Still Think Winning Those Last 4 Last Year Was A Good Thing?

Posted November 23, 2012


Last season after a 4-8 start the Eagles were on life support to make the playoffs at best. At that time I made an extremely controversial determination. "The Eagles need to stop trying to win right now" is what I proclaimed. I wanted a team I grew up watching since I was 5 to stop trying to win. Some people on this site question my loyalties as a fan because of this. Some still do now, but the reason they do is they still can't see beyond what is in front of them. I knew the Eagles last season for whatever reason did not have a realistic chance of making the playoffs, but I also knew that if the Eagles simply tanked the rest of a meaningless season it would have given them a legit shot to snag one of the elite quarterback prospects coming out in the draft.

Fast forward to today and now we see how great RG3 has started and I can only wonder how great that kid would have looked in Eagle Green, and I shudder to think how much he's going to kill us over the next decade. You see this has happened before. There was a time when the Eagles drafted the stud QB that dominated the division. His name was Donovan McNabb, and under McNabb the Eagles went from a 3-13 disaster to a team that went to 5 NFC Championships and clearly through one of the greatest eras of the Eagles franchise. The Eagles however weren't the only team in the division who got a special quarterback.

The Giants soon found themselves a Manning gift wrapped to them. As Eagles fans we keep wanting to deny his talent while the Giants keep racking up Lombardi Trophies, and he keeps racking up SB MVP Trophies. Now the Redskins have the next guy.

They have been the laughing stock of the division over the years, but people will stop laughing at them soon. RG3 is the real deal. Again people doubt him like they still doubt Manning. How many championships will he rack up before someone else realizes how big of a mistake was it for the Eagles to fight hard to win 4 meaningless games against 4 teams that didn't even care if they lost?

Stats From RG3's first NFL game

19/26 73.1 Comp% 320 YDS 12.31 YPP 2 TD 0 INT 1 FUM 139.9 QB Rating

10 Rush 42 YDS

Mike Vick's first game of this season

29/56 51.8 Comp% 317 YDS 5.7 YPP 2 TD 4 INT 2 FUM 51.3 QB Rating

7 Rush 32 YDS

Just remember folks that guy could have been playing for us, but the Eagles wanted to win 4 meaningless games.


After watching RG3 yet again make a team look bad I wonder if you all are going to again tell me how important the fact it is we got a defensive tackle over a franchise quarterback. Tell me how RG3 is going to be an injury prone bust again and in the same sentence tell me Mike Vick's dynasty talk was justified. Tell me again how way off base I was about winning games the didn't matter. Despite the fact many of you were completely wrong on these matters I have to say all is not lost. Moving on from Andy Reid is a good thing. If he goes to Dallas it's a better thing despite the fears of some misguided fans. No Reid isn't the relevant factor here. Jeff Lurie is. You see Lurie needs to do some solid research in selecting the next head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. With some necessary salary cuts combined with an excellent draft, and add one or two quality free agents, the Eagles could find themselves back in the playoff hunt within a couple of years. Still there is much work to be done. The quarterback situation is in upheaval and most likely will not be fixed during this draft period. Foles could surprise, but the likelihood of a 3rd round pick becoming an elite quarterback is as wishful thinking as Vick apologist thinking he is capable of leading a dynasty. This pending season will most likely be a difficult one, but all the same a necessary one. Teams at times need to take a few steps back to make leaps forward. A franchise quarterback can do that for a team. I get the feeling the Eagles will have one within the next couple of years.

