Reid Is Gone. Focus On The Future Now.

Posted December 30, 2012
Some guys are stuck in the past. They tried to over think all this and show us how smart they are, when in reality they were just afraid to face the future. This is going to be an interesting time of transition. People are afraid of "the lean years" but unless you haven't been watching reality the lean years have already been here. I'm glad the Eagles acted quickly here. Now they can move forward, but knowing how the Eagles operate they have been working on all of this for some time now. The eagles are a team who under Lurie have done their homework when it comes to coaching. Lurie has hired two guys who has won coach of the year. Stop being afraid of the future. Lurie is a smart business man. He will make a good choice.
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  • I happen to agree with you that the lean years were here but I think the poor drafts mean the timetable is slightly extended. But I think its a big mistake banking some veteran years ahead on Nick Foles. Id rather have a proven veteran even if it isnt Vick. Ill take a chance with a guy like alex smith
  • Time will tell. It's going to up to the coach. We don't even know what kind of system he will run. Lets just wait for it to play out.
  • I blame Reid for leaving this team in such a sad state but there are some players worth keeping and some that just need to go. Im sure a good coach will be able to weed out the malcontents and deadbeats and find guys that want to play. GTD keeps raggin on Patterson but I look at Patterson as a backup(and a good one). But Dixon, Landri and Thorton are bums. If they get another bonafide DT with Cox I have no problem with POatterson as a rotation DT. I would like to see Jenkins go outside to DE and wouldnt mind seeing guys like Phillip Hunt just go away. I like Teo at MLB and it woulnt hurt to have a 6-2 255pd guy clogging the middle. So, Im not completely down on the Eagles but they need to make sound choices and not necessarily cost cutting measures disguised as reorganizing. We can get a whole lot worse if we strt to dump all the so called guys on the list all at once.
  • I don't think Patterson is as good as you think he is, nor is he as good as he used to be. Time will tell who they draft, but I keep seeing the Eagles linked to an offensive lineman in the draft, but who knows what may happen. Demeco Ryans has had an average season in my opinion and he was nonexistent against the Giants. He even missed a few tackles and blew some coverage. You could go a lot of ways this draft. They need offensive lineman and they need defensive players. Teo could be the way they go. Right now they just need players. A lot of them!
  • I don't rag on Patterson...I rag on you for thinking he was the Eagles best defensive lineman. I have never insulted Patterson in our discussions. I have actually stated that I thought he was okay...just not the reason the middle of the line was not getting pressure. The CSNPhilly analysts were stating the EXACT same thing the other night. More of a stay at home and clog the running lanes guy with borderline push is pretty much what one of them said. He is signed for the next 4 years at 4 million, 4.8 million, 5.5 million and just over 6 in his last year. Next year they can walk away from him cleanly without any hit. He just may not be an Eagle next year when you throw in his health.
  • a lot of our problem I think is scheme.
    Danny Watkins - could he thrive under a guy more like Castillo? Someone who likes bigger offensive linemen?
    Cullen Jenkins - I think he stays and there is no reason to restructure. Still very happy with our DT position.
    graham -. Clearly a much bettter player without the wide 9. I think our DE position is solid.

    I think we have needs at - WR, S, CB, LB
    that's a lot of positions but ones that can be handled in the draft or free agency. I personally think if nick foles and a good coach / position coaches come in here we are going to be pretty good next season..

