To Kill a Mock(ing) Bird

Posted April 23, 2013

The draft is almost here and there are numerous avenues to be explored. With no clear cut #1 blue chip players in this years NFL draft, one would be hard pressed to say who is the consensus #1 overall pick. Given the amount of talent in this years draft (no super elite players, but a very DEEP draft in terms of very good players) the Eagles should be one of the teams looking to trade down (assuming the two top tackles are off the board in Joeckel and Fisher). My guess is they will both be gone by the time the Eagles select at #4:

1. KC OT Luke Joeckel

2. Jags OL/DE Dion Jordan

3. Oak OT Eric Fisher

4. Eagles select...

OT Lane Johnson is the best tackle left on the board, and there are plenty of teams who may want to move up to snag him (#7 AZ/ #11 Chargers/ #12 Miami). The Lions are in dire need of OL help so this will drive the price up further (if the Eagles decide to move down). This move will almost guarantee an additional 2nd round pick and perhaps additional picks if Miami wants to be a serious player. So the question is.. is it worth it?

Players left on the board include: DT Shariff Floyd, CB Dee Milliner, DT/DE Star Lotuleile, OG Chance Warmack, OG Johnathan Cooper, OLB Barkevious Mingo, DE/OLB Ziggy Ansah, QB Geno Smith (who I still don't like as a 1st round pick, but could fit this this scenario due to the depth/additional 2nd round pick). While I'm not sold on Mingo as an OLB or think DE Ziggy Ansah fits our "scheme", it's still unknown if the Eagles will have enough pieced to run a 3-4 this season, which is why many suspect we will run a hybrid 3-4/4-3 defense. The Eagles are adamant about selecting the "Best Player Available" and under this scenario, they could very well be the best players left on the board.

One of these players will surely be there at pick #12 if the Eagles decide to move this far back in the 1st round. The Eagles could still land QB Geno Smith at pick #12 assuming he gets past both the Bills and the Jets. But with the off season moves of signing Vick to a more friendly contact, Foles is still here and Dixon being familiar with the "Kelly Offense" is QB REALLY the choice we want to make in the 1st round? I doubt it.

What about players who might be draft day trades? QB Foles, DE Vinny Curry, DE Trent Cole, WR Jeremy Maclin (last year of his rookie deal). Could this be a part of a blockbuster deal that could send both Jets 1st round picks the Eagles way? Say, Foles/Maclin/Cole and the #4 for picks #9 and #13 (and compensatory pick from the Bucs next season)? While that may sound far fetched of an idea, it really isn't if you consider the Jets could land CB Milliner with the #4 pick and have an immediate upgrade at both QB and WR (esp with our old OC Marty running the show with the Jets) along with a pass rusher in Cole. Trades often happen with the Eagles on draft day, so don't be surprised if we move some familiar faces in place of draft picks.

Again, nobody knows what will happen or who will be drafted ahead of the Eagles. But if the top two tackles are gone by the time #4 rolls around, and Dion Jordan is also off the board. The Eagles need to think long and hard as to what they want to do. Teams will be ringing the phone off the hook for OT Lane Johnson, so the Eagles need to decide if we can still get a quality DL/OL in the 2nd (while still landing a player they highly covet in the 1st). Only a few more days and we will find out! Exciting times are here again. Stay tuned!

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  • If the top 2 tackles are gone the Eagles will certainly be listening to trade offers for teams looking to move up for Johnson...a team or two may have already been in contact with the Eagles dicussing that scenario already...we just don't know. I read earlier today that the Dolphins may actually be looking to move down themselves to try to get back the 2nd they may lose in the possible deal with KC for Albert. Again, we just don't know. Can't wait! I'm curious to see if the Eagles try to trade a few of the players that you mention and may not fit their schemes or plans...Foles, Maclin, maybe even Cole during the draft. I'm hoping they can get some compensation for players that may not see much time with the changes but am not sure what they can do. One player I didn't think they would or could move is Cole. He would cost them roughly 6.5 million against the cap if he is cut or traded but since the Eagles are over 20 million dollars under the cap this may be the year to move on from him if that is their eventual plan. They would get closer to the cap this year without strapping themselves in the future while making more room to make moves in Kelly's 2nd year (his money keeps going up in his "new" deal until it maxes out at 14 million in 2017...his money is CRAZY after next year when it is still a bit high at 6.6 million after his lack of production last year...there is NO way he remains an Eagle beyond 2014 making that kind of money). If they could move him to a team that can see him fitting in their plans I think it makes sense. With Barwin and Graham (and maybe Jordan by Thursday night) how much time will he see here?
  • Chance Warmack is a solid blue chip player, but this team has a habit of undervaluing Offensive Linemen who aren't Tackles. In fact, the last time the Eagles drafted an Offensive Lineman high (pick #45 or earlier), who WASN'T a Tackle in college (both Jermane Mayberry AND Lester Holmes were Tackles in college) was Center Guy Morris in 1973. And even then he was the THIRD guy (no pun intended) that we picked in that Draft.

