Taking Another Look At The 2012 Draft Class.

Posted November 23, 2012

1st Fletcher Cox: Took over the starting job in week 8 and for the most part has played okay. He arguably had his best game as an Eagle verses the Redskins. He still hasn't been the disruptive force in the backfield as I thought he would be by now, but perhaps in a new system and out of the wide 9 he could become a more dominant player. If I were to grade Cox I could only give him a C+ right now, but he is trending upward.

2nd Mychal Kendricks: The good news is that he's started every game, but the disciplinary one. The bad news is that right now he's considered one of the worst outside linebackers in football. "PFF rates Mychal Kendricks as the league's worst outside linebacker. The rookie has more missed tackles and penalty flags to his name than any other player at the position and has been equally as terrible in coverage."


Kendricks could become a better player eventually and due to the fact so many other players around him (higher paid veterans) are playing terrible football, his bad play has been kind of ignored by fans. If I were to grade him right now he would get a D.

2nd Vinny Curry: The arrogance of the Eagles.... How do you pick a player in the 2nd round that you have no intentions of playing? The truth is they had every intention of playing Vinny Curry in their rotation, but he simply wasn't good enough to get into it. For all intent and purposes Vinny Curry was supposed to push Tapp out the door, but he didn't. What makes matters worse is Vinny Curry hasn't suited up in one game up to this point. Apparently he is supposed to get some time against the Panthers. We'll see if he actually plays. If I were going to grade Curry it would be an incomplete or just an F.

3rd Nick Foles: I wasn't surprised with the pick of a quarterback high in the draft, but this is a classic example of the Eagles front office not fully understanding their team. Foles like Vinny Curry is a luxury pick here. These are the guys they are grooming, but you don't waste picks in the first to third rounds on guys to groom when the team has so many holes to fill. The safeties prior to the start of the season were a liability. The Weakside linebacker was another liability. Another guard could have been drafted to push Danny Watkins here as Danny has been a disappointment so far. Anyways getting to Foles.... I think there are things I like about him as a player, but we really aren't going to know if he can play unless he gets multiple reps as the starter. Ironically if Andy Reid plays it right Nick Foles could be the key to him keeping his job. Most likely Reid will play it wrong and get fired. If I were to grade Foles it would be a C-, but in his defense he hasn't been playing up to this point so he could improve.

4th Brandon Boykin: Started the season somewhat strong like Kendricks, but is now looking worse than Joselio Hanson. The kid can maybe turn things around, but right now he's a liability out there in coverage and his tackling has been awful. He scores also poorly as a return man. He's only averaging about 22 yards a return. He might as well take a touch back every time. At least there is less likely a chance he will fumble. Maybe they should give Bryce Brown a chance to return kicks.  His grade is a D.

5th Dennis Kelly: The fact they got a few starts out of this kid is surprising. The fact he wasn't all that good in them wasn't. Another too tall late round tackle with bad feet that Andy Reid seems to love. These guys never seem to work yet Andy is always willing to try them out. His grade is a D.

6th Marvin McNutt: Supposedly the Red Zone threat we finally needed. He couldn't even make the roster.  A sixth round pick could at least be contributing on special teams. Something this team sorely needed and he's not. He gets a failing grade.

6th Brandon Washington: He's no longer an Eagle. He gets an F.

7th Bryce Brown: For a pick this late who didn't even play football last year he hasn't been that bad. He also hasn't done that much, but he has supplanted Dion Lewis as the backup to Shady McCoy. By Dion Lewis must really suck to lose both his back up running back job and his return job to rookies. Bryce Brown is set to get his first start against the Panthers. It will be interesting to see what happens. Bryce gets a C+

As a whole for this draft I give it a D so far. Fortunately many of these kids will get chances to improve as the time goes on, but there have been no immediate stars or standouts and this team needed them to be considering how much they have been playing. On a side note the fact there are playing a lot says a lot about the Eagles recent drafts as a whole. A new talent evaluator needs to be hired. Howie Roseman isn't getting it done. 

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  • Happy thanksgiving EZ et al. First things first. It finally happened I accepted a free ticket to Monday nights game. I also got alot of Eagle gifts for my 50th so there goes the boycott. EZ your expectations are very high. You cant replace 5 year players with rookies and expect top quality production. So from the standpoint of not expecting great things yet my grades are different.

