Stop Whining About The Eagles Now.

Posted March 23, 2013
Why should anyone be down about this upcoming season? If your down then you're expectations are too high to begin with. Perhaps you haven't watched this team the past two seasons, or maybe you just couldn't comprehend what you saw, but it was basically awful football from a team EXPECTED TO MAKE A SUPERBOWL RUN. This season the Eagles have turned the page to a NEW CHAPTER. It's time to disregard the past and accept the future. The Eagles are a team in a rebuilding process. Accept it and watch the games like you would watch a high school game. Just enjoy football because its football! I guarantee you will feel better about the game that way. Back in 98 I joined the military, and at that point it became extremely difficult to watch Eagles games. In fact I only got to watch one game that season. It was a Thursday Night Game against the Rams. It was a horrible game, but to me I was just happy to see some football! Pretty much everyone on my wing was pissed I took over the television to watch that game, but it didn't matter to me. It was the only chance I was going to get to watch my team and I was not going to allow anyone to stop me. This is the type of mentality one should have for this season. Just be happy to watch your team progress and develop. Stop whining now when you should have been whining a season ago! When the Dream Team fell on their faces that's when people should have been complaining, but to complain now even before the season starts just seems silly. After all what is anyone expecting the Eagles to do this season? If you are expecting much then you are lying to yourself. How can anyone expect much out of a 4-12 team with more holes in it than Swiss cheese? Just sit back this season. Relax and enjoy football for the first time in probably a long time, because if you are placing expectations on this team in March you're an idiot! If you're crying about this team already in March then you probably haven't been paying attention to what's been going on for the past two years. Get a grip and just enjoy the ride. Once the wins start coming, and the expectations go up, you won't have this opportunity to just enjoy the game a football.
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  • Stop whining. New chapter? Where is that? So far it looks like business as usual in the front office. They are hacking salaries, cutting veterans and bringing in role players to start on shorterm contracts. Not really a longterm plan as i see it. You go ahead and enjoy the QB challenge but you wont catch me spending $400 to go to a game where the team hasnt even committed to any goal. I dont see any plan of action only a revolving door of players. Whats the strategy here EZ? I would rather examine that before I sit back and waste my time.
  • So what would you rather they do sign a bunch of overpriced free agents to long term deals and watch them fail again? Talking about long term when the coach hasn't even experienced his first draft seems stupid. You don't know the plan, and you don't know the process. All the more reason to sit back and relax. Let it play out.
  • U do more whining than anyone
  • No what I expect is a professional approach to things. Give me a framework, acplan, a concept and indication of why I should patronize your product. Tell me why players wre released and substituted with new players. I dont think thats whining I think thats good business. The Eagles havent done or said anything that makes me a believer. Thats simple. A good organization projects what they want to do to win. Im not seeing or buying it right now.
  • they let guys go who were overpaid and under preforming. Open competition at the QB means they are looking for someone to lead the team into the future. They've said what they want to do defensively. Kelly already said what type of players he wants so idk what you want him or the front office to explain.
  • I told you before, bnugent...all he does is complain about everything. I wasn't exaggerating. He looks for and makes things up to complain about and over exaggerates ever negative. This post of his is a good example. What freakin' team explains every step of their off season? "Explain why players were released"? Who the hell does that and what fans expect to be told that? Only ones that want to look for reasons to whine!
  • hey nugent I dont know how old you are but 33 years as a fan and no superbowl is a long time. Im giving you a heads up not to take them seriously until they prove it. They are the biggest self promoting lip service organization in the NFL. New stadium & huge revenue stream has gotten Eagle fans no superbowl, higher ticket prices and harder access to affordable games. It was a great sweetheart deal fo Jeffrey Lurie, a boston mamas boy billionaire, but for Philly they got hard pipe shoved where the sun dont shine.
  • so hollywood are you saying that you'd rather have kept the overpaid under preforming guys on the roster and had another terrible season so you could say that it's chip kelly's fault. I'm right with you with the frustrations of not winning a superbowl it sucks but the answer isnt to keep what's not working. Andy Reid let us down for a LOOOOOOONG time its sucks its blows it's over get over it. This is a new Eagles team not the one you started liking 33 years ago. It's Kelly's turn to try and build a team and win a championship.

    Lurie has only owned the team since 1994 so you're 33 years of heartbreak aren't all on him. And stop acting like the team was poised to win a championship before he took over. He brought in Reid and gave us over a decade of great eagles teams. They didn't win the big one I get it it sucks but life goes on.