    The Eagles simply don't prioritize interior positions on the Line. Warmack is on my Wish List, but I seriously doubt they'll take him.
  • The Eagles aren't alone. NOBODY in the ENTIRE NFL would take a guard that high since Tony Mandarich. So don't try to imply the Eagles don't priortize a position that NOBODY in the NFL does. Just as bad as Hollywood.
  • Besides, the Eagles have a little more upside in their interior line if they seriously think they can get something out of Watkins (although I'm not so sure they think that). If they are looking to bring in a tackle like everyone seems to think (and their supposed interest in Eric Winston suggests) than they are thinking of moving Herremans back inside. Herremans, Mathis and Watkins inside or two injured players (and aging) in Herremans and Peters trying to make it back to anchor the outside?...seems to me the need is at tackle especially when considering that Herremans has been a more effective guard than tackle. If the Eagles came out of the 1st round with Warmack or Cooper I wouldn't have a problem with long as they traded back to do it and still address tackle later in the draft or even giving Winston's agent a call after the draft. It would be nice to have the depth along the line that the Eagles never seem to have.
  • I agree with you. The Eagles can not pick Chance at 4 especially if their is a possible anchor OT available to choose. Peters and Todd aren't getting any younger. At some point the Eagles will need to replace them. The Tackle is the guy who get the big bucks not the Guard. You will never see a Guard being the highest paid offensive lineman in football. They aren't the ones on an island fending off guys like Demarcus Ware with little to no help. Now if they trade down and still pick up chance I wouldn't have a problem with that at all.
  • If they can trade back in the first and pick up another 2nd than they could possibly pick up a Kyle Long or a Terron Armstead to go along with Manuel (or a corner or a defensive lineman, a top safety or many other needs). Could you imagine them coming out of the first two rounds with their QB of the future and possibly two potential starters on the offensive line for the next 5-10 years and finally having good depth along the lines? I honestly doubt they use two TOP picks on offensive lineman but if they had an extra pick it could make it more likely and if they drafted a guard in the 1st it would still seem that they didn't address their concerns at tackle. Or maybe some great depth in the secondary with eventual starters? Regardless of what they do I am excited about most of what I hear. The thinking is that they have 4 players they like at 4 (the top two OTs, Jordan and Lotulelei is the thinking) so they just may stay put and take one of them...I honestly wouldn't even mind if the Eagles drafted Lane Johnson themselves if he was there at 4. Seems like he would fit that uptempo style that Kelly wants to run. I'm hearing that the Jags may take a tackle now and if that's the case the Raiders could be the team that everyone that wants Johnson is calling to move up...of course all the talk on tackles could be teams posturing so they have a chance to move down and get an extra pick or two. Regardless the Eagles should get a very good player at 4 (or a good player and an extra pick or two) unless they blow this pick by taking someone they could have gotten later in the draft. Even though one of the guards should be a plug and play type player the thinking is they should be able to get one of them later. I hope they are able to take advantage of that if they do get a guard in the 1st.
  • I get the feeling the Raiders will take Floyd or they will do what the Raiders always do(something stupid with their draft picks) so Fisher could be there to be taken. Dion Jordan as the 2nd pick shows how much this draft lacks top level talent. I think the Eagles have three options. Draft Star, draft Fisher or trade down. After hearing Miliner has had 5 different surgeries already I think it's best to stay away from him unless he drops to a second round pick or lower. Also if the Eagles are truly interested in EJ Manuel they had best trade down, because they are going to have to trade back into the first to get him. Unless they would be willing to give up a pick next season it would be hard for them to move up otherwise.
  • I agree with you about Milliner. A Philly reporter (may have been Jeff McClane) said that Milliner stated that his doctor told him he COULD be ready by training camp and he also said that all these visits are holding up his rehab. Is Milliner that much better than some of the other picks where you take him in the top 10 and may not get anything to start the season off THIS year? The 5 surgeries are a concern also...these are probably the reasons the Eagles told him not to bother visiting.
  • I think it's to the point when drafting this year is how much better a guy is at his position as opposed to the next guy? We are seen several shades of grey with this draft, but I don't think it means there isn't much talent. I just think it lacks high end talent which is why the Eagles and Chiefs would consider trading down.
  • The rumors are that many teams are looking to move down...if true the problems that they face will be are there enough trade partners and what kind of value do the teams that want to move up place on the top picks in this draft? Teams are always willing to trade up but just may not be willing to give up enough for the Eagles to lose that coveted player.
  • Depending on the spot a 1st and 3rd and maybe a 5th could get a deal done with the Eagles. A third and the Eagles second should be able to get the Eagles back into the first round if necessary to take EJ if he's their guy. I think the Eagles would have done well with Chance and EJ as their first two picks.
  • Still the biggest wildcard in the entire draft sits at #2. The Jags have so many holes it's ridiculous. Could this be where Geno Smith lands? Might be a ridiculous pick, but given that they have a new regime (owner/coach) perhaps they are looking for a new face of the franchise. Plus Geno has more upside than Blaine Gabbert. The Jags won't be very good regardless, so why not have a young player grow with a young coach/team? The Jags already have a good RB and some decent WR's in Blackmon and Shorts. How about adding a QB to the mix and fill the rest of the holes with the rest of the draft?

