So What Have We Learned?

Posted October 21, 2013
The Eagles best two options at quarterback are highly unreliable due to being injury prone. Barkley isn't close to being ready and his lollipop arm strength will never let him become any better than say Chad Pennington in the NFL. For a backup that's fine, but for a starter..... I don't think he has enough ability to take us anywhere. So what does this mean? At the surface the Eagles can still salvage their season and even win the division, but it will be at the expense at a chance for one of these quarterbacks. Of course this teams problems isn't as simple as adding another quarterback. There are several holes at receiver, offensive line, tight end, outside linebacker, inside linebacker, corner, and safeties to say the least. The kicker seems to miss at least one a game. Whatever the Eagles decide to do they would be wise not to trade picks to move up in the draft, because one player will not fix all of the problems. If Chip Kelly is truly the genius he's been made out to be, then he had better find a way to incorporate the best skills of his players into his schemes. On one play I saw Brandon Graham covering Jason Witten ( considering he was killing Kendricks and Allen all day I shouldn't have worried) and I thought oh sh##! Witten didn't catch it, but there were so many other breakdowns on the play they left the fullback wide open.
  • You need more than 2 or 3 games from a QB in order to determine (what you learn). As far as game tape and breaking down other pieces.

    The kicker sucks. O-line has been sub par, & Kelly hasn't done a great job this season
  • We have had two seasons with this QB and he's been hurt in both of them. In less games he's had as many injuries ad Vick. He kind of seems injury prone to me.
  • It's a bad comparison at this stage. 1. He was beat like a rag doll last season with that offensive line. Which is the real reason he didn't play in the following games. He could have probably played through last years injury.

    So far Nick Foles has suffered a concussion which is really the 1 thing that would keep him away from playing. Again, still to early to diagnose "Injury Prone"
  • That's how it was with Kolb though right? A little injury here, then a concussion. Next thing you know every time he gets real play he gets hurt. It's how it goes with injury prone players. Patrick Chung, and Arrelious Benn are two guys who can't seem to stay healthy. The Eagles can't keep relying on players who can't stay on the field despite how talented they may be. The Raiders best player is an injury waiting to happen every season. He will never be considered an elite back since he can't be counted on. Win lose or draw Eli is there. Can we really say at this point we can trust Foles to be like that considering he's been injured in college, and now in both seasons in the pros. By the way didn't Foles break his hand last season?
  • Not the same at all. Kolb has had multiple Concussion problems since that game against Greenbay. Concussions actually ended Kolbs career.

    He has had probably close to 10 concussions in 2 or 3 seasons.

    This is Nick Foles 1st concussion which looked to be minor in comparison to anything Kolb ever got + Foles could have played through his Hand problem last season, but Andy chose to sit his key starting players whenever anyone got slightly injured.

    Note, Andy sat Foles to make sure FOles was ok to start THIS SEASON over Vick. It was clear he chose Foles last season to be his guy going into 2013
  • If Foles were still healthy I would say continue starting him. I know Kelly wouldn't, but I think it's more important to find out if Foles could be the guy, but consecutive seasons of injuries makes it highly doubtful he can be the future in an offense like this one where he would take so many hits.
  • How do you even compare barkley to Pennington. I understand the idea but they are entirely different. Just saying. You need to get over Foles. He cant run anything. Hes a good two game backup. He cant sustain once teams plan for him. The Ravens would maul his a** . You might be the only person left in Philly that wants to be entertained by Nick Foles. I wnet outsde with my son and had a football catch. During the football catch we began to simulate nick Foles in the pocket moving. It was hilarious. We couldnt stop laughing. Fumbling and bumbling around and pretending to try to throw the ball with someone crawling up his leg. I almost pissed myself. Serious. No lie . Im laughing to myself writing this. Try it EZ I think you will get a chuckle . Now thats entertaining.
  • Barkley and Chad both have small arms. I would go with Foles to find out if he can handle the adversity. Can he step up and take the criticism and improve. I would go with Foles, because I know Vick can't handle the adversity, can't stay healthy, and can't win anything. It's a moot point now, because Foles like Vick can't stay healthy.
  • Hes like Kevin Kolb. he coulnt wait to get out of there. He was scared. Im sorry but its true. I cant say Vick shows alot of fear.
  • anyone that thinks Vick should be the starting Quarterback for this team must be on some major drugs
  • Vick isn't the answer. How many times does he need to screw up before you realize that?
  • When Barkley came on the field I thought the same thing I did the first time I saw Kolb: this guy looks like a field goal kicker.

    Foles fell flat on his face in the biggest game of his life. There was nothing eye opening or positive out of his performance. He also is starting to look fragile.

