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They sure seemed to make a spectacle of it didn't they? Even brining along the owner for the ride. Many have speculated the move was to drive up interest for Smith so teams would be willing to trade up to get him. Well that makes little sense that teams would be willing to trade with the Eagles for a guy they are supposedly interested in. Maybe the Eagles are trying to throw a smoke screen around a player they are truly interested in and they want to divert attention from their guy. Considering the fact only three other teams pick ahead of them that also seems like a silly idea. The only people they would be fooling are themselves. That leaves only one likely choice. The Eagles have some interest in Geno Smith. ["Obviously, he’s an impressive guy,” Roseman said Wednesday....] So the Eagles consider Smith impressive. That doesn't seem like a comment one would make if he were just trying to drum up interest for a player he has no intentions of drafting. Considering some of the choices made so far by Howie Roseman should anyone feel surprised if the Eagles actually have interest in Smith? Who is the Eagles great quarterback they have in the fold already? At this point is there anyone who can say Mike Vick is that guy? Chip Kelly still doesn't seem to be settled on any quarterback still as he stated [ "“We’re going to look at anybody and everybody to see if we can win games,” Kelly said. “Does that mean we’re going to draft a quarterback in the draft? I don’t know.”] This statement is a little troubling since it seems Kelly may be willing to take a risk with the 4th pick in the draft ( although I don't think he's making that call anyway) on a guy who he may not think he can win with. If nothing else the Eagles have made their choice of a pick even more cloudy than it was before. The Eagles appear to be playing poker, but it seems they are only playing with themselves. The only truth that can be gathered is Chip Kelly hasn't ruled out any of his quarterbacks so far, and that he's willing to add a few more in order to find his guy. Considering his current options at the position that may be the best news of all.
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  • They are most likely doing a bit of everything... doing all their homework while keeping everyone speculating
  • My guess is that they're searching for a QB of the future. While everybody and his brother is shaking his head at QB's in this Draft class, Jeff Lurie doesn't pay his staff to sit around and go by what Mike Mayock says.

    So they have to do their due diligence.

    I for one am glad they did. If Lurie likes what he sees he should instruct his guys to grab him. After all, it's not like Lurie has no experience with this, right. If he feels that he sees greatness, we should respect that.

    On the other hand if he doesn't feel the presence of greatness we should respect that too.

    I think picking a QB should be more about the owner anyway. That guy will be THE FACE of the franchise. It was smart for Lurie to be there.
  • If they believe he is the guy then they should make the choice. I am not sure if he's the guy, but I do recall earlier this year everyone had the guy the number one pick in the draft. Now suddenly he's a middle first pick. Seems a little strange for a kid who doesn't have a lot of off the field issues and health problems to drop so far. Right now people say he's a more polished passer than McNabb out of college. Not saying he's the next McNabb, but the bottom line is we need a quarterback, and he's the best one available.
  • Even if they think he's their guy they can't come out and say it no one give away their draft strategy. Not even the colts last year when everyone knew who they were picking. Teams are gonna scout everyone esp teams with top picks. Its just business as usual.
  • It's true and I am not really expecting them to say he's their guy. I do believe they have interest in him. I just am not sure how much. 8 free agent signings sure is a big number even if they are second and third tier free agents. It seems like they have an isolated plan for the draft. I just heard that Geno had an outstanding Pro Day and he missed only two of his scripted passes.
  • i think there is a strong chance we draft him. i dont want them to but there is a strong chance we do. it seems they r trying to fill all of the needs via free agency so getting the qb of the future in the first wouldnt shock me. if anyone in the top ten is going to get something out of smith i think it will be kelly or andy. andy sure isnt gonna take him so smith better be hoping we do.
  • It looks like our focus is on improving the defense. I bet we get Milliner or Jarvis Jones, and I'll be stoked with either.
  • I'll be pissed with either jones n his neck problems milliner n his average ability plus high price tag at a position we got rid of a guy being paid about that much. I rather have geno than them. If they go defense we still need an end for the 3-4 so star is a great fit plus a better player his heart condition bs cleared up I think so no worries about that. The fact no ollineman was brought in makes me believe they r happy with getting whatever tackle falls to them or warmack. The biggest questions we have now is do we have room for all of our 4-3 DEs? Barwin makes me think the pass rusher lb spot is taken. If we do go to a 4-3 under, which I doubt, we could still use them but I think we r looking at trades n cuts for Cole n crew.
  • Cutting or trading Cole leaves the Eagles with a pretty big cap hit this year...I think they are stuck with him for a year or two.
  • That's not necessarily a bad thing he might not have the coverage skills you'd like as a 3-4 OLB but he is still a good pass rusher. Could be a Demarcus Ware type player for us.

