Posted February 12, 2013

MICHAEL Vick will start because Chip Kelly thinks he is the best QB on the roster. If he didn't Vick would already be gone. 

Many of you are angry and disappointed. Even though none of you really wanted Nick Foles, you at least thought you'd get a head to hang on your wall with Vick being cut. Now not only is he not cut, he's likely going to start again.

But that isn't really why you're angry.

You're angry because you thought the "arrogance" would leave with Reid. That a new coach who "related to you better" would hear you, when the last one ignored you. That you'd get some of whatever makes the neighbors grass so green.

Instead you got a recycled Reid assistant (Shurmur), a career bottom-feeder at Defensive Coordinator (Davis) and Mchael Vick is still here.

Despite your loud screaming for Vick's head, the new coach did what the old coach did. He ignored you. He went to Wing Bowl, smiled in your face, waved as he gave you a shout-out, and promptly




He figures HE knows best what you need. Why go get the obvious help when he can tinker with a retread (Shurmur as Mornhinweg); or if he can make something out of what we can all see is nothing (Davis as Sean McDermott). Just once you'd like to see us do the obvious thing instead of trying to be clever. Just once. You were so hoping for this time to be different.

But it's still the same. It's always THE SAME! We fired him and it's like he's still HERE! Even his QB is still HERE! STARTING EVEN!!!!

Relax...I get it.

You're angry.

Well get ready to stay angry for while, because this is the hand you've been dealt. And until you play it out and get a new deal, these will be your cards. 

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  • Wrong. I'm upset because I've watched a quarterback who struggled to get it done for 2 plus years and now there is a good chance I have to watch him for a while longer. It has nothing to do with Kelly not listening to the fans (I'm huge on the thinking that a coach shouldn't listen to the fans). My brother did make a comment about arrogance and Kelly though but it wasn't that he didn't listen to the fans...he said that now the Eagles have another coach who thinks he can take just anybody and make him work in his system.
  • As I said.

    You're upset over the QB. Your brother over the perceived arrogance of the coach. I don't like the coordinators.

    Not everybody will be upset at everything I listed.

    Some people (you for example) don't mind the coaching staffs make-up.

    Some of us (me for example) are okay with the QB.

    Not everyone is going to be angry for all the same reasons. But make no mistake, the general mood out there is angry.
  • No doubt about it.
  • I think everyone is selling Kelly short. Too many assumptions are placed on him before he even takes the field. From what I gathered, I think that Shurmer is here more as an "offensive consultant" and Kelly will be calling the plays on offense. Kelly wants to rely on coaches with NFL experience and exhaust every angle as to how to attack a team. So far, Kelly has taken his time in every decision he has made to this point. And has analyzed every detail before finally making a decision (which was why it took so long for the coaching staff to be named).

    While there is a "losing" stigma on the OC/DC people tend to forget WHY they were hired in the first place. Or even taken the time to look at what the coaches past history/situations were before arriving to Philly. Did you know..

    The 2005 49ers (who hired Davis as their defensive coordinator) had one of the worst offenses in the NFL? They ranked 30th out of 32 teams. Alex Smith threw ONE touchdown the ENTIRE season with 11 interceptions. While the ENTIRE team threw for 3 touchdowns (in a YEAR). This means the defense is on the field a LOT. Coupled with the fact that the defense was transitioning from a 4-3 to a 3-4 and didn't have a bunch of "stars" on the team. This doesn't make for a very successful formula. No matter who is calling the defense. I don't care if you have Dick LeBeau pacing the sidelines. It's just not going to be very pretty.

    As the offensive coordinator for the Rams, Pat Shurmer helped the Rams improve to a 7–9 record following a 1–15 season in 2009, the second-biggest turnaround in the league in 2010. He guided St. Louis’ offense to improvements in nearly every category including total yards, time of possession and third-down percentage, while they also scored 114 more points than the previous year. In addition, the Rams committed just 21 turnovers in 2010, tied for the ninth-lowest total in the NFL. He also was the Philadelphia Quarterbacks coach during 2002-2008 which were McNabbs best years as a pro (he threw less than 10 interceptions in 5 out of the 7 years Shurmer was the QB coach). Not to mention McNabb's best season and our last SB appearance in 2004.

