Someone Please Give Me A Legit Reason Why Plaxico Isn't An Eagle.

Posted August 04, 2012

I have heard all the reasons. The most recent one was that the Eagles didn't want a 4th receiver that doesn't play special teams. Okay well it that were the truth, then why did they pay all that money last season to that stiff Steve Smith? Not only did he not play any special teams, he barely played receiver at all. Burress had 8 touchdowns last season. I don't expect him to be the guy who torched our defense in the past, but I certainly think he's capable of winning a Red Zone jump ball or two and that's something we all know Riley Cooper can't do despite his size. If Burress doesn't want to go to camp fine, but he's a guy who wants to be in Philly. The Eagles need to make this happen.

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  • Aside from last year with the Jets, Burress has a history of being a locker room headache.
    Sure he's a redzone weapon, but it's not like he helps stretch a field to clear out room for the run game. He also didn't get separation like he used to and at 35 he's not likely to get explosiveness back. What that means is he's good for 20 yards of the more successful drives. Otherwise he doesn't really help you.

    I'm more stoked about continuing to develop Cooper not into a redzone specialist but as a large slot receiver to create mismatches ALL THE WAY DOWN THE FIELD. Anyone expecting him to be a redzone specialist doesn't understand that that was NEVER his game.

    In DJax's absence all Cooper did was average 80 yards a game in 3 starts. Even better than that he was consistent with his contributions. It wasn't 1 monster game and then 2 where he just showed up and grabbed 2 passes for 21 yards or some such. He put up (5) 75, (3) 71, (5) 94, respectively. Those are solid numbers. Those numbers are even better when you consider they came in games started buy Vince Young.

    I also want to see what Marvin McNutt can do, although redzone specialist/ endzone high jumper isn't his game either. Then again we ARE talking about 3rd and 4th receivers here. If they were that guy, with their size, they wouldn't have been on the board when we took them.
  • First I want to address the DJax absence comment, because you are incorrect it was actually Maclin and not Jackson who was absent in that time. Jackson missed the Arizona game and Maclin got hurt early in that game. All Cooper did in the Arizona game was put up zeros. So all the stats you are attributing to Cooper as to imply he's better than Jackson, he got BECAUSE OF JACKSON.LOL Cooper is not a mismatch, because he doesn't time his jumps properly nor does he come back to the ball. He also doesn't do a good job of shielding the ball from defenders. Cooper for all intent and purposes is a over hyped player (by Eagles fans) who people believe is the next Jordy Nelson and he's not even close. There is no way anyone could tell me Cooper is better than Burress in any other fashion other than the fact he plays special teams. As far as the development of some of the young guys well they still have time to do just that. I'm talking about a one year thing with Burress. Just a guy who knows how to block that corner out of the play so he can make the catch. A guy who has proven over the years that he knows how to go and get the football and even last season showed he was able to get into the End zone something the Eagles were terrible at last season with the great Riley Cooper on the squad. Finally as far as his attitude goes I seriously doubt he would be a problem, because he would be on a one year veteran minimum contract. He would be playing nice unless the Eagles would be losing and if they were losing releasing him wouldn't matter at all and to be frank he would be least of their problems. Sorry, but I don't buy any of this as a good reason not to try and get Burress.
  • You're right about me typing in the wrong name there, but my point isn't to say that Cooper is a better player.

    When I made these same points earlier this year about Cooper, I said that if DJax were to walk, the Eagles would already have his replacement on the roster. But all that became a moot point when Jackson signed his deal. (BTW, I still think he's far tougher than Jackson, and so if I had to pick one I'd still take Cooper.)

    As far a Burress, it isn't just the Eagles who are passing on him, it's ALL 32 TEAMS. That says something about either a players skills or how he handles off the field.

    Burress has a history of baggage and the WR starved Jets QUICKLY got shut of him.


    The Jets need a WR so bad they're willing to let CB Antonio Cromartie play some snaps there. He said he's the teams second best WR and NO ONE ON THE TEAM HAS DISPUTED IT. And have they made a move to get Burress back? Nope. That speaks volumes.

