So What's So Special About Nick Foles?

Posted November 10, 2013
"All he does is throw touchdowns..." says all of his critics.The reason why there was so much criticism on Foles against the Raiders was because Foles made his 7 touchdown performance look too easy. In fact it looked so easy people are making stupid comments like anyone could have done it despite the fact only 6 players have and Foles is one of the select few to do it without throwing a pick and with a perfect passer rating to boot. Foles threw for more touchdowns in one game than the Raiders had all season. Prior to Manning this season it took 44 years before another player had done it. Foles is in a more exclusive group than pitchers who have thrown perfect games, and players who have hit for the cycle. The bottom line is anyone who is minimizing Nick Foles accomplishment they are doing so with an agenda attached. Even today Foles looked to have a rough go of it he still completed over 60% of his passes, no interceptions, and three touchdown. Chip Kelly may not want Nick Foles to be his quarterback, but so far he seems to be the best man for the job.
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  • At this point in time yes. By the way EZ, did you hear about the trade rumors surrounding Big Ben? I'd be willing to take a look if it's true.
  • I still want to see how this Foles thin plays out. Trading for Ben could mean giving up multiple picks from a team that needs multiple players. On top of that he carries a heavy cap number so it could become difficult to sign other free agents.
  • If I'm the Eagles I consider trading Foles while his value is at its highest.
  • To gain what? If the Eagles have a guy who is scoring points why replace him? On top of that you would replace him with Ben? That means the Eagles would have to trade more than they would get back for Foles and Ben's body has taken such a beating for so long I'm not sure how much longer he's going to be a quality player in the NFL. I feel he's going to end up like Allen Iverson. Meaning that due to his style of play he takes a serious amount of punishment and when he starts to decline it will be a rapid decent.
  • Not for Ben. I'm talking about trying to get a guy like Mariota. I know it seems crazy but I've taken a real shining to him. Reuniting him and Chip just makes too much sense to me for it not to happen.
  • Those comments that Foles did it with no pressure against a team laying down on the job (even though at times they literally were) are ridiculous. Foles still had to put the ball out there and he did just that. I went back and watched the game again and although some of the TDs were to wide open receivers some of Foles throws were put in somewhat tight spots (the 3rd down throw to Maehl was put in between 3 defenders but none were right on Maehl). That first throw to Cooper was put in a great spot towards the back of the endzone and Cooper went after it...the ball to McCoy was a QB noticing that no one was screening his running back coming out of the backfield. Foles had a great game and if Eagle fans are downplaying it then it absolutely comes with some sort of agenda (most of it is Vick love). There have been worse defenses in a hell of a lot of games throughout the years but only slightly more than a handful of QBs did what he did). You can be thrilled with what he did but still unsure if he will be the QB next year...especially with knowing what Kelly wants in his QB. Even considering that Dallas game Foles has had a very good year. Lost in all this by some is that the man has only 11 starts in his career. WIP was discussing what he has done. Take away his first start last year (the Redskins, I think) and Foles has 22 TDs to 2 picks and about a 95 passer rating (could be at about 100 after today but I added the TDs). Even with the Redskins games his numbers are impressive. He didn't look too sharp early on today and luck was certainly with him at times but he's absolutely getting the job done so far. One thing he needs to do is remember who he is and get rid of that ball quickly and make smart throws. He can't take that early sack that took them out of field goal range and he held onto the ball too long at times. One throw he just tossed up a floater that Jackson lost trying to come back to. Those things have to stop.
  • I agree with all of that, but remember we have to be mindful of the fact he's played so few games. Heck last season I saw Vick do the same thing! Remember that awful pass he threw in the Ravens game while he was falling backwards that almost got picked in the Red Zone? He's going to make some mistakes, because he's young. Vick doing that stuff is inexcusable. Not that I think you are defending Vick.
  • I love Foles but some of those long bombs today were bad. I think he has the arm strength, but he needed to let go of the ball a fraction sooner. It was pretty clear to me that he had a much better second half than the first. That all said,

    If this is considered an average or bad game from Foles, then I will. TAKE it every day of the week.. Its nice to feel good to know we won't turn the ball over with him behind center. Its nice to know he can find the open man when we are third and long
  • I read Foles had the highest passer rating of any opponent against the Packers in Green Bay ever! Nick is currently second only to Peyton Manning for the longest period a quarterback has gone in a season without an interception. Peyton has 20 while Nick has 16, and we both know Manning has had a head start on Foles.
  • We all know I love Foles as a QB and although his numbers were still great in this game, it wasn't his best performance.

