Posted January 09, 2013


ROB Ryan has been canned in Dallas, and I can't wait to see who they get to replace him!

By that same token, what if he were to end up here? Would you welcome him as the Head Coach? Fans have long been lamenting the loss of that Buddy Ryan's swagger and attitude. This guy most certainly inherited his daddy's M.O., and now that And Reid is in MO, and everybody the Eagles talk to as a replacement saying "No thanks pal", this could be the type of coach that so many fans and the media have been lusting after for so long.

Not me of course. Even if he weren't Jerry Jones recently discarded wh0re, his time in Dallas has soured me on him in recent years. 

But to hell with me! What do YOU think?

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  • I don't call it swagger, that's the Buddy Ryan cheering section that says that s***. I do agree with them when they say that he had attitude though. To hear some fans here talk about him, you'd expect him to have a statue built on top of Billy Penn's.
  • Yeah you want the assistant coach of a "One and done" playoff team who was 22nd in yardage out of 32 teams.

    You're a genius.
  • Who wants guy out of retirement? I KEEP saying I want Gus Bradley or Vic Fangio.
    Would I like JON Gruden or Cowher? Sure, only an idiot wouldn't take either guy; but the likelihood of either is thinner than a slice of deli ham.
    The greatest coach in Eagles history you consider mediocre, but the OC of the leagues 22nd ranked, One-and-Done Offense is the guy you'd reach for to get you the Super Bowl you so covet.

    You're a genius.
  • Yeah I said I'd like JON Gruden or Cowher, but almost anywhere I say that, I also say I don't think we'll get either.

    If you're going to stalk me in order to quote me, at least do it accurately. Nobody likes a lazy stalker.
  • I said that in THAT post. I've made more than one statement on this site, you know. But enjoy copy and pasting as you re-read EVERY word I've put up here in an attempt to support your argument.

    While you're at it, take note of the way "YOU", "YOUR" and "YOU'RE" are spelled in my posts. One of us has been doing it wrong.

  • Actually retard, the word "you" in SHORTHAND looks a lot like the letter "y"; but since you really don't know any actual Shorthand (a lot of us writer do), you wouldn't know that.

    Go back just TWO replies and you'll see where I wrote that I do want either. It's literally ALL OVER my recent history. I don't think we'll get either, so I'd be fine with Fangio or Bradley.

    No one EXCEPT you seem to have any problem following my reasoning on this, even people who disagree with me on it. The only one confused here is you.

    As for my comedy writing, I haven't done much of it, as I've been working on (read: getting paid for) writing Sci-fi. But thanks for asking.
  • You said shorthand. But I guess that's before you found out that I know actual shorthand and you couldn't play laziness off as such.

    I would like a slice of cake. I want a slice of cake. You really see a difference in those two sentiments? In case the answer is yes, let me make this crystal, because this simple point seems to be too much for you on your own: I WANT AND/OR WOULD LIKE EITHER JON GRUDEN OR BILL COWHER ABOVE ALL THE STIFFS THAT THE EAGLES HAVE THUS FAR INTERVIEWED. Since we won't be getting either guy, in their place I would like either Gus Bradley or Vic Fangio.

    I cannot make this any simpler for you.
  • You know what? Take it how you need to take it. I'm done talking with an illiterate retard. Everyone else BUT YOU gets my point and you simply aren't worth the time I've been spending trying to explain it.

    I hope you die in a fire.

  • What whale in my avatar? You should get your eyes checked because when that pic was taken she was actually a beauty pageant contestant. She's also been on TV. (And not just the news, although we HAVE done that.)

    How about your left hand? What are IT'S accomplishments besides growing hair on the palm?

    It's funny. Between my woman, my kids and vocation you seem to keep a LOT of info about me circulating in your head. If my LIFE depended on it, I couldn't offer up a single fact about you. I guess knowing me means more YOU (note the spelling of that word) than knowing you means to me.

    You're out of your depth trying to go head-to-head with me 20Dorkfo'Life. I wrote comedy for over a decade. I paid off my home doing it. I raised a family doing it. I can do this with you INDEFINITELY almost in my sleep, meanwhile you can't even spell. It's almost unfair.