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  • Well, i kind of agree with you that a clean sweep is not necessary to put a winner together. The sooner the process starts the better. I suspect a loss on Monday Night will guarantee a Reid early exit. Lurie has no choice but to put the fans ahead of Reid. After that 8th loss he becomes completely expendable. If he stays he will only help build further comtempt fo the organization
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Im not ready to toss in the towl on all of the players because the idea of rebuild is not a tangible idea. Its a copout. The five year plan is no longer relevant in the NFL.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Putting the "second string" on the field serves no purpose. The coaches and organization know what they have. They are second string for a reason. The coaches know the talent we dont need to see an even lesser product on the field. Let the starters continue to play for better or worse. And at the end of the season some may be gone and that could be for the better.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Who knew McNabb? He was being groomed to start. It was a matter of time. But would you like to see Colt Anderson start at safety? what purpose would that serve?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Not really. Foles was drafted to be a backup QB. On 31 other teams thats what he would be but in Philly they have manufactured him into a starting QB. He isnt starting material and they knew that when they drafted him. Hes a role player.
  • You mean like the Seahawks where a 3rd rounder has held onto the starter's job all season? Yeah, looks like you're right like usual!
  • Just to piggy back off GTD's post. That 3rd round pick numbers this season blow Mike Vick's out the water.
  • For the last few weeks hollywood wants us to believe that Foles won't have success just because he is a 3rd round pick. Although the percentages are obviously against Foles it doesn't mean that just because he was projected to be a 3rd round pick it is written in stone that he will be a career backup. There are many cases where qbs have had success being less than a 1st round pick. Besides that many of us on yardbarker just realize that Vick is not the answer so why not see what they have in the rookie? The reasoning is simple yet hollywood refuses to acknowledge it because of his support for Vick.
  • Unfortunately that's just too many guys, but I do think many of them are going to get released. Maybe they keep Trent Cole and a few other guys around. Some of those guys just aren't NFL starters. That may could make a nice backup like Kurt Coleman, but asking him to play a lot of downs is just too much.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I agree. Coleman is a homegrown team player. He may not starter material but he has earned a spot on the roster. I think you keep Cole and Graham get rid of Tapp, Hunt, & Babin. Maybe keep Jenkins as a DE.
  • Hunt is probably gone, but I would keep him over Tapp, but Babin and Jenkins would be gone. You must be happy seeing your boy Patterson get a sack live.
  • As long as you have a chance to make the playoffs you shouldn't lay down.
  • I agree thats the worst thing possible . I cant beleive Im going to attend this scrub game tonite. Talke about wasting time.
  • You contradict yourself.
  • He always contradicts himself. He called the Linc a cesspool in a forum yesterday and after he went called it a beautiful stadium. He has led us to believe he would never sit in that stadium in November freezing yet he did when given the chance (at least he admitted going but I'm sure he has his reasons).
  • His reasons were he got cheap tickets. I'm sure he would go again if the price were right.
  • I meant that he had his reasons for admitting he was going not actually going. I get that he got the tickets for free but he has been on here stating that there is NO way he would go until changes were made. Not surprised that he changed his mind when the chance was put before him. Seen him change his mind numerous times on here.
  • for my kid. I cant deny him the opportunity to see them for free. Its selfish.
  • Nice gesture for your kid, hollywood but was it truly free? $20 for much did you spend on food?...did you buy your son a souvenir? How much money did you give Jeffrey Lurie to keep that sinking franchise in business?
  • $30 the price you pay for children. Doesnt change anything with me. I wont buy a ticket while this clown is the owner.
  • Cesspool is the play on the field. But its been years since I went to a Monday Night football and it was a very fun atmosphere but the product on the field is a flat out disgrace. It doesnt match that stadium Lurie was handed.
  • He wasn't just handed that stadium, he paid for half. He didn't do anything that most owners don't when it comes to new stadiums...that includes your favorite owner Jerry Jones.
  • He didnt pay for anything. Jerry Jones paid half. Wiki Lincoln Financial. Another exaggeration of our glorious leader Jeffrey
  • You are absolutely wrong! I already posted information for you and you can look it up yourself. The state and city funded half and the Eagles paid for the other half with help from the NFL (which I'm sure was a loan just like Jones got and every other owner gets when building new stadiums). How can you sit there and know that you are typing lies while accusing someone else of lying? You are an odd man, hollywood.
  • That is the mentality of someone who lacks foresight.
  • I get both of your points. You want to think that the players NEVER lay down but watching this team this year it's hard to believe they haven't to some degree. As fans WE have the "luxury" to hope the team loses the rest of the way out. This team needs major help and a top 5 pick obviously wouldn't hurt. I have a hard time not rooting for this team to win and when watching will still be pulling for them to do well but at this point and all this team is facing in 2013, 3-13 would go farther than 8-8.
  • laying down is a bad idea and would only further deepen the despair. They are at the bottom now with the likes of KC & Jacksonville. Two places with crappy stadiums.
  • They are "laying down" regardless of what is happening. The coach has lost the team and the players have quit. The are doing what's necessary to get that high pick weather they want to or not.
  • Thats why this situation is the worst Ive seen. I dont see an end in sight and Lurie is making matters worse by doing nohing. But when he scans his stadium in late december and sees empty seats he might get the message. If he thinks they will still be "sold out" with this product he might not do anything.
  • Playoffs? Really? This lousy team with a brutal coaching staff cant spell playoffs if you spot them first five letters.
  • Griffin the 3rd would have been nice Eazy (and I also got excited a bit when hearing the Eagles interviewed him) but just like McNabb, he isn't an Eagle. The future is Foles and whoever the new coach decides to bring in.
  • With so many people telling me how wrong I was from idol worshipers to semi-pro players yet not one has the stones to stand up and admit they were wrong. You can acknowledge the fact RG3 had a chance to be an Eagle if the Eagles did the right thing. This season due to so many injuries they are forced to do the right thing. Play the young guys, get them experience, and prepare for a top 5 pick.
  • With the injuries they have to play some of the young guys. Brown because of McCoy, some of the receivers because of Avant and now Jackson. Let's just hope that Reid doesn't hold onto that stubborness and put Vick back in once he is healthy. I think at this point he will stick with Foles but you never know. As bad and as banged up as this team is, they could possibly lose out.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • This is the time where what the fans do and say will have an effect on what Lurie does. Fans leaving games early because of blowout losses and complaining to the media mixed in with what he said last year will make Lurie do the right thing...I'm certain of it.
  • I'm hoping that the right thing involves getting rid of Roseman along with Reid.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • He did.
  • I highly doubt it happens, GG but you never know.
  • When has this organization ever kept its word?
  • Future isnt Foles. Who do you work for you lying carpetbagger tool
  • I told you the truth before hollywood, like I always do. I am a fan that sees things clearer than you. I realize that I don't make the decisions for the Philadelphia Eagles so I refuse to let any of THEIR choices get me as angry as you seem to be. There isn't anything I can do but hope they make the right decisions so I roll with them. I don't clutter my mind with what I THINK may be happening behind the scenes nor do I make crap up like you do.