    If the Jags do gamble and take Geno Smith, that would leave at least 3 players (out of the perceived 5 in Luke, Star, Jordan, Fisher, Lane) left on the board that the Eagles would be happy selecting. Knowing that the Lions are in dire need of OT, that would only leave 1 top OT on the board. So if the Eagles are good with the returning injured players on the OL (and comfortable with selecting a OT in the 2nd round), how anxious would the Cardinals be in moving up in taking the last OT in Lane Johnson? The Browns/Lions could snag Dion Jordan at #6 (but could also select DT Shariff Floyd or CB Milliner). With that being said, the WORST case scenario would be the Eagles would be "stuck" with DE/DT Star Lotuleile (who is the perfect fit as our 3-4 DE) and rack up an extra 2nd or 3rd round pick.

    If I'm GM, I'm jumping up and down with excitement if Geno is taken in the top 3. Then fielding the best possible trade down I could get for the #4 spot.

  • How much would you jump up and down if Geno is selected at 4 by the Philadelphia Eagles?
  • Eagles will take the best player available. Geno Smith is most certainly NOT the best player available at #4. Picking him this high (for the Eagles) is not going to happen:
  • So then why in the world would you even consider the Jags taking him at two? I mean I know they are a bad franchise, but you think they are that bad?
  • I think a new regime with a dire need to spark an entire franchise/fanbase might want to consider the gamble. New coaches get a "free pass" when dealing with rookie QB's so this COULD make sense. People don't expect the team to compete right away and the owner needs to consider putting fans in the seats. While there are a slue of other better prospects IMO, I think the Jags are one of the few teams who would be willing to take the plunge (The Browns/Bills/Jets would be the other teams who fall under similar circumstances).

    You might say, sure, the Eagles fall under these same "circumstances". But I don't feel this is true. While Vick did have a down year (behind a horrific offensive line) he is not too far removed from having a huge year (2010). I think if the Eagles select a QB it won't be until round 2. QB Manuel or Nassib is the more logical answer to our "long term" QB solution (if the Eagles really feel that either player could be the answer...).
  • Mike Vick will be three years removed from 2010 and is far longer removed from playing a full injury free season. At least the Jags have a young quarterback they may consider the future. The Eagles don't have that and oh by the way Mike Vick is on a one year deal. If there were a team who needed a future quarterback our beloved Eagles would most certainly qualify.
  • I'm still not sure why people believe that Vick's last two years (and a 54% completion rate in Atlanta) are an aberration and a 8-10 game stretch in 2010 was more his norm. It's also funny how while they stress that horrible offensive line in 2012 they seem to ignore that he played behind a pretty good line in 2011 and still took too many hits, still turned the ball over too much and still got hurt (that is Mike Vick's true norm).

