So Much For The Fans Being In An Uproar.

Posted July 19, 2013

Since Chip Kelly has taken over the Eagles al I have read on this sit is how incompetent he is, how he’s scared of his players, and how the fans are in an uproar over it. Then I hear on the radio this morning Don Smolenski and how the Eagles gave given away nearly 50, 000 tickets per open practices available to the public, and how there is rumors that some people are actually paying to get these tickets too! Smolenski also said the team averaged between 5 to 7 thousand fans at Lehigh University. It seems the fans can’t wait to see Chip Kelly and this team despite the apparent idea here on YB that fans are outraged by this team and at Chip Kelly.


I’m sure at some point the honeymoon between Chip Kelly and Eagles fans will eventually be over, but for now it seems that the fans are very much intrigued by Kelly and his new offense. One does have to wonder if this excitement is less about Kelly and more about the fact Andy Reid is gone though. For me it’s certainly a combination of both. So far 60% of the fan base believe Chip Kelly is handling things properly in Philly, and their expected large turnouts during PRACTICE (thank you Allen Iverson) makes it seem that number is even higher.


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  • Good points ,
    as I said some wont be satisfied with anything, lets say by some miracle Kelly takes them to the super bowl, lets go back to kellys first coaching year at Oregon he took us to the Rose bowl but ooops lost and some , thought maybe he wasn't the coach we were looking for?
  • If Kelly got this team to the Bowl his first season he would set this town ablaze. Of course there are some who would give all the credit to Andy Reid in an attempt to minimize his accomplishments.
  • Well don't concern yourself with the possibility...because it isn't happening.
  • You shouldn't concern yourself either since the Giants will be golfing with the Eagles.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Amen Spots. I'm with you 100% here. I don't get why people are going out of their way to bash Kelly. Until he shows his system can't work why would anyone go out of their way to bury the guy? There are some questionable decisions Kelly has made, but they are his to make. He will sink or swim off his own merits. If it's a disaster then I will be on the get rid of Kelly train, but the train hasn't even been assembled yet. People need to stop jumping ahead and let this thing play out first.
  • This is why I blogged and of course its being ignored but so many pessimistic folks even before the season begins , reminds me of the Pessimistic kid and the optimistic kid The first kid gets into a room full of toys and all he does is cry? take the kid out, put in the room the optimistic kid but the room is now filled with SH?? but no matter with all the??? around got to be a pony some where??? see these are the fans I say are fans, no matter what, hell I recall at Oregon the 2-9 years, now one bad year you cann the guy????
  • I want to see an offense and wins. No one is writing him off but if he goes 0-4 you wont be able to give away tickets. I got a free one last year. I dont know Kelly at this point. I have know idea what he is about but i can only hope he wont be another Reid.
  • If he goes 1-15 next season it doesn't mean he's a bad coach, but it certainly places him on a hotter seat. With that being said it's too early to make a judgment on Kelly in any way. Most of the fans seem to understand this. Everyone wants to see what the Eagles bring next season. I'm actually curious to see how this defense develops and switches to 3-4. 3-4 defenses simply bring a better chance of winning championships.
  • Hollywoodeagle of course most of my blogs get ignored but I saw Kelly coach here in Eugene, and I still say it sad that he could have built another Alabama here an it wouldn't have taken very long this time to first play for the title like we did against auburn but this time winning!
  • There is a train headed towards me. I am standing on the track. I should move, right?

    A man enters the restaurant I'm eating at. He is crying and in his shaking hand is a gun. I should duck down, right?

    I'm at D&B. My daughter wants me to meet the guy who just gave her his number. It's R.Kelly. I should toss him in the Delaware, right?

