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[Michael Vick and Nick Foles split the majority of the first team repetitions as the Eagles opened their first minicamp practice under coach Chip Kelly on Tuesday, Jeff McLane of Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

Asked who stood atop the depth chart, Kelly said that Vick and Foles were "even." Foles took the first snaps during 11-on-11 drills and Vick took the first snaps during 7-on-7s, according to the coach.

"There wasn't one set guy that just went with the ones the entire day," Kelly said. "All those guys got an opportunity to roll through."

Dennis Dixon also took some first team snaps, Kelly said. The Eagles are down to four quarterbacks after Trent Edwards was released on Monday. Kelly said that Edwards, who stood little chance of making the team, asked for his release.

G.J. Kinne, presumably, is fourth on the quarterback depth chart.

Kelly has said since February when the Eagles decided to bring back Vick that he and Foles would compete for the starting job. Many have speculated that Vick's return assured him the starting spot. The Eagles still have the draft next week and could add another signal caller to the fray.

With Edwards' release, Foles became the lone "pocket passer" of the four remaining quarterbacks. Kelly was asked if he was looking for strictly athletic quarterbacks to run his offense and whether Foles could be the odd man out.

"You're making way too much of it," Kelly told the questioner. "The best quarterbacks are the best quarterbacks."]

JUST SO IT'S CLEAR FROM THIS POINT ON IS ME. I know we have a few slow ones in the group.

So I guess Chip Kelly is really playing out this fake competition thing. To the point of GET THIS actually having a quarterback competition! Go figure that Chip Kelly would go as far as to pretend to have a quarterback competition. Have you all figured it out yet? May the best man of this mediocre bunch fake win. Like I have written before I don't care who wins as long as they have earned it, but what about the rest of you? Is you favorite choice more important than the team? How deep is your love Vick?

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  • This is what I do like about Chip Kelly. He isn't going to be tight cast no matter how hard people will try to do it.
  • Split reps between just TWO QB's. Not five. Not Four.

    Just two.

    Six days ago in your "Haircut" post I said that this B.S. "open competition" (that you keep going on about) would be stilted to the guy who gets the most reps in practice.

    BEHOLD! The "open competition" (unofficially) went from 5 to 4 QB's yesterday.
    Today Kelly made it a TWO man race. Just a week or so ago you were saying that you didn't care if G. J. Kinne won it. That means YOU thought he had a chance.

    Told you it wouldn't be what he said it was.

    So now we're down to Vick or Foles, huh?

    I wonder where the blindside blocker will play. RT for a lefty, or LT for a righty?

    Stay tuned.
  • This is exactly what I expected unlike YOU and your Vick, the whole Vick, and nothing but the Vick movement. Don't get it twisted. If Foles or Vick falters and one of the other guys step up then one of the two are out. Heck next time Kinne and Dixon could split the majority of the practice. Just admit it. You thought Vick had it locked up. You thought it was just coach speak and once again you thought wrong.
  • Didn't mean to flag you.

    No I didn't think Vick had it locked up, I STILL think he has it locked up. September is a ways away and the ENTIRE TIME I've been saying: Barring a rookie QB being drafted high, If Vick is healthy, he starts.


    Where has there been any competition so far?

    The five way "open" competition has gone from 5 to 4 to 2 in the last 36 hours, and the team JUST got to meet Kelly like 2 weeks ago.

    You've been saying "if Vick plays poorly in the preseason then someone else will win the job". This "competition" may not see the preseason. At the rate this currently unfolding, Vick might be named the starter by noon today!
  • LOL I seriously doubt that happens. Chip Kelly isn't that stupid. Kelly isn't going to jump heart first into the Mike Vick waters. If Mike Vick gets outplayed by one or more of the other guys why will that bother you? So what if Vick doesn't start. There have been a lot of guys on paper that have been great, but ultimately were not the better option. Mike Vick is not bigger than the Eagles.
  • You're absolutely right. Vick ISN'T bigger than the Eagles.