    Latin, here's hoping you're right about Vick...I just don't see it.
  • The reason why I made the statement in the first place is to show how illogical people can be when it comes to the Eagles. I mean everyone is screaming how Geno isn't a top ten pick, but the Jags are supposedly the team who will take him at 2????? That seems more like hoping the Jags screw up so the Eagles could get a great player. Wishful thinking at best. Anyone who thinks a return of the players who got injured will mean the return of 2010 Vick hasn't been watching him play the last two seasons or his entire career for that matter. Mike Vick will do what he does best. Get turnovers, get injured, and get coaches fired.
  • I don't get the giving up on a young QB after a couple years in the Jag's case but forgiving Mike Vick because he had an 8-10 game streak in 2010 attitude but I think it's just wishful thinking on Latin's part. He is the eternal optimist and he does it without ego or attitude. Nothing wrong with that.
  • I am guessing at what a team MIGHT do given a new regime/coach etc. NOBODY thought Vikings QB Christian Ponder was worth the high 1st round pick. Yet, due to need he was over drafted. I think the perceived DIRE need that the Eagles need a long term answer at QB NOW is false. It's not even totally determined as to which QB Kelly favors. While Foles doesn't fit the perceived "system" of what the Eagles MIGHT do offensively, doesn't mean that they will disregard Foles altogether (unless they do trade him today, in favor of another QB). And, the Eagles still could move back a few slots and use that as ammo to move back up in Round 1 if Geno Smith falls past the Bills (Trade with the Vikings #25 or Patriots makes sense in this case).

    The point is, Geno Smith is NOT a top tier QB. And will NOT be the best player available when the Eagles select today. I guess I should have been more clear about that.
  • Latin the same would go for the Jags. I'm just pointing out there is NO WAY he goes at 2 so there's no reason to even consider it. So in essence I wasn't very clear either.
  • Again, stranger things have happened. People this time last year thought Barkley was the shoo in at #1. So who knows what will happen. It's all speculation at this point :D
  • Awesome assessment Latin. There is no logic behind the Eagles taking a QB in the first. They have Vick, who like you said isn't too far removed from 2010; and then there is fan favorite Nick Foles if Vick stumbles.

    Seems to me that if what Kelly was saying is true, he's looking forward to having both Vick and Foles, so drafting a rookie in the first (or even second) would undercut that sentiment.
  • All these draft scenarios are great (I've painted a few myself) and part of me is hoping that the Eagles can turn that pick into a couple more but I've heard the last day or so that the Eagles have been calling teams looking to trade down. If the Eagles are the ones doing the calling it seems to me that they lose a little leverage.
  • I'm sure the Eagles call numerous teams every year about trading down. They already had a deal with the Seahawks about moving up in the draft, and I don't think this made the Seahawks less of a "deal" since Fletcher wasn't the player they coveted. Right now it's all speculation and I'm sure EVERY team has a plan of moving/up or down before the draft even begins.
  • You're probably right and even if they already have a few scenarios in place there isn't anything wrong with sweetening the pot if they are able.
  • I dont think the Eagles will trade down. Dion Jordan is too much of a personal risk for Chip. Danny watkins will get another opportunity. I think the Eagles take a DT at #4. They are too thin on DL to even be competitive. The NT from SF is a rotation player and Cox isnt big enough to play the nose effectively. They have to have interior push to have any chance on D. Its got to be Star.
  • Sorry hollywood, went to reply to you but I flagged you instead. I wouldn't have a problem with Lotulelei at 4 and I have read that he is one of the guys they like there. He could move out to DE and play the tackle spot during passing downs and would be the nose tackle of the future. I also wouldn't mind any of the top 3 OTs. I'm kind of with you on the Jordan pick. He could be great but the numbers have never really been there for him when rushing the QB. I like the fact he is versatile (best covering linebacker of the draft) and if the Eagles draft him I won't be pissed but Roseman keeps saying that at 4 the player can't have any of Jordan's upsides is his potential. I don't want the Eagles to draft potential at 4 and if they missed on Jordan it will be hard for Kelly to overcome that.
  • I think the risk with Jordan is that if he doesnt perform they put Chip threw the ringer for going with him when there is plenty of other qualified talent out there. i think there is almost no chance he picks an Oregon player especially with sanctions coming.
  • I'd also prefer they find out what they have in Graham before using a high pick on an outside linebacker which makes me cringe a little when I hear that the Eagles may also be high on Barkevious Mingo. I heard that report yesterday but thought he may be a trade down option but Brian Baldinger just said he could be an option at 4. Again, could be a very good player but what about Graham? He was finally starting to make some plays and when he was drafted he was looked at by some teams as a 3-4 outside linebacker. If it's between Jordan, Mingo or the top two tackles I'd prfer they get one of the tackles...I'd even rather see them draft Lane Johnson over Jordan or Mingo but whoever they draft I'll be rooting him on.
  • I agree. Not sure we need that type of player at this spot. Think it will be DT or OL. Johnson or Star
  • This draft is all about accumulating draft picks for the 2nd and 3rd round. There are literally 5 or 6 players who have been projected as the #1 pick in the draft (so there is no real clear "elite" player). This year has a ton of depth at OL/DL/CB/TE/S. So we need to make sure we get at LEAST 3 starters (with 1 being a major impact player) for this draft to be considered a success.

