Reid Loses 5 Straight Games For The First Time.

Posted November 12, 2012

Are things unraveling yet in the minds of everyone or are there still some people out there holding out hope this team can defy the logic of their current norms? Andy Reid has lost 5 straight for the first time as the Eagles Head Coach. It's quite astonishing what has been happening this season under Reid's watch. Losing his first game after a bye week. His teams only 3 wins have been by a combined 4 points. His teams defense somehow getting worse after firing a offensive line coach as defensive coordinator. Nevertheless Jeff Lurie is going to allow Reid to ride this thing out. He's going to continue to let Reid play Vick even-though it has become painfully obvious there is no future with Mike Vick under center. No dynasties to be had. No Super Bowls to be won. No Mortal Locks in any way remotely attainable other than the team being a lock for mediocrity. For once this is a time where I would have loved for Lurie to have taken a proactive stance here, but instead he's allowed Reid to place his own selfishness over the future of the team. This team since Detroit hasn't been close in any of their games. If the players haven't quit already they surely must be close to it by now. This team is going nowhere fast. The only salvageable part of this terrible season in my opinion can be to find out if Nick Foles can play or not. Reid right now has no answers. 5 straight proves that. He can't make the right choice. It must be done from higher than him.  That means Mr. Lurie needs to do the right thing here.

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  • More than that if they got rid of Reid they could evauate everyone else in the organization to see how they react. Including very player. Everything you see today is a reflection of Jeff Lurie. It starts at the top. Always does.
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  • I think Lurie's bluff is being called and he's hedging a little. I don't think in his mind anything can be done until the team reaches an official "unacceptable" status. This team as horrible as it is could go on a 2 or three game win streak (get people to hope again) and finally spread those last two losses out to go 8-8 or 7-9. Bad enough to stink, but good enough not to be near drafting an elite young quarterback prospect. That means the next coach will be spending his time next season trying to figure out if Foles is the man for the future. If he isn't that could set the team back years. Now is the time to get this right.
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  • It should be for any owner as well. Sometimes you have to put a suffering person out of their misery. This is all just torture for Reid. If Lurie were truly his friend he would end this suffering for him now.
  • This is torture for fans, players and coaches. Its time to serve notice to the spagehetti armed players. Maclin, Nhamdi...etc Understand this- not only will the coach lose his job but everybody on this roster has the potential to have their fair market value nose dive.
  • Don't forget Mike Vick. Mike Vick should be the first guy you mention.
  • Of course he forgot Mike Vick. LOL.
  • I commend Mike Vick for all of the changes he's made
    in his life, but the guy is a bad QB. It's that simple.
  • Sure is!
  • He was bad behind this offensive line. I wont say he stinks unless he plays poorly on a team with a good line. Thats fair
  • Yeah, you're fair. Two years of mediocre and bad play and you're not ready to judge but after 3/4s of play Foles can't get it done. yeah, you're very fair! LOL!
  • Last season he had a decent line. They won 8 games. What more do you need to see?
  • Not Vick he did put the effort in.
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  • Worst qb ever is a bit much, Spotella but he hasn't been good and certainly isn't worth the money the Eagles owe him.
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  • I am not stating he has been good at all, Spotella...he hasn't besides his first 8 games as an Eagle and he obviously did some good things in Atlanta but the Atlanta QB I wouldn't want in Philly anyway. 54% completion rate in this thanks. Worst ever in the history of the, he isn't. Just keeping it real.
  • we agree
  • It buys tima. And saves money. This is what really pisses me off.
  • Saves money? What are you talking about. Do you even know anymore?
  • He can drag out the fans until next season and then start with the "new" system which I assume will be a "longterm" approach. Delay means fans wait and wait
  • all rebuilding means is limbo. limbo is place where fans wait around at the stadium buying beer , paying parking fees, and watching a 5-11 team for a couple years under the disguise of rebuilding. They get rid of big contracts . Claim they need a new start and time marches on.
  • Uh they do need to get rid of guys like Babin and Vick who aren't getting the job done. You don't know who the
    next coach will be. Let t play out before you start
  • Do you see what he is doing? He whines he wants the coach out for years and now that it is getting close to that time it just isn't enough to make him happy. He will never be happy...EVER! Always something to whine about!
  • The same would happen for a Super Bowl. If they win
    he will just whine about how long it took them to do
    it. He'll be whining. I'll be partying on Broad Street!
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  • Not sure if I understand that one. The Phillies play more games than the Eagles.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Has it really been that long since a win!?! I guess Andy's going to have to "do a better job."
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  • Right now it's status quo, but at least it could mean an end of an era.
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  • There is a bond no doubt. Let's be honest Reid filled Lurie's pockets for over a decade now. Reid has been like a chubby goose laying golden eggs for Lurie.
  • Its love. The love of money
  • So that would make them like most business men.
  • Exactly, Eazy. I'm convinced that part of hollywood's hate for them would be the reason he would hate every FO in charge...they make money. He doesn't get that although it is entertainment and they owe it to the fans to put the best team they can on the field it is a business!
  • Lurie doesn't get involved with what his coaches do on the field (he ISN'T a hands on owner) and this situation probably won't be any different. I want to see Foles (2 years of Vick is enough for me) but I wouldn't be surprised if Reid stays with Vick.
  • yeah sure
  • His actions prove what type of owner he is...oh damn, I'm forgetting about his surrogates. LOL!
  • Guy spends 300 million but doesnt care what theanyone does. Piss on the field. Fire any employee you want. who cares its only a billion dollar asset. Stop lying to these godd hearted fans that just want honesty. Youre a snake oil salesman
  • I'm a snake oil salesman for debunking your BS statements? LOL. Might be one of the funniest things you've typed especially when I questioned your surrogate comment that has absolutely no basis to it! Nothing but your odd thoughts flowing through your fingertips.
  • No you are a snake oil salesman because you claim Lurie is an "innocent bystander"
  • I never typed innocent bystander...I typed he wasn't a hands on owner. Why can't you just type what I did? Trying to make it sound bad? It's funny you mention snake oil salesman...a snake oil salesman tries to pass off something bogus as something real. That definitely fits someone on this site but it certainly isn't me.
  • bogus is your pontification of Jeff Lurie
  • My view on Lurie has much more basis than your racist view, your view that he does nothing for the community, that he is the cheapest owner in the NFL, that he is a QB killer and that he has his hands all over his team.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • We know Reid wants to, but if he were smart he should stick with the rookie. Then any losses from this point forward he can blame the rookie. If I were considering him for a job and he lost his final games with Vick at quarterback I would truly question his abilities as a coach.
  • watched yesterdays game with an eagles fan...good times lol
  • Seriously what's good about it? Do you really think the Cowboys are Super Bowl bound Monster?
  • not really...but then again i didnt think the giants would have won it last year either...
    but either way its nice to beat any nfc east team...especially in their any time you can beat a "dynasty/dream team" is a good time
  • Mr. Dream team has left the building with Mr. Dynasty soon to follow. I will say the Cowboys at least are playing solid defensively, but I don't think anyone should put their faith in any Ryan or Romo.
  • what do you guys think about bruce carter?
    that dude is a beast....too bad lee went down for the year
  • Well the kid is playing well right now. Too soon to gush over him I think. I think people can get too excited over players that kind of flash for a moment. I'm sure he's going to get his chance to start next to Lee next year.
  • nice linebacker. Physical and keeps things in front of him.
  • Seriously he's started 9 games. Your practically gushing over a guy who's started 9 games while Foles is a bum after being forced to come into ONE GAME that your man crush Vick concussed himself out of. You're truly a piece of work.
  • not sure what you are babbling about but Im sure its something about Kolb winning a superbowl.
  • Well it definitely isn't McNabb or Vick winning a super bowl.
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  • Me neither,......
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  • What a difference a year makes. From "mortal lock" to possibly rebuilding without Andy Reid,..... Who'd a thunk it?
  • I thunk it. Of course I wasn't calling this team a mortal lock either. I saw and knew this team had a lot of problems. I was hoping they could pull it together, but they just never meshed since the lockout. It's time to move forward.
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  • This team still has talent not used efficiently. Eagles are suffering the same lack of confidence as the Cowboys. Both teams need an infusion of stern discipline. You look at them still, Easy. Both shouldn't be losing the way they are. Like my man RomoRules keep saying. You need a big personality to coach up teams like the Eagles and Cowboys.