    Fletcher Cox: b- I think he has showed signs that if he physically continues to develop he will be a force for years. Teamed with a healthy Patterson and top notch rotation DT I think we are very strong at this position going forward.

    Kendricks: B- Again. He has made some mistakes but he also is visible when others arent doing anything. Thats all you can ask of a rookie is to be seen and make plays and he has done that. And he is a solid hitter. He needs to develop but so does the whole defense. Imsatisfied with Ryans and kendricks as a nucleus at LB.

    Vinny Curry- No grade- seems like a waste . I can only speculate that this guy has personal or off the field issues.

    Nick Foles- B- i think he can play in the NFL but not sure he can play at the level some of you think he can. He was a poked and prodded way before he came to the Eagles and the consensus was that he was a 3rd rounder. Needs a few years to develop into a strong back up QB.

    Boykin- C+- The rookie has done a decent job of stepping in and shown good cover skills at times. But to be fair there have been so many zone brek downs and weak safety support that a fair assessment isnt that forthcoming.

    Dennis Kelly: D- you pretty much got this one exactly right

    McNutt- no grade- dont know enough about him nor do I have great expectations

    Bryce Brown- A- Although he may not be capable of playing the starting role for long he has shown the ability to be a backup at some level. For a 7th round pick thats a pretty good result.
  • Happy thanksgiving to you and yours hollywood. I understand where you are coming from and I know my expectations are high here. My grading is on what I have seen and what I expected. I am not declaring them to be a draft failure yet, but at the same time people were declaring this team to be a MORTAL LOCK for something and the quarterback was chirping on about dynasties. What this is really about isn't this draft class at all. Rather it's about how bad the other two have been that has forces so many of these guys into service when they weren't ready to play. Over all my point is Howie Roseman can not continue to draft players (or sign free agents) for this football team. They aren't panning out.
  • This is a pretty nice post w/ the draft grades here & it's something to talk about looking into next season.. Your evaluations seem to take a much different angle then my own. I would actually lean more towards hollywoods grades then your own..
    Anyway, my criticisms of the initial thoughts above & my grades are below.

    1. Fletcher Cox (A-) - Has been awesome. So far he has 3 sacks this season & has just made himself the best DT on our team. I also think the Wide 9 is the best system for Cox. Anytime we draft someone for a specific system makes me worried that they might not transfer over well into another system. Time will only tell.

    2. Kendricks (C+) Has already proven to be our second best LB. In his last 2 games he has gotten 7 tackles in each one as an outside linebacker. Steven Tulluch typically gets 7 tackles per game. This kid is going to become a star next season.

    3. Vinny Curry (F) When you are drafted that high, you gotta find a way to get on the field; However, we got this guy in the mid second round when he was projeted to go at least 20 places ahead. I still like the overall talent here & the possible future he brings. I'm not nearly ready to give up on this guy.

    4. Foles (B) When you draft a QB in mid 3rd round you are typically thinking (backup) well, this kid has a high ceiling and could end up being the starting QB of this team next season. That's a pretty drastic change then what people thought when he was originally drafted.

    5. Boykin (C) It seemed like after Juan left, he did too. What happened? He was awesome in the beginning of the season, now? not standing out at all. I am not sure if this is how T Bowles is using him or if it's just him regressing. I hope he gets back to where he was earlier.

    6. Dennis Kelly (D-) Ok, lets face it.. Guys taken this far in the draft don't typically ever eve see the field.. So is he a role player? I don't know.. I hate this entire offensive line.

    7. M Mcnutt (D) Ok, you had some competition but when the Free Agent Rookie guy is beating you out; You aren't doing enough. Again, WR's this far in the draft don't typically pan out - but one would like to see him on special teams making some plays.

    8. Brandon Washington (F) Who the crap is he?????

    9. Bryce Brown (A) How can you give him anything less? This guy is turning into my favorite freaking player! HE IS AWESOME. Can't wait to watch him come monday.

