They Got It Half Right.

Posted September 10, 2013
In Chip Kelly's first game as a coach the Eagles seemed pumped and ready to go for a half of football. Maybe it was some endurance issues by the second half that began to slow the locomotive. It could have been the coach taking his foot off the pedal that caused the comeback or maybe RG 3 just finally got into rhythm. The second half of the game obviously wasn't better than the first, but if a rookie coach can get his first win on Monday Night, against a divisional opponent, who happens to be the division champ, and to do it in their own backyard is an accomplishment. Perhaps the comeback will help Chip Kelly see it isn't wise to assume the other team will just give up. I saw far too many downs of Jordan Poyer and Casey Mathews in the third quarter for my liking. Nevertheless, if Chip can get his offense and defense to play at this uptempo level for more than just a half of football the Eagles will be tough to beat. Now for some game balls. Carey Williams: I dogged him for looking mediocre all preseason and for having more fights than interceptions, but frankly William brought it tonight. He brought some physicality on that blitz hit on RG3 and that interception was exceptional. He stepped up tonight. Brandon Boykin: Got a nice interception and played some very solid coverage on the Skins nickel receivers. Trent Cole: Everybody said he couldn't do it, but Cole was a menace tonight. He was always buzzing around the QB, and made some big stops against the run, and forced the fumble. Mychal Kendricks: Playing on the inside so far has been good to this kid. He just seemed to be everywhere. Of course this is how he was last season early in the season as well, but maybe this season he can sustain it. They sure do need him to. Desean Jackson: He and D. Hall yapping back and forth all night, but in the mist of that Jackson had an excellent game and old Sav Rocca was scared out o his britches to even kick it to him. Shady McCoy: who said this guy can't carry the ball over 30 times? Heck he had more carries in the second quarter than Reid would give him in an entire game! Mike Vick: First off that fumble wasn't his fault. It was an excellent play made by a very talented player. Mike came right back and moved the Eagles back down the field. Even when he began to struggle some in the second half (he wasn't alone there) he still found ways to move the chains. A very solid performance put on by Mike Vick. The Offensive Line: didn't want to really single anyone out, but they did a solid job of opening holes for McCoy tonight. The Eagles did some unusual (we better start getting used to it) but effective plays with their O-Line during the game. Both tackles lined up out by the receivers and the still ran the ball! Worse the Redskins fell for it! All in all it was a nice win for the start of the season. Some of the guys seemed to get a little nicked up in the game, but it was good to get out of there with a W. Only two things seem capable of stopping this offense. The first is their own mental mistakes, and the second is guys pretending to be injured so they can slow them down. I see a lot of Giants suddenly falling to the ground in our future.
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  • First half was awesome. First two drives had me shaking with nerves and excitement. Hall was yapping with desean cause he, like the rest of the skins d, were tired as hell. Second half Kelly eased off tried to use the clock and the offense became obvious and simple. The skins d caught on and we were punting. The skins o finally got into a rhythm and we seen how our defense can get exposed. Good news is the run d shouldn't get exposed too much if they can put points up like that. We did benefit from a terrible rg3 and three, counting the safety, turnovers. But give credit to the defense. Last year they weren't making those plays. Also loved the toughness of the d early on, but when they started that cloud let them get yards and waste clock sh!t they got killed. I was yelling oh phuck it's gonna be like 2010 vs the giants. Luckily it didn't happen.