    Finally, as an Eagles fan you know that if a back-up WR won't cover kicks, he won't make the roster. You KNOW this. Burress will not supplant Jackson or Maclin as a starter, so he'd be a back-up. Since he won't cover kicks, he won't be an Eagle. 1-2-3. Simple.
  • Flip there is no way Riley Cooper is tougher than Jackson. anytime a 5 foot 9 170 pound guy is catching balls inside on 250 pound guys who want to knock his head off you can't question his toughness. Jackson has missed about three games from injury in his career. Cooper got knocked out for six weeks in practice! No receiver on this team except maybe Jason Avant is tougher than Jackson. As far as the Jets not wanting Burress back well that could be a mutual decision. The Jets were a side show circus of a terrible kind last season and Burress was the least of their problems. Now they have upped the anty with Tebow mania and they still have the same problems of lacking talent in important areas and being too old in others. They are a team of confusion so who would really want to be there? Also who's to say Burress was happy there? After all he made it clear the moment he got out where he wanted to be. The Jets were like a consolation prize. Just because they were paying him doesn't mean he was happy there yet he still kept his mouth shut. I'm sure it added insult to injury to watch his old team make an improbable Super Bowl run (again) while the team he wanted to be with all along (the Eagles) pounded any chance of his team making the playoffs. Oh and the Giants did the same thing to them as well. Finally Cooper was a solid special teams player, but let's be realistic here. He wasn't all that! He isn't indispensable. A roster has 52 players on it! You mean to tall me the Eagles can't find someone else on it who can play special teams? That's why Bobby April is here! To do that very thing. With that being the case red zone touchdowns are a REAL PROBLEM FOR THIS FOOTBALL TEAM. As far as I'm concerned replacing a special teams hack is not more important (or difficult) than finding ways to score in the red zone.
  • And yet when Week 3 or 4 rolls around Cooper's spot will likely still be there waiting. Back-up WR's play Special Teams in Philadelphia. That's a fact.
  • The Eagles will do what they are going to do. We have no
    control over that situation, but that doesn't mean we
    as fans have to blindly agree nor does it mean we can't
    have a critical opinion about it. I don't have a lot
    of confidence in the abilities of Riley Cooper just
    like you didn't have a lot of confidence in the abilities
    of Kevin Kolb.
  • To be fair, I did say when Kolb was named the starter, that we should get behind him, but it's not like he's setting the world on fire either.