    I think Foles is the franchise and can be as good as Peyton Manning. Yes, I said it! That said, he needs to learn from his mistakes here. He got lucky on 2 passes. The ball to Djax was into double coverage and slightly short. If he let that ball go 1/10th of a second sooner it would have been perfectly thrown and an easy TD. The other one he was getting pressured and he needed to throw it out of bounds. It ended up being a lob that some how landed in play. Luckily, no one knew where it was going and didn't see it coming down.

    We did see some really good things though:
    1. Foles ran it when there was no one open a few times for good yardage. He could have probably done this a bit more.
    2. His 3rd down and Long situations are the one thing I've been paying close attention to and so far he hasn't been bad here at all.
    3. He faced pressure all day on sunday. So finally people can stop crapping the bed about him not being able to handle it.
    4. He came out and played a much tighter game in the second half, hitting people in stride and simply did a better job executing the plays.
  • Two touchdown passes were poorly thrown balls. One should have been intercepted and the other was way short but he won. Lets see him carry this team to the playoffs. I dont want a glass half full. That would only allow Lurie to skirt paying for a a oung QB. hate to say it but Rodgers would have torn our team a new hole. THe Pack will go on a 4 game losing streak without him or a bonafide backup. Walllace chickened out or something. I think football is choreographed. I dont take it seriously anymore. Its all fantasy football and gambling junkies.
  • Mike Vicks las big pass was an under thrown ball to Jackson in the first Giants game. McNabb threw more wobbly balls than any "elite" QB I've ever saw play. Foles looked bad in this game and still completed 60% of his passes! threw 3 touchdowns, had the highest passer rating of ANY opponent of the Packers Franchise in GB EVER, and still won. I don't know or care about what Rodgers did or didn't do. He wasn't there and frankly it doesn't matter the Eagles still scored 27 points against THEIR defense with Foles as the starter. Glass half full has been the personification of Vick as the starter with his 20 and 20 record.
  • At this point I consider Foles our QB. I have high expectations. I think he played OK. Not bad at all but a little inconsistent. Im willing to give him more games. I expoect a win vs Washington at home. This is his pivotal moment he has to come up big.
  • Relax there, Doctor Doom. Every QB has an underthrown ball or two caught from time to time. I'm excited that the receivers went after the ball when they needed to. I'm pretty sure some on here questioned Cooper's lack of aggressiveness when he didn't come back to fight for Vick's poorly thrown ball in the playoff game in 2010...nice to see the receivers keep their heads in the game. Of course they aren't in the same league when discussing what they've done but Drew Brees threw up a similar ball that Kenny Stills came back to before crossing the goal line last night. It's great to be good...even better to be good and lucky and Foles certainly was on a couple throws. He also did some very nice things in the game. Scrambled when he had opportunities, his second TD to Cooper was beautifully thrown and for the most part he took what the defense gave him. Keep looking for things to rip him about...the kid only has 10 starts in his career...he's making less mistakes than Vick was making in his 10th year...the great part about it is that he is giving us those big plays that some people like you only thought Vick could.
  • The ball to desean was under thrown but the one to cooper was perfect. If it was one of the top qbs in the game people would be saying he out it where only his wr could get it and that's exactly what foles did. In the post game press conference he said he knew cooper had the baseball background so he wanted the ball to be played like that. He put the ball exactly where he wanted the ball to be.

    That lob to desean that luckily landed where no one could get it was arguably the same thing except desean lost it in the sun and just boxed out the defender.

    The fumble foles had one wasn't a fumble. However foles needs to see that guy coming and wrap the ball up.

    Shady showed he can still run even without Vick and brown had a decent game nothing special from him outside of the one run where he looked like he was trying to mock shady.

    Cooper still has hands of stones when the ball is thrown on a line. He did make up for the early drop but against a real qb on the other side that's a ball u need to catch so they don't rip this defense to pieces.

    Carry Williams sucks ass.
  • "Cary Williams sucks ass" < I 100% Agree! He has just not played very well. The one thing he does well is tackle but that's because everyone catches on him!

