The National Media So Doesn't Get Us

Posted December 28, 2012

It bogles my mind just how little the national media understands us Philly fans. If you were to listen to their narrative, Lurie will lop Reid's head off at the end of the season because the savage, degenerate Philly fans are demanding it. They miss the entire point. The NFL is a "what have you done for me lately" business.

Reid has only 1 playoff win since 2005 and has gone 12-19 in his last two seasons. That is the REAL reason he's getting s**t-canned at the end of the year (then again with Lurie you never know). 


If you were to listen to the national media's story, they demonize and dehumanize Philly. They think we don't appreciate what he has accomplished here. Erroneous on all accounts. If you were to walk around Philly and ask any fan they'll tell you the same. We appreciate what he has done here, but LATELY he ain't getting it done. I don't care if it's New York, Philly, or Jacksonville. If you start regressing, then you get the boot.

I'd be willing to bet if this were some other coach they'd be singing a different tune. It's almost as if the rules are different in regards to their treatment of anything Philly.

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  • MOST of us appreciate what he has done here and also agree it's time to move on. You'll always have a few fans that just don't like the guy and will refuse to give him his due.

    More piling on by the national started when the move kicked up on how Philly fans are the worst, took off in 2010 when some fans (like me) wanted to see the Eagles move on from McNabb (and some made it sound like McNabb was never a good quarterback) and of course are going to make it seem like most of the fans are being unreasonable when expecting a change with Reid even though the team has seen it's roughest patch with him as head coach (and still no championship). I honestly don't give a damn what the national media has to say as long as Lurie is soon looking for a new head coach.
  • Appreciate? Give him his due? I think Reid got his due by being allowed to stay he for 15 years with very little to show from his craftsmanship. Besides being subjected to his egocentric self centered diplays of his control of things he has left us with a bag of sh*t to move forward with. Thats a coach that deserves his due? Lets see his son dies and he barely mourns his death. They find his sons rooms littered with steroids while he is at an eagle playing facility. More than likely he was selling to players. Not to mention the glib ,non playing attitude that has permeated the team from the top on down. Reid was a big factor for implementing this culture of deceit, contol and debauchery. They are arguably the worst team in the league and you suggest we should sen him off with accolades. God, stop it already GTD hes ass fatphucked us enough. I know you want more but please dont suggest we owe that jerkoff anything but our foot engrained in his ass while he is launched out the door.
  • Owe him anything? don't owe him anything. He also doesn't deserve the lies you type out just because you don't like him. I find it funny that you want to vilify a man for how he chose to mourn his son yet you were all for forgiveness when it came to letting an ex-convict be the face of the franchise. You actually called Reid's choice to go to work that same week the worst thing you saw a man do even though there have been many worse choices by NFL players alone. Come on hollywood, you and I both know it's not what was done that left you so "stunned", it was WHO did it. Let's not exaggerate and take out of context what I meant here but obviously you are the type of fan that I targeted with my comment. You want to put McNabb on a pedestal (even though you insulted him and questioned his integrity) for taking this team to the same heights that the head coach did yet you want to call Reid a horrible coach. You want to act like McNabb's career in Philly was too short because of where he took the Eagles yet admit that you wanted Reid out the year after he helped take his team to a Super Bowl. I know you will keep choosing to rip Reid and ACT like you truly believe that McNabb is the "Greatest Eagle to ever play the game" even though you called him a phony, even though you stated back in 2009 that the reason he hadn't won a championship yet was because he was immature (you actually weren't blaming Reid or Lurie back put the blame right at McNabb's feet...what has changed, raveneagle? lies at all, right hollywood?...way to hold fast with that opinion!). Go ahead and ignore that Reid is the winningest coach in Eagles history and has the most playoff wins. Ignore tha fact that his team came pretty close to winning a championship and that there wasn't too much Reid could do while the man you choose to give false worship to was throwing pick after of them an underthrow to a wide open Westbrook who could have walked into the endzone (should we ignore that according to you if McNabb wouldn't have lost the Super Bowl on purpose by throwing those picks he, Reid and Lurie would have all won that championship you claim Reid will never win?). Is Reid the greatest coach in the NFL today, no he isn't but he may have been from 2000-2004 and still has had 4 winning seasons since with another 3 wins in the playoffs including wins to give the Eagles a 5th shot at the NFC championsip. 