Vick signs new one year deal

Posted February 11, 2013

Just saw it on Sports Center. Vick signed a new one year deal with the eagles as a "try out" to see if he and chip kelly's new offense are a fit. seems like the depleted FA quarter back pool and the supposed lack of talent at the position in this years draft was why the team did this. this now gives philly the option to determine if vick is their guy.

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  • Not thrilled at all with this but if he ends up getting the starter's job then go Vick. I guess we can hold onto the hope that this contract was put together in the hopes of making it easier to trade Vick but it seems that Kelly does in fact want to see what Vick can do in his offense. I've already heard and read that Vick's job as the starter is not guaranteed and I would think that since he seemingly isn't getting that 16 million Kelly won't feel any pressure in starting him. Let the best man win.
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  • it makes a little bit of sense. there really aren't that many options in free agency or via a trade. the draft isn't a sure thing. I was against keeping vick for the price tag we had him at but a pay cut make sense. we get to try him out, try out foles, and still look for someone in the draft. who knows maybe we get geno smith, he blows everyone away and we trade vick anyway.
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  • No surprise here. Vick will be in competition with Foles and probably 2 other quarterbacks via FA/Draft/Trade. My guess is they are still working with FA QB Dennis Dixon and a possible trade with the Raiders for QB Terrelle Pryor. In the draft, don't be surprised if we grab Ryan Nassib of Syracuse or Florida State QB EJ Manuel.
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  • I just brought up Dixon, Manuel and Nassib yesterday in a comment to flip. Dixon makes a lot of sense since he has experience in the system and Manuel and Nassib seem like the top two that are the best fits in Kelly's system not named Smith. I'll be interested to see if the Eagles try to deal Foles. This year could be the best time to see if they could get back that 3rd round draft pick for him if Kelly doesn't think he has a future here.
  • Vick played better when there wasn't a strict "West Coast" offense in place. He did better when he had 1. Offensive line that could protect him. 2. Didn't have to read 3 routes before thinking RUN.

    Kelly is smart about what he is doing. No need in tossing away a player who could run his up tempo offense at a discounted rate. Even if Vick does get hurt, I think Kelly will have a similar style quarterback in the wings to take up the 3 or so games Vick normally misses (assuming he even wins the job).

    Who knows, this could be the offense where Vick looks like the 2010 Vick. At least he's at a manageable contract and gives the Eagles the flexibility to do what they think will work best for the team.
  • We will never see the 2010 Mike Vick again. I'm pretty sure you are from California but if you want to hear the viewpoint of the Eagles media check out WIP on the internet. Look, I hope Kelly knows what he is doing but so far with his staff hirings and now this, he's getting buried around here right now. Kelly painted a portrait of HIS QB. Athletic obviously still fits Mike Vick but quick decision maker who doesn't turn the ball over will NEVER be Vick. Vick has to learn this system just like every other QB on this roster. Who out there thinks that Mike Vick will last half the season when taking shot after shot in the read option? I'm hoping that this all works out but am very skeptical. People were skeptical of the Kelly hiring but so far he has been the only bright spot of these changes. No one knows how all this pans out and as Eagle fans we will hope for the best but in this particular decision I'm almost sure it won't.
  • I'm cautiously optimistic. But think that Kelly is smart enough to utilize the best skill sets of our players and put them in a position to succeed. He knows Vick has all the physical traits he's looking for in a QB. I think Kelly will figure out what Vick does best, and build on that.

    Reid ran a system where he wanted Vick the have the ball out quickly, but he also wanted him to make 3-4 player progressions and to throw mid/deep routes more often than not. This made Vick hold on to the ball longer than he wanted (coupled with a terrible OL) which led to poor decisions/turnovers/sacks.

    I think the Eagles offense will look more similar to the 49ers "Pistol" offense (which fits Vicks talents perfectly). As always, a "wait and see" approach is what everyone will be forced to do. Esp now with a new coach/scheme etc. I am excited about the possibilities, just have to be patient (which none of us are) haha
  • You're always optimistic and there is nothing wrong with being that way going into a season. I'm trying to be but Kelly hasn't wowed me yet in any of his decisions so far but what the hell do I know? He will get his opportunity to prove to me he can become a good NFL head coach and if Vick is the starter day one I will root him on just like I have in the past. Just not feeling it with Vick at all.
  • Did you get a chance to watch/read Chips press conference yesterday on the Eagles website? He is well spoken/thoughtful/insightful/funny etc. Check it out. I think you will be impressed.
  • I saw most of it but was on the phone while it was on an couldn't pay attention to it all. He seems intelligent and I'm sure he is but many intelligent men have gone down in flames in the NFL. Not typing that Kelly will and I'll be rooting for him, Latin...I honestly will. He seems to be making sure he doesn't make the same mistakes that Reid did with the media and that is a great thing...hopefully that continues through to the season when things get tough because I have heard he can be a little short himself. So far so good.
  • Everything Bill Belicheck isnt. And look how things turned out for him
  • I don't get why anybody is upset about this move. It was the ONLY sane choice for Chip Kelly to make.

    Flacco wasn't moving.

    Alex Smith would cost WAAAAAAAY too much.

    Dixon. Seriously? He may still end up in Philly (keep your eyes peeled because he DOES make a bit of sense. Not a lot, just a bit.