    that's a lot of ifs, but I think its reachable.
  • I think it depends on what you consider reachable. Still so much to do, and a philosophy change could make some of these guys look better than they have while making other guys look worse. I still think this team needs help on both lines particularly the Eagles Offensive tackle and interior defensive. They need corners, safeties, another linebacker, another receiver, and a tight end. There are a lot of needs, but they do have 8 picks in the draft. I get the feeling the Eagles will be doing a lot of wheeling and dealing this draft. Once a coach is chosen I think we will get a better idea of how the Eagles will attack the draft.
  • I think you meant to put this below after GG's post but I will add to yours although there are 2 of yours that worry me. Cole was pretty non existent this year and unless he has an undisclosed injury any other reason he didn't play well is bothersome. I would still keep him and see if he bounces back next year. I probably would also try to re-sign DRC but not to a huge contract and from what the panel on CSN was saying last night there will be teams that will overpay for him. One of them even hinted that he is typical of what happened this year. He does not practice hard at all, thinks he can just turn it on and that is not what you want around your young players. I would start off adding to your list by bringing back every draft pick from last year except McNutt. Dennis Kelly started some games and the line played somewhat better towards the end of the year so he deserves a shot to be a backup next year and every other draft pick played roles at some time or another that will be important to the Eagles growth next year. Boykins will absolutely be needed if the Eagles step away from both of their starting corners. I would also bring back rookie free agents Damaris Johnson (shown that he can be a fine deep reserve and seemed more comfortable returning punts towards the end of the year...still needs to be a little smarter...98 yard return was great but there is a reason 98 yard punt returns don't happen too often) and Chris Polk (at least give him another camp with a new coach). I would even bring back Dion Lewis with plans to keep him as the 3rd back unless a new face (or Chris Polk) beats him out. Cooper made some nice plays early although his production has slipped and Avant absolutely should be back in his role. I would also bring back Maclin and let him play out his final year and tell him to show me he deserves that big contract unless they can get a decent pick for him in a trade. He dropped some balls that he should have caught yesterday and all year but he did catch more balls than any receiver in their first 4 years in Eagles history, that has to mean something and before yesterday he was starting to show up more often). I honestly think that unless the Eagles get that big physical receiver that so many want they will be fine at receiver and at running back (the Eagles do need to work with Brown on how to carry the ball in traffic). Kelce deserves a shot to see if he can be effective as a starter without Mudd but I would bring in some competition. Ryans needs to bring his 113 tackles back even though he missed tackles and struggled badly in coverage at times. The Eagles have a shot at Te'o but starting him at the strongside with Ryans in the middle and Kendricks on the weakside should solidify the linebacker positions. I would also bring back Thornton as a backup (made some nice plays early). Henery obviously stays but I would definitely like to see the Eagles replace McBriar. I think his holds have hurt Henery more than once and his punting was no better than Henry's in my opinion. I would have rather they had given Henry another chance to see if he could improve off his rookie season. The last player I would definitely bring back (and probably the least popular) would be Watkins. Even though there is something going on with him I would see if a new coaching staff could get anything out a former first round pick before heaping him on the scrap pile. He was thought of by just about every scout and analyst as being one of the top two guards in last years draft...was everybody really that wrong where he can't even be serviceable as the top guard coming off the bench? Keep in mind that everyone was down on Justice early. He had some struggles but played well enough for the Eagles to give him a new contract. The Eagles then again benched him and gave him away (swapped 6th round picks) and he is now having a great year with the playoff bound Colts alongside another Eagles castoff (Mike McGlynn...A.Q. Shipley is also a backup there). Watkins needs one more year to see if he can improve under new coaching.
  • If you guys were to move forward with 10 players from this roster, who would they be and why? I honestly see only 10 guys that are worthy right now.
  • 1. Danny Watkins - I think different line coach will get something different out of him.
    2. Demeco Ryans - His play is still at a high level
    3. Kendricks - Has shown a lot of promise so far.
    4. D Johnson - I like this guy as much or more than DJax
    5. Foles - I love pocket passers
    6. Flether Cox - Great Tackle
    7. Graham - Showed us a lot this year
    8. T Cole - Got his game back
    9. M Patterson - Has a lot of injuries but Still great
    10. Jenkins - He is worth the money

    The question might be better served as: Who are you ready to part with!
    1. DJax
    2. Asomoghua
    3. M Vick
    4. N Allen
    5. Brent Celek

    lol.. All 5 guys were part of the reason we thought we were a great team a few years ago & honestly none of them have been good these past 2 years.

