The lowest point in my entire fandom

Posted October 15, 2012

To be truthful I actually hit that this past February after the Giants won their 2nd title in 4 years.

It's Sunday afternoon. It's a day off for me and there's so many things I could do. I could clean my apartment, maybe do some laundry, iron some of my dress shirts for work tomorrow, and so many other things that have some measure of usefulness.

Instead I watched the Eagles.

Now this would be somewhat understandable if they weren't such a pathetic excuse for a football team. However, since they are, it is particularly infuriating.

Let's face it, at least this will only be 10 more weeks. That's right. Ten more weeks. Playoff outlook is B-LEEK.

Each of those remaining games will be more maddening, futile, and soul-crushing than the last. Each game will be marked by the same wasted efforts, poor time management, critical lapses in ball security, and offensive line play that has stunted this team's potential for 14 years now.

Despite all that, I'll still watch. I can't not watch.

I'm not going to give a crap. Because I really didn't care when they blew the game today, and actually stopped caring when they crapped out last year too.

You see, I'm in the worst kind of stage of fandom. The one where you're numb to disappointment because you're so disappointed in yourself for watching them to begin with.

Now, there are many fellow Birds fans that are just waiting for the end of the Vick Era, and think that this whole thing will be better when he's benched for Foles or gone entirely (whatever comes first). I get that, especially when the turnovers mount, the timeouts are wasted, and the disaster plays and inexplicable throws outnumber the moments of brilliance at an exponential rate.

I've said it before but it goes deeper than Vick. It stems more from the man who brought him here. I'm talking, of course, about Coach for Life Andy Reid aka Joe Paterno without all the moral shortcomings.

I know that I'm not the only one who has known this for quite some time. This problem goes all the way up to the owner himself.

Jeffrey Lurie. The man who has been Andy Reid's greatest enabler. A man who has wanted to be the Patriots for so long that he can't accept the fact that being the Patriots requires having a man as savvy, demanding, innovative, and relentless as Bill Belichick.

In reality, he's got a morbidly obese enabling tub of lard who coddles his stars, coaches, media and, yes, his owner, in an ever-growing pile of insincere excuses and willingness to take the blame.

Lurie is a significant part of the problem for employing and enabling Reid for 14 furiously frustrating years.

And people like me, and quite possibly yourselves, who watch this team whether they deserve our time or not, enable Jeff Lurie.

So I pretty much hate myself for watching the Eagles now, and pretty much hate them, and then go back to hating myself for caring enough to hate them. 

It's a real blast. A real fun way to spend your Sundays during these fall months.

It's also reason for me to believe that those who are older and wiser than myself eventually learn not to care so much about sports and be so emotionally invested in them. Some probably lose all their team allegiances completely.

I'm actually going to enjoy the BYE week for once.

It's the only week of the year in which you don't feel like a raging retard to be an Eagles Fan.

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  • This franchise is teetering on free fall. There are those here that lie and say everygame is sold out no matter what. Well let me tell you from first hand experience I had no trouble ever getting tickets to the vet. The stadium will empty out. This is a way below sub standard product for the amount of fan support they get. They were a smug bunch thinking there was no value in veterans players over 28 yo. Now they are paing a price for bringing in the garbage like babin, nhamdi and not keeping the litos, browns , bunks..etc. You reap what you sow.
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  • They were blacked out
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  • not really spot I was there. Often game tickets were sold to corporations at the last minute but there were blackouts. I scalped tickets to playoff games and paid slightly above face value. Never a problem. It became a problem when the hype of getting a seat license gave the illusion of excessive demand. If the trend continues I promise you you can be the best fan in the world and get tix on game day at face value. knock you lil self out.
  • He is making this up! Don't listen to his BS, Spotella. He brought this up before and I asked him what playoff game he went to when there was "empty seats" and I looked back on the info of that game (Redskins in the mid 80s, I believe) and proved it was a sellout. He stopped responding to me about it because he knew he was full of crap. I again, don't know what he is trying to prove. This team has sold out EVERY home game since Reid's first year (not positive about this but I'm almost certain) and I'm sure has tens of thousands on their season ticket list. He is too foolish to realize that when this team doesn't sell out it has nothing to do with the season ticket holders but is the single seats that don't end up selling out. It has been a LONG time since that happened! I again don't know what he is trying to prove with this BS!

