The fans and the great divide. No direction. No leadership. No hope.

Posted July 13, 2013

You think Chip would come to Philly with a strong agenda.  We all know about the college magician and his quirky Q cards and run option masterpieces.  But here we have it fans arguing.  No leaders voices emerging.  Is this another mercenary season substituted with castoffs and scrubs.   We have a legit starting QB on the roster (Vick) and alot the overthinking eagle fans are over analyzing the team.  They are getting bogged down in a bunch of drama and are forgetting come september Philly must put something together that resembles a football team.  Maybe Vick has nothing left in the tank but are we ready to throw the first 4 games away with a brittle Nick Foles and then go .500 w/ Vick and miss the playoffs?  Who cares if Vick isnt the future.  The future is now.  I want the best players at every position with now consideration of next year.   I want the best assembled players on both sides of the ball.   People in Balto cant understand why the Eagles are questioning Vick as the starter.   They kind of look perplexed and go why?  I cant explain it to them because I cant make any sense out of it.  I just say I dont know .   Its the Eagles.  Thats the kind of confusion they create.  Fans everywhere reaching for answers.  They want to know how Vick is in this position.  They see him as a legit NFL QB that is now being hung out in the open.  And its this pattern that is becoming sort of associated with the Eagles.  Finally these football fans say whats wrong with the Eagles.  I cant even begin to answer because its so confusing it needs a organizer.  

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  • In your confusing rant here I think you lost your overall objective. You starting talking about injuries to Foles while ignoring Vick who's been injury prone his entire career. Then you started discussing baltimore... You just seem crazy with this... Anyways about this great divide in Eagles fans well I have to disagree here. In fact the fans don't care who the starter should be or when Kelly chooses him. Last week the Eagles on their site had a pool as to who they wanted Kelly to choose as the starting quarterback. The choice was overwhelmingly that "it's chip kelly's decision." This week the fans were asked when should a starter be chosen. The results After 1-2 preseason games 43.52%
    Just before opener vs. Skins 24.99%". Nobody is at an uproar over this. In fact the only people that seem to be crying about this process are pro Vick morons. If Vick will be the guy he will win the job. It's kelly's job to make that choice. The majority of Eagles fans clearly get that.
  • Polls are worthless. An interview can turn those numbers upside down. "Pro Vick morons"? A perfect example of the the divide. You proved my point. You cant say they might have some legitimate arguments but I think you are wrong. Instead someone that believes Vick should start is a "moron". Uncle Ruckus its that kind of venom that makes people question your honesty.
  • Polls are worthless, but your partner in hat mongering has been posting them all off-season. In your anger you failed to realize that I wrote if Vick will be the guy he will WIN THE JOB. Stop crying, because you've lost "hope" since your dog killing deity will actually have to earn the job. If he wins or loses the job I will still be rooting for my team, unlike you and the fat Gene Roddenberry who would rather cry for boycotts and make erroneous claims of racism.
  • But if you look at Chips words he said what i said . "NO rebuild"
  • Starting Foles, Dixon, or Barkley doesn't mean rebuild.
  • Chip says no rebuild and you and GTD have been running around talking about him needing a couple years and possibly a new QB. Hes telling you right here and now he wants to win. And I believe him. There are no long range plans anymore in sports . You hope there is chemistry and take the prize. Hes not falling into the over analyze & think trap like you guys always tumble into. You need to rethink Eagle strategy into the present my friend.
  • If Kelly wanted Vick to start he would have just
    named him. He is going to pick the guy who wins the
    competition. Now if the results find you hopeless then seek
    another team to root for. I you call the thing that you
    do rooting.
  • He also stated that he HAD to bring back Vick or he may have lost his veteran players. If he truly KNOWS that Vick would be starting and is afraid of losing his veteran players why would he play games with them? The comments of his aren't him favoring Vick at all like you seem to hope. They are only explaining why Vick had to be brought give some of them hope. If a different QB steps up in practice and the preseason and Vick plays the way he has in recent years the players will have to transfer that hope. There is only so much bad play the players can watch from any QB before realizing that he isn't the answer. If it is Vick that wins the job then so be it but he doesn't deserve to be named the starter just because of his experience...that is just plain foolish.
  • Oh come on. Don't make me laugh. Vick's no starter. To me he is a monument to this team's and Andy Reid's failure in the last two seasons.
  • There were a few other names to go around, but Vick and a few others are the last of a bunch of guys who quit on this coach, the uniform, and the fans. I get why Kelly brought him back, but he's playing a dangerous game with his career.
  • That really is it isn't it?
    The fans want answers, and Kelly says nothing.
    The media wants answers, and Kelly says nothing.
    The players NEED answers and still Kelly says nothing.

    I thought Andy Reid was supposed to be the aloof and arrogant one. Amazing what patience Kelly thinks waving to people at Wing Bowl will bring him.

    Fans loved Dawks leadership. Who are the leaders now?
    Who has been the player talking the most about buying in and coming together?

    While the fans chant "TANK! TANK! TANK!" Kelly is saying his job is to win now. But how is that supposed to happen? And behind who? What is the direction?

    Nobody knows.

    Leadership. Direction. THESE THINGS are where hope springs from.
    Right now fans are screaming "TANK!" because they have no hope.