    Here's my point. There are enough bad signs so far for me to be able to see the trouble before it gets here. I'll leave room about being wrong, but PLEASE show me the ONE tangible upgrade Chip Kelly has made that I can hang my hat on.
  • The Offensive line is vastly improved from the mess of last season provided the players stay healthy. Chip's offensive speed will improve (especially with the 2 minute offense) the offense as a whole. The transition to a 3-4/multi-front defense will eventually make for an improved defense. There are parts that need to be replaced obviously, but look at the numbers. Recently 3-4 defenses/multi-front defenses are winning super bowls. The simple fact Chip Kelly RUNS THE FOOTBALL automatically improves this team. How many seasons went by and people were calling for Reid to run the ball and he STILL NEVER did it! The Eagles have an outstanding record when McCoy gets 20 carries or more, but still Reid chose not to use the guy. not even as a pass catcher. The receiving corps has gotten bigger, the linebackers have become more versatile, and the secondary is better. Please don't tell about how much of a loss Nnamdi was. Dude got benched for Curtis Marsh last season and he might not even make the 49ers squad. Oh and let's not forget Chip Kelly has already taught Mike Vick how to hold a football. That's something Andy Reid, Dan Reeves, and all the rest of Vick's coaches were apparently too incompetent to be able to teach him according to you. Kelly's already paying out dividends. Regardless of what I think about it the fans have spoken and judging by the massive numbers of people wanting to see the Eagles just practice (over 400k) it's clear they want to see Kelly BEFORE the judge him, or they have found something TANGIBLE in the upgrades Kelly has made so far.
  • Are you serious? fans flocked up to Lehigh to see RAY RHODES run training camp, so don't.

    As far as Vick learning to hold a ball, if he's on the bench Kelly's tutorial counts for nothing. You'll have a point IF Vick starts AND if he fumbles LESS this year.

    The rest are PROJECTED upgrades. I asked for TANGIBLE. Seriously, stop making me tell you to invest in a dictionary. And keep in mind those projected upgrades are based on you ASSuming who the starters will be. If you can do that, it really punches a hole in your whole theory of "Two Player Enter, One Player Leave".

    It's either competitive or you know whats up already. WHICH IS IT? Because if you DON'T know what's up, how can you ASSume an upgrade? You CAN'T. Thus you can't show any TANGIBLE improvement without mocking your own support for what Kelly said about competition.
  • The bottom line is I can feel however I wish about my team that you hate so much. I see a promising future. You're throwing a hissy fit cause they didn't pick your guy and thank heavens they didn't. If they would follow you lead they would be far worse off. Anyways just keep trashing the team you allegedly love before they have actually done something worth being angry about while attempting to call out other fans with your three teamed flip flopping, hypocritical self. I'm happy with the Eagles, so are the majority of the rest of us who root for one team. Of course you can always go on about how Matt Flynn (he of couldn't beat out a third round pick fame) makes the no named Raiders better.
  • "I'm happy with the Eagles, so are the majority of the rest of us who root for one team"

    Really? And who would they be? Because you seem at odds with me, 20Dawk, Spots (though like you she can't back Vick), Holly, FoulMouth, and (when she gets her re-wiring done) IBG78.

    GTD seems to have fled defending you. GG seems to be somewhat neutral, and GR doesn't qualify as an Eagles fan. So who is this "majority" of whom you speak?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Wasn't bring you in, just stating factual recent history to EZ.

    While you may not have a problem with him (since he doesn't write entire articles about YOU, misrepresenting YOU), I feel a need to NOT let someone lie openly about me, and will use ANY AND ALL means at my disposal to call them on it.

