Trying to think positive in a very negative year

Posted December 14, 2012

Now that we finally(too late) made the right adjustment, we actually know what our defense was capable of.  Obviously the front four wasnt getting to the qb because the opposing qb's were getting the ball off quickly to open targets and our secondary was playing bad because they were playing run first (due to the wide 9) and pass second. Now our "shut down" corners are actually doing their job and forcing opposing qb's to hold onto the ball.  Same goes with our linebackers who actually arent that bad.  I really dont think we need to gutt this team like a lot of people think.  Restucture Namdi's contract, give DRC the tag, draft Joeckel, replace Scott with Herremans, pray Peters comes back close to 100%(even 80% is better than career back up Dunlap).  Now the coaching staff is a different story.  This team lacks DISCIPLINE!!!! And terrible terrible playcalling in the redzone!!!!

As far as Foles, he has what it takes.  He needs to work on timing and his long throws.  That is fixable.  Last night he was playing against the best d-line in the league with ALL BACKUPS on the o-line. One starting caliber reciever(Maclin, when he tries), a backup tightend and a backup rookie running back.  He stands tall in the pocket with his eyes down the field with someone(usually more than one person) breathing down his back.  He has composure,pocket presence, he has an arm, he isnt scared, he has an nfl body.  We need to be patient and give him a chance.  Troy Aikman started off 1-15 and look how he did.  Last night Foles would of done a lot better but he was barely even on the field in the second half.  He had no chance of getting on a roll because of all our fumbles.  He did have 144 yards passing in the first half with no running game and against a very good opposing defense last night. His only interception came when he made a rookie mistake and forced and underthrew a long throw downfield.  Hes still adjusting to NFL speed.  Im excited with the possibilities

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  • That's precisely what I think of him. Good QBs don't win Super Bowls. UNLESS they're on a team with an incredible defense. See Brad Johnson and Trent Dilfer to illustrate my point.

    This is why I said earlier that I would be OK with a couple more lean years if we get a franchise QB like Johnny Football out of it. Now I know many people strongly disagree with me on him, but I don't think size matters. The kid's got poise and intelligence. That's why I'm so drawn to him.
  • You forgot Roethlisberger
  • You're not stating that Roethlisberger isn't a very good QB, are you Brink? Have you ever looked at his career numbers? 63% completion rate, 187 TDs to 106 interceptions with a 92.7 passer rating. Bad person, sure seems like one but bad quarterback...I don't think so.
  • His first Super Bow was kinda pedestrian, but his 2nd win with the game winner to Holmes, that cemented him as an elite QB.
  • The defense carried him to three Super Bowls. Look at his numbers those years, he never threw for more than 17 tds or 3300 yds. He also has a 64 qb rating in those Super Bowls.
  • Besides 2005 he still played well even if the Steelers may have asked him to do less with his arm (he also missed 1/4 of the season in two of the years the Steelers made the Super Bowl with him as their quarterback which would have kept his TD and passing yards down obviously. He's only had two seasons where his numbers were subpar in his whole can't simply deem him a bad QB because his team may not have needed him to put the ball in the air because of a good running game and a good defense. Looking at his numbers throughout his years he still sustained good numbers when the Steelers seemed to rely on his arm more for the most part.
  • What I saw last night was a lot of problems in 'young players.' Guys, not holding the ball tight, crap like that. The Eagles are a much better defense w/out the wide 9, Mayock tributed it to the guys playing with the fundamentals and before they weren't.. but he is wrong! The wide 9 DOESN'T WORK! Maybe on 3rd and long situations, it's not bad.. but outside of that. it hasn't been good for this team.

    That said, Brandon Graham no longer looks like a bust! 2 weeks and 2 awesome performances! Is he going to play like this next season? Trent Cole even looks like he has re-emerged! Cox has been a beast in the middle! The Front 4 is awesome!


    The linebackers. Michal Kendricks (hasn't looked great) Demeco Ryans (Is decent). We need to continue to upgrde the Linebacker position! Please grab a top LB in the first round & give us a OG or C in the early second. I will love those two picks.
  • I'd rather the Eagles go with a tackle and if it's Joekel or Matthews I would be thrilled. Herremans was struggling before he got hurt...he needs to move back to guard and I also would like to see what Watkins can do with a new coaching staff. I'd hate to see the Eagles use a high pick on a position that already could have Herremans, Mathis and a former first rounder sitting there. So many people wanted to dump Graham before he even came back from his injury and look at him now when he's healthy and getting significant playing time. Can't just give up on Watkins until we see him get away from Mudd's blocking schemes.
  • I would be happy with Joekel Or Teo. Kendricks is still young. Lots of potential. Im tired of seeing not so good players go from our team and start and contribute on other teams. We need some good coaches who can develope our younger guys.
  • With all of the fumbling it's clear the coaching staff are not getting the job done teaching fundamentals. The Eagles need a disciplinarian as a coach.
  • This team needs credibility. I think the job should be offered to Dungy. Maybe not the sure fire superbowl route but a guy you can trust to be transparent.
  • Credibility means nothing. I don't care if they are considered the dirtiest team in football as long as they can do the simple things in football correctly. The players on this team don't even know how to hold a football.
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  • There's nothing to not like about Foles. The kid has played well, especially considering he is a rookie on a crappy team.
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  • doesnt have a live arm. there will be some free agents to look at once Vick is released. Tebow, possibly sanchez and Alex smith. We could trade for a guy like Kirk Cousins or draft Geno smith. I like Sanchez but the jets stink. The Eagles have a couple running backs but could add a Steven jackson to give them instant horsepower in the backfield. They need alot but there are options. Wouldnt mind using first pick on Defense for middle linebacker or DT to add size. Move Jenkins to DE and rotate Graham , Jenkins , Currry and Cole. I think Sanchez and Smith both got a raw deal. Sanchez has a ton of natural ability but could be the next Jake Plummer. Not sure. Smith is reliable. IDK.
  • You type that Foles doesn't have a live arm but you want Tebow whose arm strength and accuracy are constantly questioned? This year you questioned the Eagles starting their 3rd rookie over Vick who is obviously on his way out yet you want the Eagles to try to broker a deal to bring in the Redskin's 4th round rookie who had ONE very nice game against the Brown's 22nd ranked defense and 25th ranked passing defense. You make absolutely no sense to me at all.
  • Fact is Tebow has a strong arm but isnt accurate and Im not big on his skill set but Sanchez & Smith are better than Foles. Foles is bringing the Eagles nowhere. Im not suprised you are trying to sell him to the rest of us. You are a tireless worker for the front office. Your opinions are awfully suspicious because you always seem to justify crappy moves as moving forward. Foles is a step back.
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  • I have never heard anyone refer to Tebow as a weak armed QB. They question his mechanics and accuracy but never his arm strength. That doesnt change the fact that Foles doesnt have an arm. In fact after the last game I heard sports people questioning his arm. I knew it was weak from day one.
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  • Greg Cosell: Very little of Tim Tebow's game projects to the NFL

