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No, no, no—don’t prosecute any more of Jerry’s accessories!  Instead—persecute all the fans, the players, and the Pennsylvania taxpayers!

Herewith is the extent of the concessions the Board of Trustees et.al. expect us to accept lying down:

They intimate their consent to punish the few unfortunates who have already been caught—Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, and Graham Spanier—but not any of their other comrades.  They acknowledge that Curley and Schultz should be given a mild sentence but not jailed.

By their demeanor they suggest that Spanier has already suffered enough, more than anyone else involved, and should not be prosecuted in court.  

There are several reasons for this: 
1. He himself was victimized as a child.
2. He was ousted from his presidential office. 
3. He nearly lost his Top Secret Security Clearance. 
4. Likely, he has been forced to accept a cut in salary.  (He and his wife, a PSU professor too, together are now likely making   considerably less than a million dollars annually.)

  Regarding the sentencing of Msgr. William Lynn on July 25 to 3-6 years for enabling a known-pedophile priest under him to continue sodomizing children, they would like us to refrain from drawing any parallel between the two scandals.  By ignoring the Philadelphia case, they imply it’s irrelevant.

Not so!
  • The pusillanimous media, by their silence, have in effect implicated themselves in the travesty.  The lot of them fawned when Freeh released his specious report, as they did again when NCAA Pres. Mark Emmert unlawfully levied sanctions, as they did yet again when spineless Penn State President Rodney Erickson accepted sanctions without objection.   
  • Similarly, poltroon academicians representing several intercollegiate conferences and divisions buckled under to some hidden authority, enabling Emmert to arrogate the authority of judge and jury.

Why did Emmert mete out such draconian sanctions? 

The prospect of the guilty going to jail loomed like a full moon waxing on the horizon.

Four damning stories were popping up which, if known by a significant number of people, would impeach Judge Freeh, completely discredit his report, and likely indict many others, especially Gov. Tom Corbett and Graham Spanier. 
  • It was Corbett who prevailed over the Board of Trustees to fire Joe Pa.
  • It was Corbett, along with his hand-picked successor States Attorney Linda Kelly, who is responsible for announcing the grand jury’s presentment at a most ill-timed hour.
Had he held off a few weeks longer, untold pain and suffering would have been spared Joe, his family, the team, the fans . . . all Pennsylvanians!  By this contemptible connivance he diverted blame from himself onto others, many of whom are utterly blameless!  
  • It is Corbett, above all others, who is responsible for the egregious miscarriage of justice.
Now it seems as though the Governor will slip away from the bungling hands of justice as a greased pig into safe impenetrable marshes! 

Those four squelched stories:

One, that Freeh as Director of the FBI had examined 10,000 cases hoping to find flawed forensic evidence to use against innocent people.  See: http://www.businessinsider.com/penn-state-investigator-louis-freeh-accused-of-heading-a-massive-cover-up-as-director-of-fbi-2012-7#ixzz21f7nGP6w.

Two, that former Gov. Ed Rendell was involved in a syndicate of pedophilia that spread to New Jersey, Delaware, and New York.  See: http://www.crimecasefiles.com/forum/crime-files/31219-pennsylvania-governor-ed-rendell-involved-in-a-pedophile-sex-scandal-political-cover-up.html.
Three, that Graham Spanier apparently had close ties with other pedophiles.  See http://americanfreepress.net/?p=5131

Four, that Graham Spanier is involved in yet another scandal, called Climategate.  See: http://www.webcommentary.com/docs/johnosullivan-111117.pdf.)

On July 12, the vacuous Freeh Report is released.  It failed to have the effect on the public that the Board of Trustees had hoped for.

As the firestorm develops over the vacuous report, guilty members on the Board of Trustees start wetting their pants and panties.

On July 19, Chairman of the Board Steve Garban falls on his rubber sword, but his faux sacrifice fails to quell the public’s cry for justice.  

Some diversionary tactic is called for.  Righteous, vindictive indignation is the expedient chosen!

Here comes “the Emmert” as both judge and jury.  He takes center stage, feigns moral indignation, and doles out sanctions as though he had vested authority. 

By this artful trick and the media’s silence, Mark Emmert is able to crown himself Emperor of the World of college sports.

