So What Are Realistic Expectations For The 2013 Eagles?

Posted January 28, 2013
People (at least on this site) seem to think the Eagles will make some complete turnaround and become some type of playoff contender next season and I'm not quite sure why. The NFL has shown that you must have a quarterback to contend in this league. REALISTICALLY IS THERE A PLAYOFF QUARTERBACK ON THE ROSTER? Can anyone tell me as a matter of fact who the starting quarterback is? In the NFL you need to have a defense that can get turnovers and make stops. Do the Eagles have a defense that is capable of making critical stops or making turnovers? Does anyone know who will be starting in the Eagles secondary next season? Turnovers are the difference in winning and losing in the NFL and the Eagles were one of the worst teams in football last season in turning the ball over and were the flat out worst at giving up turnovers in the Red Zone. So will a new coach make this team suddenly turn that trend around? Not likely in my opinion. Can anyone tell me they have no doubt every offensive lineman who was injured last season will return to form or be better than they were prior to their injuries? Can anyone tell me they are absolutely sure that Andy Reid's players will easily transition into Chip Kelly's offense? Can anyone tell me with absolution Chip Kelly will be a good head coach in the NFL? The fact is anyone with playoff expectations for the Eagles next season are being completely unrealistic. Not until all of the questions have been answered at least, and there are plenty when it comes to this Eagles team. Realistically I don't think one can make any predictions as to what the Eagles will be next season, and for that reason expectations should be low at best. Andy Reid ruined this football team. He allowed several key players to walk away without replacing them with legitimate playmakers and leaders. He allowed players to act with without punity and as such a mentality developed on this team which lacking accountability became the standard. Players played like they didn't care and were never benched for it. In fact they spent more time throwing fans, teammates, and coaches under the bus rather than being held accountable themselves. The teams leadership spent more time pointing the finger at everyone else rather than at themselves. There is too much work to be done to realistically think this team suddenly will be at the top of a division when they were just at the bottom considering the rest of the division will not have nearly as many drastic changes as the Eagles will next season. So what are your REALISTIC expectations for next season? Be real and don't use your agendas or wishful thinking as your resources.
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  • New coaching staff, a heavy draft I would guess so Kelly can add "his" guys, an already young team (and the young players already here are getting used to losing) and NO franchise QB on the horizon as far as we know unless Foles can be that guy (and I think we all have our doubts)...tie that in with new systems and schemes that every player has to learn (possibly including the 3-4) and I don't understand how anyone thinks they should win right away. Hidden agendas, Eazy...hidden agendas.
  • Clearly a hidden agenda. Even Stevie Wonder can see it. How anyone can truthfully state this team is a contender with the roster the way it is, and knowing little about what types of changes will take place obviously wish to add pressure on Chip Kelly. Regardless of their reasons, their intention is to eventually criticize Chip Kelly.
  • Their starting QB for most of the last 3 years could (should) be gone, their secondary may not have a starter standing when the season rolls around, it's more than speculation that the offense will be looking at system changes and the defense sure sounds like it is heading there also with new coaches all around except for a couple positions...if they don't win year one only a mad man would blame them. Of course like 20dawk keeps typing...if they bring in Tebow...LOL!
  • You must be joking. Lol
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  • 10-6 and a playoff birth. There's enough talent on this team to make a run with the right coaching staff. Foles and Vick can be playoff quarterbacks with a system that is built to their strengths. If Tebow, Ponder, Sanchez and Cassel can lead their teams to the playoffs then so can one of our guys.
  • Brink they don't have a defense, Vick is an injury prone and turns the ball over thus he isn't reliable. It isn't a coincidence once Sanchez had to be a real QB and his defense got old his team tanked. All of the quarterbacks you mentioned have or had more talented players than the Eagles. Now if Vick or Foles can turn their games around maybe, but Drew Brees and the Saints showed that a team still needs a defense.
  • Okay so how do they get Tebow the great? Lol
  • Don't know if the Jets would do it, but I believe the Eagles would! Why not Alex Smith?
  • He played in the same system as Tebow at Utah. They actually both played for Urban Myer. He won't cost us a pick, is a better passer than Tebow, and has won more NFL games than Tebow.
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  • If this team wins more than 8 games as it stands today I would be shocked. Of course in our division 8 games is darn near close to a playoff berth. Next year I don't see playoffs, but I do expect improvement. I still think its going to take some time to get Kelly's guys into position. Just because a guy showed talent under Reid doesn't mean he fits now. Consider Cris Clemons. For the Raiders he was good. When he came here he stunk. Now for the Seahawks he's one of the best pass rushers in the game. Remember how Javon Kearse was before he got here and how he was after? The same applies to this situation so I don't get why people assume our talent is good enough when we don't even know if they fit Kelly's system.
  • As it stands now, this is a zero win ballclub.