5 NFC championship berths in 14 years, hollywood...that doesn't happen too often. Was it just Reid, absolutely not. He wouldn't have gotten to 5 without McNabb (and others) but we honestly don't know where McNabb would have been without Reid claimed the Redskins had everything McNabb needed in 2010 to win a championship and he was benched. So many were typing how successful he'd be in Minnesota and he got benched. Reid deflected all criticism he heard about McNabb even after the benching in Baltimore yet you constantly want to whine he throws his players under the bus...yeah, Reid deserves all the criticism you heap at him. All coaches make mistakes and Reid has made his share. A big questionmark looms at quarterback because he didn't make the right choice at quarterback (and no, I still don't believe McNabb would have gotten them further). Castillo, Washburn, Vick...they will be the reasons he is fired...not because of your bogus claims that all his players hate him and that he is a horrible man...he has just made some bad choices lately that have helped put his team where it is. Those choices don't change the FACT that he was a good coach at one time, they don't take away from the most successful run by an Eagle's team in the franchise's history. Neither do any of your lies.
  • Once again i will debunk your quotes and and misrepresentations. I did question McNabbs integrity and called him a phony. These are things that he inherited from this organization. His prblems stemmed from a flawed relationship he had with the organziation and coach. The culture corrupted McNabb. had he been under the guidance of a repectable and honest organziation and coach its more than likely mcnabb would have had multiple superbowl victories. He gave to Reid. reid sh*t on Mcnabb. Mcnabb was immature but it was something a good head coach could have changed instead of exploited. If you dont think pulling McNabb at half time in a virtual tie ball game isnt throwing him under the bus than you need your brain rewired. Even my friends here in Balto couldnt figure out why Reid yanked him out of that game. Than was just another cheapening of his value aqnd worth. It was mean spirited and unnecessary. It proved nothing but what a boob Reid was. Reid has been a perrenial bad game day coach and loses close games much more often than not. He is outcoached. But you think the players "love" this hack. Thats a big big BIG joke. Nobody around the league could give a phuck about the fatman. Around here he is a joke. And iassume evrywhere else he isnt even a blip on the radar. Mcnabb had the greatest run in Eagle history . Reid was their for the ride but was only instrumental in squashing anyones dream of winning it all. Its time to forget the fat roadblock called Reid and bury him from our memories.
  • Debunk my quotes? Many of these "quotes" were typed by you so how how are you debunking MY quotes. Your lies debunk nothing! "Reid was instrumental for squashing it all" from the man who claims McNabb lost the game and their BEST chance to win one on purpose just so TO wouldn't get the MVP award? Keep that BS swarming, hollywood. I was surprised as everybody that Reid benched McNabb but it was his struggles in the first half at Baltimore that led to his benching, it was his struggles the two weeks prior that even made Reid think about it, I'm sure. I do believe that franchise QBs should have the right to play their way out of slumps but that was more of a wake-up call to McNabb (and it did wake him up). Throwing him under the bus would have been letting him sit on the bench for a few weeks and to let that mess stew for a while. Regarding your comments that no one cares about you even pay attention or do you just insist on typing your BS no matter what? Plenty of the National media have been crucifying the Eagle fans for wanting Reid's more of the "careful what you wish for" mentality directed at the Philly fans when so many wanted to see McNabb traded. I was just listening to WIP and there is talk that Reid has already let known his desire to coach in San Diego. There has been speculation from the media that Reid could end up in Dallas (not going to happen, Jones stated Garrett wasn't going anywhere), San Diego and I'm sure he will be on just about every needy team's list to bring in and at least interview. You insisting everyone hates the man doesn't make it true. Most of the barkers commenting on this subject have not backed you with your hatred...they just want to see the man gone. Two even seem to be fine with their thinking that Reid will be does that equate to you thinking that I am way off base with my are just flat out wrong!