    While Shurmer didn't do very well in Cleveland, I don't think many would have a quick turnaround with the type of talent the Browns were sporting the past two seasons. But Cleveland was competitive during most of it's games last season and were looking to "turn the corner" this year. Unfortunately Shurmer and the staff were fired so we will never know. Kinda like that one guy who used to be HC of the Cleveland Browns when they lacked talent....what's his name? Oh yeah, Bill Belichick. Not to say Shurmur will have the same results post Browns. But you never know..

    Has anyone even watched the press conferences Kelly has made thus far? He comes off as very open/honest/intelligent. In a word: Impressive. You can see why the Eagles didn't give up on wanting him to be the head coach. Right now, there is still going to be the lingering "Reid Effect" b/c this roster was built entirely on Reids blueprint. But eventually Kelly will put his own fingerprints on the team, and we will all know if he is a savvy as most believe. Or a failure waiting in the wings. Time will tell. But I'm optimistic about what I've seen thus far.

  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Everyone is going to have a varying viewpoint of the situation. I chose to look at the positive side and not dwell on the past failures. Kelly said it best when he talked about Vick:

    “For Michael Vick, there's a change of scenery, but there's not a change of address."

    While we have an entire roster built by Reid, there's no reason to believe that a new system/philosophy won't improve players performance.

    The coaches job is placing players in the best situations to succeed. It's just like a learning curve. While some explanations are confusing/overwhelming, some people have the gift of making things simple and easy for people to comprehend.

    Vick might be the same "Player" but he has the skill set (Quick release/athletic/one of the strongest arms in the NFL) that intrigues Kelly. Now it's up to Kelly to help Vick reach the potential he believes he can obtain.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Vick is, and never will be, a true pocket passer. While Reid hoped he could teach him how to see the entire field and make reads/progressions. I don't think Vick is built that way. The terrible blocking by the offensive line also wasn't helping matters (which led to poor decisions/Vick getting hurt AGAIN). Kelly wants the ball out of his hands in less than 2-3 seconds. That translates to maybe 2-3 reads before actually throwing the football. Many of the plays the Eagles had last year were mid/deep throws, which forces the QB to hold onto the ball longer. Which is fine if you have an OL like the Patriots. But when OL make terrible line reads and free blitzers happen on a routine basis, this doesn't fair well in terms of success.

    I get why people are deferring to the "Doom and Gloom" tactics due to Vicks production over the past 2 years. But keep in mind this is going to be an entirely different scheme on offense. And Vick should be placed in a better situation to succeed. Assuming he wins the starting QB job that is.
  • Well said.
  • There is still a chance that Kelly drafts a young quarterback that fits more to his style. There are a couple in the draft but he won't draft them in round one unless he takes a shot at Geno Smith if he is there at #4. There are two that he may be able to draft in the second round but teams have been taking more and more chances on quarterbacks early and with this team's needs the Eagles may not go that route then either. If one of those quarterbacks is drafted in round two he could supplant Vick as the starter early if Vick continues to struggle. Word was that Vick was struggling in camp last year and we know he never got out of that funk so if that happens it could happen before the season starts. There's always hope. Who knows, maybe something wakes up in Vick but I doubt it. An 8-10 game stretch in one year doesn't make a quarterback and honestly that's all Vick has had.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Chip Kelly has surrounded himself with staff who have had a TON of NFL experience. Kellys direct relationship with college also offers a unique insight to the players he coached with/against. Also, let's not forget Roseman has good relationships with a lot of people in the NFL and the most recent hire of Tom Gamble as VP of Player Personnel:

    Gamble, 49, brings 25 years of NFL experience, primarily in the realm of player development. In all, he has been on staff with 11 playoff teams in his career.

    Gamble, spent eight seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, including the last two years as Director of Player Personnel. During those two seasons, the 49ers reached the NFC Championship game (2011) and the Super Bowl (2012), while earning 18 combined Pro Bowl selections.

    The 2011 NFL draft brought the 49ers Aldon Smith, Colin Kaepernick, Chris Culliver, Kendall Hunter and Bruce Miller, all current roster players that played large roles in achieving an NFC Championship in 2012. Smith was a relatively unknown wildcard pick who is now one of the leading sack men in the NFL, and Kaepernick is the present and future of the 49ers at quarterback.

    Gamble played a major role in the 2010 draft when the 49ers selected Anthony Davis and Mike Iupati, the two cornerstones of the team's current offensive line that has become so dominant in the past year. NaVorro Bowman was also drafted in the third round in 2010 and is now one of the premiere linebackers in the NFL.