    No staff.
    No playbooks for players to study.
    No confirmed players staying or going.
    No one to be cast in the role of a leader or a captain.
    No confirmed system to draft players to complement and add to.

    If something changes, it makes sense to add wins, but as of TODAY, January 29, 2013, we're looking at a ZERO win ballclub.
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  • As I said we can start to speculate on wins when we have something to be confident about. At this point EVERYONE we face this year has all those things I listed above. We don't.

    Right now we don't have a plan. And those who fail to plan...
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  • Just cause you don't know Chip Kelly's plan doesn't mean he lacks one. It just means you're out the loop. Just because other teams appear to have a plan doesn't mean it's a good one. Case in point are the last two seasons plans of the Eagles.
  • I actually typed flip a response similar to one like this a day or two ago but deleted it. We all see that the Eagles are making moves, they just chose not to announce each one. They stated early that they would not announce any assistant coaches until all the coaching positions were filled...I'm fine with that.
  • Birdflipper your an idiot, don't u have any raider posts to attend to? You already blocked me too. I can't respond to any of your posts I know u blocked me, but anyways your being annoying you honestly think we are going 0- 16? LOL wow , what an eagles fan. The eagles are a professional football team not a jv team. Your annoying me so much right now. I usually check this site everyday and now its like your a whole different person posting on your behalf. Your actually reminding me of that guy ahhhh i forgot his name but he was posting up old ladies getting it on with animals LOL .
  • Hey EZ! Vic1232 just asked me for more Raider content. Now there are TWO OF YOU telling me to write Raider stuff instead of Eagles stuff. :)
  • It told you to put the Raiders stuff where it belongs.....
  • Haha yeah sure was that before u blocked me al Davis? LOL or shall I call u harrypotter?
  • Calling a Raider fan Al Davis is a HUGE honor! His leadership led us to THREE Super Bowls and one of the most storied franchise histories in all of sports. HE is the reason for many of the games innovations and even some gameday rules.

    If I die with ONE TENTH the football knowledge that Mr. Davis had, I'll have led an EXCEPTIONALLY blessed life.
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  • If id been Chip Id stayed in my mansion in eugene,oregon calm kool and collected....
  • Lol I think they are ganna go 9 and 7 or better depending on our defence. I really think we really need a mobile qb for sure though
  • I am already concerned about the offensive line.
  • Of course you are.
  • Im not sure what you mean by that but I have a wait and see attitude. So far the little things that are happening are not overly impressive. Talk of Dennis Dixon circulating doesnt sound very reassuring. Iknow GTD its doesnt matter that hes a practice squad player. I havent really seen the staff develop yet. The only big thing to happen is McCoy diminished is leadership role by acting like a two year old.
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  • I nearly agree with everything you typed here, but what does any of that have to do with the offensive line?
  • You're not sure what I mean I really have to spell it out? You're always concerned about EVERYTHING. You make up concerns and don't even let the truth get in the way of those concerns. It's Kelly's first year (month honestly). Is everything just supposed to fall into place? What the hell do you expect from a 4-12 team when the 2012 season isn't even over yet?
  • lets just watch and find out..all you can do at this point!!
  • I think realistically ( even if they get the great Tebow) it's going to take some time for the Eagles to become a legit contender again. My expectations for the team are low, but if for some reason they decided to bring back Mike Pick, then my expectations will increase. You don't bring someone back like him unless you think he can help win now. Giving up on the development of Foles for a Vick will only prolong the rebuilding process this team needs to have.
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  • Foles should only be the starter by default. Let's face it. Who's out there in this current draft class or free agency that could be considered an upgrade? Don't say Alex Smith. That's a mere stop gap.

