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Taj Jordan came out a couple of months ago with a YouTube saying he was Michael Jordan’s son and wanted to have a relationship with him. At the time, there was some skepticism if it was a legit claim or just another teenage rapper trying to get some attention. Taj’s mom Pamela it appears caught wind of the attention her son was getting and decided this was the best time to cash out, if indeed Taj is Jordan’s love child. Pamela Smith claims in her paternity suit — filed February 6 in Fulton County, GA and obtained by TMZ — she became pregnant after having sex with Jordan in 1995. Pamela gave birth to Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds — aka Taj — in June 1996. BTW, Jordan was married to Juanita Vanoy at the time he allegedly had sex with Smith. Pamela says in her legal docs she welcomes a paternity test to prove Jordan’s the dad. She wants full custody and child support. She also wants Jordan to pay the kid’s medical expenses. Here is the video Taj posted on Christmas. Who do you believe?

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  • The kid sure couldn't keep his hands from around his head and face. Maybe by being a rapper he is a drug addict and needs more money for his habit.
  • and all of you account for over 65% of all crime and murder despite being 1/5 of the population.
  • Unsourced claims should be treated like rubbish.

  • We account for 65% of reported crimes via indictment, but not of crimes committed. You see you white boys get away with more because you are white and whites dominate the positions as ADA, judges and such.
    I am sure if you are old enough to use a computer you can find the truth if you wanted it. Of course you do not. You find comfort in believing in fairy tales. Did you know there is no Santa Claus? Yep, its also a made up story white people started but purported as a real. Easter Bunny......... ooh give that Keebler a prize, not real. Average white guys with large penises like us, also not true. Every white guy with a dick over 7 inches went into porn automatically because that's worth money.
  • Susan is that you talking like that?
  • Silly infantile Keebler. Still thinks the word nacker bothers us. We call ourselves that on the daily so what makes you think it will bother us? Come up with a new name. Your wives, daughters, girlfriends, sisters all have names for us they whisper in our ear while we are putting real man sized bones in them. Strangely enough you guys sleep with them as well, yes even the women ot related to you that we allow you to clean up for us after.
  • youve got to be kidding me. after 18 years she now decides to file for a pertenity test uve got to be desperate or ur just broke and need money. and she is expecting him to pay all this money for expenses and health problems....... she could have filed for this 18 f***ing years ago. this is bull. she is just a bad parent that wants money. god gold digger
  • maybe she didn't want to cause trouble since he was a married man?? lol yes I laughed as I typed it BUT the thing is, don't sleep around if you're not prepared to pay up..yes these women want money but men need to stop sleeping with everyone..they gotta learn somehow and if their pockets have to take a hit so be it..
  • I agree! There should be a statute of limitations for filing a paternity test, just like there is a statute of limitations on filing other types of lawsuits! Whatever you did for 18 yrs to take care of him, keep doing that! If Michael acknowledged him secretly, I'm sure he was paying her secretly! Broke, disgusted and can't be trusted!
  • I believe there is. I know the courts here in WI told my Aunt that she couldn't get child support for her Twins that turned 18 when she was going for a divorce. But,why did this Lady wait to ask for a blood test? This one I don't get.
  • Statute of limitations??? You're a f_u_cking idiot.
  • I smell a rat, an 18 years old rat.
  • What's a "pertenity" test?
  • Xander ... you make very good points. She wants $$$$$ and Mikey wanted sex without consequences. Who is the lesser person?
  • ty Legend..exactly my point
  • Why should every one unload on her. They are both responsible for a child and he should be proud he has a son that certainly looks like him. I do agree that she is probably looking for some money and if she had been in such dire states after she got pregnant she should have done something right then.If Miahael does have to pay any thing it should go directly to the young man, not her . after all she had some one who took care of her and her son up until now. and if he gave her the money you can bet your bottom that that guy would become a free loader.
  • Everyone is unloading on her because she's just now coming out from under the rock she lives under. She has $$'s in her eyes, that's all.
  • You may be right ... she is "coming out from under the rock she lives under" .. now why do you suppose Mikey was under the rock with her? Answer: they BOTH live in the same"neighborhood".
  • He dioesn't look like Micheal. Other than the fact that they are both black.
  • They are both equally guilty! Doesn't make anyone of them a lesser person! It just means there are consequences for their actions and they both will pay-one way or another! She should have said something before now! Scandalous!
  • Why do you think they call him the greatest?
  • Hope it's not true however, these elite athletes seem not to be able to keep it in their pants all too often.
  • If you were Michael Jordan and all those woman were throwing themselves at you for their one moment of fame....what would u do...same thing that Michael did...he is an athlete...he is not perfect...he is human...He simply did what we all would do if we had his status...look at all the other big time athletes...they r no different...
  • no one is necessarily "blaming" him we're (or I'm ) just saying hey sleep around fine, just be prepared for the consequences
  • This definitely is another thing that helps motivate me to wait til marraige, but I don't wanna give it all to someone who could then so easily turn around and have a scandalous heart towrds me. It seems like you are siding more with the woman's possible "scandalous" heart and actions towards him, more so than you are his possible selfish and irresponsible acts. But, I don't know the truth, and like you said, if all of this is true, they both are to blame
  • If he did commit adultery then that is between him and God. But I do have to agree that it looks like "Mom" and "Son" are looking for a pay-day!! If it is true then He should have to pay.
  • The lesser person? Well, it takes "2" to have sex, it takes "2" to have unprotected sex, but as usual, in the end it is the "Guy" that gets screwed in every way possible. It is so rediculously absurd that it is always the "Guy's" fualt. Maybe women should all wear "chasitiy belts", then if they unlock it, it would be quite apparent that they are the other part of the "2" that had sex.
  • Hey idiot, if it's his and she's been paying everything for HIS kid...then he OWES her money plain and simple.