    By the way, your thinking back in 2009, raveneagle, blamed nobody but McNabb for his immaturty and you were much smarter on this subject back then...although I don't think McNabb was immature, I just think that you blame Reid for many faults of the players that they need to own up to themselves. Just more of you heaping on Reid because you don't like the man.
  • I despise Andy Reid and dont think much of mamas boy either. No way Phillip Rivers works with Andy Reid. Wont happen. The only place I see him going pssibly would be the Jags but either way the team that gets him will live to regret that move. But I think he carries too much baggage considering his son was hustling steroids to someone and I suspect it was Eagle players. If that story breaks you can kiss Andy goodbye.
  • I already discussed how I thought the steroids could be part of why Lurie may end of letting Reid go especially since the findings were so recent. It would be unfortunate if something pops up to somehow link Andy Reid to his son's steroids but my world won't end if it does, if that is your angle. From what I read the DA said although there was enough steroids for Reid to be distributing, there was no evidence that he was and that there would be no further investigation so unless you learned a lot from your days of watching Inspector Clouseau and James Bond Movies or if you are a private eye besides an accountant, I don't think anything else will be popping up.
  • If it was proved he was doping eagle players you would still defend Andy 4 not mourning and all the rest. You would still defend his so called legacy. Your a real stange one. If you ever watch boardwalk empire you remind me of the FBI agent thats running from the law.
  • I don't defend him for not mourning. I ask you who are you to tell anoyone how they should mourn? His legacy doesn't need defending...highest winning precentage and most wins in Eagles history, most games won by an Eagles head coach, 5 NFC Championship appearances with 1 win and and Super Bowl appearance that according to you he should have won if McNabb wouldn't have lost the game on purpose. Pretty impressive if you ask me. I don't know whether I should be offended or thankful that anyone as odd as you think I'm strange...I'll go with thankful. Let's see, you are the only one that tells me I'm strange on this site yet I have seen literally at least a dozen different barkers (at the VERY least) call you and your opinions odd, strange, bizarre and words that I would prefer not to use. I just saw PLENTY of rips and insults from barkers you probably wouldn't even remember targeted at you and your old ID, raveneagle. Seems like no one has ever given you the respect you seem to want so much on this website. Let me tell you that I am not surprised at all!
  • Mourning his son? I dont think so. Having his son supply the Eagles with steroids sounds more like it. If that story breaks I cant evn fathom the kind of disgrace the phatman will bring Philly. It would be the biggest scandal in the NFL EVER. Lurie would probably be stripped of draft picks and probably be forced to sell. That would be a pure vindication for me. Ive told you for years that this management is corrupted and that would cement it.
  • I just hate 94.1 wip's morning show. The guy is trash and makes Philly fans look bad
  • I hate that guy so much that I won't even mention his name.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I have heard fans also blaming fans for actions taken by the Eagles. You just have to get over it and not worry about what these people think.
  • The national media does that because WE keep feeding them the ammo.

    Look, places like Seattle and Cleveland, Detroit and Tampa Bay, Oakland and Cincinnati, New Orleans when they sucked. Even when these teams are bad, the fans pack the joint and back the team.

    True or false: Back when the EAGLES were 2-1 this year, weren't the fans here still ripping the EAGLES a new one, prompting Jeremy Maclin to tweet to the New York Daily News "The fact is we're 2-1. The way people are talking, you'd think we're 0-3."

    Those people by the way, would be the fans. For every horror story you read about us here, there isn't an opposing good one about us, and what's worse is we FEED it. This fanbase has managed to hate both the best coach AND the best QB in it's franchise history. At he SAME TIME! While SIMULTANEOUSLY hating the owner AND the GM as well! All this WHILE the team was one of the more dominant teams of the last decade. IN ANY sport!

    Either we have to learn to be okay with people thinking so little of us because of what we do; or we have to change what we do to raise people's opinion of us. We're all adults here, and we know that's how the world works. All the whining in the world won't change it either. So the question is:

    What are you gonna do about it?
  • Quite a few of us stated that we don't give a damn so I guess that means we can live with it.

    New Orleans...that's the city where I first saw fans wearing bags over their heads and seemed to think it was funny calling "their" team the Aints. My mom is in the Tampa Bay area and just told me recently that just about every home game has been blacked out this year (my mom has been wrong on more than one occasion and I didn't check this out so take it for what you will but I wouldn't be surprised) and she also tells me that many fans were thrilled to get rid of the only coach that won them a Super Bowl. I would think that before this year fans were having negative types of discussions in Seattle and probably still are in New Orleans with their subpar year, in Cleveland, in Oakland and any other city you mentioned. It happens everywhere. I do agree that some fans take things to the extreme, like to jump the gun and we definitely have had our share of idiotic fans that give us a black eye but for the most part I think the media just likes to pile on when their is a story...we may have opened the door but they kicked it wide open.

    A side note on the Bucs and whether they sold out games this year...did not find the information for 2012 but the Bucs were the only team to have every game blacked out for the 2010 season according to one article I found...doesn't sound like their fans pack the joint no matter what.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I commend you for ripping them when they were 2-1, because you went with your head and not your heart like I did. You saw the reality of the situation. They weren't playing well. They weren't a good 2-1 and could have easily been winless. That's what's great about Philly fans. They get it and understand that it takes more than hoping players and coaches are great in order for them to be great. Some fans are distracted by having more than one team. Maybe that's why those people don't get the passion of the Philly fan.

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