    I different coach may be able to get more out of these guys though than reid did.. so i will hold out hope
  • Replace DJax with Maclin!
  • The names you don't hear when it comes to the Eagles have a better chance to get the job than the ones you do. I don't think for a moment the Eagles have made a decision on a coach. I agree with you on the firing part. Of course they did hold it out all season, and in some ways it made me wonder why they even played guys like Vick, Celek, and McCoy. Seemed kind of stupid, because if Vick got hurt they couldn't release him to save the money. I think they should have pulled the trigger sooner for both parties involved.
  • Vick may endup being a bargaining chip in bringing in a new coach. I dont think Foles has solidified anything. Hypothetically if John Gruden came to Philly he would probably want Vick. No coach worthy of this job is gonna spend time experimenting with Foles. Just an opinion
  • If Vick is a bargaining chip it probably won't be in Vick's favor. More like telling Lurie and Roseman, "Tell me I don't have to go with Vick and I'll think about it".
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • The QB showed how much he truly sucks. Reid should have known better to get in bed with Vick. Several coaches have lost their jobs, because of that clown. Now Reid is on the list too. I feel bad for the next idiot coach who will stake their coaching career on big promises and little delivering Mike Vick.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • No worries! Mike Vick is gone!
  • Does anyone have inside information to who the Eagles are talking with to replace AR?
  • I just listened to Ike Reese talki about the decline of the Eagles. And he said it started when the Eagles changed the way they did business wiith TO. The lockeroom split and never recovered. He even went on to say the culture changed and weakened. I told you the front office & coach lost credibility and it only got worse. He even added that the 2008 NFC was a last gasp effort by the vets to make it happen. He inferred that the coach and front office blew it and that the fractured lockeroom was split into alliances that included D-Mac/ TO/ Coach/organization...etc. Reid was unable to divide and conquer.
  • Hollywood right now I don't think anyone cares about TO and crap that happened in 2005. Nobody cares about any justification to fire Reid. It's done. Move on. This is the moment where you are supposed to show how you think the Eagles should approach the future. After all you have been screaming for the dismissal of Reid for years. Since its happened what do you think the plan for the future should be? Focus on the future. Reid is gone. Let him go.
  • I have mixed opinions. The game is changing rapidly and Im not sure that grabbing a John Gruden, Cowher are the right guys in this time period. The hitting is changing, the strategy is much more offense oriented predicated on speed and precision execution. I dont think they can go with a line, secondary coach it has to be a frontline succesful OC or DC. Like Jay Gruden. If your going to bring in a organizational guy like Dungy it must be with the attitude of winning now. Which means Vick has to be an option whether you like it or not. At a minimum we have to have a seasoned veteran. So I think its time to acknowledge mistakes made but learn from them and not make the sames mistakes over again. Its a new era but lets make some demands of the owner and coach to keep this thing focused.
  • Hollywood you can't put Vick and winning in the same sentence. If Vick is an Eagle for more than 4 days after the Super Bowl I will truly be stunned. Vick will be gone before any coach gets an interview.
  • I wanted to add something before I address Vick. After 2005 & 2008 I think a hot college coach would have worked but right now their are too many questions for a coach with little or no NFL experience to step in and fix. I like Dungy because he is transparent, honest and successful. I like Gruden because he is young, fresh with ideas and runs a very good offense with a very ordinary QB. I like Vick and I think he can still play. But I think to rely on Foles even for a minute is too long. We dont need projects. Didnt we have enough of them with Reid? We need results.
  • The Bears asked permission to talk to Mike McCoy already. Are the Eagles going to hit us with another crazy shocker, like bringing Juan Castillo back as the Head Coach. Does anyone know if they have asked to interview anyone?
  • Falcons OC coming in today.
  • I just saw that, Dirk Koetter would be a killer head coach for Philly. I am seeing a lot more names pop up for this position that I didn't know were available. But with over 9 jobs up for grabs I was worried that the Eagles were sitting to quiet on their hands playing nice, while the best were picked through.
  • I don't want a coach who is pass heavy or depends on a mobile quarterback. I want someone who is defense minded and hopefully drafts Manti Teo
  • I'm kind of leaning towards Te'o myself but I also won't mind one of the top OTs. Seems like there are 4 or 5 OTs worthy of a 1st round pick though so maybe they could get one in the early 2nd round or maybe even in free agency. I also wouldn't mind that DT from Utah (Lotulelei) but some analysts are saying he could be the top pick. The Eagles will need to go heavy at defense once again during next year's draft.
  • I like that pick. Its the Ray lewis pick of 2013 draft

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