    Hollywood, of course you will be able to get tickets before any game if you are willing to pay the price...I wouldn't doubt you could get them...I highly doubt you paid just over face value. Another thing, I absolutely know that you are BSing if you come on here and claim there were plenty of seats open at an Eagles home playoff game sometime since the mid 80s...NEVER freaking happened in Philly and probably goes well beyond that!
  • I was there when Gibbs ran the Earnest Byner trick play on the Eagle defense and I can tell you that it was no porblem getting tix. If it was a sellout it was a gametime sellout. GTD doesnt know his head from his arse.
  • A gametime sellout would have still produced a blackout, hollywood. We both know that you are full of crap! Are you trying to tell me that Philly fans didn't buy up those tickets for a playoff game the last year that Cunningham was still Cunningham (before the injury) and that defense was starting to absolutely take off? You are absolutely full of ****!
  • You are a headcase. Get a life. What do you need to know my seat number. Weirdo
  • Just cleaning up your little fibs, hollywood.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I get it...he doesn't like Lurie and Reid and many fans would agree with him right now. Doesn't mean he has to make up BS about them and the team!
  • 90s I think GTD wild card vs redskin
  • who said anything about the 80s?
  • So I had the date have your info wrong.
  • 1991 to be exact. Whats wrong with you. You make an argument out of everything. Realx dude losing is a tradition around here.
  • Only with you, hollywood and it's just because I feel the need to clean up your lies.
  • No game has been blacked out in years! Probably since Reid's first year (5-11 or 6-10) which followed Rhodes 3-13 debacle. I know for a FACT that no Eagles home playoff game has been blacked out since I've been watching (85-86) and knowing Eagle fans it probably goes back MUCH farther than that!
  • I never said the playoff game was blacked out you hysterical teenager. I said games were blacked out while I was in college and during the Campbell & Kotite error. I have reason to lie you weirdo?
  • Hysterical teenager coming from the most immature person on this site? Hahahhahahahahhaha! Do you have reason to lie, I don't know you well enough to answer that and I often wonder what compells you to do it (in this case it is because you made a point and are looking for proof to back it but your lies don't account for proof in my book). Only thing I can come up with is that you feel the need to be right with your predictions on here. Do you lie? I've seen it way to many times to count. From the made up story about me to your claims that a man who hired a black coach as his first head coach and has had numerous black quarterbacks is a racist, to your bouncing back and forth of your support for McNabb including how he lost the Super Bowl on purpose to your claiming you didn't make certain comments on here until I copied and pasted have lied on here pretty freaking much!
  • What would be the point you hysterical teenager
  • You make things up, that's all, hollywood...that's all!
  • and whhat would be the benefit here of making that up?
  • I already typed that, hollywood and you know why. You are looking for ways to back up your statement that the Eagles BS and that they don't have 50 thousand on their season ticket waiting list. You threw out that comment along with how you have been there when tickets were easy to get. Don't get why you really give a damn about this but it's just you trying to throw a bunch of BS out there.
  • But far as posts go i think i am beyond where you are. Ive been in your spot and it is beyond frustrating. Its embarrasing because you believed in your heart they were on the up and up. But the truth is Lurie wanted to compete but winning a superbowl has never been a priority. Now he probably believes the fans will support anything so why not throw a bunch of scrubs out there and give it to them. he is in Boston sipping on tea hob knobbing with the kennedys & Romneys.
  • maybe Im not the sports fan I used to be....I think ive found more important things to effect my life.... than a damn football game...sure I love sports but My God " the Lowest Point" my heavens if this is the lowest point in my being???? I think maybe I better get my priorities in order!!!!
  • is anyone forcing you to watch????
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  • Wow...I thought I was bummed out. I get the depression you seem to be going through but think that I'm starting to go through a numb period. I don't scream at the TV as much, I seem to bounce back quicker after losses and I certainly don't lose sleep after losses anymore. I do think after watching this team early in the last couple of years I almost seem to expect these type of seasons and set myself up for these types of seasons but it still gets to me. Regardless, I will still be watching this team in two weeks when they play Atlanta and beyond that, even if I told myself differently right now.