    Bottom line that first half was sweeeeeeeeeeeet. E A G L E S. EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!
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  • A lot of the second half stuff wasn't that surprising. First the Redskins are a good football team and they were at home. The Skins began to play a little more hurry up offensively, the Eagles offense bogged down almost to a halt, and the defense was playing a lot of prevent. I didn't see a lot of the stuff that plagued our defense last year. Did you see a lack of turnovers like last season? Did you see stupid penalties? Did you see a lot of missed tackles? I saw very little of that last night. Remember the Eagles offense ran over 50 plays in the first half. This was their first full game and they basically ran it in the first half. It may take some time to get the endurance up, but they are going to better in they long run.
  • Your offense wasn't that good Spottie. O.K. Did you even watch the game? Vick was outstanding as well as the offense. Wow.
  • I think it was a typical NFL game with the exception of the theatrics. They often come down to the 4th quarter and Kelly handled the pressure. He didnt clam up like Reid and run McCoy into a pile and he also limited the risk. It was solid coaching. I still question the talent level on this team especially the depth. Pryor was horrible on defense and we are very thin at WR. I wouldnt mind seeing some talent brought in via trade or FA. Im not sure we can keep this pace for a full season. It will be interesting and I think Chip isnt through suprising.
  • Besides the fumble that wasn't truly a fumble the Eagles played almost a perfect first half of football. Cole did indeed shine, along with Vick, McCoy (the man is incredible) and Jackson (he has to keep himself under control though and not hurt the team). It was also nice to see Williams finally back up all that talk. Unfortunately I think a part of what slowed down the Eagles a bit when the Redskins were making a push was Vick and his injury (he wasn't moving well at all and it seemed to affect his passing game also). I truly hope it doesn't hamper him because I have to admit that offense was fun to watch.
  • After watching that first half again and some of the second half, I am starting to think Hollywood may be onto something with his two quarterback system. I think the Eagles are going to have to play more players to keep up this pace for 16 games or more.
  • I just think when you have a valuable asset in foles why keep him on the bench for 60 minutes. Give him some sets and rest Vick. He has to get tired moving that way. Most people cant sustain that running for two minutes.
  • I agree with you here. It's too much on any player to be expected to maintain that kind of pace. Especially a guy Vick's age.
  • They have 53 players. The way the game is played use all of them. I think Vick has one maybe two more season at best in Philly. I just think he looks slower but smarter, and his throws seem inconsistent and wobbly at times. Sort of like a mark Brunell towards the end of his career. Vick has to reduce the hits he takes. Most so far qualify from his own making although the refs are showing him no respect. This league lets Vick take a tremendous amount of late hits. I dont think Kelly will stand for it. Reid couldnt have cared less.
  • I hope Kell's Eagles jump so quick onto Reid's Chiefs that Andy will still be trying to make 1st quarter adjustments in the middle of the 4th quarter.
  • Kelly said he wants to get faster. I think it'd be better to slow it down a little in the first half so we can be more balanced throughout. Really good win though and I bet Kelly has a lot more up his sleeve.
  • As if this offense wasn't already blisteringly fast. Since this was my first look at Chip's offense I thought it would be fun to get a stopwatch out and time how fast they were between plays. They averaged about 18 seconds between plays. Hard to get much quicker than that, but then again think about who we're talking about here.
  • If you think about it guys did a bunch of stupid things like celebrating after first downs, arguing with the refs,and forgetting to give the ball to the refs after plays. If they cut down on some of the silly antics they could squeeze a few more seconds out of this thing.
  • and to think Reid couldnt put together a 2 minute offense ever. This guy can run circles around Reid.
  • I always think back to the Super Bowl when the Eagles were playing the end of the game like they were up. Imagine how things would have been different if Reid wasn't there. Reid was with the Eagles about 6 seasons too many.
  • I told you that. If he cared about the franchise then he would have resigned. He was holding the team back. McNabb could have run Chips offense. If he was in shape. I dont want to get started on Reid. he may have success in KC because that city fits his bill. They need a father figure on that down on your luck team. He will duplicate the arrogance there but maybe not quite as bad. He was shipped off to NFL purgatory.
  • I just remember thinking back to that little exchange of pleasantries between DeAngelo Hall and DeSean. He was very lucky not to pick up an off-setting flag on that late hit out of bounds for the retaliation like Joe Staley did in the Packers/Niners game. I know referees usually have a radar for that kind of thing and are trained to look for it.

    Speaking of that play. I just thought I'd weigh in. BS call. Staley was just doing his job. I love Clay Matthews, but I can't lie. That was a cheap shot. There shouldn't have been off-setting penalties there. Not that it mattered. The Niners scored on the next play anyway.
  • Hall has always been a punk, and I don't know why the Redskins always want to pick on Jackson. Every time they piss him off he lights them up. It's like the Redskins feel like they are the stepchild of the division so they constantly do stupid things to try and get attention. I hope they pick with DJack again next game. He may put up over two hundred total yards and two touchdowns on them.
  • I think Hall's better off just leaving him be. Every time he's pissed off DJax, he's gotten roasted. I just love how he was talking smack before that MNF game a few years back and Jackson had him doing a dolphin dive on the first play.
  • That one was actually Laron Landry, but I think it was Hall
    that got into it with Trotter on game when he was a Falcon
    and had Trotter thrown out of the game before it even started.
  • Completely OT, but how much does Tom Brady miss Wes Welker right now? For real man, he must be thinking, "This is how Donovan McNabb must have felt for the majority of his career in Philly."

    Also what a privileged career Welker's had. He's caught TD passes from Brady and now Peyton. The two preeminent QBs of this generation.
  • Prior to Welker who did Brady have? Troy Brown was old even then.
  • Some will try to fault Kelly's offense for this one, but the defense really let the offense down today.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Those fumbles were more of a case of the defense bailing themselves out of jams they put themselves in. The first fumble the Eagles got the ball inside the 5. There wasn't much that could gave been done.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • The Chargers made some plays, and the offense missed on some passes, but where were the three and outs for the defense? Guys just didn't step up and make enough plays defensively. The offense shouldn't have to score 40 points a game to win.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Teams leave points on the field often in the NFL it just happens. With that being the case there weren't many plays where they were inside the Red Zone and didn't execute. There were a couple of misses by Vick, and some questionable calls by the coach, but again did the Chargers ever punt?
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Didn't Casey drop a ball Vick put right on his hands? That's not Mike's fault.
    Didn't Henery miss a very makable field goal? Again not Vick's fault.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • They are part of the issue here as you mentioned Vick failed to capitalize on some plays when his teammates failed him as well. Casey dropped an easy touchdown that would have been 7 points instead of three. Alex missed that field goal at the end of the half. That was a killer since the Chargers were getting the ball. That is a 7 point difference cause by Mike's teammates and not him.
  • Sorry Spottie but I disagree with you again just as I did when you said Roberto Clemente was your cornerback. Get educated girlfriend. Ask members of your beautiful and I mean breathtaking faces about the current players on the Egrets roster. Easyeaglez is right. I mean Easyeagles is right. I can't keep up with his id's.
  • Perhaps I'm in the minority here, but despite the fact we lost this game I didn't feel as frustrated by it as some of our past losses. I found this game to be entertaining to the last whistle. Players may not be all that talented, but you see them hustling.
  • You're in the minority dude. Trust me bro.
  • Harry potter I simply love your photo of Romo. That's the look he makes after he Just lost to a team. He makes that face often.
  • I love your face too with a bag over your head. I guess you are a Philly fan even though you have never been to Pennsylvania. Back to football. This could be a three team race for the division if RG3 can make it back to normal. America's team and the G-men will obviously be there in the end.

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