    If he doesn't start it won't bother me, BUT what I'm saying (and have been) is the notion of a fair QB contest is B.S. Months ago I said it was and LOOK. With no input from anyone on YB, Chip Kelly has already whittled 5 to 2 PRIOR to his first practice.

    Now the difference between us is that you continue to take Kelly at his word, and I don't. While it's true the fact that I didn't want him paints me with a pretty biased brush, fact is we've been lied to TWICE in a very short span of time.

    He said about the Defense that he would work within what was on the roster, and that we would TRANSITION to a 3-4. This isn't a transition, it's an installation. HEY! If it works it works. But shoot straight.

    He said there would be an open competition between all 5 QB's on the roster. Right Trent? From his own lips today he said it's between 2 guys, Vick and Foles. Actually to quote him correctly, he said "It's even. They both took reps with the ones." http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000160304/article/chip-kelly-michael-vick-nick-foles-even-at-eagles-qb

    Neither lie in itself is Earth shaking. Normally I wouldn't think it worth mentioning at all; except that this is so EARLY to be doing it. He only got the job in January. I don't like what this says about him. And if he's equally as trustworthy to the players, well...
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • We also have to remember, competition or not there is going to be a pecking order...there always is. With Vick getting the new contract he is going to be looked on as the top dog (no pun intended). That doesn't necessarily mean he is a shoo-in to win the job. If Vick struggles early (and he has the last two years) and Foles is still on the roster and still showing improvement Kelly will only be opening himself up to questions from the owner, the media and fans alike by trying to force the issue with Vick (especially with his play the last two years). Giving Vick that one season to see what he can do is one thing...forcing the issue is a whole different matter. As for Dixon and Kinne I would guess they will have to show that they are ready to move up that ladder with the time they are given. The QB coach or OC or even Kelly himself will have to see something in each QB that warrants a longer look. Whoever stated that competitions are even? There are always favorites, longshots and even a few no-shots. All this competition means is that at the beginning there is no clear winner and anything can happen.
  • As of right now Kelly has Vick and Foles "even" on the chart, but we all know that can change depending on how ALL of them play. If Dixon and Kinne look better than Vick and Foles they will get a chance . Chip Kelly has no dog in this fight. Let's not forget a possible wild card draft pick too although I doubt Roseman will pick another quarterback until Foles shows he can't do it.
  • Spots that basically what I have been stating all along.
  • How is it not fair if Foles and Vick are splitting reps and quoted by Chip Kelly as even on the depth chart? Need I remind you that most people said Foles would be traded by now? Tell me how can a player who everyone thought would be gone suddenly be even on the depth chart with the guy you swore was going up against "tomato cans?"
  • This was directed at me, so I'll deign to respond to it.

    Dixon, and Kinne ARE tomato cans. Edwards saw the writing on the wall.

    I though by now that Foles would have been moved for a pick,but as you've read with your own eyes, when he's dangled, no one expresses interest. We'll see if that changes on Draft Day. If not, then Foles (1-5) played not much worse than Vick (3-7) last year. I said in another one of your posts that Foles QB rating was up there with Andrew Luck's. no one is saying he can't play, but the consensus seems to be that he's A) a pretty middle of the road talent and B) that he's an ill fit for this system.

    If no one else wants him and with us lacking a legit NFL QB behind Vick, where would be the harm in keeping Foles as a back-up?