    I have a feeling we are going to snag one of the top TE's in this years draft. Kelly is all about match up problems, and having Celek at TE with Casey at FB and another pass catching TE on the field at the same time (say Escobar or Kelce) the Eagles will give defensive coordinators fits.

    I also think the Eagles are open to gambling on players like the CB Honey Badger and RB Marcus Lattimore in the 3rd or 4th. They don't mind taking low risk/high reward players (as shown with both safeties we signed in the off season in Chung/Philips). And both of these players fit the bill to a tee.
  • I think high 3 and 4 is too high for either player when the Eagles have so many immediate needs but if we are talking best player available who knows? Matheiu is a huge headcase and Lattimore had a serious injury last November and plays a position the Eagles seem set at...Early 3rd and 4th round would be a reach especially in what many people deem a deep draft. We'll see what happens.
  • If Dion Jordan is still there we'll take him, if not it'll be the best available OT. Then we'll find a way to get E.J. Manuel.
  • You won't get EJ if you pick at 4 unless you are willing to give up some picks in next years draft in order to move back into the first round. It may even have to be next years first. Even with all of the QBs falling in this draft I doubt EJ, Geno, Barkley, or Nassib make it to the second round.
  • Some of these teams that are looking at QB may not force the issue...Manuel COULD be there in the 2nd but if the Eagles want him badly they shouldn't sit back and wait. I wouldn't give up next year's #1 to do it though. If he isn't worth this years #4 overall he isn't worth this years 2nd and next years #1 (very well could be in the top 10 again). I think Manuel says that the Jets like him also and with two firsts and possible trade down scenarios for them you just never know. I heard they also like Nassib. So many QBs being thrown around as possible 1st round picks including Manuel, Nassib, Barkley and of course Smith...should be interesting.
  • If you doubt all these quarterbacks will make it to the 2nd round, who will be the teams who take all of them in round 1?

