The Definition of Hypocrisy

Posted June 25, 2013

I skipped yardbarker last night because I was tired (been dealing with a
"sick" dog and work and my mind just wasn't into it) yet I have to
admit that I was somewhat disappointed that the post about racism was taken
down (not surprised but I did not get to see the latest lies typed about me if
there were any and I looked forward to defending them easily, just like
usual). I feel no shame in what I typed on that post because all I did was
truthfully defend myself against lies and turn that back towards a barker
who called two players by their ethnicity instead of by their names.

This isn't the point I typed this to discuss though. I typed this to ask
everyone what is the true definition of hypocrisy? I will give you
a few examples instead of the actual definition.

1. Telling people they are below you and accusing them of dragging a site down when in the past they have down the same things they are (wrongfully and over aggressively) accusing you of and also comfortably slipping right
back into that mode when things don't go the way they state they would.

2. Willing to give a coach years of mistakes while openly backing him yet
questioning a rookie coach at EVERY move or NON move and pretty much doing this from day one of the new coach's hire. To piggyback on this another example would be giving one 4-12 team they back props for just about EVERY move (even if that move was prompted by a bad move) while going out their way to try and find faults with every move "their" other 4-12 team makes (and not letting the truth stop them when doing this at times). Although this may fall more into a double set of standards instead of hypocrisy I feel it fits in this case but unlike other barkers on here I will admit when I'm wrong so you be the judge.

3. Typing up a post questioning yardbarker about deleting a post
that yardbarker deemed inappropriate on the same night they blocked a
barker for having opposing views and disagreeing with them.

I truthfully don't expect this to last very long but I do hope yardbarker leaves this alone. I typed no lies here. I attacked no one and typed only the truth. It's what I do here and I do it cleanly (much cleaner than the barker who once accused me and  many of us of dragging this site down).

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  • Seems pretty flippercritical to me.
  • I honestly would love to call him on the claim he made about you never discussing football and that you only attack people but alas...I can't. He still doesn't get that no matter how many times he types something it just doesn't make it true. He made the same claims about me...after responding to a post that was mainly made up with me discussing what I thought were some of the Eagles better moves they made in the offseason (with a hypocrite comment thrown in). The only reason I question him and his new buddy so much is because they go out of their way to type negative biased BS in their posts and anyone that can think on their own can tell it's all based on their anger.
  • Not exactly what I was discussing and honestly there isn't anything you can do about that but cater to the audience if you want to be read. There are mostly Eagle fans left here. Sometimes we just have to face the facts. Sorry, Kelly.
  • Becareful green. He may throw another temper tantrum and hyjack the site again. It's okay to bash people on this site as long as it isn't him.
  • He won't throw any more tantrums...he's in a better place in his life now.
  • Easy to censor . hard to answer the charges
  • No reason to answer charges that are unfounded created from a questionable source.
  • We all remember your unconditional backing of reid and the front office and the blame you laid at McNabbs feet. You just cant bring yourself to admit the truth. Thats OK. It makes you look like a liar. The fact is everything you have stated I said I admit too and you still call me a liar. Thats your tactic but everyone sees through it. Im not gonna dance around the truth Im gonna keep it real all the time. You know and I know what you said. Thats all I care about. Say hello to Kevin Kolb for me.
  • Really? What did I "SAY" to you? If I had "unconditional" backing of Reid then why was it the flipster and not myself who was upset when he was gone? I don't know what goes on in that head of yours or what you view as reality, but I don't have unconditional anything for anyone on this Earth. You have NEVER seen me write those words about myself until this very moment. Now if you are somehow confusing that with me telling you how wrong you are about something then that seems like a problem that you have. Take for instance YOUR very racist rant, being called on it by 20Dawk, and you pathetic attempt to backpedal by accusing someone else of being something you clearly were.
  • I honestly have no clue what Hollywood and flip have been smoking lately. First flip accusing you of not discussing Hollywood claiming you unconditionally backed Reid and the FO?...and to boot after all that bull he tells you it makes YOU look like a liar? LOL! I typed it the other matter how many times flip and Hollywood keep typing BS over and over it will never make it true...I don't think they fully understand that.

    By the way, Eazy thank you for the comments over the past couple days. It's funny how someone on here will sway so far to the dark side just because he may not like what I have to type. It's one thing to bow out and stay out of a discussion but to practically applaud lies because they are targeted at someone you may not like is about as low as someone can get...I almost miss those days when he was so much better than us. LOL!
  • No problem dude. I just think there was a line crossed with that article by Wood. I was quite disappointed to see the flipster actually try an justify that mess. The man who held FB hostage for a day, because he didn't like a comment written by someone else is now trying to call out FB for censorship? This is the same character who actually threatened to sue someone on this site for harassment! If this guy were truly in a better place he wouldn't condemn others for his own past transgressions.
  • "Honestly" have no clue. Let give you a refresher. You made big rele so pissed with your racist comments and your vile hatred of McNabb that he left. And when I attacked the front office and reid maybe 4 years ago you blamed McNabb for all our problems. You used lots of ststs to support Reid. You still like those stats now?
  • If you are going to put "honestly" in quotations than stick to the context I used it in and tell me what you have been smoking lately. Come on Hollywood, the bigrele thing never happened. He didn't leave by the way...he got booted because his anger got the best of him (how could you possibly remember what was typed if you can't remember the outcome). It was because of his anger he built up based on comments about McNabb but his anger wasn't directed at me (your buddy romorules bragged numerous times that it was he that got bigrele booted and he did push his buttons constantly). He may have directed a comment at me from time to time because bigrele was WAY over the top with his backing of McNabb and I know I typed to him that McNabb was not the only reason the Eagles had the success they had and I questioned why he only showed up when he thought McNabb was vindicated. He was NEVER that angered with me and even agreed with the way I viewed certain things. What I typed to him didn't show any hatred towards McNabb because I have NEVER had any hatred towards McNabb. Again, read this and live matter how many times you type your lies they will never become true! Why do you keep doing this to yourself? Why do you keep showing us that you can't even discuss anything truthfully on here? You really ought to be embarrassed and ashamed of yourself.

    By the way...Reid was the most successful coach the Eagles ever had. It absolutely was time for a change but the only thing that will change where he stands is to have an even more successful one...I'm sure you're hoping the Eagles never see that happen.
  • Bigrele was removed, because of his own offensive comments. If anything your best bud romorules is the reason he was dumped. It had nothing to do with Green. Second I've never once read a comment that was even remotely racist by green, but I have seen multiple racist comments written by you hollywood. As far as McNabb goes you're the only person left on this site who called the man stupid. Just admit your recent comments were completely racist and disrespectful. Trying to defend your racism by attempting to false prove others as racist makes you seem like a despicable person. Early on your blocked blog of hate I wrote that you're better than that, but in reality maybe you just are what you are.
  • "Charges"? From the number one pathological liar on this site? No one takes you seriously...not even you so just relax and discuss some football with flip. Both of you can discuss how the Eagles are doing Vick wrong after he goes 2-5 in his first 7 starts and turns the ball over 20 times.
  • I see where my comments were thrown out?
    gee free speech?

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