    But that's if no one else wants him. Keep your eyes peeled for a trade on day 2 or even shortly after the Draft.
  • Well there was a day two move for a quarterback. Do you get it yet or are you still convicted the guy who routinely throws into triple coverage is a legit QB?
  • Wow EZ it took you a whole 5 seconds to come running waving your little article that Foles still has hope. Thats pathetic that you would even want that scrub to start. Just goes tos how you how disfunctional this organizaion is to even throw that bums name in the hat. Not to mention that this stand up guy Chip has left the oregon program in a world of hurt. It seems we have another guy willing to bend the rules for a program. Sort of reminds me of the piming , drug running overweight phat phuck.
  • Possible sanctions (more like sanctions definitely coming) to Oregon. The real reason Kelly changed his mind about coming to Philly. Vick?...no freakin' way! Do you honestly believe some of the BS you try to pass off on this site?
  • Stop crying and calling players bums. You don't even like Vick or the Eagles. You're just a joke.
  • This is the bottom line. People have continuously underestimated Chip Kelly. They ASSumed him to be a liar even though he already told us his plan of an open competition. They have ASSumed they knew his plans and have obsessed over one player to the point of making him bigger than the team. I have said it from the moment they resigned Vick. If he wins the job he earned it. THAT'S A GOOD THING FOR THE EAGLES. If Foles, Dixon, Kennie, or a draft pick beat him out that's good too, because they EARNED the job. It doesn't matter who brings the victories to Philly as long as they come. Does anyone truly disagree with that? Does Mike Vick mean that much to you, because if he does then you aren't an Eagles fan you're a Mike Vick fan.
  • I'm not even sure that it's that anyone thinks that Vick SHOULD be the starter except for hollywood. I just think that some on here want to believe they understand football more than most and how things happen and how coaches think.