    Ticket prices go up, just like the price of gas, milk, and bread if you don't like it don't go to game watch them at home instead. If you're that offended by the go spend the money on a nice giant hi def tv and the nfl package.
  • Now you seem to be getting what hollywood is all about. I would guess for every team there are a few hollywoodeagles out there. If I saw hollywood get excited about anything the Eagles did I would be stunned. Almost every Eagle move has a negative spin in hollywood's posts. I get being frustrated but he goes beyond overboard. How can anyone try to claim that Jeff Lurie is a hand's on owner (not even close) and whine about it yet love what Jerry Jones does for his team? I get that Jones won 3 championships but it was more on making the right choice of a head coach (and a willing partner in the one of the worst trades in the history of football) than anything else. Just like you stated, it didn't work out for the Eagles in the Reid era but it wasn't from a lack of good football or trying. Logical fans accept's better than being miserable and whining all the time.
  • Reid was and still is a good coach... he was terrible at drafting and in the end that's what led to his demise he was forced to bring in too much free agent talent because he never drafted properly to build his team though young talent. Reid had an affinity for "project" players who never panned out. Watkins is a reminder of that.
  • you nailed it Easy
    OOPS and to think? im a lad from Eugene,Oregon ina one bedroom apt?? peeing off guys from the east???
    how funny!!!!!
  • Open competition means we will sell ou something other than winning a superbowl because we dont have sh*t. Great shorterm marketing. Not exactly bringing this team closer to a superbowl. Lurie is a loser. We need to face it head on. Im waiting for you guys to catch up.
  • Who should be the quarterback then? Oh that's right we don't have one! That's the reason for the open competition. Stop crying for your lovechild Mike Vick. Bottom line if he's truly the better man he will win the job.
  • I laugh because hollywood told you in a different post to try to stop making something out of nothing. Look at his post about making something out of nothing. What fan wants QB competition instead of having a solid franchise QB? Chip Kelly has to discuss a QB competetion because the guy hollywood would have us believe is the only player worth mentioning on the offense has struggled since the end of 2010. It isn't something make believe even though Kelly may be leaning towards Vick. He hasn't played well enough to be given the job and on the other hand Foles as a rookie has played decent enough to get another look. Unfortunately for Foles, the Eagles and their fans he may not have the skills to be as successful in Kelly's offense so mike Vick gets another longer look than we would like. Mike Vick's weak play is the biggest reason that has caused what is happening but hollywood will ignore that.
  • Did you see his latest post on how he's gushing over the Ravens for signing Sean Considine? LOL That is the same guy he would ripped the Eagles for drafting and starting. I can't wait for the day he tells us how smart the Ravens are for signing Casey Mathews when he gets cut. Lets see Ed Reed gone, but have no fear Sean Considine is here! I don't know what's going on with Wood and Flipper today. It's like they both are stuck on the same short bus.
  • He ripped Stewart Bradley when he was in Philly and then whined about how the Eagles should have kept him here so whining about Matthews in a few years probably wouldn't be that much of a stretch for him. The Cardinals wasted roughly 5 million a year for Bradley yet hollywood would have liked to have seen the Eagles match that offer so he could have stayed in Philly and wrapped up 20 tackles a year in midnight green. LOL.
  • The irony is I don't care about what the Ravens do. I am just pointing out his hypocrisy and how he's defending the Ravens for basically doing the same thing the Eagles did. The truth is if the Ravens weren't so carefree with their cap in the first place they would still have those players in Baltimore. Not that I care in anyway though.
  • You mean the Eagles won two superbowls? Oh I see.
  • Judging by your responses the past five years you don't see.
  • Hollywood's comparisons between the two teams are nothing but him looking for more reasons to whine. I've stated it over and over...why bother rooting for this team and wasting your time on this site if all you're going to do is whine all the time? Why does somebody choose to be that miserable about something he puts any kind of time into? Are there legitimate things about the Eagles to complain about...sure there are. Why make crap up? Why not look at a couple positives every once in a while instead of emphasizing every negative to the point of making it much bigger than it is? He's just a miserable whiner...that's all I take him for.
  • Is it truly just whining considering how much of his stuff he just makes up on his own with little to no justification for it? That seems less like whining and more like lying. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he were lying about being an Eagles fan at all. He certainly hasn't found one thing to praise them for up to this point, and that's even when they were going to the NFC Championship Games.
  • Oh he definitely lies when it comes to his doubt about it. He knows it, you and I know it and most of the other barkers know it. "The Eagles are a racist organization", "Lurie has his hands all over the team", "Lurie not only doesn't care about winning a Super Bowl, he sets his team up to make sure they won't win one" and my all time favorite "McNabb purposely lost the Super Bowl in 2004 so Owens wouldn't win MVP". I'm still not sure how he expected barkers to believe him when he called McNabb the greatest Eagle to ever play the game after typing he purposely lost the most important game in his career (and after he already called him a fat and out of shape idiot of a QB who didn't know how to lead).
  • It's to the point now where he's just complaining for the sake of complaining. Him and flip have been on the same crazy train lately. Flip is actually trying to convince me of the importance of a team to groom a punter. That is to actually hold a spot on either the roster or practice squad for a future punter! How can I take someone seriously who thinks that is a good idea? LOL
  • hey got an idea,
    if kelly gets canned put a word in for flip and lets see him coach a team to a super bowl in about 100 years!!!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • That is different from what I'm talking about here. I have a problem with those already predicting doom and gloom for this new regime even though they had their first voluntary workout today! We can make predictions to we are blue in the face, but this idea of complaining for complaining sake is nonsense.
  • That IS a great deal of fun isn't it! :)

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