    Foles for this year. If he sucks, then pick a QB in 2014. From the looks of it, there will be plenty. Also, I think we all know who I want in 2014.
  • I would take Alex Smith over Miike Vick. I don't think Vick has won a playoff game in nearly a decade now. The Eagles have a lot of holes. We need to stop kidding ourselves. People see 9 wins from a team that more than half of its offensive line is returning from season ending injuries, and a defense that may need to replace more than half of last seasons starters? I agree that Foles or Dennis Dixion should be the starter. Better to just try and be competitive (and lose) rather than place a Vick out there win 5-7 games and knock ourselves out of any real chance of getting a future Franchise Quarterback. Of course if Foles is that guy now is the time to find out.
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  • I can't put it all on Foles. So many issues were there last season. We had a lame duck coach, a team that quit, and those who didn't quit spent time on the shelf. They looked like a ship missing a rudder and no captain to guide them. We need a lot of help via the draft. Chip Kelly has to hit big on his first draft.
  • When I here fans saying lets sacrifice a season to find a QB I know the team isnt going anywhre. Lurie is laughing all the way to the bank. Hes probably saying to himself hey they dont mind giving up a year so lets save some money and give them the turd that they want. Pretty reasonable logic.
  • 4-12 last season with Vick starting the majority of the games. It doesn't seem like your great savior of the season is capable of such a thing.
  • thats funny if you look up two posts you dont put anything on foles but you do on vick. Kind of odd. I see a racist double standard pattern forming. did same thing with kolb? hmmmmm
  • Lurie can max this season out with every penny he can and give Kelly anything he wants but in the long run that wouldn't matter anyway...don't you get that? It is a slow process coming from a 4-12 season especially given that they don't know who their quarterback is. Reid turned it around in year two, it isn't giving into the organization giving Kelly the same time frame at the very least, to expect more is just flat out foolish!
  • Thats where I disagree with you. I dont think the game is the same as it was 15 years ago when Reid came to the Eagles. You make a big assumption that it was Reid that was the main factor in the eagles success. I disagree. First , even with his faults Rhodes was able to draft some talent. Like Brian Billick with marv lewis reid had maybe one of the most innovative defensive coordinators in the game. Finally reid hae a QB that carried his fat ass year in and out. The taxpayers did more to build than reid. I dont think the time frame is necessarily different for kelly but I think winning is. you see you are so positive the fans can withstand another rotten season and brave the cold weather. i dont. i think that stadium will be 3/4 full by week 6 if they stink the joint up. And Lurie knows it. He miscalculated fan resentment. Years of Reid and front office bullying of the fans caught up to him and I think he wants to avoid the fans wrath if thing get worse. He is trouble if he cant fix this quick, i dont think fans are as patient as you claim. When they were out early this year fans found other things to do. The Eagles became less important. They arent really taken seriously by their own fans. Thats a pretty low place to be and they are there. kelly adds a boost. it may work. It may fail miserably. but if the latter occurs you aint seen nothing yet.
  • There is so much BS in your comments, hollywood that it just simply get's tiresome arguing with you. You state that Kelly HAS to win this year and I say that the only way most of the fans put expectations on this season is IF Kelly goes with Vick...not because I think most of the fans are foolish enough to believe that Vick can all of a sudden turn it on but because the head coach would be sending a message that the team is closer to winning by sticking with the QB that has been the starter for most of the last 3 years, the QB who seems to fit his system better instead of starting the inevitable search that could take awhile. If he starts his search this year most of the fans will give him and the team time...if he goes with Vick and he fails fans will start questioning what he thought he saw that we didn't see these last few seasons. He can't even be hearing that Vick has looked good in camp before the seasons started because for these past two seasons word has leaked from camp that Vick has looked horrible and we all know that his preseasons have been pitiful also. I just don't get demand a winner but want to stick with a quarterback that has looked HORRIBLE for years all because you typed on here how great he is. Keep making yourself the fool...I'm getting tired of pointing it out so you keep doing it for me. Look around and think about your past on here (and present...I think you're foolish, Eazy types the same, Spotella can't stand you, flip wants nothing to do with you and 20dawk seems to think you're not all there...the only somewhat regular on here that doesn't rip you is Brink and he calls you entertaining...if you're trying to be a clown with your remarks then thumbs up on that one but somehow I doubt that's your angle)...don't you ever tire of people laughing at you? You have to realize that most of the fans aren't like you, hollywood...they want to see a winner. They aren't hoping for losses every week simply so they can tell a handful of people on a website I told you so.

    No matter what you think, hear or read hollywood, keep this in mind. Vick makes more money than the Eagles can afford to pay him and they wouldn't pay him 16 million this year even if they could...he isn't worth close to that much. He says he won't renegotiate! Vick hasn't made it through any Eagle season unscathed and has only gotten through one season without missing a game in his whole career which also diminishes why Kelly would want to keep him. Kelly has already stated that his quarterback CANNOT have turnovers or take sacks and he also stated that EVERY sack is the quarterbacks fault! He states that an incomplete pass is more effective than a sack and if there is one thing Mike Vick can't seem to do besides sliding it's throwing the ball away to avoid a sack. He may fit the physical mold of a Kelly quarterback but after the legs and the arm it flat out stops. It's only a matter of time and I'm almost certain that time is right around the corner. Kelly may decide that he wants to give his decision more time and have the Eagles offer up that bonus but in the end I'm hoping Kelly is smart enough to know keeping Vick only hurts him more in the longrun.
  • It's like arguing with a retarded echo isn't it?