    Jerry Jones was and still is wrong,....... no ordinary coach can come in and coach up today's athletes. Andy Reid and Marty needs a high powered Defensive Coordinator. Just like Jason Garrett needs a high powered Offensive Coordinator, to whip the guys into shape.

    Eagles on defense are mulling around taking plays off. The same on offense with the Cowboys. They get a coach putting fire to their backsides. Trust me "E", they'll shape up faster than a Harry Potter in a broom factory(I love that commercial,...... "Get Happy".)

    No seriously tho. If either team somehow gets a no nonsense coach on the proper side of the ball. They will decimate just about all in front of em. Too much talent wasted, and time is passing.

    Looking at the history of either Organization's shot callers. Don't look too likely that will happen. I hope to be proven wrong just the same. I mean what can it hurt? Besides ownership sharing the benefits with fans. Seems like that's the one thing they can't bring themselves to understand. Concern for the Organization as well as fans.
  • I gotta put it out there. It's extremely frustrating to be talking about the new coaches in November.
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  • I don't know about the Cowboys making it to the big dance, but there is nothing the Eagles have shown me that makes me thing they can turn this around. They seem like a team that's no longer listening to the coach and has far too many veterans that have packed it in. I would love to see them turn it around, but I have little faith that they can right now.
  • There's so many things wrong with the Eagles and Andy Reid as a coach that I could write a War and Peace length book about it and still have enough material for a trilogy.

    I honestly don't know where to begin.
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  • Its bad stuff. A real disappointment. A new stadium, money, momentum and now this. Its like a shakespearean tragedy. Really
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  • Got it. Appreciate the heads up. Keep taliking football Romo. You have a very interesting point of view. Your not dogmatic like some on this board.
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  • The resemblance is striking, if you ask me.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I could start with "It was the best of time and it was the worst of times...."
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  • I honestly don't thing the G-Men have a shot this season despite what happens. I don't see a champ out of the east right now. I could be wrong, but we'll see. A lot of football is left to play. Rooting for Gruden or Peyton right now.
  • All things being equal, Ease. We'll take Payton, and wish you luck with Gruden. At least what I'm hoping. Then let the fireworks begin.

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