    When they first traded McNabb, Kolb's body of work had him almost as likely to throw a TD to the opposition as to his own team. (That so far is still the case. Did you see the HOF game?)
  • Dude stinks. It's good they got rid of him. You can't be indecisive with the football and expect to win games. I think he has the tools, but he lacks the mental.
  • Lacks an arm. Mentally he is mush. But Cooper is a role player and Plax is a proven impact player. Big difference in a playoff game.
  • Get behind kevin Kolb. That goof is almost out of the league. Riley Cooper isnt a bad player just doesnt compare to Plaxico.
  • I would agree with you, but you know how this league goes. If a bum like Rex Grossman can stick around this long then so can Kolb. I don't know how good or bad Cooper will be in the future, but I think Plax is the better option now. Cooper's injury didn't help the situation.
  • Flip has some good points on why Burress isn't an Eagle and I would also add that the Eagles don't want to use a roster spot on a redzone target and nothing else. He'll be no better than the 4th option at wide receiver for the Eagles and unlike Cooper who asks to play special teams, Burress can't and never has. I'm excited about the Eagles young receivers and would like to see the 5th and possibly 6th spots go to McNutt and Damaris Johnson (as long as he holds onto that punt return job the Eagles may have no choice but to keep 6 receivers). Cooper was supposedly having a nice camp and unlike some on this site I didn't want to see the Eagles give up on him so quickly especially when he really hasn't gotten too many chances yet. I think Jackson, Maclin, Avant, Cooper, McNutt and Johnson could possibly cover all aspects of what you look for in receivers. Speed, hands, a return game and depending on whose reports you read physicallity with McNutt (and hopefully Cooper will learn to use his size to his advantage eventually).
  • I hope the Eagles don't save a spot for Cooper on the roster. If Burress isn't going to be an Eagle then I would rather they keep the young guys they have rather than hope Cooper comes back healthy. Like I stated earlier if it was only about special teams, then why did the Eagles sign Steve Smith? He doesn't play special teams, but they signed him to be their 4th wide receiver. I also think Plax could be more than just a red zone threat. He could get 30-50 balls thrown his way next season. He could also be a third down receiver. He's a big target who already knows how to use his body to get open. Burress might not be the guy he used to be, but he is still an advantage over most corners in the league on short routes.
  • If every thing goes to plan they won't have to "save" a spot for Cooper. They think he may be back right at the start of the season although we know it may be longer. Smith is a whole different story than Burress, Eazy. He caught over 100 balls the year before his injury and the Eagles may have been hoping they had a player who had the potential to possibly take Jackson's spot if contract negotiations didn't go their way. It didn't come close to working out that way but it seems to me that's what they were possibly hoping for. Jackson has his contract and the Eagles have what seems like a boatload of talent at the receiver position that they would like to work with...I have no problem with that.
  • I don't have a problem with the Eagles not getting Burress. As flip noted we are discussing 4th wide receivers here. Still I think Burress could help this team. If the Eagles really thought Steve Smith would be some type of leverage over Jackson they then there is no wonder why Joe Banner is out. Steve Smith despite all his catches was not in the same league as Jackson as far as pure talent goes. He was a complete disaster for them and he also did not play special teams. Smith as far as I'm concerned brings far less to the table than Burress and they gave him like 2 million. Burress should come far less than that.
  • Smith may not have the talent that Jackson has but 100 balls is a lot of catches...when the man is healthy he obviously can play. You think Burress can help this team but he's also 65, Eazy and can barely walk let alone run from what I've heard...okay maybe I exaggerate a little (about the walking part and his age by a couple years anyway). Still Eazy, why bring in a head case like Burress when there seems to be so much harmony on the team? I'm fine with the receivers the Eagles have right now. We both had stated time and time again that the Eagles offense hurt itself over and over with stupid penalties. boneheaded plays and turnovers...limit them (and if Vick stays healthy) and this offense will be very good if not great...if they don't Burress won't matter anyway!
  • Before I answer your question I will first state that if health is truly a problem for Burress than that is the most legitamet reason I have heard or read to not bring him in. I haven't heard anything like that. He seemed healthy enough last season for the Jets to me and considering he wouldn't exactly be starting he'd be mostly fresh for the team. Now to you point of why I think bringing in Burress would be a good idea. Let's start with the harmony part. First consider this time last season. I can recall there was a great vibe going into the season. Jackson reported to camp and said (lied) he wouldn't cause any trouble. The Eagles had just acquired all of these weapons and everyone believed they were at the very least a playoff team. Then the wheels fell off and all the harmony went out the door. Why did it? The answer is because they weren't winning. Winning keeps the harmony going and I believe Burress helps in that department. I believe he helps in that department, because I believe he can help the Eagles in the red zone. Burress got 8 touch downs last season with that hack Sanchez as his quarterback. 8 touchdowns is nothing to thumb your nose at. Do you know how many touchdowns led the Eagles receivers had last season? The number is 5. So even a has been like Burress out performed this so called great receiving core of ours that everyone seems so pleased with. Simply put the Eagles receivers are terrible in the red zone. Teams win in this league by scoring touchdowns and the Eagles simply don't score enough of them in the Red Zone.
  • This all goes on the back burner now. One of Reid's sons died at camp over night. Just heard and don't know all the details.
  • Saw that. I wont comment on that and I wont speculate about it. I will wait for all the info to come out. I am sorry for his loss though. No parent should have to bury their child.
  • Absolutely right, Eazy!
  • I agree an insurance policy
  • He gives the Eagles quality depth and a physical player in the run game. He cant hurt this team only help it. Signing Plax would be a serious superbowl statement.
  • Because,he is a f"""kng head case,he was not like at michigan state,went to pittsburgh was not like,give credit were is due,he won super bowl with giants,beside that,he is liek terrel owens loud mouth,and me,me-----i would love for him,to an eagle,RAIDERS ARE SHORT OR WR----AND VICK NEEDS A BIG PHYSCAL TARGET---COOPER IS INJURY PRONE.
  • Jerseys12 most talented receivers are head cases in this current era of football. Desean Jackson is a huge head case. Randy Moss might be the biggest head case of them all, and he's a hall of fame player. Like you I would love for Vick to finally have a big target. I heard something interesting on the radio the other day. There was a comment on how both Vick and Brees are relatively the same size, but the difference is how Brees has giants playing receiver for him while Vick receivers are smaller than he is. Time to get Vick a big target.
  • Enter Brent Celek.
  • Flip Brent Celek has already been here and we still struggle in the Red Zone. Besides you mentioned in my other thread how Tod Herremans is going to need some extra help on blocking. Who do you think that extra help is going to be?
  • 20 I'm not sure if Ford makes the team. There has to be some chance he does considering how they backed off Shockey, but I don't see how the Eagles can place all of their Super Bowl aspirations on a third string undrafted rookie and suddenly make him their Red Zone threat.
  • If the Eagles are smart? Some Celek, some screens, delays off-Guard (because Ngata doesn't stop and redirect off blocks uncommonly quickly), chip blocks from backs to let Herremans reset his feet, play-action directly at Ngata's position (to freeze the OLB as well), QB sneaks where Vick follows the HB (essentially using him as a FB), Quick slants, stretch runs to Ngata's side (let him get tired chasing wide plays), etc.