    I think one or MAYBE two of this years "top" QB's are drafted in round 1. Geno (linked to many teams) and Nassib (mainly the Bills) are my guesses. I think that Manuel is a better long term answer than Nassib, and that he (along with Barkely) will be available in round 2.
  • There are already reports of the bills taking Nasib or EJ with their first pick. A lot of teams addressed their quarterback situations this offseason, but I would hardly say they fixed their quarterback situations. Also several of the latter teams could draft any of these guys as backups. From pick 15 on all but a few teams could use any of those quarterbacks.
  • Too many reports to believe them all. I heard a report that the Bills like Barkley in the 2nd which may be playing off the report that I heard that the Jets may be targeting Nassib (who the Bills supposely want). As for the backend teams drafting one of the QBs as a possible backup, yes of course it's possible but if you were a team that thinks it's only a player or two away do you draft one of those players or one that may never see the field? Most of the backend end teams could be trouble because of a tradedown scenario with someone wanting to get their QB by trading up but I doubt they will draft one themselves...we'll see tonight.
  • I get the feeling once the first guy gets drafted a flood gate will open. Maybe there will be a guy left there for the Eagles to take, but I doubt they will want that guy. No matter how you slice it if the Eagles are truly targeting EJ he won't fall to them. They will have to trade up, because teams will jump ahead of them to get him.
  • Brian Baldinger said earlier that he thinks if Smith isn't drafted early and is in a freefall during the draft look for the Eagles to try and trade back up in the first around pick 24 to get him.
  • In either case (EJ or Geno) if the Eagles want them they are going to have to move up to get them. I don't think either of them will fall to them in the second.
  • Probably one reason why a trade down would work in the long run for the Eagles (get that extra pick for trade bait) but I'm reading that the Raiders are the hot spot with all the incoming calls from teams looking to move up. Makes sense in thinking that the top two tackles could be gone and teams will want to get in front of the Eagles to land Johnson (or whoever).
  • I can't ever think of a team that would use their 1st round pick on a back up player (on purpose knowing he will ONLY be a backup). If you are looking toward the future and the value is too high (in the case of Aaron Rogers replacing Farve) then that makes sense. Rogers was selected #22 overall (I believe) but there is definitely NO "Aaron Rogers" in this draft. I'll be shocked if more than two quarterbacks are selected in the 1st round.
  • The Packers did it with Rodgers. The Broncos did it with Tebow. Many of these latter teams have quarterbacks in their 30s and they are going to want to start grooming a guy for the future. Heck the Eagles used their first pick to draft Kolb. As to say there is no Aaron Rodgers in this draft well Aaron Rodgers was expected to go one no later than 2. He fell all the way to 22. All that proves is that sometimes coaches, scouts, GMs, and draft nicks sometimes get it wrong. With that being the case you already wrote there is a possibility of the Jags taking Smith at 2. If he were to fall then he would be precisely like Rodgers. Also there are guys who make it in the first who weren't expected to like Tannehill going 8th last season. Also with teams running more Read options they are going to need competent backup quarterbacks. The Redskins used two picks last season on quarterbacks. The bottom line is out of 34 choices prior to the Eagles selecting again in the 2nd round you don't think it's possible that 4 quarterbacks a can be chosen in that span? I'll make it clearer. Realistically the Eagles are mostly interested in this group EJ or Geno. Of 34 players selected do you honestly believe one od both of them will be there at 35?
  • There are always unexpected possibilities. So who knows which quarterbacks will be avail or gone by pick 35. I saw numerous mock drafts that have MAYBE one QB selected in the first round:

    -Mike Mayock of the NFL Network had Geno at #6

    -Josh Norris (NFL.COM draft analyst) had on QB Nassib going at #8 to the Bills (with both Geno and E.J. still available in round 2).

    - Daniel Jeremiah (NFL.COM draft analyst) had NO QB's selected in round 1 so ALL QB's would be avail in round 2.

    - Joe Garcia of Nfltraderumors had ZERO Qb's taken in the 1st round etc.

    Apparently you missed my earlier response?

    I am guessing at what a team (the Jags) MIGHT do given a new regime/coach etc. NOBODY thought Vikings QB Christian Ponder was worth the high 1st round pick. Yet, due to need he was over drafted. I think the perceived DIRE need that the Eagles need a long term answer at QB NOW is false. It's not even totally determined as to which QB Kelly favors. While Foles doesn't fit the perceived "system" of what the Eagles MIGHT do offensively, doesn't mean that they will disregard Foles altogether (unless they do trade him today, in favor of another QB). And, the Eagles still could move back a few slots and use that as ammo to move back up in Round 1 if Geno Smith falls past the Bills (Trade with the Vikings #25 or Patriots makes sense in this case).

    The point is, Geno Smith is NOT widely believed to be a top tier QB like Aaron Rogers. And he will NOT be the best player available when the Eagles select today at #4. I guess I should have been more clear about that.
  • My point here was about EJ. The point is if the Eagles want a quarterback he won't fall to them in the second. They most likely will have to trade back into the first to get him. Brink mentioned EJ and I pointed out if the Eagles want him they will need to go and guy him. He won't last to the 2nd.
  • So if you don't think E.J. will last till the second round, which team do you think will draft him? Or who might potentially move up before pick #35 to take E.J.?
  • The Bills, Jets, Titans, or Jags could all be willing to move up to ensure they get him if the want him. The Jets could use their second first to move back in the first round, acquire more picks and still get Geno or EJ. I doubt this will be a linear draft. I expect a lot of movement. I expect teams to try and get guys they originally didn't think would be close enough to get to. I expect to see some trades.
  • Kurt Warners "Bold Prediction":

    ZERO Quarterbacks selected in the 1st round. But does see the possibility that one team might move back in the 1st (latter half) and select one.
  • I agree. Your first pick should be starting no later than week 9.