    Agreed about Cooper. That early drop hurt a little bit.
  • 20 & Zuk, you guys are on the money with Williams. The guy plays 10 yards off regardless of down or yardage. For a vet he never looks for the ball, and his cover skills may be the worst on the team.
  • Why do I get the feeling that he's going to commit a profoundly stupid penalty at some point that's going to cost us a game? I hope not, but I wouldn't put it past him. The guy hit an official in the Super Bowl. He was really lucky not to get tossed
  • I hope Mariota returns to Oregon , for something called an EDUCATION.
  • It will not surprise me people,if eagles win at home sunday---eagles can make playoffs---with addition of brad smith-a stout wr--they got him---with recver core---foles reminds me of a young ben roestilberger of steelers--very accurate and big--he has a future in nfl--eagles or elsewhere period--being consistent is something else---micheal vick---next titans,bucs or jags---darkhorse Vikings with Peterson oh boy!!
  • EZ Im in section 24 you going? Anyone going to game?
  • looked pretty good today
  • Foles looked pretty good. He gets a little clutsy at times when pressured. It seems like backups putting up yardage in the NFL is becoming pretty commonplace. The NFL has changed. There was nothing hard hitting or anything resembling a rivalry in that game. Football has been neutered.
  • So every QB should be playing well when looking at it with your reasons why you think Foles is playing well? You can't just type he looked good, can you?...that would mean you stating how far off you were with your calling him trash earlier this year. Let's ripped Eazy and I for wanting to see more of Foles and called us out on it after the Dallas game while stating it was a no brainer that the Eagles had to go with the oft injured turnover machine who is injured once again. You also stated that McCoy isn't a great back, switched your opinion on him only to change it back again last year when he sat out for a few games. You just ought to stop really should. Go root for whatever team Vince Young is playing for. Where is that these days? LOL.
  • didn't the eagles beat the ohhmygod that mascot again, The Redskins?
    Or am I needing another pair of glasses?
  • I TOLD those knuckleheads there is no way a 3rd round pick in his second year, (who was a project pocket QB when drafted), could be better than a #1 OVERALL, 10 year veteran with both a cannon AND wheels. I said that and they decided they could argue with it, then were promptly, completely, and unquestionably HUMILIATED when they were PROVEN to be as WRONG as I TOLD them they were. Proven not by ME, but by Nick Foles's apparent inferiority IN THIS SYSTEM.

    Hollywood, just a reply to you from your buddy when discussing "how ridiculous" the notion of Nick Foles running this system better than Vick seemed to the two of you. It just goes to show that you NEVER know. I've typed those exact words to the "great" birdflipper and he tried telling me that yes, he does know. I've seen the guy miss more often than hit on his predictions but I'm absolutely thrilled that so far you've both missed on Foles...are you? I know you aren't and I also know that no matter what flip types he'd rather be right about his statements than see Foles or Kelly do well. It's funny because this comment was from a discussion you and flip were having accusing me and Eazy wanting to see the Eagles lose so Vick would get benched. That wasn't true at all...I just knew that the Eagles weren't going anywhere with Vick so why bother? I knew the bad habits and the injuries would be there this year so why bother?...I knew that Vick was not the future so why bother?
  • Foles out rushed rg3 ha. Gotta love it.
  • wow someone noticed?
  • I had certainly written Foles off after last year. Despite the fact that he was a rookie, surrounded by veterans who didn't care and a coaching staff who knew they would be gone the next year. I still felt like Foles was a solid college QB who simply didn't have good enough arm strength, good enough decision making, or good enough accuracy to cut it as a legitimate NFL QB.

    Even in preseason I was down on him. I figured if this guy couldn't beat out a turnover and injury-prone Vick for the starting job then he simply isn't good. Despite the fact that the offense is perfectly suited for Vick's abilities and almost opposite-suited for Foles abilities.

    Then the Tampa game happened. From then on out, I was convinced that this guy is the better choice than Vick. To me it was all about how he was able to stay out of harm's way, make smart decisions, not turn the ball over, and be efficient in the red zone. All things that Vick has consistently failed to do.

    Even the Dallas game didn't sway me. Although that was because I was convinced that Foles had hurt his groin during the game and was hiding his injury.

    And now, I am ready to say that this team belongs to Nick Foles. There will be bumps in the road that I am ready for, as teams will learn to counter Foles' strengths. But I trust Foles to watch the film and learn to get better, just as he did this year.
  • Foles is opening a lot of eyes with his play. I still have questions about him to be sure, but he's certainly done enough to see how far he can take us this season at least this year. Foles being good is good for the Eagles.

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Paul Pierce trolls Raptors fans

Yes, ESPN2 is airing video games

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