    Kelly doesn't have to win right away. I'm sure Lurie is braced for a dip in attendance, but hoping for Kelly to do well enough to keep butts in seats.

    Rhodes got three years. Reid got two. My guess is Kelly gets three as well.

    As for affording Vick, the Eagles are $15M over cap until you figure in the $23M in carryover money, with another $1.4M in dead money. This puts them at $6M in current cap space.

    Now if they cut Demetress Bell, Mike Patterson and Cullen Jenkins (all of whom don't appear to fit the Eagles long-term plans and are likely cuts anyway) the Eagles save $17M which wipes out the $15M overage and brings them back to $23M in cap space. Not a bad place to be.
  • I honestly get why you cut hollywood off and why you would just rather not deal with him. He makes no sense MOST of the time, gets ripped by everbody that reponds to him yet just doesn't slow down his stupidity. Frustrating but my blocking him won't stop him from posting his filth on yardbarker, it will only block him from responding to me directly.

    As for the Eagles, I know where they stand with the cap...I've seen the reports on where they could be making certain moves like Patterson, Jenkins and Bell and I even think they dip further by releasing Asomugha but to start this whole thing off I still believe Vick should and will be gone. As of now they are due to pay a quarterback top 5 money for bottom third quarterback play. Why wouldn't he or shouldn't he be the first casualty when they need to make moves to clear cap space? I guess they could keep him at his current price by making some of the moves that they are sure to make but as a fan I would surely wonder what the hell Roseman and Kelly were thinking if that happened...but it won't.
  • Keeping Vick will send a bad message that guys don't need to be accountable for their actions.
  • To the players maybe but keeping Vick shows me as a fan that Kelly may think he can win soon by working with Vick...I don't see it but Kelly may and if Vick doesn't work out (and he won't) that will be strike one for me. I'm hoping Kelly is smarter than win with Vick in more ways than one in my opinion.
  • .
  • We've ridden this ride before. We know how it ends.

    Fans here screamed for McNabb's head for years. They finally got it and what was the upshot? This discussion. The Eagles have been searching for stability and consistency at the QB spot since the moment they announced that trade.

    Kolb, Vick and Foles have all had a shot at being "The Man" and fans haven't seemed thrilled with any of them.
    It just makes sense for Chip Kelly NOT to chuck a guy like Vick who may still have some dynamism in him; especially if Kelly isn't yet convinced that Foles is a better option. After all it is Kelly's job that's riding on this. Better that he does his due diligence.

    Reggie White and Brian Dawkins were allowed to walk without suitable replacements to step in for them. McNabb was traded the same way. At some point it would be nice to learn from history.

    We've ridden this ride before. We know how it ends. If Vick is the guy that makes the HC the most comfortable, then the Eagles should start him and pay him what they agreed to. If he isn't, then he can be traded or cut.
  • You're right, flip...the Eagles have had consistency with Vick's play since that great 10 game streak in 2010...unfortunately it's been consistently pretty bad. Are you honestly going to place Mike Vick's play on the level with White's, Dawkins, or McNabbb's for that matter? Mike Vick has been horrible...nothing more needs to be stated. When quarterbacks are horrible teams look for a new one even if there is none currently on their roster (especially when that starter is making in excess of 16 million dollars and I still feel the young Foles is a better option). It's why Green Bay traded for Favre, New Orleans signed Brees, Denver signed Manning, why Eli Manning got drafted and the Giants were willing to give up so much for him (yes, I know that there are far more stories of failure but many teams miss on a few before finding their saviour). There are other options besides struggling in year 3 with Mike Vick and I've seen enough of Vick to know that I'd prefer the Eagles to cut him loose and let their search begin. Prefer is the key word, flip...I've gone into each season hoping Vick can still play and will again if I have to but admit that my patience wore thin this year and it will be even thinner next season if he is back (I really don't see it happening). Look at it this way, I will discuss my reservations on the Eagles possibly giving Vick another year while you discuss yours about the decision to hire Kelly...there really isn't any difference.

  • You're right about there being no difference on us discussing our particular misgivings. And I'm not putting Vick's play on the level with 3 players who are each the best in franchise history at those positions.

    Though Chip Kelly is as green as grass in regards to the NFL, he knows he's in one of the most hostile environments in the league; replacing a guy who despite being the greatest ever in franchise history, was run out of town on a rail by the fanbase. I don't know Kelly, but I'm willing to bet he isn't banking on any generosity of spirit from the fans (some of whom are already expecting playoffs), so that means he has to win.