    I understand your frustrations with Reid and 14 years without a title is too long, the Juan Castillo decision was his most baffling and still may end up being his undoing unless Castillo finds a way to get to the opposing quarterback and finds ways to create turnovers (and turns this team into stoppers late in games) and I'm no fool, it isn't going to happen (not enough for Reid to keep his job anyway). Hang in there GG, no real reason to believe it's going to get any better with how that line looks right now.
  • Yeah, This has been one of thoese seasons that just doesn't make any sense. I feel like i should be in a 'state of shock.' but, i'm really just: Confused, perplexed, annoyed, pissed off, angry, tired & ready for the season to end.

    1. THE PASS RUSH.. WTF is up w/ the PASS RUSH. (Washburn supposed to be the best! REALLY, this is the best)
    2. THE Offensive Line... It's just not GOOD! (Mudd supposed to be the best? REALLY this is the best?)
    3. THE VICK - HE NEEDS TO GO. Not only does the offensive line suc, but this moron holds the ball 1 second longer then almost every QB in the league. Does that mean our Receivers suddenly suck?.. Not only that, He has turned the ball over more than BRANDON FREAKING WEEDEN!
    4. Our Receivers.. ARE THEY REALLY THIS BAD? that Mike Vick can't get them the ball down the field? Why can't we throw 1 pass down the field for a completion? I'm tired of thse: oh teams only give us the dink and dunk! NO THAT IS CRAP .. You make big plays happen & it opens up the field.. You gotta find a way.
    5. Special teams............isn't this special teams coordinator supposed to be the best?

    The Eagles have more cap room then almost any other team.. Yet every freaking year.. People tell us we have the best.. We have the best in McCoy (who sucked sunday) we have the best O-Line Coordinator ( Who sucked yesterday ) We have the best D-Line Coach Ever (Hasn't registered a sack in a month) We have the best NOTHING people