    BUT HEY!!! I'll take advantage of you since you want it so bad.
  • I said I HOPE you die in a fire. There's still time. :^)

    I keep writing back to you because when I was being civil and walking away, you kept on taking shots. Apparently you WANT this. I've made my living giving my audiences what they ask for. And so I do this: FOR YOU.

    That thing you said about "working in Hollywood", you do realize the vast majority of writers DON'T live in Hollywood, don't you? Especially since the advent of this thing called e-mail. Just ask some of your writer friends next time you're having a beer. (Kind of hard to do if they live on the other coast though.)

    As far as me bragging about my home, my kids BOTH being Honor Roll students, my career, being on IMDB, my woman, etc.; I do it because it took time, and energy to build my life and none of it is promised to be permanent, so I'm enjoying the fruits of my labor while those fruits are in full bloom. Ya feel me?

    I guess that's the reason I don't care about these mangy Super Bowls. I don't need someone else's glory, because I've had plenty of my own. Meanwhile people like you actually NEED it because you won't do anything with your lives anyone will remember 24 hours after you're in the ground. Of course you would when you're so ashamed of who and what you are that you can't even bring yourself to look at your own photo as your avatar. (I'm a nice looking guy, and I hear it often, so yeah, I put MULTIPLE pics of me up there. Ya feel me?)

    Oh, this calling me tubby and fatboy like it's supposed to be an insult: My best friend and I call each other by those names. SO BRING IT ON! I'm the one who told YOU all that I'm up around 280. Hard to be skinny at 280, so I wear my weight well and proudly.

    Life is good brah. If you're gonna keep trying to come at me though, you may want to go shop for the second half of your wit.

    P.S. Bradley or Fangio!
  • I HAVE optioned work in Burbank (only posers and tourists call it Hollywood) by the way. It was a comedy/sci-fi script that will probably never see the light of day, but it did make me some money, so I can't complain. I wrote it back when that type of movie (Encino Man, Biodome) seemed to making a comeback. Most my credits are for the stage here and in New York though. Or is New York not a notable enough market to you?

    And you're right my woman ISN'T a beauty pageant contestant, she WAS a beauty pageant contestant in 1996 when that photo was taken. (I believe I said that).

    As far as you needing to "win this pissing contest", by all means. I'll declare you the winner right now. YOU WIN. There you go! Feel better? Now you can run around Yardbarker and tell everyone that you beat Birdflipper in an online argument. Now your coffee will taste better, sex will feel better, the sun will shine brighter, and life will start breaking your way now. It's the least I can do to help you out 20Dorkfo'Life. Consider your "win" my gift to you.

  • I'm glad I could make you feel better. I wonder why it's so hard for you to hear that my woman (last TWO) actually were models? If only you could see some of the "talent" we had in Comic Energy! In this line of work I meet hotties ALL THE TIME. Handling casting was one of my duties. Now let's see what kind of woman goes out for show biz? I tell you what. Just go look at the site. The pics up there now aren't of anyone that I cast, but it'll give you a general idea of what kind of women I used to meet, who were frequently...eager to impress me.

    And what is dzienki? Do you actually mean dziekuje? If so: nie ma za co. (My woman is half Polish. You can thank her for the correction.)
  • You just got me SO laid! :)
  • Agree with both Spotella and 20dawk. Stated it before on here...never was a Buddy Ryan fan even though the year he became Head Coach was the year I really started paying attention to the Eagles (just coincidence). Teams go after up and coming coordinators for their Head Coaching position. I would be pissed off if the Eagles hired a fired Defensive Coordinator and tried to sell him as their next Head Coach no matter what his name was and who he had blood ties to. Hate that brashness that surrounds Buddy and both his sons. Buddy and Rex never won anything on their own and Rob hasn't been defensive coordinator on a winning team yet. Granted, 2 years with the Browns and 5 years with the Raiders and maybe his defenses were somewhat impressive there but his defense was middle of the pack both years with the Cowboys. Not a resume that should interest any team looking for a Head Coach.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I was a huge Buddy Ryan guy, and unlike Andy Reid, Buddy had to deal with 8 Super Bowl winning teams in his own division. Reid feasted off a soft NFC and Ray Rhodes players, and still never won the big one with arguably the best two Eagles ever in Dawkins and McNabb. With that being the case why would anyone want to go back to the Neanderthal ways of the Ryan's and think that would be better? We have been here and done that with the daddy, and we see the train wreck the Jets have become with the other son. There is no winning there. Defensive Coordinator maybe, but Head Coach no when there are simply better options still available. Of course Buddy would have been right up your alley, because he ALWAYS WENT TO THE PLAYOFFS AND NEVER WON ANYTHING. He is the perfect fit for a guy who could careless about winning a Super Bowl.
  • You were a big fan of a guy who couldn't win the BIG ONE? Sounds like you should have LOVED Andy Reid. He at least won playoff games.

