The Eagles Will Be Leading The Division In Three Weeks.

Posted September 29, 2013
If they bench Vick, and Cooper. These two guys are big letdowns right now. The division is so terrible and the Eagles have five consecutive very winnable games. Vick seems to have lost his confidence. He's gun shy, and reluctant to let it go. Cooper can't separate himself from anything right now. These two guys are hindereances at this point. Brent Celek probably should be playing less as well. How many more passes will this guy drop before he gets benched. This is a pivotal point in the season for Kelly. He has some very big decisions to make. He can keep going with players who aren't getting the job done or he can give some of the other guys a shot. Manning just showed you don't need a running QB to run this offense. Now before the whiners get their panties in a bunch I'm in no way stating Foles is Manning; however Vick is no longer productive. Right now Mike isn't even Nick Foles. Three straight losses, and the offense has sputtered two straight weeks. Just because Vick didn't have a turnover it doesn't mean he had a great game. He missed receivers, was too late getting the ball out, and overall he just looks lost in reading coverages. He's afraid to make a mistake so he's not doing anything. He's gotta sit down.
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  • Bring on the Midgets!
  • This year shouldn't even have been about wins and losses...Kelly's biggest mistake so far to put that kind of pressure on himself and the team. It should have been about installing his schemes and seeing what he has in Foles. Typed it a 1000 times on here so what's once more...we know what Vick is and he's just never going to win a championship so why bother? At the very least Foles could have gotten some seasoning on the way to the Eagles drafting Kelly's guy next year. Stating that this obviously isn't just Vick struggling. The offensive line isn't the strength many of us thought it could be and just about everyone seems to quit once the team gets in a hole. The defense is just plain weak with no relief in just might even be weak enough to wake Eli up.
  • Vick has become a player who is too afraid to make a mistake, and too lackadaisical with the ball when he decides to just let it go. Ultimately he's never going to break this conundrum. He is what he is and frankly at this point he's not what's best for this team. Riley Cooper should be buried on special teams. He sucks and should be gone. For the life of me I don't understand why Vinny Curry isn't playing. When he gets opportunities he produces. He has the best pass rush skills of all the lineman, and in a game where they knew getting pressure of Manning was key they chose not to use him. I don't know what Curry has done to get into the dog house, but somebody better wake up and play this kid. I can't say all the kids should be playing yet, because they still have a chance in this pathetic division, but Curry should be playing. Ertz should be getting more time as well. How many more balls need to pop out of Celek's hands? Personally I think he should have been the one traded or let go instead of Harbor.
  • I wouldnt sart blaming. We were out matched and out classed. Take a look at the owner and the talent he is allowing the coach to assemble. You really think they have the talent to wage a battle against the bronos? Come on get real. Foles would have been beat like a bad habit. What worries me more is chip doesnt look unique in his game planning. The real tests are coming up vs Giants and Cowboys. If its the same ole same ole then we might have a problem but if we show ajustments and come out and win then the division is up for grabs. And if you thought with this pack of hyenas that we were someow even close to being a top tier team then you need to really exam how you judge football teams. Vick was hardly the problem but you got cooper and celek right.
  • There is and has been plenty of blame to go around. You're blaming the owner. I blame the talent evaluators. Great teams don't break the bank on free agents. They draft great players. That's the problem.
  • Didn't you know that Lurie gets final say on the draft picks, Eazy. Lol. If you want to look at an owner who should get the main finger pointed at him for actually bringing in less than stellar talent it's the owner Hollywood has praised in the recent past...Jerry Jones.
  • That dude has probably made more money with the Cryboys losing than he did when they actually won the Super Bowl.
  • Jerry Jones put his money where his mouth is. He personally funded a stadium for over 1.5 billion dollars. When he pays the mortgage and that day will come then you will be talking a different tune. he has vision something that a stiff like Lurie could never have.
  • This is you again refusing to face facts. Jones didn't personally fund the whole stadium and I showed you this in the past. He paid more than Lurie did because his stadium had to have all the bells and whistles including stripper poles. Can you discuss anything on this site truthfully or do you have to always look at it the hollywoodeagle way?
  • Wood will never change. Even with the facts he gets set in his blind stances.
  • So JJ could have funded two Eagle stadiums in cash but thats not enough? The taxpayers are still footing the bill for Lurie and hes dragging that 19 million under the cap back to the Bank of Boston.
  • JJ has a lot of Cryboys fans filling his pocket regardless of how many times his team fails
    to make the playoffs. So called Eagles fans crying boycott. Simply put Cryboys fans
    fill Jerry's pocket more.
  • UHMM....AHH...No they won't. ;-)
  • Okay people,here is the real story,everybody,knew in organization andy reid was leaving last year,look for a proven coach,who has coach in nfl or played period---chip Kelly,should of came in as in offensive coordinator barnone. Then the organization hire pat shurmur and billy davis on staff -- won nothing --lurie is friends with New England owner and coach--insist they hire chip Kelly--sounds like a DEAD DUCK!!something smells funny eagles fans---sabotage in the worse way---long season people---I would boycott,going to Lincoln fin stadium--the owner does not want to win in philly---I am an 49er fan and see whole picture,my lives and works in philly---come on man!!!
  • Originally estimated to cost $650 million, the stadium's current construction cost was $1.15 billion,[18] making it one of the most expensive sports venues ever built. To aid Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones in paying the construction costs of the new stadium, Arlington voters approved the increase of the city's sales tax by 0.5 percent, the hotel occupancy tax by 2 percent, and car rental tax by 5 percent. The City of Arlington provided over $325 million (including interest) in bonds as funding,[18][19] and Jones covered any cost overruns. Also, the NFL provided the Cowboys with an additional $150 million loan, following its policy for facilitating financing for the construction of new.