    Still worried?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Gamble has a track record of making sound decisions when it comes to the draft. He was instrumental in selecting players who haven been outstanding for the 49ers (NFC Championship/Superbowl) and still one of the best/young teams in the NFL. This is reality. Until someone can do that here, it's obviously going to be "on paper". But the reality of the situation is he will only help the draft process given his eye for talent. Patience.
  • I'm pretty happy myself. I am starting to like Chip Kelly, I love how he handled the Vick situation. I am not overall pleased with the defensive coordinator, but I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. One thing I am certain is that I am happy we have moved on from Reid. So all in all my mood is good.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Since you have come here all you have done is whine and complain. Well in your defense you did say a practice squad player would win us the Super Bowl so good for you! You have whined, complained, and have been stupid.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Seriously?!

    You never even gave these people a chance you just came in ripping at people. How was anybody supposed to respond to that? We all at least got to know who we were talking to before we started letting loose.

    Me? I'm made of sterner stuff so I can take a ribbing. Yeah I gave you a little back, but not so much that I make an enemy or whatever. I'm trying to get the number of posters here UP, and bring in some civility, and I'm getting no help to do it! Then you come in and START OUT acting liked this, and it only makes it that much harder.

    Come on man. What's the point of coming here JUST to argue?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I keep repeating it I know, but I really wanted Vick gone! Even if foles wasn't the answer, I just wanted to find out! If we trade foles, I will be even more devastated! It would mean Dennis Dixon is our starting QB for 1/3rd of the season lol. Shoot me now!

    what is up with Philadelphia's obsession with running quarterbacks!
  • It seems that flip sent the "genius" running for the hills (good job) but you know what I find funny? Even with flips threats Yardbarker still allows the posts and IDs above (and other ones) to remain. They got rid of flip's pictures but the IDs that were created solely with the purpose of mocking him and others are still here along with the comments. This is exactly what I meant about with my comment on flip's post that Jeff is to blame for this BS. How can these comments be anything but bad for this website yet here they are still out in the yard. These comments and multis should have been deleted and whoever was responsible for them should have been tossed off the yard but again not nearly enough is done.
  • Yeah, everybody but you has multis, romorules. LOL. With all the lies I've seen you type on this site why would I believe you now? Let me correct you,I have NEVER admitted to having multiple IDs for one simple reason...this is the only ID I have ever had on yardbarker. If I ever do have to get another for any reason I will do what 20dawk did tonight...tell everyone it is me. I haven't done anything to be ashamed of on this site so why would I need another ID? I don't get my kicks by toying with people...I couldn't even imagine pretending I'm a woman while flirting with men on this site like you did. I'm truthfully not angry with you right now, romorules. I just don't get're obviously an adult and I just don't get why any sane man would pull some of the stunts that you have on here. Maybe it's just me but somehow I doubt it.
  • (Oops! Meant to do this under Birdflipper!)

    I hope he does contact an attorney, since attorneys bill by the hour and don't do refunds if your case is thrown out of court.

    It would almost be worth a trip down to 7th and Market to watch a judge holler at him for wasting the court's time. I wouldn't even hire an attorney at first if summoned, so it wouldn't cost me anything. But at that point I'd be able to point and laugh at him in person. That would give him an image to take to his grave.

    Then I'd get on here and brag about it.
  • This switching crap is maddening! Why the hell would anybody do this ON PURPOSE?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • He did this same BS with Eazy, flip. We all sat back and watched him constantly call Eazy a multi ID while using about 10 IDs to harass him. What the hell was that all about? He honestly seemd angry at Eazy while accusing him of doing the same thing he was doing at that moment. I'm not even sure why he would try to get others on his "side" when everyone on the site knew he was doing the same things he seemed so pissed off at Eazy about (and no Eazy, I don't think you are a multi). He even outed some of his own IDs by doing this. I just didn't get that. I get that he is a troll, not thrilled with it but I get that. Why he tries to appeal to others was and continues to be beyond me. Why would I give anything he types a second thought when he's gone out of his way to try and make this website hell for many of us? All just part of his lame game, I guess.
  • That's why I'm trying to stay clear of it.
  • Cause all my posts were taken down my account removed n I was given this weird ass name

    That's why I'm angry not even angry just confused

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