    Both of my Wish Lists are built on the basis that your top 2 picks have to be good enough to either start or see heavy rotation in their first year.

    Rounds 3 and 4 are for depth and to push incumbents to perform. If they stick, they need to see enough downs where the starter is aware of them, and so they gain enough experience to be competent in case of an injury to the starter.

    Rounds 5 and on are your projects, Special Teamers, and one trick ponies who's one trick could be maximized in your scheme. (e.g. Wayne Chrebet's ability to find a seam; Marques Colston's ability to high point balls; Bryce Brown's sliding off contact at full speed; etc.)

    Actually I was surprised that no disagreed with my logic on either list. Perhaps people are coming closer to my way of thinking. Or maybe I just did a better job of communicating my points.
  • Give it up the Eagles aren't picking a guard at 4, but that doesn't mean they couldn't trade down, acquire another pick and still get him. The Raiders and Lions could screw the Eagles chances of getting one of the quality tackles. It could be difficult for them to find a trade partner, but if the Eagles do want Chance they will not take him at a point where they will pay him tackle money considering he's a guard.
  • Lions might find it cheaper just to swap #1 picks with us. Who's to say they have to go to #3 with the Raiders? Not worth it IMO.

    Even if ALL 3 OT's are gone, I can't say I'll be crying if we select OLB Dion Jordan, DE/DT Star Lotuleile or DE/DT Shariff Floyd.
  • I'd be happy with any of them but Floyd. More of a 4-3 tackle than anything else but I heard today that he may be on the Eagles list and if they draft him I'll learn to love him. If they don't get the tackles and stay put I'd prefer Lotulelei and then Jordan.
  • Wow.

    I as much as said (on this page) that I doubt the Eagles will take Warmack at 4. And even if they did take him at 4, his annual contract hit would be what, 3-4 mil a year?

    This Draft has a number of quality Tackles in it. If the Eagles want a good one, they'll get a good one. Trade or no trade. but we still need a Guard, because Watkins ain't cuttin' it.
  • Herremans would play guard if we select an OT.
  • I think one of the problems gauging what they plan to do is that some of the highly anticipated personel on the team doesnt fit a 3-4 scheme. I mean Cole/Graham(questionable), Curry. Im not even sure kendricks and Ryans(teaxans i guess) right for a 3-4. So why the hurry to change schemes.
  • I don't think they will hurry the change, but they will transition. It took the Redskins two seasons before they completely changed over their defense. Rumors have Curry on the trade block, but I can't see how they could get much for him consider how sparingly he was used last season. Some people think they could trade Cole, but the guy makes a lot of money so I doubt a team would but over a guy with 3 sacks.

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Clippers in talks with JaVale McGee, Amar’e Stoudemire

Report: LeBron won't negotiate with Cavs until Thompson is signed

Andrei Kostitsyn interested in return to NHL

WATCH: Carli Lloyd scores three goals in 17 minutes

WATCH: Jake Marisnick makes fantastic running catch

WATCH: Carlos Gomez leaves gum, note for Billy Hamilton

Kansas to wear new USA jerseys after request from FIBA

What can the Saints expect from CJ Spiller in 2015?

Isaiah Thomas trolls Kings after Rajon Rondo signing

Kosta Koufos agrees to deal with Kings

Report: Blues in trade talks about Kevin Shattenirk

Report: Gregg Popovich plans to fulfill five-year contract

4-Star LB commits to Kentucky, zings Louisville

Clay Buchholz not worried about trade rumors

All hope isn't completely lost for this year's Milwaukee Brewers

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Carli Lloyd scores 3 goals in 17 mins

JPP injured in fireworks mishap?

Odell Beckham doesn't want to be known for 'the catch'

Russell Wilson 'would definitely consider' playing for Mariners

Solo, Rapinoe among USWNT stars up for World Cup awards

LBS on Sports Jeopardy! Here's how how it went

College football's 35 most patriotic helmets

A brief history of non-star All-Stars

With Love retained, the Cavs can take care of LeBron

Grading the deal: Davis commits to Pelicans

Obama Administration: Change name if Redskins move to D.C.

Deciding what the All-Star Game means

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