The Vet Spanks The Rookie.

Posted September 20, 2013
Losing to the Chiefs wasn't what was troubling about this game, but how they lost was. The Eagles looked unprepared, and uninspired. Many of the older players looked old, and some of the younger players looked confused. Some of the guys must have thought Reid was back on their sideline, because they reverted back to their turnover happy Reid ways. There were plenty of goats in this game. Lets look at a few of them. Chip Kelly: I'm not surprised to see Kelly's team a little unprepared for a Thursday football game. This isn't something that he's used to doing, and realistically it's going to take some time for him to get used to knowing how to coach that transition. With that being the case his decision to go for to was bush league and a complete embarrassment to himself as a head coach. The decision to go for two was bad enough, but the decision to use special teams players to do it was inexcusable. His decision to go for two was a damaging to his team as Vick's pick six. Season one we can somewhat accept such stupidity from a rookie HC, but that crap won't fly season two. Special Teams: Boy did they have a tough night. The Johnson fumble, the big returns by Demps (of all players), and the missed field goals made for such a terrible showing. Kelly should have known that his swinging gate play was doomed to fail after watching such a terrible start by his special teams. Mike Vick: He reverted back to his normal ways again. He was very slop with his footwork, and threw some really bad balls into double coverage. He really should have had four or five interceptions in this game. For some reason he really wanted to show off the abilities of Riley Cooper last night by constantly forcing ball to him. Well he succeeded in proving what most of us already knew. rile Cooper has no skills. Riley Cooper: Why is this bum still on the team, and whose dumb idea was it to try and run the offense through him? The interception thrown to Smith was basically his fault as he completely gave up on the play. He didn't even try to break it up. Dude is a bum, and is getting serious time while players who actually show flashes of talent like Curry and Graham get spot time. I don't know who Riley Cooper has pictures of (considering the fact not only is he racist he simply stinks) to still be a member of this team, but whoever that person is just needs to fess up so they can cut this waste of space. Desean Jackson: I don't know it were scheming, if Vick didn't recognize, the one deep safety coverage, or if the line played so poorly for most of the game they didn't give him time, but for whatever the reason Jackson currently the NFL's leading receiver was an afterthought going up against a guy mostly in man coverage with a gimpy knee. How does Mike Vick think its a good idea to throw to Celek with double coverage and not attempt to hit Jackson deep in single coverage? For whatever the reason Vick and Jackson were not on the same page last night and it cost the team. Knowing that Jackson wasn't getting his touches and after Johnson's fumble tonight would have been a good time to get him out there on punt returns. Kelly dropped the ball on that one. The Offensive Line: Peters and Herremans looked old and slow particularly on passing downs last night. The rookie took a little. It of a step back last nite and got a costly penalty again. Kelce hiked the ball off his bottom. Todd got bull rushed right into Vick's lap. Mathis was the most solid player on the line last night. The line gave up five sacks I believe, but it could have been more if Vick didn't decide to run or at least get out the pocket. Billy Davis: for two weeks straight this defense has allowed teams to beat them on third and long situations. Most troubling in this game was how they basically kept getting beat on the same third and long play. How may times to Avery have to catch the ball over the middle on third and long before the coach thinks its a good idea to cover him? How do you still get pressure with a three man rush and still blow a third and long coverage? Missed tackles: They were starting to creep back into the defenses play. One might excuse it due to the fact they were on the field so long, but despite the effort plays were there to be made, and guys missed opportunities taking bad angles and over pursuing. I don't care how much talent Kendricks has if he keeps over pursuing slower players than himself, and putting himself out of position to make the tackle he become a liability and not an asset. For most of the game the defense played well, but they were needed for all of the game and they folded when they were needed most. Despite the bad and there was plenty of that to go around there were some guys who stood out. Shady McCoy: Is the real deal. He played his heart out tonight and tried to inspire his teammates by returning after the injury. Had a big 40 yard run after that injury to try and get the team back into it as well. Jason Avant: Where Cooper failed, Avant thrived. He caught nearly everything that was thrown his way and his circus catch prior to the McCoy scamper was the key play of the drive. Vinnie Curry: Why isn't he starting over Thorton? Why didn't he dress the first two games? Why did they immediatly take him out after he made a play? How is this kid in two different coaches dog house? Curry was a highlight in most of the preseason games, and then became an inactive. His first game with a little time he shows up, and they reward him by sitting him down. this second round pick needs to play. It's that simple, because he has a natural gift for penetrating the offensive line. Fletcher Cox: He showed up today and he was moved around the line a lot. He still has a tendacy to take too many plays off though. All in all this was a very poor showing by the Eagles, and with the Manning brothers coming up soon it could be a while before we see another victory. On a side note this is the reason why it would have made more sense to play Foles over Vick. If they are going to lose ball games anyway it's better to know if Foles can get the job done rather than to play Mike. After watching the swinging gate play I have to wonder if Chip Kelly is truly trying to win this season or is he just experimenting. Also when was the last time the Eagles won a game at the Linc? So before you Reid apologist get into the we made a mistake for dropping him mode remember the state he left this franchise in.