  • I was a fan of Andy Reid's! The problem was Andy had the personality of an old republican politician. He also never could beat a half decent coach even though he was supposed to be one. Everyone knew Buddy was a coaching moron, but he at least tried to relate to the people. The difference between you and me is I simply understand when it's time for a change (this the firing of Andy Reid), while you are terrified of it (crying about how much you want him to stay.) Your act is as tired as Reid's was.
  • Look at you trying to have it both ways.
    You were a "huge Buddy Ryan guy", but "Everyone knew Buddy was a coaching moron". I guess that means you're a fan of morons then. No wonder you dislike me so much!
    You say you were fan of Andy Reid's, and yet you SCREAMED for his firing. Do you always call for folks you like to be fired? That must make your friendships difficult.

    Tell you what. I'll just wait over by the CONSISTENT fans while you decide on which of your two faces gets to talk. See you when you get done arguing with yourself!
  • I know it's are hard concept for you to understand. After all you have no true loyalties considering the are convoluted in some green, silver, and black mixture of what you consider a fan is supposed to be, but I will try to make it simple for you.
    A guy gets hired.
    A guy does well.
    The fans cheer and support him.
    Expectations go up.
    A guy fails to reach those expectations.
    The fan base becomes impatient.
    The guy fails miserably.
    It's time to move on.
    I get why you don't understand any of that. How could you when you are in love with mediocrity, and moon lighting with other teams?
  • A guy does well, wins your support and because he doesn't live up to YOUR expectations in HIS profession, you bail on him and you think you can talk about LOYALTY?

    Borrow the dictionary 20Dawk got for Christmas and look up "Loyalty".
  • Gus Bradley has that firey attitude but his players actually like him and want to play hard for him
  • Anyone that gets the job is a gamble, but he's worth the roll of the dice. Been around NFL personnel, rules, procedure...
    He'll have to learn how to develop a game plan for an entire team, but every promotion comes with a learning period, and he's done enough to earn his.
  • I honestly don't think Rob Ryan is head coach material. His father was a good DC but a horrible head coach. His other son Rex is a clown, plain and simple. Rob wouldn't be any better in the role than his father and brother were and are. In fact I still can't believe the jets retained rex, they must have a death wish. But at least the jets are good for comic relief under rex.
  • Initially when I read that he was going to be the Cowboys DC, I was worried. I remembered what he did for the Raiders Defense even with an Offense that couldn't stay on the field. Coupled with Tony Romo's ability to sustain drives, I thought Dallas could really have something there. Instead what happened was Ryan spent more time talking than watching film and so while the Cowboys have not been horrible they've also not been effective.
    I don't think it's all Ryan's fault though. But to fix the real problem I think Ware has to leave Dallas.
  • If you look at Rob Ryan's defenses by the numbers, they've actually been pretty mediocre.
  • During his time with the Raiders the number WERE mediocre, until you consider that the Defense was ALWAYS on the field.
  • That also means they couldn't stop anybody.
  • Actually teams punted plenty, we just punted more(Earth's Worst Offense). See, us fans actually WATCH the games. When that happens you end up knowing what you're talking about.
  • Sucker here..barely but here,the Boys last showing took a chunk outta me. Go easy on me Eazy.
  • I think the ryans are overhyped because of their bloodline. You guys are a passionate fan base and I think you need a coach based on overal success, not based on a name and some DECENT success.
  • what about swapping brothers Rob-to the eagles and REx to the eagles as assistant hes already in NY...

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