    and dawk whats wrong with Milliner's ability... he's wowed everyone and answered all the critics he's the real deal
  • If the Eagles feel that Smith is their QB of the future they need to take him with the 4th pick. It's as simple as that. All these QB signings and the Eagles taking everyone down to for a personal workout with Geno Smith shows that they are far from settled at QB and Chip Kelly getting his franchise QB in his first year would be a good thing.

    bnugent: Milliner is the real deal from what I have heard...the only questionmark I have seen was his speed and he answered with his 40 time. I'm not overly thrilled of the thought of Cole as a 3-4 OLBer. He may need to cover from time to time and he didn't wow anyone when he covered in McDermott's system. He also struggled last year big time. We'll see what happens.

    20dawk: I'm not sure what you mean by paying Milliner Asomugha type money...the rookie contracts aren't nearly as big as they used to be...Milliner won't get paid nearly as much in his rookie deal.
  • GTD the milliner comment was directed at dawk20. I'm glad to hear you and I are on the same page as him. I've wanted the eagles to draft him since before the combine. after it i said he should be their pick without a doubt. Him with these two FA signings we'd be set at CB. But I could see the team going after Geno Smith or and O-linemen depending on how the draft shakes out. As for Cole yea his coverage lacks something to be desired but so does Aldon Smith's and Ware's but they are impact guys in the pass rush.
  • I know the comment was directed at 20dawk, bnugent. Just adding my two cents. I like Milliner a lot but would also love Fisher. I also wouldn't mind the Eagles drafting Smith if they decide he is their guy. The Eagles would have their franchise guy for Kelly and it would mean that Vick is done barring a Smith injury. Nothing wrong with that in my opinion.
  • My only hesitation is that no one thinks that he is worth that high of a pick so if they do take him at 4 and pass on a guy like Milliner then Chip Kelly is gonna look like an idiot if Geno flops and Milliner lives up to what everyone is saying about him. I'd rather take the safe solid player rather then overreaching. I could eat these words though come January. Smith might also fall if the Bills and Cards pass then the Eagles might be able to trade up and make a play for him in the mid to late first round.
  • I get your concerns and I do share them but I'll put my faith in what the Eagles choose to do...what choice do I have honestly? Any player the Eagles choose COULD end up being a bust or maybe just not top 5 worthy including Milliner (he seems like a stud but you just never really know). Smith not being a bonafide top pick could be a good thing for the Eagles since it would mean that 3 teams who could use a franchise QB decided not to draft him if the Eagles get him at 4. Who knows, maybe Bradley decides he fits what he wants to do and the Jaguars draft him, maybe the Raiders fall in love with him and take a shot...he may not even be there at 4 and the Eagles might not get the chance to draft him at 4 and get their franchise QB or fail miserably. If the Eagles think he can be their franchise QB they need to draft him at 4 if he is still there. If they didn't like what they saw at his workout then it still helps because if he falls to 4 and the Cards or the Bills do like him at 7 or 8 then they may be calling the Eagles and that should garner them at least another 2nd round pick. Of course it all depends on how the draft falls and both teams could just cut out the middle man and trade higher for Smith if they want him. It will be interesting to see how everything works out.
  • I think milliner is a solid guy that's all he's got pro bowl potential written all over him and the CB (like QB) is a highly sought after position.
  • I'll be thrilled with Milliner or Fisher (and moving Herremans back to guard). I wouldn't have minded Jordan if the Eagles would have drafted him but don't feel it's a need anymore since the Eagles signed Barwin. I would rather they see if Graham can make the transition before using a first round pick on a OLBer. Again, if they choose to get their franchise guy in Geno Smith, I'm fine with that. I would prefer Milliner or Fisher and Manuel in the 2nd but I'm not making the picks and there is no guarantee that Manuel is there in the 2nd. I also don't pretend that I'm a scout and won't guarantee that Manuel will be better. I don't freakin' know.