    Now go make me a samwich, my brother.
  • Yep. Another low life looking for a payday. I am sick of it. They should be prosecuted when found they lied. It's as bad as those whores on Mory that has already tested 10 guys and still don't know who the father is. Filthy trash.
  • LOl
  • And accepted having sex with the "Guy".
  • I know Mike and honestly, I wouldn't put it past him, but only because he was going through a hard time during that time frame (1994/95). It could of happened to anyone else, if they were going through the same upset he was going through, at the time.

    I'm not saying that boy is his, but I wouldn't be shocked if he was. We give Mike our support, regardless.
  • Going through a hard time doesn't mean you can't use protection....especially if the sharks are circling.......All 'those women' throwing themselves at him knew what they were doing.
  • TFN
  • Yup, and most either deny it or ignore the kid entirely since they usually have no money anyways.
  • sad that this all has to play out in public. No decency anymore.
  • Even though both had unprotected sex. Why would you wait until your Son is grown to tell him who his Father is and why not tell Mike J at the time? This is being unfair to the Child and Father. He may have stepped up to the plate and had him around his other Sons. This is the part that is unfair.What can Mike J show him.He's grown now.
  • Seems to me that the little who*e didn't know who's kid it was gonna be so she just tried to capture all of the possibilities with the kid's name.....did you see this!!!???? Grant Pierce Jay Jordan Reynolds ???????? Jesus!!!!! Oh and I can't forget the aka "Taj". Dabo Swinney better get the Clemson University compliance department on this one because it could be Taj Boyd's kid too!!!!!!! Are you serious?? Get a life gold digger.
  • Aren't you supposed to STOP paying child support when the kid(s) turns 18?
  • This tramp is a real trick. She legally won't have to spend a dime on the kid.
  • I worked in a hotel about 20 years ago. A local girl was paying a visit to Michael. She actually called from his room asking security to meet her. Her friend showed up and she bragged about being with him. SHe was actually a waitress working with my friend's sister. No one believed her about being with him. I am sure they all cheat on their wives, so why is anyone surprised.
  • To tkirk911 I have to wonder if you only consider women who get pregnant while having multiple parnters whores and filthy trash, or are you willing to admit that other's who haven't gotten caught, like Jennifer Anniston, Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, Taylor Swift and a slew of other "famous" names who we all know have had multiple partners? Promiscuous sex labels all participants equally, regardless of social status. I'm just saying!!
  • And a week later he was on the cover saying "Family Guy" seated with his wife and kids.
  • If i was him i would turn around and sue her for damages if it's his and she didn't tell him, mental anguish. She probably never told him she was pregnant, never told him he had a child. Maybe he would have wanted to be a father to this boy. Who are we to jump on him for not being responsible if he didn't know. Obviously it was a "one nighter" and what...should he have called her everyday to ask if she was pregnant after that??? She shouldve been a real woman and told him, which it sounds like she did not do so. Now if he is the father he should definately pay up (not to her, to the boys education possibly) and more importantly attempt to form a relationship with this kid. And she should be ashamed after all these years that she didn't handle this differently.... we all know who suffers in these situations.
  • Sounds like this may have been "hush hush" for awhile and Michael stopped paying.