    There's a TON of ways to scheme help Herremans that day without it all being on Celek.

  • I do not want to see Vick sneaking/draws at all. That guy is too brittle for all that and him in the middle of the pile the defenses will take liberties on him, because he's not that big of a guy. So let's get this straight. You would rather send you 100 million dollar fragile quarterback up the middle to get smashed by 300 pound guys following a block by your best offensive weapon (so he can get smashed too) rather than to just go pay league veteran minimum to a guy like Plaxico to catch a few fade routes in the endzone?????
  • With over 5,200 career rushing yards, Vick has been hit by defensive linemen before. He's a football player not a newborn. He can deal.

    I don't get you. You don't believe Vick can or will make decent decisions throwing the ball, but you don't want him to run either,because he's "brittle".

    Would I sneak him on every down in that game? No, of course not. But let's take a deep breath here. QB's run sneaks. Even the less mobile ones, and they usually run them naked.

    What I suggested was a sneak where he follows a RB. It's been done in the NFL, college, the NY/NJ Knights even ran it in the World League. Somehow I get the impression that a guy of Vick's talent level can not only handle it, but exploit it.

    And what I mentioned was in conjunction with blocking Haloti Ngata. There were also a bunch of other options I put up there as well. And yes, I would rather run Vick on the odd sneak here and there, than to overpay a washed up, headache to be a one trick pony on a team that values team players and versatility.