    Posted by Mike Florio on June 2, 2010, 12:55 PM EST

    Once the preseason starts, we’ll all get to see for ourselves how Tim Tebow looks in a Denver Broncos uniform, and we won’t have to speculate based on the tape of Tebow’s games at Florida.

    But until then, it’s always interesting to see how people who have spent a lot of time studying that tape view Tebow. And Greg Cosell, the creator and executive producer of the NFL Matchup show that we hope has a future on television, came away unimpressed from his own film study of Tebow.

    “On film, there is very little in Tebow’s game that projects well at this point to the NFL,” Cosell tells Ross Tucker in an interview at “I could never draft a quarterback in the first round who does not show on tape the skill set and physical attributes that are demanded in the NFL.”

    Cosell says that as a passer, Tebow simply isn’t on an NFL level.

    “Number one, he has questionable and limited arm strength with a slow and ponderous delivery,” Cosell said. “Number two, in college he did not throw with timing or anticipation because the offense that he was in did not require it. In the NFL, there are certain throws in certain situations that necessitate that the ball is delivered before his receiver makes his break. He wasn’t asked to do that at Florida.”

    I found this when looking to back up what I suggested to you I have read and heard. I remember hearing the debates leading up to the draft. I heard some of the analysts question everything about Tebow's passing game including his arm strength. I'm not even trying to rip on Tebow nor am I trying to hype up Foles like you suggest (I have typed numerous times that I don't know what Foles will become but why not give the kid a look since Vick will not be back?)...I'm just typing that you make absolutely no sense to me with your back and forth on your opinions and comments all just because you like to bring into question every Eagles move you didn't pull for.
  • These are #1 draft picks that are available. They were looked at closely. I am not a Tebow fan.Of the three I like Sanchez for his raw ability. This is what the Eagles are working with. They have limited choices at QB. The Eagles are about to dump more personnel and get much worse. Lurie will sell .
  • Ryan Leaf was a 1st round draft pick, Jamarcus Russell, Cade McNown, Tim Couch, Akili Smith, Heath Schuler, Rick Mirer, Dave Brown, Tommy Maddox, David Klingler...should I keep going?
  • Sanchez? Is that a joke? He turns it over more than Vick! He just threw four picks against the Titans for Christ's sake!
  • We cant have a vanilla offense forever with Foles. They have to open it up and see if the 3rd rounder can play. This slow progression will prove to be a big waste of time and only gives the front office time to pocket more cash. Right now, with the talk of all the players we are going to get rid of, things are going to get much worse.
  • Most teams go through progressions at isn't the end of the world. Foles makes the most sense RIGHT NOW. If he doesn't work out there will be other options going forward. Sometimes the players teams turn to don't work out...Look where all three "studs" the Eagles had in 2009 are right now...McNabb is out of football and both Vick and Kolb have been struggling. Great quarterbacks don't just appear because a team needs one...the Eagles may have their work cut out for them because bringing in someone elses misfires (Sanchez, Tebow) hardly ever work. Going back roughly 20 years the only quarterbacks that won Super Bowls that weren't drafted by their teams have been Brees, Brad Johnson, Warner, Dilfer and Steve Young. This Eagles team certainly isn't going to win a championship any time soon with a Johnson or a Dilfer and unless there is a talented side league disbanding or a quarterback in an indoor league that every NFL team missed out on they can forget about getting lucky the way the 49ers and the Rams did. Even the Saints got somewhat lucky with Brees...the Chargers gave up on him after a shoulder injury that opened the door for Rivers to become the starter (not many teams want to throw big money at a free agent coming off surgery to fix a torn labrum) just isn't that easy.
  • For the last time, they aren't running a "vanilla" offense. There's a difference between playing to your strengths and being "vanilla". Example: The Vikings hand the ball to Adrian Peterson an absurd amount of times per game. Everyone knows the run is coming. So why do it? Because he's the best back in football and running the football is what they're good at. It doesn't make them "vanilla".
  • Mark "Butt Fumble" Sanchez
  • Nick "the stiff stick" Foles
  • Nick "345 yards with a back up line" Foles
  • I would ditch him for Johnny Football in a heart beat, should Manziel decide to go pro after next year.
  • He played pretty well but his mistakes were the difference in the game. His fumble was a turn around of at least 6 points because the Eagles were in field goal range and I believe the Redskins kicked a field goal after gaining possesseion, his pick hurt although tips happen at times and he doesn't have too many but the underthrow to Maclin in the endzone for the tie was a killer...I won't even fault him for the last was over if he took the sack anyway although he should have gotten rid of the ball as soon as nothing developed. He actually held onto the ball too long on two of three of the sacks the Redskins had. He is a rookie though and is looking pretty good for the most part. I still love the way he handles himself in the pocket.
  • the Eagles arent asking him to do anything special. A bunch of short passes that the redskins measured and stopped. He rarely goes vertical in any big way and the coaches know he cant. Im not impressed with his foot speed or arm. his ball velocity is that of a 3rd rounder. he makes a serviceable backup but has no business starting ion any NFL team. Eagle fans are being sold "a pocket full of shells". This organization is a joke.
  • You don't know that, hollywood (you have been wrong before...way too many times to count). Look at what you typed..."short throws the Redskins measured and stopped" yet he had 345 yards...if it wasn't for his fumble and his underthrow to Maclin the Eagles could have been on the winning end of this game...mistakes that can be corrected. He made a beautiful (and smart) fairly deep throw to Maclin on the first drive and in these games he has looked better and has had more poise than that player (what's his name?) that you foolishly wanted the Eagles to keep playing even though he has NO shot to be back next year.