    Getting to Foles, he is the future one way or another whether you want to believe it or not. He is the only quarterback I'm sure the new coach will keep to see if his coaches can work with. Vick will be gone and who knows about Edwards. I'm sure the new coach will bring in at least one new quarterback via free agency and/or by draft. Who truly knows what the Eagles will look like at QB next year but two things I'm almost positive about...Foles will be one of them and Vick will be gone.
  • He is the future only because stupid fans accept that logic. Future of what? What do you mean by future?
  • No, he is the future because Vick hasn't done enough in 2 years to warrant wasting any more time on him.
  • Bye Bye Babin!!!!!!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • thats not even news
  • Ok maybe the ball is rolling now. Lets get rid of some more players. Nate Allen, nothing special, hurt often, no ball skills, at best an average tackler, too many mistakes, bites all the time and he is a bust.
  • Some of these guys they don't have replacements for. It will take a creative off season with a solid talent evaluator to fix some of these problems.
  • give him training camp opportunity. Make him play all preseason games with rookies.
  • The biggest bust in the secondary aside from Nnamdi is the coaching. I can't remember seeing so many busted coverages and lack of communication. It is just pitiful. FIRE that Juan Castillo Now!!
  • I hope that RG3 and this pistol offense stuff turns out to be a fluke. Right now it's holding up, but I liken it all to the gimmicky offenses of the past. Run and Shoot, Wild Cat, and everything else that has come and gone.
  • He won't stay healthy running it. He's already playing hurt.

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Gronk, David Ortiz in latest Dunkin Donuts iced coffee video

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