    No need to sign Burress and shoot ourselves in the leg. (I mean foot!)
  • You say Vick can deal? Look again at how many seasons he's started every game of his career. I'm not questioning the guys toughness. Just his durability.
  • Brent Celek has a rash of injuries. Im not sure this guy can stay in top form for a whole season.
  • its called pro sports ur guess is as good as mine
  • So I ask you now. Does that seem like a legitimate reason not to have Burress? Hoping guys who haven't panned out to suddenly turn into that guy or hoping some late round draft pick suddenly becomes that guy when there is a guy already available who they already know can do the job?
  • Debatable I think. It depends on his impact to the team. If he scores 8-10 redzone touchdowns including two in the super bowl then I think he does help us win the super bowl.
  • It doesn't matter, because I know the Eagles wont do it, but I will ask you this question. How would you feel if the Eagles did go sign him?
  • easyeagle,you are right,i would like vick to have a big target like moss or burress---but the eagles refuse to make move,and go to unproven players to win games.
  • I can see why they didn't go after Moss. Moss is better than Maclin and Jackson so they couldn't justify using him as a 4th receiver nor should they pay him the kind of money he was looking for to be one. Burress on the other hand could come cheap, wouldn't have to start, and could be valuable on third down and in the Red Zone. The Eagles can justify whatever reason why the do or do not make a move, but as a fan I think this moves helps.
  • This would be a superbowl type move. Dont expect it from Eagles.
  • A Super Bowl type move?...bringing in one of three receivers you bring up that aren't on anybody's roster halfway through training camp? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha......HA!
  • Looks like TO landed and so will Plax.
  • Please don't make me start explaining my points to you. I never typed TO or Burress wouldn't be on any team's roster...I laughed when you stated that signing Burress would be a Super Bowl type move. I'm actually still laughing. I'll stop when the Seahawks (or whatever team Burress lands on) are in the Super Bowl...and then only if they made a noticeable contribution to get their team there.
  • It's a tough call. I mean can a 4th string receiver pickup really be called a superbowl move? On the other hand Burress would help them score touchdowns and that's something they are having trouble doing so.....
  • I dont think you need impact players to be stacked. But playoff calibur players can step up big in key games.
  • You know what I find interesting? I know for a fact some of you here wanted the Eagles to draft the Oklahoma State kid in the first round (Dez Bryant version 2). Some of you wanted to over pay major head cases like Sydney Rice, and Vincent Jackson to bring all of their drama to Philly ON A LONG TERM BASIS. Some of you wanted to let Jackson go in hope that Antonio Bryant or Brandon Llyod become great players and not just one season wonders (and not major head cases). Now we can no longer afford to sign Plaxico Burress to a ONE YEAR veteran minimum contract to come in and catch some red zone touchdowns from Mike Vick, because of his attitude or so we can confirm the Riley Cooper really is a bust?
  • Definitely aren't typing about me...I have constantly typed on here that I am not overly fond of the divas of the league and I typed the ONLY way I would be okay if they traded Jackson would be if they replaced him with a top tier wideout! You type that Cooper could be a bust...really Eazy? A 4th round draft choice (or was it a 5th) and 4th or 5th option at receiver who has been effective on special teams and has had some nice plays and filled in okay when Jackson has been hurt and really only had one camp so far with limited reps? Is he a bust or are some fans expecting too much from a mid level draft pick?
  • Read some of the comments on the expectations of Cooper Green. You would think the guy is an all pro waiting to break out. No I wasn't referring to you, but I remember all the comments around draft time and it's just surprising to me the reasons people are using not to go after Burress when they were so willing to do the same for players with greater risks, greater financial investments, and longer contracts.
  • I accept that, Eazy but I know you are smart enough to temper those expectations into some that are more reasonable. He is what he is right now but his size and speed for a big man is still too valuable in my opinion to give up on him with so few chances.
  • Maybe you're right, but I still don't think Cooper is good enough to be the difference maker that Burress could be this season. By the way there is no reason by both players couldn't be on the team.
  • I'll give you two...McNutt and Damaris Johnson!
  • Damaris only makes this team if he can become the full time return man and he has competition in that department in guys like Brandon Boykin. McNutt could go an so many different directions. He could make the team, end up on IR, or the practice squad. I've seen guys like Brandon Gibson catch everything thrown to them in preseason and still not make the Eagles roster.