    Vick is undependable but he's still better than the two guys above. We also have two top 10 running backs in the league when he's on the field and the players still look at him as the leader of the team.

  • Something tells me you ONLY watch the Eagles play on Sundays. Too much Philly Eagles Dot Com ?

    2 top 10 Runningbacks in the league? Laughable.
    Vick is about Point 1 percent better than Foles (Right now). Why do people keep thinking this is the Vick from 2004?
  • who are you fronting for? Eagle fans are on to your cheap front office PR. Foles stinks like a turd end of story.
  • I learned that everything I said about letting foles sit when Vicks healthy came true.
  • I learned that my suspicions were definitely right. The first pick of 2014 needs to be a QB. There is no future with Vick or Foles. Why not give Chip the chance to draft HIS QB. There will be plenty to choose from. The way I see it, even if we got to do an RGIII-esque trade up to acquire somebody like a Mariota, then so be it.
  • Thats what they are going to do. lurie is buying time. I knew it was heading this way. 2 years ago I told you they had a five year plan to keep the fans coming with a crappy roster and they are on tht path. Controversy. They will draft a QB then fans will be stuck with 2 years of watching him get pounded into development. We have a couple years to go for sure. Lurie understands the fans mentality especially the Eagle fans. He knows how to keep them desperate and interested. The guy is no fool. Check out his backround. Its not business. I think he sells and has no interest in the superbowl. He wants to prove to his mom he is a successs on his own. Thats my psychology.
  • Against the Yucaneers Foles won NFC offensive player of the week. Did we not hear quarterback controversy between him and Vick? Eagles fans should be thanking the Boys for solving this dilemma. Because against the Boys he proved to be Foles gold.

    Update: October 24, 2013
    What Eagles fans should have learned is why aren't ticket prices cut in half after not winning a home game in over a year? At least throw in a free beer and cheese sandmich. Correction; with the Eagles quality of play make that two beers.
  • I agree w/u. Can you imagine passsing on a nice hike or run to go the Linc to watch the Eagles lose at home. I mean zero home field advantage. They need a medicine man to go there and flush the losing demons out of that place. Its a joke and lurie raised ticket prices. Thats alaughable. They should pay the fans to show up. What a miserable way to spend an autumn sunday watching that garbage for $250+. Thats what I call a big time waster.
  • Lurie is going to have to decide how long he's going to run with Chip Kelly. If he's truly committed to Kelly then he's going to have to let him get all of his guys. I sense a lot of roster turnover.
  • I m not judging Kelly yet but he doesnt seem to have any adjustments. He looks the same each game and its getting boring and annoying. But that aside, I dont want to see the QB carousel and would appreciate a veteran starter in there that can at least keep us in games. Id even take Jeff garcia at 45 years old. really I would because Barkley is clearly not a NFL QB and Foles is whatever he is. and Vick is inconsistent and appears to me to have quit. So bring in someone.
  • I don't think Vick has quit. He just isn't that good anymore, and his body always breaks down. Foles doesn't fit this offense, because Kelly hasn't adjusted for him to, and Barkley isn't an NFL starter, and he might not even be NFL material.
  • I don't see that much turnover that matters. Deseans not going anywhere. Either is shady. Maclin is a bit of a question mark cause of the injury. Ertz is staying put. The majority of the line won't move but additions should come in to push. Brown is staying unless we r offered something good. The rest of the offense doesn't matter much. We will see what happens at qb but I would keep foles and Barkley starting foles. Avant cooper celek maehl can all go.

    As for defense. We need a true OLB, DE, NT, Safeties and corners. The defense has been great though the past two weeks. Wolff seems to be a decent player but nothing special. Allen still sucks but didn't seem scared to hit today. Williams sucks @ss. Fletcher was playing good but had two rough weeks. Boykins is always gonna be a slot guy.

    It's just a couple moves to build a solid team and we have to let them grow. Not everyone's gonna come in and light it up. That's why I haven't been killing ertz for having hands of stone.
  • I think you need more than a couple moves on a team that is currently 15-25 since 2011 and hasn't won at home in over a year. I don't expect everyone to light it up, but within the next two seasons the Eagles will need to replace 5-6 offensive starters due to contracts, age, or poor play and 5-6 on defense for the same reasons. We still need a kicker, a return man, and as of right now the best coach on Kelly's staff is Billy Davis. This team is in more trouble than you realize. I am currently not killing Ertz, because the guy in front of him is a far bigger target. How many Red Zone drops by Celek can one stomach? You can go through this entire roster and you will find player after player who is expendable and probably should be moved, because they don't fit the read option or don't fit the 3-4 system. This isn't a quick fix, because they don't have enough talent.

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