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  • Just another sad showing from a poor team Easy. They would be better playing on a vacant dirt lot behind the Vet. This is not how a NFL team should look or perform, SAD.
  • Kelly is going to make many mistakes this year...most of us realized that coming in but he has made some extremely questionable calls. I'm just not sure it's fair to hail the man as a genius and call him innovative when the plays work and crucify him when they don't. Everyone has to let the man have his year and hope he learns from his rookie mistakes. The team looked tired...we also have to get used to the fact that there was no way Kelly was going to fix this team in year one. Too many bad drafts and the winning coach last night shares part of that blame.The frustrating part is that the two elements that looked good in week one (special teams and the offense) were the reasons they lost what should have been a winnable game. The defense had the winning performance last night yet Vick, Damaris Johnson, Henery and the offensive line Made it too tough to overcome. Kelly may share the blame but he wasn't the one setting up the defense for failure time and time again.
  • I don't know if you read everything I wrote. It got squashed, because I wrote it with my ipad, but I agree with you. I'm not blaming Kelly for all of this. In fact this is the first time he's ever had to prepare a team from a Sunday to Thursday short week in his entire career. Naturally there is going to be some bumps in the road. Also like yo mentioned he's got to deal with Andy's old drafted bums still. With that being the case Kelly's decision to go for two was pretty stupid and I sure hope he never tries that crp again. I mean if you are going to go for two and you have one of the best backs (if not one of the best players) in football he in some way should be a part of the play rather as a decoy or simply giving it to him.
  • I agree but the offense would have had more opportunities to score if the players on the field executed better. Vick, Damaris Johnson, the offensive line...Kelly may be number 5 if I'm looking for someone to blame for last night's game.
  • This isn't and order list. This is a who came in my head at the time list. I don't really know who I would give a percentage of the blame to. I think many of the worked really hard to lose this football game.
  • I happen to agree with your assesment of the game . I dm not ready to run Chip out of town, however , I was somewhat suprised he doesnt have better flexibility in his game plan. Simply put, it looked exactly the same as the prior weeks but less effective. If the Eagles lose the next two games i see no reason to continue with Vick assuming this is his last year here. But bottom line is we are drafting a qb next year win or lose. Vick is adequate for now but he wont bring a superbowl to Philly,. And our talent pool is thin at best so waiting for the forces of talent and Vick to meet might take a few years past his playing days. This is a 3 year project andc it has zero guarantees. The more I watch the more Im inclined to believe Lurie wont be here. You laugh but when the gimmicks, smoke and mirrors fade what do you really have here? an old QB, no depth, a few skill position players, no impact players on D, a general lack of talent. It boils down to money. Always does.
  • Your as segment of the team is why most of us thought it was a bad idea to keep Vick on the roster regardless of what he does in games. The fact is the roster isn't very good. They have some really talented guys mixed with players who aren't starters in the NFL. It's not a winning combo, but ironically this division is so bad the Eagles could still win it with an 8-8 record.
  • I think where we disagree is what responsibility this owner has to put the best product on the field on sundays. At this stage of his career Vick is a better QB than Foles. Next year i dont know. But ,you are right. we have talent mixed with deadbeats. At some point, this owner needs to make resources at his disposal available to elevate this team. when is it that time? when isnt it time. Do you think any free agent WR on this list could help the Eagles
  • The coach chose these players. At least he chose the ones he couldn't dump due to cap reasons. The others were chosen by Reid, Banner, and Roseman. Jeff isn't playing GM. It's not his style.
  • Hollywood will never admit that Lurie is what he is also...for the mist part a hands off owner who gives his football people the leeway to pick and choose personnel as they feel fit. He's claimed the opposite too often to ever go back on it.
  • Lurie is part of the "budget" process not necessarily the "choosing" process. Do you think Lurie says spend as much as you want? Jeff Lurie sets the "parameters". You feel me?
  • You can't spend as much as you want in the NFL. They have a cap. Ironically the Eagles did the
    whole spend to their hearts content and it netted then a bunch of players who were in here for
    a check and no more. That's because Reid, Banner, and Roseman stunk up the draft for years.
  • I don't need to "feel" you...I've been reading your crap for years. It isn't the's who they brought in with the money! When are you finally going to get that? Do you honestly think Lurie throws good money at his coaches and then ties their hands? Do you think if he was so hung up on being a tightwad he would have allowed Reid and company to give Vick a 100 million dollar contract...after already starting to fade a bit at the end of the 2010 season yet? Or that he would hire Kelly and not give him the tools to at least try to be successful? You think the Eagles have to spend every dime allowed them every year to show that they are commited and that is just nonsense. You have Dallas and Washington in the same division spending money and what has that got them in the last 20 years?
  • The Cowgirls haven't won squat since Jerry traded spending over good football sense.
    Other than Brady the Patriots aren't big spenders at all. The never go out and sign free

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