His speech is classic Machiavellian that would do the devil proud.  He tells us that he “must impose sanctions that reflect the magnitude of those terrible acts.”  He does!

However, he makes a mistake.  He imposes the sanctions on the innocent parties and lets the guilty ones remain at large.
Moreover, Emmert tells us that the Freeh Report is “so exhaustive and so thorough.”  It is not!

The Freeh Report reeks of red herrings, is devoid of substance, and has gaping omissions!

Next, Pres. Rodney Erickson steps under the limelight.  The inept raconteur that he is delivers a laughable rendition of the classic Brer Rabbit and the Tarbaby, leaving out the moral of the story of course.  

This man was, and probably still is, a member of the Second Mile Charity, and, by dint of his office, an ex-officio member of the Board of Trustees. Let there be no confusion, it is his ilk who hired Freeh and his law firm to write his god-awful report.

Where is the school’s legal counsel during this Erickson’s dimwitted burlesque?  Where is Att. Gen. Linda Kelly?  Where is former Att. Gen. Gov. Tom Corbett?   Evidently, none of them knew when an action is legally binding and when it is not! 

Members of the press follow Erickson parroting him: “Anything but that Briar Patch.”  Scarcely a one of them mentions that the feared “Death Penalty” (of one year without football) pales by comparison to the agonizing, humiliating, heart rending, and morale deflating sanctions doled out.

To schmooze with the media throughout the travesty, the Board chose two people: one a woman and the other a black man:

Ms. Karen B. Peetz, who took over the Board’s chair, is a senior VP of Bank of New York Mellon and the chair of one of its committees.  What is significant is that she is connected to 190 board members in 5 organizations across 7 industries, many of which share her passion in sponsoring gay, lesbian, and transgender initiatives.  She keeps her private life private.
  Kenneth C. Frazier is the CEO of Merck, a pharmaceutical company.  Likewise, his company champions gay, lesbian, and transgender initiatives.  As an attorney, he represented his company in the 2004 Vioxx case in which it was found guilty for lying about the drug’s safety.  The company was slapped with a nominal $950 million fine; it paid out $4.85 billion to people stricken with heart attacks and strokes.  The drug killed 60,000 people.  http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_25446.cfm. 
Shocking to many, Frazier looks effeminate and effeminately speaks and gestures.

He was hired by the Board of Trustees to investigate the PSU scandal.  His report, however, has not yet been made public.  In fact, it has been completely silenced. Perhaps, it was subsumed into Freeh’s.

The absolute nadir of the scurrilous travesty is Emmert’s $60 million heist.  Doubtless, he and his Illumined friends will chortle sardonically now and again at the bizarre figure, which represents a thousand dollars a head for each of the 60 thousand people killed by Vioxx.  This booty, Emmert says, will be used to “help” more children across the nation.  Helping children across the nation is very the plan of Arrow Child & Family Ministries Inc.,  which for all intents and purposes is the Second Mile Charity with a facelift.

It should be known by all that the NCAA likely sponsored the Gay & Lesbian Athletic Foundation from 1999 when it was founded until 2010 when it evidently was shut down.   See http://glaf.org/sponsors.html

Whether GLAF was dissolved in anticipation of the scandal and whether it bears on the case is up to Pennsylvanians to determine.  Certainly, the case is now wholly in the Court of Public Opinion.

At this grave moment in time which will determine the fate of all Americans, Pennsylvanians have been foisted into the vanguard.  They can either do nothing or act as their great founder William Penn and the people of like mind who backed him.  Against the tyranny of the Lord Mayor of London, they stood up for their Christian beliefs.  For doing so, he and the jury that refused to convict him were jailed.  Only when masses of enraged people rose up in defiant protest, were they freed. (Incidentally, their brave act established Jury Nullification, which, to be sure, is not taught in school, let alone the courtroom.)  
There are four startling facts to be deduced from this article:
  • Government or any pseudo-governmental organ can arrogate authority without fretting public reprisal.

  • Mainstream news reporters have been cowed into utter submission.

  • Either academicians have succeeded stupendously in dumbing us down or the Powers That Be have thoroughly quashed our voice of dissent.

  • The host of deviants in Pennsylvania State Government, Penn State’s Administration, and big business at large, are working in collusion to normalize evil sexual behavior.




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