  • Not necessarly true Eazy. If he can keep just the punt return job that April has already awarded him, he may make it (he had a great career as a returner at Tulsa). Besides, word is he looked great catching the ball in the first OTAs (he has dropped a few passes lately but I have read that he is still playing well). It won't hurt having many options or depth at returner and I am actually hoping that Boykins (a given), Johnson and Cliff Harris (5th corner?) all make the team. From what I am reading about them there is a chance it may happen. If the Eagles can give Hall a roster spot (albeit late in the season with injuries) they could have room for 6 receivers if they choose to. I actually heard that the Eagles only plan on keeping 4 DEs (that would mean no Hunt or Tapp) and if that is true they may be able to afford to go deeper at receiver...who knows?
  • 4 DE would be a shock, but if you think about it that would be the position to most likely get the cuts. Jenkins and Cox are versatile enough to play the end position. I thought Hunt might have a shot of making the team, but if the Eagles can get more playmakers on the roster by releasing him the so be it. He would be more of a luxury than a necessity. I hope Johnson does make the roster and he becomes a successful return man. If he's as good as advertised then he would be a huge asset to the team. A good return man could mean better field position for the offense. I remember how bad Dion Lewis was last season. Every time he would take the ball out of the endzone and every time he would be tackled inside the 20. So glad they are looking to upgrade there.
  • I would guess exactly why they may choose to go light on DEs but just because I saw it or heard it somewhere doesn't make it so. Regardless, the Eagles seem like they be losing some talent come final cutdowns or by trade if they decide to try and get a late round pick for someone like Tapp. Agree with you about Lewis and just about everyone else the Eagles have tried to use as a returner not named Jackson (since B. Mitchell anyway). They haven't had much luck even when they tried saving a roster spot for a returner (see J.R. Reed) so I would love the luxury of having 3 returners not including Jackson on the roster. It's an added bonus that they all may be able to add a little to the games besides special teams.
  • I said back in May that they'd probably only keep 4 DE's.
  • You're absolutely right and how could I forget Westbrook, 20dawk? He was obviously very good at punt returns when they used him (same situation now as Jackson). Still, it would be nice having a few options at returner that wouldn't kill you on offense or defense if they got hurt...know what I mean?
  • I don't see them dressing more than 5 on game days. Jackson, Maclin, Avant, Cooper, and likely McNutt. If Boykin doesn't return kicks then I think they could go 6, but I can't see Boykin not making the roster.
  • I guess you mean that you feel Boykin returning kicks may keep Johnson or Hall off the roster, right?
  • I agree EZ. In the NFC game vs Packers Burress would have touched the ball that Vick put in the endzone. Cooper showed hes barely a NFL receiver by falling all over his feet and not even laying a finger on the ball. he was clueless.
  • ...and you have shown that you are barely human with your comments on Reid and his son. Besides hollywood, are you honestly trying to pass the blame of a game ending interception on a rookie wide receiver on an admitingly bad pass by Vick. Again, this is just one reason why everyone laughs at you on here...always trying to place the blame where it doesn't belong so you can help your arguments.
  • Disparaging and less than human like qualities displayed by hollywood lately aside, I think your both are correct here. First Mike Vick never should have thrown that pass. I get he was trying to make a play and catch the Packers, but he didn't have to rush it. He certainly shouldn't have put the Eagles season on the line throwing to a rookie against a guy who was having an outstanding season in Williams. Cooper on the other hand did nothing right on the play. He lost track of the defender and didn't shield him from the ball. He miss timed his jump causing Williams to out jump him. Worst of all he failed to play defender and knock the ball out. I wont go as far as to say that things certainly would have been different if that were Burress, but they could have been.
  • No question, Eazy but the ball should never have been thrown and Jackson and Cooper (and everyone else in the world) both thought Vick was going to spike the ball on the play. Vick got greedy and threw a bad ball...hardly the fault of a rookie.
  • No doubt about it. Vick is the veteran and he used some terrible judgment there. The truth is Vick doesn't get nearly the amount of criticism he should for some of his decisions on the football field.
  • It wasnt a great ball thrown but it certainly was just as bad on the receiving end. And second, Im not disparaging anyone. Why should I hold back what im thinking and feeling about this death. Its a loss for everyone. a young man with so much potential is dead. Andy gets to coach Thursday. its back too work.
  • Just as bad?...another exaggeration by you...I'm shocked! not really!
  • The bottom line is the Eagles lost the game. In order to prevent that from happening in the future both players are going to "do a better job."