    So 1.15 billion less 325 million means Jones on hook for 825 million. Pretty solid huh. Oh the 325 included interest so he may be closer to 900 million . my bad
  • I'm absolutely stunned you posted anything proving you wrong...not sure what angle your taking. Like I stated Jones didn't personally fund the whole every sports owner Jones took what help he could from the locals. I wonder if the state of Texas helped out also. Jones did nothing different than Lurie did when getting funding for the stadium yet you want to try to make Lurie look like a villain. The main difference was the cost in the stadium and like the true egoist a half billion dollar stadium wasn't good enough for Jerry Jones.
  • Who cares how much Lurie of Jones put out of pocket for their stadiums. It has nothing to to with the product on the field and frankly neither of them can do a lot of boasting about their recent products.
  • Obviously Hollywood does.
  • Back to my original point. The Eagles next games are the Midgets, Tampa, the Cryboys, the Midgets, and the playoff bound (as ASSumed by one over zealous fan) Raiders. The Eagles could find themselves back in this hunt and leading this division if they sweep all of these very winnable games.
  • With the way the Eagles are playing they are also very losable games and to tell you the truth I won't be looking for a bridge to jump off if they lose all three. I'm still in the mindset that a good football team starts with a great QB and that isn't and never will be Michael Vick. I'm just hoping that Kelly doesn't turn into Mr. Arrogant and insist that he can win with Vick and turn his eyes solely on that pitiful defense.
  • At this point I wonder about the people making the choices for the picks anyway. The 2011 draft was awful, and the 2012 draft so far hasn't looked all that special either. Losing out doesn't ensure a quality player. Who in their last four drafts can we state is a lock to be an all pro player? And that's with them having some fairly high picks some seasons.
  • Quarterbacks and all picks for that matter are a gamble...nobody is sure whether a top pick turns into a Manning or a Leaf but if you don't gamble you never win...I want that top pick to be a QB in what could be a deep QB draft.
  • There's always a chance a latter pick could turn into a Bree's, a Flacco, or Montana. It matters who's making the choices. I mean when the team chooses a Mamula over a Warren Sapp you are going to set the franchise back.
  • Those chances are extremely rare when talking QBs, Eazy.
  • I was watching Tajh Boyd yesterday rip apart my alma mater and he is the guy I want more than anyone. Don't get me wrong I love Bridgewater, but it's obvious he's going #1 to the Jags.
  • Boyd would be my choice and like you have stated I would be fine with Mariota. If the Eagles aren't in position to get one of the top QBs I would go as far as stating they need to make some type of deal to move up if possible.

    Vick's injury today has been part of my concerns all along. All his shortcomings have to
    be looked at when deciding whether he
    is the future. Game 5 and he's hurt already...who wants to worry about this EVERY year?
  • I read McClane's article today. I'm hearing that Bridgewater may be on their radar. They'd have to pull off a heist to get the chance to get him.
  • Sorry, GangGreen. I may have flagged you. I'm hoping
    they do whatever they have to get one of top QBs. It will be a sign that Kelly get's what he needs to do to BUILD a winning team. His seeming to worry about winning games right now worries me a
    little bit
  • Kinda makes you wonder if there's pressure coming from above.
  • There's always pressure to win in the NFL but I
    highly doubt that after all the Eagles did to
    bring Kelly into the fold Lurie told him that he
    needs to have immediate results. I'm sure Roseman and Lurie
    (especially Lurie) would have been fine with
    ushering in a new era at QB after the last two years.
  • Exactly. We need to let Chip get HIS QB much like Andy had with Donovan.
  • NICK FOLES!!!!!
  • LOL.
  • So thanks to Tony Blomo and his last second ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory the Eagles are now tied for first place.
  • It's officially three weeks since this article was written by this genius....and all I have to say is BAAAHHAAHAAAHHH!!!!!!! Three points....Really!? ;-)
  • At this point I no longer wish for my team to make a push for the playoffs as I see (and always knew) there is a possibility to get a real QB who can turn this franchise around. Unfortunately the Cryboys, Midgets, and Skins suck so bad too that my team won't separate from the pack far enough for them to willingly pack it in.
  • Especially because they WON'T make a push....WOW that's some high powered beagles offense under the leadership of Coach Chocolate Chip. And Andy Reid continues to show that all he needed was a real football team to start winning.
  • Midgetsrepeat you're funny dude. You're scared ####less to have me post on your threads! but then have the audacity to post on mine. Not even flip flop is that weak.
  • That's because I don't respect a freaking thing you say little boy.
  • Eagles once again climb to the top. Giants fan still kissing Andy Reid's arse.
  • That is weak. Typed the same thing a while ago. Don't even take his silly posts about karma and how the ex-head coach of the Eagles who had 14 years here to win a Super Bowl and was getting further away the last 5 years seriously. Andy Reid would probably be the first to tell you that both he and the Eagles needed a change...just because he's having success in Kansas City doesn't mean it wasn't the right move. Coughlin won two Lombardis in New York but that doesn't mean he would have won any if he stayed in Jacksonville. As for Eagles fans attitudes about Reid...they are all over the place. There are Eagle fans who are thrilled for him and fans who will be bitter that he didn't get it done here and wish him ill will just like there would be in every city. Just like usual this guy is just trolling...just looking to piss Eagle fans off. I mean to type something by hollywoodeagle (smoke and mirrors) and try to spin that as how we as Eagle fans feel proves that point exactly.
  • I told him Reid's luck would run out eventually. Looks like I was right. Aside from that defense, the Chiefs are nothing special.
  • Now I see why Reid tried to steal Foles away from us. He doesn't have all that much at the QB position and he knows it.

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Gronk, David Ortiz in latest Dunkin Donuts iced coffee video

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