    This is still the best Draft the Eagles have had in 3 seasons.
  • I get your draft grades. You are grading on likability and potential. I am just grading by what they are doing. Consider the fact that many of the young guys are playing (that's a good thing), but they aren't having as great of an impact as many of the other rookies playing right now. Fletcher Cox really hasn't done much until recently. Like I pointed out before. It's not that I think this class is terrible, but there are some concerning picks too. The point I am trying to drive home is 1 the Eagles aren't as talented as people think. 2 These guys are being forced to play so much, because the previous 2 drafts haven't yielded much. 3 Most importantly the Eagles are going to have to replace Howie Roseman as GM if they truly want to get back to respectability. His two drafts prior to this one has left the Eagles void of depth in key positions.
  • The drafts become important when your team is built on young players. Once the draft goes bad so does your team. need I say more.
  • It's been obvious the Eagles biggest problem has been the players selected. They need to get people in that front office who knows what they are doing.
  • It's pretty simple. Review our last six drafts and you'll see why we're 3-7.
  • That's pretty much how I see it. This team needs a talent evaluator more than a new coach.
  • We need to root for losses the rest of the schedule. A higher draft pick at this time is the only thing left to strive for. Jacksonville won so we are closing in on the number two pick in the draft.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Give this draft class another year with a new coaching staff and then grade them. I'll give the whole draft class an incomplete...actually can I give the whole team an incomplete since they don't seem to be showing up. Or maybe the I should be for invisible.
  • I think with the likes of Freddie Mitchell, Todd Pinkston, Jerome McDougle and pretty much every defensive lineman Reid and company have drafted most fans don't give young players enough time to develop before wanting to judge them. I get it but I'll hold off my "grades" for at least another year. I do wonder what young players will be the casualties when a new coach comes in. We'll see what kind of changes will be in store for the Eagles in the next 4 or 5 months leading up to the draft. Should be interesting to say the least.
  • We have no idea who Lurie will pick as the next head coach. Absolutely nothing we can do about it but discuss the topic and hope that Lurie and Roseman make the right choice and surround that coach with the talent he needs. Honestly, it's a crapshoot anyway, isn't it? Reid wouldn't have had the kind of success he had in most other cities but just maybe in the right one he would have won a Super Bowl. A lot of Super Bowl winners have been losers in other cities but will Lurie hire the right re-tread if he goes that route? College coaches normally don't have a lot of success but so far Lurie hasn't taken that step either. Assistant coaches in the NFL has been how he found Rhodes and Reid so does he dip back into that pool? If so, there are obviously far more failures than happy endings and even if they pick the right coach it will end in failure if Lurie and Roseman don't find the right people to surround that coach with. We'll see what happens.
  • I want to be clear here as much as possible. These are grades, but this doesn't mean I think these players are bad, nor does it mean I don't think they can get better. What it does mean is compared to other rookies right now the Eagles rookies aren't doing that well except Brown and Cox, but it's taken them some time to step up. I think the real issue is Roseman and some of these picks the past two seasons.
  • McCoy's YPC isn't that high this season, but it doesn't really matter. I'm not punishing Brown for being behind McCoy. I'm just looking at this situation and I don't think we have the right people in place making decisions on personnel and that includes a new head coach. A player like Brown could be the reason Roseman gets to stay and that would suck. Even a blind squirrel gets a nut sometimes.
  • I would have loved to see Lurie bring in a football guy instead of giving an extension to one of his homegrown people but it is what it is. I guess they could still bring someone in to work alongside Roseman but who would accept having the job without the title? I'm sure they could find someone but how much power would they actually have?
  • I think who ever comes in as the coach would be wise to ensure they can bring in their own people to select the players he wants. Roseman can handle contracts. This is an extremely critical draft. It is the draft that will lay the foundation for the new regime. It probably should have happened a few seasons ago, but regardless it's here now. Roseman can't screw this up.
  • It was good to see Curry get time and play out there. He was active and made plays in the backfield. It makes one wonder why this kid hasn't been playing for weeks.
  • It makes you wonder, doesn't it? Justice and Clemons are having good years in other cities yet they didn't make any impact here. I guess it's a slightly different situation here because unlike Clemons and Justice, Curry hasn't had the opportunity to show what he could do during a regular season game until last night. I just heard Michael Barkann saying the Eagles pick a standout in practice during the week and Curry has beeen named the standout about 4 times. How can he be a standout at practice and not even make the active roster until week 12?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]

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