    If McNabb would have taken the Redskins to the Super Bowl with Shanahan...if Vick would have done anything with the Eagles besides that early hot start...if Kurt Coleman would have made a Pro Bowl by now...if McCoy would have fallen off the face of the Earth without Peters...if Stewart Bradley could tackle ANYBODY...if Mike Patterson would have consistently disrupted the pocket when coming back to the Eagles...if Dimitri Patterson would have been solid like you claimed instead of being waived by the Browns...and (this one is my favorite) if Jason Witten was done like you claimed earlier this year instead of breaking the season reception record for TEs then just maybe I would worry about your comment here.
  • I will never forget your talk of Kolb winning a superbowl thats all i need to know. And Foles wont win a superbowl thats a fact.
  • Of course you go to your lies because that is all you have. I have stated it before and will state it again...just like Foles I always stated that I wanted to see what Kolb could do because I didn't like the Eagles other option. One thing that is different is that although I was a McNabb fan (never truly liked Vick but did like what he was doing in early 2010) I did not want to see the Eagles tie up money in a long term deal with an aging QB that couldn't get it done in his prime. Look back on all my posts...I don't make predictions like you do. All they do is make people sound full of themselves. I may discuss what I like about players (and I did with Kolb and I do with Foles) but I NEVER predict whether a player will win a Super Bowl nor do I make guarantees and we both know I never claimed Kolb was anything like Tom Brady which you stated I typed. Just more of your fabricated BS because that is how you deal when the truth is thrust into face...with lies and more lies! Get off your throne of lies, hollywoodeagle!
  • Nobody here on this board forgets you & EZ and your vitriolic attacks on D-Mac and love fest for Kolb. You couldnt wait for the organization to thrust that knife in McNabbs back. Now your not laughing so hard. Funnything is I was right. The Eagles are far worse off without him. Kolb sucks. Coleman is the best safety we have. Thats a fact hes still starting while your ***** willow nate Allen rides the pine. Patterson is getting huge playing time coming off brain surgery. McCoy gt hurt like i said he would. As for Witten he has rebounded suprisingly enough. And patterson was a decent cover CB. So those small comments pale in comparison to your claims of similar Traits between Kolb and Brady and so on. Your a fraud and a front office ass kisser. Everyone here knows it. You lie but you will NEVER live down Kolb but good try.
  • So what. Those yards added up to nothing.
  • Mark Sanchez and his 50 turnovers in 2 seasons isn't the answer. Keep that stiff as far away from Philly as possible.
  • GTD makes a long winded comment and I respond to him and he censors my response because I ripped him to shreds. I will try a shorter recap. None of us can forget your attacks on McNabb with the help of EZ. No one will forget your patting Reid on the back and gushing over how sound the front office was. I exposed you. Every move they made other than Dawkins you were quite fond of but its lead to this. Every backstab, arrogant motive, self centered display has finally made its way down to the players. And this is the end result. I told you it was coming I didnt know it would look quite as bad as this but Im not suprised. Again, I will defend myelf. You mention Kurt Coleman. Wasnt it you and EZ that loved and gushed about Nate Allen and I told you he was a b*tch. I like Colemans heart and if we had more players with it we would be a better team. Now you keep knocking Patterson but the guy has had a season off and recovered from brain surgery. He is a solid veteran that starts and can add depth if you have some other brilliant idea. But cutting hom only thins the quality of our line. Makes zero sense to get rid of a homegrown veteran. You ride gocong and bradley but we havent had any linebacker play since they left and that makes sense? Because I want a player to stay doesnt mean I think they are great but both could play and start. Thats alot more than I can say for the scrubs that have come after them. Witten looked like a geriatric that should be in a wheelchair last year. Just like Celek does this year. Remember I said Celek stinks. Well he does. He has a problem. Dont know what it is but he is slow. Dimitri Patterson played for a couple years as a starter for the Browns. I never suggested he was great but he can cover. Something neither Nhamdi or DRC have done since they got here. They need to spend money and stop jettisoning players after their rookie contracts. Thats why they have no depth, comraderie or loyalty because the front office rarely gives it in return.
  • Really, hollywood? This is what you chose to do Christmas morning at around 7:00 AM? LOL. I took the time to read this but I won't waste any time to respond (today anyway) except for this on a day when I'm gathering with my family and enjoying the day....Merry Christmas!
  • Merry christmas to you but religion has nothing to do with football. Dont edit my posts because I will call you out everytime. No passes. Ive been here the longest and Ill make you pay when you censor me.
  • Christmas is now over so time to tackle your accusations and claims. I have never blocked anyone from replying to me EVER on here. If you were "censored" I would guess it was because yardbarker didn't like what you had to type. Think about have claimed that Birdflipper and Eazy have "censored" you in the past and now you are claiming that I am. What, do we all work for yardbarker? You make so much crap up in your head that you just don't know when to stop, do you? "GTD works for the Eagles"..."GTD has the power to censor what I type on yardbarker" are losing it hollywood...well, you lost it years ago but that is besides the point. Stop pushing yardbarker rules and your posts will be visible for all to see I would guess. I honestly have no clue what post you are typing about anyway. It's a shame too because I could have used a good laugh.