    *thank god this is a bye week*
  • I ask again with no pass rush why is our 2nd round pick still undressing for games?
  • All I can add is GG you ought to put this post on the Eagles website. Maybe they will finally see how fed up the fans are with the same old crap and are ready for something new.
  • It crazy just to think that the best team that I follow isn't even a Philly team. It's my alma mater's hoops team.
  • The Eagles are starting to get something worse than anger. They are starting to get apathy from their fanbase.
  • Eagle fans deserve much much better. Ive been saying it for years.
  • I want a new challenge. Reid offers nothing. Hes leaving after the season I would put money on it. He knows it now. Hes riding the wave.
  • I also feel like disconnecting right now. It just seems senseless to invest so much time and emotion in a team that is regressing.
  • I was watching Robert Irsay in 1976 take a team with so much promise and destroy the Baltimore Colts. The Colts packed up in the middle of the night and left Balto with all of Johnny Unitas memorabillia. I then picked up the Eagles. i was an NFL orphan. Began to respect a team that played blue collar hard nose football like the colts. had a QB (jaworski) that was tough as nails. Started to follow Dick vermeil and the Eagles through the superbowl loss. Then came some very bad years Marion Campbell but the one thing the Eagles always did was give an effort. Even when outmatched they hit hard. Now, they are a joke. A bunch of sissys. Talkers. So Brink, join the club.
  • Ever since Bdawk and then Mcnabb left we've just totally taken on a new mentality. Nobody used to want to play us and now its like teams look forward to it. We don't have any defenders teams fear or guys on offense that can string together monster games. I'm so bummed out it's hard to get mad anymore...
  • your stuck Brink time to get mad and lash out.
  • The next home game they start doing what they did yesterday, then I would want to start one of these chants. Pay attention to 0:46 and 0:55 to see which ones I'm referring to. Both of them would cut to the point so bad.
  • you should. You are a paying customer. There should be a high standard in Philly. I was listening to Klecko yesterday and he says the Eagles had one of the weakest lockerooms. He was "shocked" at the mentality. Said it flowed from the Reid.
  • Dan Klecko? Is that coming from his time here? Or what he has observed from this current group?
  • His time with Eagles. i was talking to him on radio WIP last nite at chicky and petes. He said it was a me me attitude in there. If I recall he made a reference to rookies not carrying veteran players helmets. There was no deferrance for veterans.
  • There might be something to the comments Avant made the other day about this team being unselfish and undisciplined.
  • yea I guess im not INTO sports as I once was??? MYGOD a loss ?? in a Game???? I hope some one aint on suicide watch....isnt this just a game
  • fandom kingdom what ever ah
  • I know I told you I would ignore you but your comments have me a little confused. Why do you blog so much on a sport's website if this is how you feel?. Why would you waste your time blogging about sports when you obviously have no idea how a fan feels? Don't pat yourself on the back thinking you have my attention...I don't go out of my way to look at your comments. They are just there.
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  • I agree. Reid actually is beginning to look assertive. he was not bad in his early years. It was when he became smug with his superbowl appearance and all the gold standard talk when he became a pompous a-hole. I think its possible that Reid could rediscover what made him effective. I cant stand him in general but when hes lashing out & unpredictable is when he is most successful. hes finally getting emotional. I find this more interesting than the last 11/2 play on the field. Rememeber Andy is about andy and when thats threatened thats when he demands things.
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  • Im 50 Nov 3. havcing a party in balto that sat. 1962 theme Karaoke party. I am opening up with the who- My generation
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • was a Balto Colt fan thru 1980. Born i Philly . went to drexel 1980-1985
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
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  • I still think its funny how... a few weeks ago ..I wasnt even givin a notice??? until I gave comments here about the eagles??? OMyGOD how dare me.....and guess what I started getting readers?? how nutty
  • I still say isnt it "just a game????"
  • dont like ??? dont comment....
  • you do...and thanks very much for reading....
  • If you're typing to me, that's sad...I'm your #1 fan but I don't read your blogs and have only commented to you a half dozen times at the most and it hasn't been to tell you how wonderful your posts are. Let's be real here. How often do you get noticed? Eazy and I a few times. Hardly a devout following! You pretty much summed you up with your "don't like...don't comment"...have you noticed I'm the only one commenting? What do you think that means kelly?

    Love, Your #1 fan
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Yes he did say he wasn't coming back but he did. I don't think he is a multiple but from what I can tell he came over from a website that shut down and is now blogging here. I tried being nice to him and gave him a few pointers so we could read his blogs and actually decipher them (because they are a mess) but he got upset with me. I guess he is either too lazy to type legibly or he just doesn't know how. Since I'm his #1 fan I'm thinking of trying to gather up enough people to start a fan club. I was thinking of asking Eazy to be the vice president but I'm sure we could use a treasurer if you are interested. Do 3 people make a fanclub?
  • No thanks. I've danced around with enough dummies who have come and gone from this site. I don't need to deal with another.
  • and to think?? no that long ago??? I was not even noticed here???
  • Kind of hard not to notice the village idiot screaming in the corner of the room. Congrats if that makes you feel better village idiot.
  • He types that I like his comments because I'm replying to him...I don't think a frying pan to the side of the head could wake this guy up.
  • hi again from teh village idiot
  • you know ?? you keep commenting???? how funny....six comments??? how funny.....I guess someones not getting it????
  • I feel like the teen baby sitter....Im gone
  • GG90 people will tell you that all hope is not lost. People also try to tell you that you are wrong for feeling the way you do. I would tell you the same (all is not lost), but I wont tell you that you are wrong for feeling the way that you do. After all this team has to PROVE they can win and stop TELLING us they can.

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