  • I seriously doubt Cole will ever have to cover as an OLGA. On fact I think the Eagles would move him around and try to find ways to just send him at the QB. With all of the additions And the fact they are so versatile, I believe they will use both 3-4 and 4-3 fronts. Don't be surprised to see a lot of rotation out of the front seven players next season. Cole may end up being a pass rush specialist.
  • You may be right Eazy but we have no idea what Kelly and Davis are thinking. Always stunned me that McDermott would drop Cole back and take him away from what he did best. Also surprised both you and I that Kelly wanted to see what Vick brings when he had two plus years of video to show him...we just don't know what to expect.
  • I understand keeping Vick to a point. First Kelly is making Vick earn his job and prove that it was the coaches fault and not his. he also thinks maybe Vick (a hungrier Vick) can possibly run hus offense. at least he is willing to give him a chance to. Chip Kelly may have film, but he doesn't have our bias, and I'm sure he can obviously see how Andy Reid worked so hard at setting his own players up for failure. He poorly used McCoy, Jackson, Celek, his inexperienced line, and Vick. He completely disrespected his defense by making an offensive line coach the main guy. True we don't know what Chip and his coaches have planned, but I have to believe he will use his guys much better than Andy Reid did. I'm sure he looked at the tape and said to himself if this guy has been a head coach in the NFL since 1999, I'm a shoe in for victory here.
  • Vick is s bridge, nothing more. If Kelly sees him as anything other than that and isn't planning accordingly, I'm worried about this offense.
  • I get where you're coming from. We know what Vick brings and it's nothing more than lies, bad play, finger pointing, and broken promises. Still Chip has to see it for himself. If he were as smart as people make him out to be he won't force the Vick thing. I'm taking him at his word. Mike Vick is in competition for the quarterback position. May the best man of this mediocre bunch win.
  • I saw your discussion with flip over the QBs. I don't get why he is puzzled over the quantity of QBs on the roster, especially in Kelly's first year. Nothing is set in stone with this bunch obviously. Kelly probably has no idea who will be #1, #2 or #3. It's possible Vick, Foles and Edwards could all be gone next year...may as well see if Dixon, Kinne and possibly a rookie can run HIS system better than who's already here or at the very least if they have more upside. It's quite possible that the 6th QB (if there is one) will be looked at as the future.
  • I completely agree with you. Nothing is set in stone here. The reason why he doesn't understand I believe is because 1 the guy swears he knows more than everyone else about football and 2 he is looking at this with his bias of thinking Vick is still a great quarterback if Vick ever was that. I find it comical how people think that there is some untapped potential in Vick. This will be Vick's forth (active)head coach. I mean are people still dumb enough to think that A coach is capable of getting anything else out of Vick? I remember Marty calling Vick the next Steve Young. Boy did Vick fall woefully short of those expectations. That's why people should get a clue and realize that Vick isn't garenteed anything and he shouldn't be since he hasn't earned it. In fact no one on the roster right now should feel like their job is safe. 4-12 teams don't have irreplaceable players.
  • Riddle me this. If Geno really is worthy of the #4 pick, well then why was the Heisman trophy given to a freshman? Don't get my wrong the Heisman is no measuring stick, but if I'm taking a QB at #4, he better be a once in a generation talent. I will be absolutely furious if they take Geno.
  • So then why pick anyone in the draft if they didn't win the Heisman? LOL Last year the Heisman trophy winner wasn't picked first. Tim Tebow is a Heisman Trophy Winner and so was Andre Ware. Don't let the Heisman be the reason for choosing the Quarterback or any player for that matter. Hopefully I soled that riddle for you.

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With Love retained, the Cavs can take care of LeBron

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