    On to your BS claims about the Eagles. Haven't you noticed by now that for the most part the only person that I give crap to when discussing negative points about the Eagles is...YOU! I have stated it numerous's because you go WAY overboard when discussing these things. 95% of your posts are all about making crap up or twisting the truth to support your idioitic claims. You lie all the time and I call you on them. Kurt Coleman...sure he has heart, hopefully someday he will learn how to play the game, stop biting on every play action fake and be somewhere in the picture when the ball is in the air (and I mean that...he's an Eagle...I hope he has a great career while he is far, not so much). Nate Allen...he was a second round pick, 3rd rated safety in most mocks behind Berry and Thomas and although I wished the Eagles would have drafted Thomas I liked the pick because of what I heard and read about him, he had a nice start to his career but has been a huge disappointment for the most part since then. I have never stated that I "loved" him or any's simply not what I do, hollywood. I give players time to show me what they can do and just don't crown them or crucify them quickly like you do. I also am willing to change my stance on a player depending on how they play and not based on my opinion that I had on them in an earlier thread like you. I also don't change my opinion on them and think they are stiffs when they are on the Eagles like you did with Bradley and switch my opinion and whine when the Eagles let him go. I had NO "attacks" on McNabb and you know it. I simply voiced my opinion that I wanted to see the Eagles trade him. It was you that again changed your opinion on him after earlier stating he was fat and lazy, not a leader, called his integrity in question when you said he lost the Super Bowl on purpose and questioned his play when you called for him to split time with Vick. I don't rip players at all, hollywood. Look back on my posts. I just type the truth when you type your praise for the wrong players. Both Pattersons aren't worthy of the praise you give them. You acted like Mike Patterson was the reason the defense wasn't getting to the QB and I just let you know how wrong you were. Is he a decent player and has he played hard for the Eagles...yes, he has. A difference way! You type that Dimitri is the reason the Eagles can't cover but failed to comment that the reason he wasn't an Eagle anymore because he couldn't cover when he was here (and obviously didn't do it too well with the Browns or he would still be in Cleveland). You want the Eagles to bring back Bradley when he has played MUCH worse in Arizona then he did his last couple of so-so years here...all you do is whine about the whine about the players when they are here and then whine that the Eagles let them go...all that tells me is that you whine about every move the Eagles make no matter what it is.

    By the way, even though I didn't block or censor you and wouldn't waste my time if I could (I like you showing everyone how silly you are) will you make me pay, Mr. "I've been on here the longest"? If I already paid, I'm sure not feeling it.

    By the way, your still grasping with your comments about Witten. He had 79 catches last year, 5 TDs and tied his highest yards per catch total in his career. He has had over 80 catches in 6 years straight except for last does that equate to someone slowing down or looking geriatric? He was tied for 15th for the most receptions overall and was tied for 5th for TES...just admit that you base your opinions on silly things that your "brilliant" mind tells you.
  • Im not sure what they are injecting in Wittens body but frankly hes a Cowboy and I dont care. But admit you were wrong about Celek. His sports hernia is limiting him just like LJ Smith was limited. But you act like Im the only one you ever had an argument with. Thats a lie. YOu and EZ were border line racist in arguments about McNabb. Besides being completely dismissive and disrespectful of his career you were giddy about the insults you made about him. Thats what makes you laugh not the fact that the organization that you defend stinks like a turd , treats players like garbage, always is under the salary cap and right now can make a claim for being the worst football team in the NFL. I understand a team stinking that plays in the dump called arowhead or the LA Coliseum but a team stinking that plays in a brand new state of the art stadium like the Linc? Doesnt make sense. The only conclusion here is that this management has been an utter failure. They fell way short of their supposed "championship" goal. Something you wont admit. You know why Lurie isnt talking? Because he knows what he did was so dishonorable words cant fix the disaster called the Philadelphia Eagles. He has two choices either invest heavily and spend his profits rebuiling quickly or sell. And I will make the prediction now . He will sell and roll with the money. He set Philly up and the city took the bait.
  • LOL. More of your lies, hollywood. Don't you have ANY integrity at all? Stop trying to lump my comments in with Eazy's and tell me right now what I posted. Better yet, show me. You won't ever stumble on anything disrespectful that I typed about McNabb unless you want to call showing some of his stats to support my comments that the Eagles should move on disrespectful. You truly are whine about the Eagles being racist, you type that I was borderline racist with my comments yet it was you that wrote the article about the Cowboys being Mexico's team. It is you that brings a topic up where there is no reason for it even though it is still a touchy subject in this country. It is you that has treated women like dirt on here. Stop trying to pull into question other people's character when your character is bottom 3 on this website with your insults to other people because of differences of opinions, your insults to football players just because you think they can't play and because of your constant lies about the Eagles organization and other barkers (and also because of in4mous).