  • Not typing about me either. I didn't want a WR until the 6th round (T.J. Graham) as a KR/PR slot guy. It's on my April 26th final draft wishlist.
  • I don't recall who actually it was, but I do know there are people who wanted to draft a receiver and/or pay big money to one of those receivers.
  • You know what? Before he re-signed with the Saints I did want Marques Colston. But that was settled before FA even hit.
  • I don't think the Eagles need to go that big, (salary wise) and I don't think they need to. I just think they could use a receiver on their roster who know his way around an end zone, because right now they don't have that and it's clearly hurt them.
  • So far the most legit reasons (at least in my opinion) to not sign Burress are three. The first is that he's lost a great deal of speed (not that he was a burner before) and he's not healthy. Of course the Eagles could verify that by just brining him in for a workout and a physical.
    The second is his IRS trouble. That's not a good sign when a player owes money to the IRS. His penalties don't seem that big, but the guy has missed a lot of football and financially he could be hurting for cash. That's more trouble than he's worth.
    The third problem I see with Burress is that he apparently is asking for a lot of money. Well no matter how helpful he could be I don't think the Eagles should overpay for him or any player for that matter.
  • You pay for some parts to win a superbowl.
  • You don't overpay for anything. What happens if Vick and Kafka go down during the season and the Eagles need to go sign a quarterback? That money you are wasting to overpay Burress could have been used to sign a McNabb.
  • I havent heard what the guy wants. But like most thinngs in business you get what you pay for.
  • McNutt on a rookie contract or plax with a veteran contract. Who contibutes more?
  • On paper I would say Plax, but you never can tell with rookies. That Cobb kid from the Packers did alright for them as a rookie. I thought Jamaal Jackson would have been a better option at center last year, but the Eagles thought otherwise. They were correct in doing so as Kelce has become a really nice center. Last season they signed Steve Smith and gave him a decent contract and he turned out horribly for them. I don't care who catches the winning touchdown as long as it's caught.
  • That's a great point, Eazy. We can debate all offseason on who we want to see make the roster and what moves the Eagles "must" make to get them a championship but look back on some we questioned last year. Who would have thought Kelce would play so well? Mathis was brought in to be a backup and he turned out earning himself a huge pay raise. I don't hear nearly as many questions about the old man rookie they drafted last year after finally seeming to get it after a few starts. We thought that the offensive line was going to hurt the team but it turned out being a strength. On the other hand we all wanted linebacker help to little avail and the fans got that one right. Who knows if Burress would help them if they brought him in or would he show that he has nothing left? eventually happens to every player in the NFL (unless they pull a Barry Sanders). You do have to remember that the Eagles are in pretty good shape when it comes to receiver and there are many teams that could use a wideout more than them...I don't see any of them trying to outbid each other for Burress's services including the Jets who decided not to bring him back. I would think that has to mean something!
  • Hard to say why the Jets didn't bring back Burress, but I know this much. That team is a circus right now. They are the most over hyped thing going right now in sports.
  • Apparently the reason he hasn't signed with Steelers is because he wants too much money. The rumor is that he's desperate for cash and with the IRS now breathing down his neck, he's trying to get as much as he can or he could end up like Wesley Snipes.
  • The Patriots had the second best offense in the league last season arguable improved their receiver corps this off season. They STILL ARE BRINGING IN PLAXICO FOR A WORKOUT! Yet so many of you actually believe the Eagles receivers are too good to use him!?! Just remember if the Eagles do play the Patriots in the super bowl and Plax is the one who catches the big touchdown that McNutt's development and Cooper's potential were more important than winning.

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Lil Wayne goes after ref during anti-violence charity game

UConn created trophy for 'rivalry' series with UCF

Giancarlo Stanton eats a Kit Kat like a savage

Rob Gronkowski to critics: What have I done besides dance?

Bruce Jenner reveals new Caitlyn Jenner identity

WATCH: 'Basketball Wives' star shuts down Jameis Winston

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Chicago Bulls agree to deal with Fred Hoiberg

NBA should have 'legacy contracts' for long-time players

Atlanta Hawks unveil new logo

UAB fans celebrate football reinstatement

Sanchez backs off dismissal of Tebow

Gronk responds to critics of his antics

Bruce Jenner reveals new identity

Report: UAB bringing back football

Sepp Blatter, evil genius

Projecting the NFL's six best defenses

Top five storylines for the 2015 NBA Finals

Fred Hoiberg once mocked Noah

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