    If winning is what he's after, then he's going to go with who ever HE feels will get him there. Your responses are LOADED with you talking about how YOU feel, but YOUR job isn't on the line if KELLY gets this wrong.

    They may very well cut Vick after he gets his bonus. Or even before. My point is a rookie coach may want to have a veteran QB with playoff experience on his roster, and it looks right now as if he also wants to evaluate Vick for himself. Keep in mind he's never had his mitts on a veteran NFL QB before, so he'll likely want to get a better feel for how different the different levels are. Besides, who's more likely to give Kelly better pointers from a players point of view in terms of adjusting his offense? There is just too much that Foles hasn't seen yet.

    You gotta try and see it through their eyes a little.

  • "You gotta try and see it from their eyes a little" from the man who seemed to get upset when the Eagles made their two biggest moves over the past 5 years? Okay. LOL. I actually have been looking at it at times from their point of view or I wouldn't bring up the finances, would I? It isn't my money yet I have stated numerous times that the 16 million will be a HUGE reason why the Eagles will move on from Mike Vick. A new coach, a new era...nothing wrong with a new quarterback and most of the fans know that the Eagles are in need of one and get that there is no franchise quarterback on the roster. Not many fans will be expecting a playoff berth but if Kelly does decide to go with Vick he may have a few fans thinking playoffs or bust in his first season. I'm hoping Kelly is smart enough not to put those type of expectations on himself and his team after the struggles they have had and all the changes that are on their way. Too much pressure on a team that may need this season to find their way and also to start looking for their next quarterback.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • He cant keep Vick and look for a QB? Didnt they do that with Mcnabb? The point is you have your best offensive weapon backing Vick for THIS season. What they do in the draft or through free agency is a whole other option. I agree with you on Vicks pay he should take a reduction to fair market value. maybe he should sacrifice financially for the betterment of the team. the ticketholders are paying higher ticket prices. it takes the whole organization sacrificing. Not just Vick.
  • That is the key place where we disagree, hollywood. BEST offensive weapon? When is Vick the Eagles best offensive weapon? When he is trying to extend plays and taking sacks and getting injured yet again?...When he is laying the ball on the ground or throwing pick after pick? Michael Vick stopped being anybody's best offensive weapon about week 10 of the 2010 just haven't figured that out yet.
  • Jackson is the best offensive weapon and probably a team leader by default. I think jackson throwing his support behind Vick after talking to Kelly is a pretty strong indicator that hes the QB penciled in for opening day.
  • What has Jackson done for Kelly to make you think that what he says will have any determining factor on who Kelly chooses?. You have to realize that you stating your BS doesn't make it so. You have stated before that Jackson is a what freakin' world, hollywood? In only the football world that you've created in that strange little mind of yours. Players talk all the time,...McCoy spoke out about his beliefs in Reid...what good did that do him? Within a month Mike Vick will be gone or in a year Kelly will be wishing he let him go and started his search earlier...I have no doubt about that. Don't give me that bull that Vick will make Kelly regret cutting him if he let's him go...already heard that from you with McNabb. The same will happen if even that. Teams that are desperate for QB help will reach out and Vick will go somewhere else and struggle just like he has in Philly. He can't carry a team like you've been claiming he does...carrying a team is winning with them and his 10-13 record as starter in the last two years should prove that to you. His best year EVER as a passer was strengthened by that great run in 2010 and he hasn't been anything close to that since. His second best (believe it or not) was last year and that was prettied up by a late run against BAD defenses but the year and his play were not good enough in the long run. This year he was HORRIBLE but you know what the sad thing is, hollywood? This years passer rating for Vick was tied for his 4th best in his career (I didn't count 2009 because he only had one start)...tied for 4th best out of nine years as a starter with a passer rating of 78.1. He is not a good quarterback, had a very good start in 2010 but has proven that he can't sustain that type of play and keeps reverting back to "his" game and the Eagles have every right and reason to move on and find a new quarterback...I'm counting on Kelly to be smart enough to see that.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • No worries about the flagging, least it wasn't a flogging. I sometimes wonder if hollywood is really this clueless or just plain stubborn when it comes to his predictions and statements...probably a little of both.
  • By the way Vick's 3rd best passer rating was just over 81 and that was in his second year in 2002. He is not a good quarterback and at almost 33 his wheels are starting to come off. Why waste another year?
  • WHO WILL BE THE ODDS ON FAV ?? TO BE the next QB in Philly???
  • I would think it will be Foles or a guy who currently isn't on the roster.
  • in answering your question????
    one game at a time...sound stupid????? I dont think so!!!!
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