    Look at your lies and claims. Instead of stepping back and admitting you may have been wrong with your comment about Witten (someone you obviously know nothing about) you start suggesting he may be on steroids or something else. That is exactly what I expect from's funny because you are so foolish and can't help yourself you make a comment (while accusing me of lies) that help support my claim about you. You can't admit that you are wrong so you make up crap in your head! Thank you for that! Regarding Brent Celek, he will never be a Pro Bowl tight end but that that doesn't change the fact that he is the best TE that the Eagles have had since Chad Lewis. He gets some tough yards, make some tough catches every now and then and gets open downfield form time to time. He also doesn't whine about being asked to block nor does he use it as an excuse. His numbers are probably better and more consistent than any TE since Keith Jackson. Are they great, absolutely not...but he does deserve a roster spot and the starting job until someone beats him out. Now, these comments aren't me stating that Celek is Jason Witten, Jimmy Graham, Gronkowski, Hernandez or Gonzalez so don't come back in a few weeks and state that I was pulling for Celek to get into the HOF. Just think that once again your venom is pointed at one of the wrong Eagles.

    I find it funny that you are still whining about Lurie "hiding" out. He said that he would not discuss Reid's future during the season...why so surprised? He isn't the 1st owner that has let his coach finish out the isn't even the 1st time Lurie has done this (Rhodes). Lurie even stated that it isn't his why are you so shocked and upset? Because once were wrong about Reid being let go DURING the season? It will happen in a week or so, hollywood just like I've been stating most of this year (and no, that doesn't prove I work for the just means that I look at everything before making comments unlike you). Lurie constantly claims he doesn't get involved with the team during the season and his actions prove it yet you still whine that he has his hands all over the team (and you still profess your love for an owner that actually does in Jerry Jones????). By the way, WIP was playing clips from Luries end of season address of the media last year and along with Lurie's comments that 8-8 wasn't good enough he stated that "the Eagles goal was winning a...SUPER BOWL" He also stated that "It has always been about winning a SUPER BOWL"!!! Not championship like you try to claim over and over that Lurie makes sure he says...A FREAKIN" SUPER BOWL! Just like usual, nothing but more BS that you get in your head and run with.
  • Im sure they had to make him differentiate between championships and superbowls. Maybe he used the words but it wasnt without some prodding from the press. Here they sit at 4-11 and Im supposed to just bow dopwn to jeff lurie and say its ok whatever and whenever you want. Fans want answers now and Reid gone sooner rather than later. Thats why the stadium is empty on Sundays because of his and your lies. First he lies when he says he doesnt get involved. Then why is he in that office evryday? JJ jas multiple superbowls and paid for his own stadium out of pocket. I respect that over mamas boy, silverspoon, bostonian, hollywood director bull s*it. The only BS is the endless love you profess for the front office & Lurie. Philly got hosed admit that. Ripped off & ass phucked. Thats the truth they got nothing but concrete and higher taxes to appease that ripoff artist. The sooner Lurie goes the better the Eagles will be. I know what your going to say "best owner in history". Not tough to win a few meaningless games when everytaxpayer in PA reaches into their pocket and pulls out a wad of cash and hands it to their corrupt politicians. Youve been had.
  • "My endless love"? No hollywood...this isn't about what you claim is my endless love. It's about the way you go about showing your hatred for the FO and the organization with mostly lies and BS! You hate Lurie for the same things that you love about Jones. You lie about Lurie having his hands all over the team and rip him for it yet you claim that is what you love about Jones even though his own fans hate him for the same thing. You rip Lurie for using taxpayer money to help build his stadium and absolutely ignore the FACT (you actually lie about it even though the truth is all over the internet) that he matched it with his own money to build it and ignore the FACT that Jones also used taxpayer funds and the only reason he dug deeper was because he spent MUCH, MUCH more in building his stadium. You just simply hate the Eagles FO and use EVERY means to spout and type your hatred no matter if that means you have to ignore facts and make crap up. Even now you are spinning reasons why Lurie had to differentiate between Super Bowls and championships when like I stated in the past I'm sure Lurie has mentioned Super Bowls all along...again you just running with one of your stupid comments.

    Look back on your last comment..."The stadium is empty because of his and your lies"? Really, hollywood? Now I am to blame for the Linc being empty? What the hell is wrong with you? You are one strange dude!

