody like that the abilty to trace me or find my personal information? You throwing yourself out for others to judge doesn't make you any better than me, Eazy or hollywoodeagle for that matter. It makes you pretty foolish in my opinion. We come here to discuss football and that's what I choose to do and I'll occasionally discuss a little about myself but I keep it vague. If you want to tell us your whole life story and post pictures to boot that is your peragotive. For the most part I think I can judge how people feel about Eagles football and on here that's all I really care about. It helped get me through the offseason my first year on yardbarker when nothing else was going on but I will admit that I've built up a couple online "friendships that I've decided to continue with. No offense to anyone on here but that is all they will ever be and I will never be more than greentildeath to anybody on this site (and it seems like most barkers feel the same way). I can sit here and take some shots at the things you are pumping up about yourself but the whole time you've been slinging mud and telling me how wonderful you are the one thing you haven't really taken the time to notice is that isn't my way. I argue my points but besides my discussions with hollywood I have kept things pretty civil. I won't even pull a birdflipper and tell you I'm the better man for doing it either. It's no smoke and mirrors with me. I wouldn't waste my time on a website typing lies but you can't ever be sure about that, can you? Even if I posted my pictures or my life story you wouldn't be able to tell either, would you? Could just be more lies. The only way we can be sure is by the consistency of our posts and that is how I judge people on here...that is the main thing I care about. Most of us have discussed where abouts we are from, some of us have discussed our families and some choose to give more information than that but I've only seen a handful of people that have posted their pictures and have given their real names (and I honestly question why anybody would bother or want to but hey, whatever works for you). So, you keep telling us how wonderful you are, how goodlooking you and your girlfriend are, how much more knowledgeable you are because you played semi-pro football and reminding us all that we are schmucks for doing the same things you do and I'll just judge you by what you type on this site. I have to state that so far I'm not all that impressed.
  • I realized that I never addressed one thing in this post about myself that I wanted to. You stating that from day one I have been posting mostly negative comments proves to me that you only pay attention to what I post when it is negative in your eyes. The McNabb trade and the Reid firing and some negative posts because of a 4-12 season this year come heavily to mind. Like you, I have gone into every one of these last 3 years that I have been on here thinking and predicting playoffs and hopefully beyond but I will admit that this year my optimism faded quickly while watching Vick's game quickly dive in the preseason. The early injuries and KNOWING that if this season bombed quickly, this team would be in full transition gave me plenty to discuss and honestly, what was there to be be happy about? Your friends having jobs at the Linc just doesn't cut it for me.
  • You mentioned YOU judging people THREE times in that one response, but I'M the judgmental one? You even go so far as to mention that you "won't pull a Birdflipper". So you're gonna stay above it all, huh?

    Wow! High and mighty much?

    But here we go again, right back to where I left you. You see, I'll flat out SAY I'm better than you. You won't SAY it, but you KEEP saying it. As if the way you word an insult somehow makes the insult not register. Stealth Judgmentalism. (I just made up that word.)

    Calling me a porch-monkey, doesn't make you more civilized because you didn't outright use the word n****r. Like I said before, when you put it out here, there are people who will call you on it. I'M high and mighty, and judgmental?

    Give me your address and I'll mail you a mirror.
  • Are you really going to play that game? Of course I'm judging you now in case you haven't noticed. I'm simply juding the judge, flip. That doesn't mean I'll sit here and pat myself on the back and tell you how great I am while doing it. I haven't once typed I'm better than you and no matter what you type you won't get that from me. I don't truthfully know you and what you are about off of this site and to tell you the truth I prefer it that way.
  • "Sure flip, believe whatever you like. It seems to make you feel better about yourself when you try to judge people you'll never meet."

    You typed that. About an hour ago. Your last response says you're "just judging the judge". What are the odds that we'll ever meet? Can't stick to your own principles for a solid hour, huh?

    I'M high and mighty, and judgmental?

    Yeah. You get me your address and I'll mail you that mirror.
  • I judged someone who sat there on his high horse typing to us how horrible we are for wanting to see the Eagles do better, for how we debate each other and how we should be more like him. I think I'll sacrifice my principles for a bit to tell him he isn't any better than the barkers he is typing to...not on here anyway and on yardbarker that's all that matters. As for judging others it's a bit different when forming opinions on people for what comes through in their words on a website. I haven't been harsh at all with anybody who treats other barkers as equals on this website as long as they don't strike first. Hollywood with all his demanding respect and far from deserving any, a couple rival divisional fans who have gone out of their way to ruin things for others on here and you come to mind when I think of people who seem to think they are better than the majority of the barkers. You're in fine company.
  • I'm not thrilled with the moves but I will get behind them when the season comes around. I'm not a Vick fan but I don't root for him to play poorly. At least these moves are fresh and no one knows how they will work out. I'm sure most successful coaches have had some failures along the way. I'm much rather delve into the unknown and hope that these new hires work out than going backwards with Reid and his staff. That's part of it too, isn't it? We can't even type that Reid's teams are stagnant anymore because his teams were getting progressively worse...yeah, the Eagles should have stuck with that.
  • Firing Reid was one thing. Hiring this guy was a separate matter. Or are we just going to try and gloss over my writing that I wanted Vic Fangio or Gus Bradley?

    Unknown and stupid are two different things.
  • No one is bringing up who you wanted...that actually is a separate point. You keep implying or flat out stating you would have rather the Eagles kept a coach that hasn't won a playoff game in years and has taken big steps back in his last two years and I don't get it...that was point.
  • And once they fired him I moved on to who I wanted to replace him. You can keep hanging onto what I said Weeks 1-17 or you can live in 2013.

    I'll allow you to choose.
  • Your post titled "Hopefully we are all Idiots" and the one that pitted Kelly against Reid, Shurmur against Morhinweg and so on would beg to differ but you keep convincing yourself that.
  • Don't worry I'm convinced. And you?

    That by the way, was a post lamenting Kelly's hiring. It was mad AFTER the guys I wanted wouldn't be coming. Totally in the moment. Totally 2013.
  • You're right 18 ppg isn't bad. In fact it's just one more point than JJ used to target (17) as a ceiling.

    This is what I mean by making a bad decision just to say that you made a change. If you can't say that you made a sincere strong effort, why just roll the dice on just anybody?

    For that matter they can hire me.

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