    As for what you typed to me up above is where I disagree with you. I do believe that Kelly WOULD like to see Vick WIN the job and he has a bit of an advantage because of that. I believe that if the battle is close that Vick will be the starter because of Vick's speed and possible ability to run Kelly's true offense. I think that would be a mistake (I'd rather see the 2nd year player with more upside than the fading 10 year vet) but nothing but time and Kelly seeing for himself may change that. He hasn't been here the last two years plus seeing the nosedive Vick's play has taken (from an 8-10 game illusion honestly). He hasn't seen the articles written when Vick has flip-flopped on how he will take better care of his body and better care of the ball nor his play showing it was nothing but talk but he gets to witness it first hand now. He hasn't heard the whispers and the phone calls from fans at the OTAs or camp nor the reporters discussing how bad Vick has looked nor seen his play from his first snap in the pre-season that backs those calls and reports but he just may see it himself this off season. What he mostly sees are the big plays that Vick has made in his highlight films and thinks what if? My guess is that seeing Vick's play overall will cool down any thoughts that Kelly has of seeing what Vick can be in his offense...turnovers are turnovers in any offense, hits are hits and Vick takes too many and just may take more in the read option. His first injury (almost certain it will happen) may be his last play as the Eagles starter even if he wins the starter's job (it would have been last year if Foles wasn't hurt in week 16). You can only keep making the same mistake over and over so many times and Kelly has to know that he has NOTHING to lose by admitting bringing back Vick was a mistake if his play is subpar and much, much more to lose by forcing the issue.
  • Green remember when it comes to Mike Vick in Chip Kelly's eyes he isn't making the same mistake over and over. None of the past matters to Chip Kelly. The good or the bad is all irrelevant. The now is what matters. That's the best part here, because everyone is on the same blank page. Whatever happened in the past will not guarantee anything in the present. Right now in Chip Kelly's eyes it's all about proving it. Is Mike Vick proving he's good enough, mistake free enough, durable enough for Kelly to run a read option? Is Foles a good enough passer to run a pass oriented offense? Are all the players conditioned enough to run an uptempo offense? You see this is bigger than just Vick and Foles. Chip Kelly by his own words hasn't made a choice on who his starters will be. ANY OF THEM yet. I think people should be excited to see guys work hard and earn their keep. Must of us can agree this team talked to much. Now they have a coach forcing them to prove it.
  • I don't totally agree, Eazy. There is a reason they are paying Vick 7 million to stay an Eagle... I think Kelly thinks he can light up that flame. I don't see it but Kelly would only keep someone who has played as bad as Vick has because HE thinks he can find that magic (that has only been there for a brief period...too much bad has gone along with good in the rest of Vick's career). There are also reasons why Dixon has been a career back up and was only a practice team player last year and Kinne was in the UFL. Could Kelly find something in either player or maybe even both...sure, why not. It would be quite a surprise though, wouldn't it?...especially this year. I still think regardless of what Kelly wants it will only be a matter of time before Vick plays out of any good (or even) graces and the starters job if he ever wins it. Vick isn't the QB Vick fans think he is. Most Vick fans do put the player before the team, that is obvious...Kelly won't for long if he is at all. That wouldn't be a good start to Kelly's professional career.
  • Well I will state Vick, Celek, and others have already shown they are working harder than they ever did before. Everyone is talking about how great this offense is. Maclin stated how this offense works to put players in positions to succeed. Maybe Chip can bring out the best in all of these guys.
  • I want to see them all wake up out of that coma they have been in but even if Vick does I will constantly be thinking that we've seen him do this for a brief period of time....it's bound to come crashing down. I don't want to go through any false hope with him again (even if he plays well which is a stretch he is bound to get hurt). I would have rather seen the Eagles just move on and work it out with the young guns. Why bother if all the Eagles get out of Vick is a few extra wins? That isn't how 4-12 teams find their franchise QBs. Look at the 76ers and see how their mediocre play get's them nowhere. Sometimes a team needs to struggle before getting that top player. 8-8 (if Vick can even do that) just means the Eagles have to give up extra draft picks to make sure they have a shot at one of the top QBs in the 2014 draft. At least if they let one of the young guns start he would be getting much needed reps that will could this team in the future. Vick for a year helps the team next year very little in my opinion.
  • I have a feeling Kelly hopes Vick steps up and wins the competition. No doubt Vick is more dynamic.
  • Sure he does, but if he doesn't he will move on. It's that simple.
  • Like them? Why should I? First of all Vick is signed for one year thats hardly a committment by the team Hes an insurance policy. He makes them semi legit next year ina worse case scenario. But therest of this squad is a bunch of castoffs and bums. They are gonna suck. Funny you dissed Nhamdi, DRC , Patterson and Jenkins and they all ended up on contending teams. We are left with a backup safety(chung) a, a fourth CB on the Ravens(williams), a role player DT from SF that was even mentioned as a loss for their team, a LB from the Texans that i never heard of , an injured WR and a multi purpose back. Thats impressive. Then they decide without any justification to go to a 3-4 defense after failing meserably with the gimmick wide nine. They have nothing but smokescreens right now. Their best bet is to go out and get EJ M as a sign they are making moves to get a quick. Righnt now, they have nothing that makes me believe they can even compete. It may be a total washout by week 5. We will see how happy you are then with this QB fiasco.
  • Well if Vick is as great as you pretend to advertise then I'm sure they will be just fine. Thank you for finally admitting you aren't an Eagles fan. Now everyone can take anything you put on the boards and give it the proper treatment it deserves. Complete boycott.
  • Funnything is Im a better fan than you. Liking an organization that runs the franchise is completely different than liking the Eagles. I dont like the owner or managemnt. They are caretakers. But you prove what a loser you are when you root for loser like Foles to be your starter. You dont know what a winner looks like because youve hung with losers your whole life. You go ahead and cheer this chit on thats your right. Run around like a lil lamb and kiss this organizations ass. Suits you fine.
  • All you have proven is your a bandwagon riding moron. You prove that time and time again.
  • They can put garbage on the field and you would be sitting out there like a fool. You call that a fan. I call that a moron.
  • Thank The Lord nobody cares for a second what you think.
  • Apparently they do, I wouldnt have two large businesses if no one listened to me. And im not bragging and wouldnt normally say this but I have too because you are dense. You discount what is right in front of your face. You would be a great customer you would give me your money and expect nothing in return. Call you the EZ consumer.
  • Wait first you had one business, and now you have two? LOL So tell us about these great businesses. I call bull. Selling T-Shirts on the corner isn't exactly a business.
  • I would gladly tell you but Im sure you would find some way to insult my work . I will tell you this they are multi million dollar businesses. Are they unique? Not really but they are food oriented and involve employees, payroll, service, sales...etc.

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