    It's simply this different with you and I, hollywood. I realize that besides watching and discussing the team I root for there is NOTHING I can do. I choose to hope the Eagles make the right moves and root them on. I choose to hope that Casey Matthews can make plays when out there on the field even though I may have my doubts...I choose to hope that Nate Allen is the right answer at safety (and Kurt coleman believe it or not) when the Eagles place him on the field as their starter...I choose to hope Kevin Kolb and Nick Foles can win some games and maybe a championsip someday when they are the QBS behind center no matter what type of limitations they have...I choose to hope that every player shows that he can play a part in winning a championship and that Lurie, Reid and Roseman will do their parts because I am an Eagles fan and when it comes down to it nothing else I do really matters in the grand scheme of things. YOU choose to hope that the Eagles fall flat on their faces because you don't like Lurie and choose to hope that Kolb and Foles get hurt so that you can laugh and choose to hope players like Matthews and even McCoy struggle just so you can simply tell us I told you so. What a weak excuse of a fan you are!
  • Your right it is different opinion. I choose to call it like i see it. Winning a superbowl isnt something you hope for its something you strive for and like a Jordan or Brady you have to have passion. I dont see that in this organization. Never have. The PR department claimed they were the best but they fooled us. Hats off to them I believed them early on but then the truth emerged what the motive was and it was greed, control & manipulation. If there is a superbowl for deceit Lurie wins it hands down. If there was an award for arrogance I would gladly hand it to Reid. His kid was probably selling dope to the players. And all along you claimed the players "love" Reid to a man. I never bought that in fact I think they dislike him to a man. Maybe Mccoy is the exception but I dont see anyone from explayers to current players going out on a limb for him. If he is so honorable where are the hoards of people defending him? No where because in football circles Reid is a garbage and no one will get near him. Hes poison and so is Lurie.
  • Hollywood, freaking yardbarker is at it again with their silly rules of when and where we can post so I am replying to your last post here.

    Here you are again unable to seperate my hoping and the Eagles striving for a Super Bowl...unable to see that my hoping for a championship is pretty much all we as fans can do. I'm not Jordan, I'm not Brady, I'm not out on the field coaching or playing nor am I in the Eagles office making any of the decisions that lead to championships or failure and neither are you. It's just like your comments to me that I have a loser mentality because I don't agree with your whining , crying and calling for are delusional if you think our mentality as fans have anything to do with what the Eagles will do when it comes to coaches and personnel and even crazier if you think that you can start a boycott with a call for it on yardbarker. I have told youn since your first call for a boycott that the only thing that will keep the fans out of the seats is a couple years of bad football and that is now starting to show. If you need to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to players that have had kind words to say about Reid to try and justify your comments than you do that. I have heard Ike Reese say good things about Reid as a man and a coach and just this weekend said that he will choose to remember his years as an Eagle when thinking of Reid which he stated were Reid's best. Of course he agrees that Reid needs to leave Philly and that it is time for him to move on and he also stated that he will have his choice of jobs when teams start to hire this off season. I have heard plenty of analysts and ex-players saying good things about Reid along with asking certain questions which go along with the last few years that Reid has had. I'm not surprised that you pretend you have heard's what you do! The team is obviously in a downward spiral...I have already stated that and I also typed that Reid needs to be fired. That does't mean that Reid and Lurie didn't have a successful run...they did but came up short. Lurie held onto Reid too long but that doesn't mean he didn't try to win one and pulled the wool over our eyes. It just means that the Eagles didn't reach their final goal. Reid's record, Super Bowl appearance and NFC Championship appearances prove to me that they tried and just simply failed. Your comments and claims that they didn't are just foolish comments by someone whose hatred is so strange and strong that he refuses to acknowledge the truth no matter what.

    “Winning a Super Bowl is important, it’s paramount in this sport, for players as well as a coach,” Westbrook said. “But to say Andy Reid is any less of a good coach because he didn’t win a Super Bowl ...

    “You know, ‘[Dan] Marino’s not a very good quarterback because he didn’t win a Super Bowl,” Westbrook continued, sarcastically. “He’s still one heck of a quarterback.”

    Just a small portion of what Westbrook had to say just yesterday. He also talked about how Reid built a consistently good team out of nothing.
  • D mac was the main reason they won. Its that plain and simple. They had a great QB and ruined his career. The chances of them getting anther QB like McNabb are slim to none. Lurie was a dick and Reid was an arrogant a hole in their treatment of McNabb. I dont hear him gushing about Reids success. The most successful era in Philly football was the D-mac era not the andy reid era. Lets not get confused here.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • So when I show you that some former players had some kind words (after you typed NONE) you change your stance to it's all about McNabb. What do you expect from the face of the franchise for most of Reid's career when he still can't get over the fact that he was traded in 2010? Some day when Reid's career is over and someone points out to McNabb how bitter he sounds he may change his opinion or at least voice it. I do get his bitterness and from what I have read and heard he still hasn't gotten over it. Here's an example:

    I was pissed. I was pissed,” McNabb said. “And I explained that to [Andy Reid]. I felt like there was no reason for me to be traded. And I always felt that it was more financial than just kind of moving on. Because I can understand if a player’s not playing well and you want to kind of transition to the young guy, but we were playing well offensively, we were doing well as a team.”

    McNabb, though, added that he has “moved on.”

    McNabb was one of the main reasons Reid was so successful and being that he was the quarterback that is to be expected. They also had enough talent around him to get deep into the playoffs over and over...they had great coaches that Reid brought in that left because other teams saw their abilities but I will admit that the defense needs work, the coaches aren't top of the line anymore (although it wasn't like they didn't try...they brought in what many thought to be the top Special Teams coach and many were happy with Mudd and even Washburn) and yes, they need a new quarterback (they would have been nowhere right now no matter which QB from 2009 was under center). McNabb is also the MAIN reason the Eagles didn't get that elusive Lombardi in 2004 because of his poor game with all those turnovers and I know you realize already acknowledged this years ago to me when you first told me you suspected McNabb threw that game on purpose just so TO wouldn't win the MVP. Lie, change your what you always do when faced with the truth. In your eyes Donovan McNabb was the reason the Eagles didn't win a championship in 2004 but now to give weight to your whining about Reid and Lurie you have once again changed your opinion or at the least spun your opinion out of control.