    I wonder why.
  • "The fans want answers"? You seem to love polls so why did you ignore the fan poll that Eazy showed the results for up above. Over 68% said they are fine with Kelly waiting until a couple weeks into the preseason. "The media wants answers"? Most media I have read and heard regarding the subject state the same. "The players want answers"...I have seen more players come out and say they are fine with waiting and it should be Kelly's choice when to decide.

    No one is SCREAMING tank, flip. Some fans are okay with the thought of a poor season because they get what the Eagles are looking at and know it could be the only way to fix what could be a dire situation at QB. By the way...the mess that Kelly is dealing with was partially brought on by the former coach...if some fans have no hope some of that blame has to be laid at the feet of a 12-20 run. You remember that run, right flip. The one you kept telling us we had no reason to worry about.
  • You ignore the veteran talent on this team. Celek, avant, jackson, maclin, herreman, peter, graham, cole, ryans, coleman, allen..etc on and on. This is a team with the right mix and leadership can compete now. In three years they all could be gone then what?
  • You ignore the fact that Mike Vick has been horrible for over two years now. You and flip were discussing G. Cobb's article about how most of the veterans on the team think Vick should start and you think that Kelly should listen. First of all, Kelly should only worry about what he and his coach's decide. Secondly, you ignored a huge point in G Cobb's article. It was pretty much exactly what I stated above...Kelly HAD to bring back Vick so he wouldn't lose the veterans. If Vick happens to be beat out by another QB on the roster the players will have to understand. Vick hasn't won anything yet...with Kelly saying that he kept Vick around because he was concerned with losing his veteran players that tells me that if he thought Vick deserved the job right now he would have named him the starter already. Don't try and name a winner until Chip Kelly actually announces one. It could be Vick but unlike you, Kelly thinks he needs to earn it with his play on the field.
  • Im just telling you taht we dont need another coach hogging the spotlight we need team leaders at the front. The Eagles are setting the same stage that they did for years under Reid. Put kelly in complete control and anything he does he can deflect. In any successful work environment workers voices are heard. Whether its collectively or through its leaders. And usually the result is management can often rely on a few good people(players) to execute their plans. But when you dont listen to their voices they will find a way to make you listen and thatusually involves problems. So my suggestion to Chip and management is to change its mode of oeration and open the doors to the players and I think they will get reults. The heavy hand of the Eagles backfired and could poetentially get worse. They need to regroup and create that player hierarchy now so things can get accomplished smoothly. In my work environment everyone knows there role and they perform much better without the guiottine hanging above their head.
  • Players play, coaches coach...that's what they get paid to do. If there was a clear front runner in this competition, if Kelly deemed an open competition with his QBs with a Brady or a Manning on the roster I could see his players questioning what he was thinking. We both know that the Eagles don't have that player on their roster.
  • Take a moment and look at a football team as a business. Classify the plaers as part time employees, shift employees, supervisors, managers...etc and I think you will see that a business operates like a team. You have your high value players , your part timers , your minimum wagers etc. In that framework you have to have leaders to guide those doing tasks that they already have experience in. yes its a rudimentary example but you have to have that hierachy to keep order. And when left without it the inmates run the insane asylum. And I dont believe the Eagles have created order.
  • "Look at it as a business". First of all when it comes to the Eagles and money you refuse to do that so you can whine but now you are asking me to so you can somehow prove a point. Secondly, you are all over the place with your comment. First you state that to bring harmony Kelly should let the players or "employees" have a say and you almost end your statement with hinting that you can't let the inmates run the insane asylum...they contradict so what point are you trying to make?
  • because there is "no order" the inmates wont listen to anyone. When you have a hierarchy their will be someone there that can enforce the rules. Second Im onlytalking about a business model not money spent. If you want to talk about money spent then all you need to do is look at an organziation with high school dropouts vs one with diplomas. Ones with diplomas have more market value and tend to perform better and the same goes for free agent scrubs vs free agent stars. In GENERAL, the star will our perform the castoff. But when it comes to money the Eagles are cheap . Like the execs say if the superbowl was about staying under the cap the Eagles would have accumulated several.
  • The Eagles have had stars and dumped cash on many top free agents over the last 15 years...I'm not going over some of the list once again just so you can ignore it. Many barkers have typed to you about the folly of Jones and Snyder going all out year after year. What has that gotten them besides cutting players they can't afford? For two years after the Eagles spent a ton of money on top players they played horrible isn't always about spending the's about doing the most with the money you spend. It's mainly about drafting well but that's besides the point. The Eagles haven't been nearly as cheap as fans like to claim but that's part of the label a team gets when they skimp in certain areas like the Eagles did with receivers and linebackers. There have been a couple years when they were well below the cap but you never like to listen to reason. That going forward they have to look at rising salaries. You also don't like to admit that if the Eagles didn't re-do some deals this year and cut some players they would have been over. As it stands they are actually right around the cap window today but have about 20 million carried over from last year. They won't be able to rely on that carry over money every year. If they spent that 20 million right now it only means that they start off next year roughly 20 million over give or take the incoming and outgoing salaries and not even looking at the rising costs of McCoy's salary, Jackson's salary, Trent Cole's salary. It isn't smart business especially in year two of Kelly's regime.
  • I'm just tossing out counter 'likes' since somebody is on here giving out likes like they are candy. With that being the case if you fellows who "like" woods messages of hate (I bet you boycott too) then go be a fan of another team. My guess is that you already are a fan of another team you moonlighting hussies.
  • thats well thought out? WTF
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • We know who has been following him around the last few weeks liking his comments.

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