    Can't wait for the test. And to those calling the woman this and that, remember ...

    Michael was a married man!
  • SHAME! Legally she can get nothing in back child support since he is 18 and she is just filing for support. It starts from the day you file. There is no support for an 18 year old. The fact that she raised him on her own or with someone elses support is her own doing. However, if this is his child and he didnt know then Mike should sue her for denying him a relationship with his son. Or how about this. This is your son and he is 18 now. You dont owe me anything but I wanted Taj to know who his father is.
  • For the record, the "him suing her" comment was a joke before anyone gets all fiesty. Just making the point that he may not be at all in the wrong here so why should he pay her? Before everyone judges the situation i think more facts need to be put in place.... but of course the media jumps the gun with a "story" when they don't really know the "story".
  • Take his A@# to the bank. I'm sure MJ knows about this kid. And may have given money on some occasions, but now it is time to pay like he weighs if the kid is his. Michael makes huge sums of money off individuals who most often can not afford to pay their light bill, rent, car payments, and etc., yet all their children are wearing a pair of Jordans. He loves income tax season because it is raining Jordans in the hood and the only one benefiting is MJ himself. So with that said Pamela Smith be strong in the paint and take him to the hole...and one!
  • Let's state simply the obvious truth -- when it comes down to it, nobody wants to "be just like Mike". He is a phenomenal basketball player ...whoopie and good for him. He is also a scumbag of a person with little character or ethics. So who wants to "be like Mike" ? You tell me.
  • How does anyone know that M.J. was in the dark?? He may, very well, have know about this child since he was born. All speculation....
  • Where is the moderator? Some of these comments should be removed.
  • Anybody African American defending jordon go play in a 4 way intersection he is a terrible person.Beating up players cheating on his wife degrading his kids at his hall of fame speach. Not putting money into any community especially BLK.But let it be a golf tournament his own or a celebirty. Shoes oh the shoes sweat shops higher prices kids die he says nothing and NEGROS keep buying FN Idiots we as a People will never get it.LATINOS take this dumb as country cause every other race dont get.And his Obsessed offspring KOBE can play with U retarded NEGROS 2. 7
  • Hey Dr Collins, Michael is doing what anyone else does. He makes money on his brand. I am quite sure that if you could you would do the same. The problem is the "idiots" and I mean "idiots" that pay for the shoes. I can afford it and I don't own one pair (neither do my kids). So the issue lies with our twisted (I meant their twisted) priority. They would rather sit in the dark, be homeless and catch Marta (that's Atlanta's public transportation) and make MJ rich. You can't blame MJ for their utter stupidity.

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