    The Eagles did not ruin Mcnabb's career by the way. With Reid McNabb took his career as high as he could and it ended just short of winning a Lombardi...exactly where Reid's Eagle career will end. Without the Eagles and Reid McNabb was no more than a servicable QB (and some would debate he wasn't even that). Ignore it all you want but the facts are there.
  • Reid is 22-25 (0-1 in the playoffs) since trading the serviceable Mcnabb, with him he was 92-49-1 (9-6 in the playoffs and one SB appearance).
  • And McNabb is 6-13 without Reid and the Eagles and has been benched and let go by two teams instead of leading either team to the playoffs. So I ask you Brink...without the Eagles what was McNabb...serviceable? Must have been given a bum rap right? By Reid and the Eagles, By Shanahan and the Redskins, by Frazier and the Vikings and now by every NFL team that needs a QB yet won't offer him a starter's gig.
  • Mcnabb would have made any team a contender in his prime. He was arguably the best athlete in the league from 1999-2005. Pointing at his performance at the age of 34-35 is irrelevant.
  • I was pointing out his performance at 34-35 when you thought my comment was relevant enough to reply to. The whole point I was making to hollywood that you were so moved to reply to was based on his career at 34-35 with the Redskins and the Vikings but you felt it neccesary to comment so I guess you found it relevant then, didn't you?

    I need to ask you this, Brink. How can you insinuate that Roethlisberger is not a good quarterback with somewhat similar numbers in wins and losses (86-39 regular season and 10-4 post season) as McNabb with more appearances in Super Bowls, 2 Super Bowl victories, a better completion percentage and a a better passer rating? I know you stated before that Roethlisberger has had bad numbers in his Super Bowls but it seems to me that is just another thing he and McNabb have in common...saving some of their worst games of the season for their last ones. At least Roethlisberger helped get his team to 3 and did enough to win 2 of them...that would be enough for most people. He's a better passer, most of his numbers are better, he has 2 Super Bowl victories on his resume and yet Roethlisberger rode his team to victories while McNabb led his in your opinion, huh? Yeah, not being too biased. Look, I enjoyed watching McNabb but I'm also a realist.

    Eazy, I will address your comment down below up here. Unless someone else posts I will not be able to reply any time soon because of yardbarker's stupid set-up.

    Most of my discussions with hollywood in the last couple days were not even about McNabb. Our buddy felt the need to bring him up and start acting like he worships the ground he walks on even though we know better. Sometimes our comments lead us to discuss the past no matter if it's relevant or not...I think we have all been there. I just think it's funny how some people think the past is only relevant when their points are being strengthened and that they don't matter when they aren't.
  • The true GTD exposed. "serviceable"? This is a great example as to why his opinion is worthless.
  • Now, now hollywood. I plainly stated McNabb was serviceable POST Eagle days and without Reid. I know you will twist this as me being disrespectful and it's not! It's the truth, that is all it is! Being disrespectful would be calling him fat and lazy, typing that he is not a leader and asking that he split time with Michael Vick while he was still in Philly. Even more disrespectful would be typing that he lost the Super Bowl on purpose just so his teammate couldn't win the MVP award. All those comments didn't come from my mind our my fingertips, did they?

    My opinion is worthless by the man who typed all those things I copied above...who thinks that the Eagles got together with their assistant coaches and their offensive line AND the NFL to get their quarterback hurt, who thinks that Dimitri Patterson and Stewart Bradley should still be with the Eagles and who thinks a team that made it to 5 NFC championships put NO effort into winning a Super Bowl? Funny stuff, hollywood.
  • Like any human being he was flawed(and they angered me) but his positives far outweighed his negatives. I never advocated "getting rid" of him. That was clearly stated by both you and EZ. Everyone here knows it. So for the sake of whats left of your diminished reputation cease with the lies.
  • Diminished reputation? LOL. Who is left on here to worry about anyway? No one but you and maybe a couple people who think my typing the truth about McNabb is somehow bashing him ever question what I on the other hand do actually have a reputation on here as an oddball and a bozo. I have already admitted MANY times that I wanted to see McNabb traded and I will do it as many times as you want me to...I have never denied it but I have never trashed or insulted him and you lie when you state that I have. It's funny...I'm sitting here watching Liar, that movie based on your life, hollywood?
  • Hollywood, so sick of all your lies so I went back to look at some of your old comments and all it did was prove to me that what I type about you is nothing but the truth. You lie, you flip flop all over and then you try to pat yourself on the back for your opinions that constantly change.

    This was you claiming that McNabb is not a smart QB and we know in the past you have claimed he was fat and lazy, not a leader and lost the Super Bowl on purpose:

    Look D-Mac was great his first 7 years but he got old quick. Thanks to excessive hits due to Reids schemes. Mcnabb plays like hes in his prime but hes past it now. He needs a big RB and needs to play smart. Something he has yet to prove ha can do.
    by hollywoodeagle January 13, 2010 Reply Flag I Like This

    You just claimed you NEVER advocated the Eagles trading McNabb and I beg to is one example:

    I think we should hold on to Vick and start him. It would be exciting. I like D-Mac but the the FO has ruined his image and broke his spirit. Its almost pointless to bring him back in a starting role. I would like to see Vick start and D-mac as backup but Im beginning to think we need help in so many areas and we are in great shape at QB that we might have to sacrifice our franchise player on offense to build a respectable defense. He is worthy of a #1. Coupled with Reggie Brown we might get a high #1 or a #1 & 2. A nice CB & DL would be nice here.
    by hollywoodeagle January 24, 2010 Reply Flag I Like This

    Just wanted to point out that you wanting Vick to start didn't work out so well either, did it?