    Perhaps if fewer people made it okay for such behavior, we'd have less of it. But then I've tried leading THAT crusade, didn't I? Fact is, people LIKED it muddy, and I got no help. What that means is if you're going play in a muddy Yard, from time to time you're going to get mud on you. Even if at times it's not your mud.
  • I think it's clear that people get mud on the yard when they sling mud in the yard. This douche is trying to cry like he's the victim when in fact he's very much king mud sling. Rather than just apologize for getting you involved in something that had nothing to do with you he took the weak route and acts as if you deserve it. As you know spots you and I don't always agree, but we debate our views in a respectable manner. I certainly wont act like you deserve mud sling when you clearly don't.
  • You know what Spotella, don't worry about it. Situation handled. You won't end up involved in anything as there is nothing to be involved in.
  • New audio road show question "what are Eagles fans excited about this season?" 60% Chip Kelly. Of course this 60% apparently do not represent true Eagles fans. Apparently a Raiders fan represents Eagles fans. In the words of Ocho-Cico "Child please."
  • I saw flip's comment to you about your circle getting smaller...more delusional comments from the birdflipper. Did you ever have a circle, Eazy? LOL. I guess he just doesn't get that you and I seem to agree on quite a few things surrounding the Eagles and we also agree that he and Hollywood about I keep it kind and type different. This was never about me agreeing with you and I know you get that. Hell, there were plenty of times that I spearheaded many disagreements with one of the whiners but flip ignores that just like he ignores so many truths anymore. I get that Yardbarker is his little world and even so most fans on this site seem to be willing to give Kelly a chance...something else he ignores. Outside of this site I hear nothing but great things about the Eagles from the media, the fans and the players. I've stated it many times on matter how many times flip and Hollywood type something it doesn't make it true.
  • Well he lives in his bubble. He only gets his info about the birds from a national perspective. He doesn't respect most media outlets. He swears he knows more than most, because he played semi-pro ball. In his mind he's better than all the rest. He doesn't listen to talk radio so he doesn't hear what the true fan is saying. On top of all of this he's distracted with three teams to root for. The one time he left the safe bubble of YB ( a place where somebody a long time ago made him an MVP) he was laughed at and ripped on so bad for his ideas he went running away back to his safe confines of here. Some of those responses that were given to his post were very clear and thought out. He went into mud slinging and in an almost cowardly fashion decided to post most of his mud here away from the people who were burying his terrible ideas with common sense.
  • In his mind? He's told us all he was better than us in the past and even told 20dawk as former football players he and 20dawk had to set the standards on here or something to that effect. LOL. He may know systems and schemes but when trying to get in the minds of football people and when looking at talent he struggles mightily. I've typed it before...he thinks with his heart way too often.

    As for your comments about him going to other sites...have you been stalking him? Just kidding...I'm sure you wouldn't waste your time. The only time I actually saw a comment by the great birdflipper on another website he made a comment on an article posted by Spadaro on the Eagles website that was very reminiscent of one of the things he whined about on here...he stated in the midst of everyone's comments that he couldn't understand how Asomugha could have went from a pro bowler to being what he was here. He basically implied it was everyone else's fault but Asomugha's just like he did on yardbarker. I made it a point to see what his mates had to one even paid him any mind at all.
  • I didn't need to stalk him, because the fool posted the link. He tried to pull the same stuff here with those fans. Real Eagles fans weren't buying the flip flopping BS he was selling. I wonder what happened to his girlfriend? She just fell off the map after coming so strong with her judgmental post. I don't see how you "bleed green" If you have hate towards the majority of the fanbase.
  • I saw a comment by flip that she is getting wiring done or something like that...probably her making excuses instead of telling him that she doesn't want to post here anymore. If he has to beg friends to come here for years you just know they aren't going to last because they didn't want to be here in the first place...he needs to just let it go and stop throwing her ID around. Besides, if she comes back she needs to debate with some integrity. If she's going to come at me with two guns firing and claim it's not to protect "her" birdflipper than she needs to back her arguments by going after the true #1 offender of her belief that she was arguing with me about...and we know who that was. If she doesn't than she is showing everyone why she is truly here...and that is nothing but a bad joke.
  • That's if she was real at all and honestly at this point I still have my doubts. Who comes to a site they've never been on, claims to be an Eagles fan, and trashes Eagles fans? On top of that both of her topics were months to years old. Crying about Reid seemed like nothing more than words fed to her by flip flop. Needing new wiring? Seems a bit much just to post on this site. Of course if she were as hooked as he claimed she could just take herself to the library or use her phone.

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