    Example #2...This is Eazy discussing what McNabb could bring in a trade and you replying to him:

    You should be able to pull more than a 2nd round pick for a probowl QB from any team. Truth be told there are several teams out there right now in need of a QB. The highest bidder wins.
    by EazyEagleZ January 23, 2010 Reply Flag I Like This

    I agree #1. Eagles need help in many areas. This might be only option to stay competetive. Plus , this will free us up for big plunge in free agency.
    by hollywoodeagle January 24, 2010 Reply Flag I Like This

    Here, I love this one...all your claims about me (and Eazy) on how we loved Kolb and how you "ALWAYS" knew he was a bum (your words, not mine) you are showing your love for Kolb (from what I saw on this thread it was after the Chiefs game in 2009):

    Bigrele,, to be honest I was hard on him last week more out of the disrespect he represents toward McNabb but truth be told he made tough throws. He consistently hit 10-15 yd out patterns that looked similar to Aikman to Irving tosses. And he hit over the middle in and out posts to TE and receivers much like Tom Brady. He lead his receivers and he made quick reads. Look, I defended him heavily after the Ravens even though I thought Reid yanked McNabb for no reason. He has good qualities in terms of leadership and reads but I always thought he lacked physical tools. He might have enough for this style offense. If he has time to throw he appears to be accurate. And when he makes bad throws he seems to adjust and acknowledge his mistake. I think only time will tell but he has solidified his role on the team. No doubt about it. I like garcia but Im glad he was released.
    by hollywoodeagle October 03, 2009 Reply Flag I Like This

    I absolutely love the part where YOU state that his throws were much like Brady's...all that BS that you throw out about me and Eazy comparing him to Brady yet it was YOU that actually did that...and you compared his throws to Aikman's also. I hope to someday happen on that thread where you defended him after the Raven's game (hollywoodeagle actually coming to the defense of Kevin Kolb...who would have ever thunk You, my friend are one of the biggest frauds this website has ever seen!
  • GTD, you take hollywood way too serious. I find his off the wall comments entertaining.
  • Lets take the quotes in the context where they came from. I am at a disadvantage because I dont know how to review there posts. But anyhow, the fat and lazy Mcnabb . That is a fact that he often came into a season in not so great shape. Thats a flaw that a good coach should have been able to change. As far as stupid. I ssai that in the context of how Mcnabb allows the front office to dictate to him and doesnt assert himself as as a leader and an owner of his position.

    Vick starting. I had no problem with McNabb took a seat behind Vick to gather himself after losing the playoff game. there was so much negativity swirling around him I thought it wouldnt hurt to place him behind Vick until the right opportu nity arose. And if it didnt i was fine with Vick.

    I never really liked Kolb but to maintain some semblance of peace with you hard core Kolb lovers I was willing to try to find soemthing good about him. That was a mistake to try to be resonable. And I know for a fact it was short lived. That may be the only good thing I said about him but I never really meant it. It was time to tamper down the arguing I thought I would concede a few things that slightly resembled good play. It was a mistake. But overall I couldnt stand the guy and I will soon produce the quotes.
  • Pointing out that all of this back and forth about a guy who isn't in the league and will have nothing to do with the future resurgence of the Eagles is irrelevant. Please don't waste my time telling me how great 38 year old QBs who can't play anymore and how a 50 turnover stiff like Mark Sanchez make the Eagles better.
  • I didnt say the Eagles should hire him I said he was probably the best choice available after Vick. But out of the Qbs available you have Tebow, Sanchez, Foles, Vick and Smith. State your plan.
  • if I'm stuck with chip Kelly or someone that doesn't want foles. .... I want TEBOW OHHHH OH. TEEEE BOW OH OH. Lol. He can't pass great but the man at least brings the greatest winning attitude in the game! He beat the Steelers in the playoffs he put his team on his back and went 7 & 4 as a rookie!

    and if he fails, I ll get a rookie qb the next year
  • Brink, I am replying to you here because when I hit the last reply button yardbarker's rules aren't allowing me to reply above:

    ...and just maybe you take me too seriously. Maybe hollywood and I are just a comedy routine here to entertain the handful of barkers left on this site.

    Do you know hollywood well enough to know he isn't being serious, Brink? Take him for what you want to...take him for a comedian. I think my history with him on yardbarker throughout these last few years awards me to take him for what I feel he is, a lying buffoon...besides, what's so entertaining about someone just kicking out mostly BS about the team you (and he) root for? What's so entertaining about him relying on lies to try and get a point across...I fail to see the humor and doubt that he is just trying to make us laugh. I mean he does make me laugh at him not with him. I laughed when he talked of a QB tandem and he got offended. Doesn't seem to me that he means to entertain us with his opinions and suggestions on how to help the Eagles.

    HOLLYWOOD: Take them in the context they were written wrote the Kolb comment in 2009 and anyone can tell those comments weren't written to appease liked Kolb and you are lying about it now. When have you ever appeased anyone on here but your buddy, romorules? You lie..lie...lie! Regardless of what you meant about McNabb your comments were MUCH more of a rip than simply wanting to see the Eagles turn the corner and try another angle. Here you are trying to justify...FAT AND LAZY, NOT A LEADER, NEVER LEARNED HOW TO BE A SMART QUARTERBACK...keep up the lies buddy! What a freaking joke!

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