    Foles will be "Given a chance to compete". Told you they'd say that. Now let me tell you something else. A)VICK = 10 million; B)Foles = 500K. Now for some math: If A > B then A will start until he's injured.
  • The 10 million is with incentives (incentives that may not even be met with his history injury and what will possibly be required of him...Pro Bowl?...playoffs?...starts?...who knows) but even if his base is more in the 7 million area you're absolutely right about Vick having the nod to start early. If he starts out slowly like he has the last two years don't be surprised to see the next guy in line brought in (it may not even be Foles). Reid did it last season with Vick still looking at years left on his contract. It will be much easier to do with no ties to Vick next year. If Kelly wants to pull the stubborn coach and let his 33 year old "10" million dollar quarterback get his feet under him, all he has to do is look at the last 2 years of tape again to remind him of what he decided was their best option.
  • ...actually flip, the numbers I'm seeing is that his minimum salary may be closer to 5.5 million dollars. If this is true than this certainly could be a case of Kelly being intriguied with Vick and wanting to see what he can do with no guarantees and Vick realizing this could be HIS best option. Do I think that Kelly probably told Vick that he is the front runner, more than likely but 5.5 million for a backup doesn't kill the Eagles. We'll see what happens.
  • This just feels like a situation where you're damned if you do and damned if you don't.
  • Even though he is a Raider fan I happen to agree with flipper. Its the only logical choice the Eagles have. Foles is a dud. Do nt you get that. Dixon is a scrub practice squad player. Get it. They arent trading for anyone. They may pick up a QB in the 2nd round or smith(big maybe). But Vick will start so stop whining and get used to it. Also, I tjought you trust management GTD . Guess that was a sack of bulls*it.
  • No, you state that I trust management when I question your BS conspiracy theories. I have typed they make mistakes. Besides, this is a Kelly decision not Lurie's or Roseman's. I'm sure if Kelly wanted Vick gone on day one he would have been gone.
  • That is why kellys signing was delayed. it was over the Vick contract not over an Oregon emotional meltdown. he didnt want to wear egg on his face. Doesnt want to be the next castillo. You better get on board because like I said all along Vick isnt going anywhere.
  • I absolutely disagree with that. Kelly wouldn't delay signing his contract over Vick, no freakin' way. You can say that the renegotiation is obviously what took so long for the Vick decision to come down but I think the Eagles were smart enough to not put any limits on what QB Kelly could use right from the first interview. Vick was NOT the reason Kelly came to Philly, hollywood. Stop being so foolish!
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  • you might not want to hear this!!!
    you wanted Andy Reid OUT Now you have CHIP Kelly
    Im not saying as An A Hole its just the way it is.....
    Ive seen THIS at the University Of Oregon fans want a coach GONE but then they still arent happy...No you the fans had no say..I understand that....iM GOING TO SIT BACK AND WATCH th NFL season unfold next year. it will be fun as an Oregon fan to watch ?? if Chip can perform the same magic he had here in eugene. Chances are, NO he wont....
  • I am excited its the so called "real fans" that are acting like a bunch of punks. im glad that fat phuck is gone and I hope he takes the steroids with him. he was low class garbage in every aspect of his coaching and dealings with people. Including those loyal to him like Castillo. He hung him out just like he did with Vick, Mcnabb, dawkins, trotter...etc. Loyalty is the most valuable thing in sports and the Eagles had nothing in that department. You should take another leason from the Ravens on loayalty up and down the chain of command. It doesnt get better than they have it here. But , forcing Vicks hand in lowering his contract might make good business sense it doesnt translate to players thinking very positively about management. Chip is already doing the dirty bidding of management by executing this restructured contract. That kind of thing is how the Aeagles did busienss under Reid. Is that the image they want to project right now? Hardball to the players that arent loyal as we speak. they need to sell the players on a new direction and a new commitment not beatdowns. So right now that little Vick escapade isnt a very positive development but Im willing to give Lurie time to change his crappy ways.
  • Let's see, you can't make a point without slinging mud but the rest of us are punks? truly are clueless, aren't you? Vick finally smartened up and realized the Eagles offer was probably going to be the best he got. The best part of it is that he has to play well to make the money. Seems fair but I still would have rather seen the Eagles just move on.


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  • I LOVE THIS MOVE!!!!! Prove it or be gone! Oh and there is no commitment necessary for the Eagles here. If Vick stinks for a few weeks straight he will simply be benched or cut. If he plays out his mind they can franchise him and get another season out of him. I didn't want Vick back, but somehow the Eagles created the perfect scenario to do so.
  • give some credit to Vick . He could have soaked the Eagles dry but he manned up. I bet its an incentive based contract. Lets hope the Eagles man up and give him soem prprotection. It will be exciting to see this new offense. I think the eagles are committed to winning now and are taking one last stab at it. My prediction as of now is 10-6 nfc champs. But again its not final until I see free agency and draft.
  • Vick will get credit when he produces on the field. Perhaps he saw the market wasn't going to be all that good once he left. Teams would not have been knocking down his door to sign him. He has another chance for redemption. I hope he doesn't screw it up.
  • I doubt any big money was out there for him but the Eagles had a hand in reducing his value. His age is becoming a liability but what do the Eagles have to lose. A few spots in the 2014 draft? The NFC east is weak. we have much the same team as 2010 less a healthy O-line. Lest assume we get back part of the broke pieces from last year and add via free agency or draft we can rebuild that line. We have seasoned veterans at alot of positions. I think of the Eagles as a team just entering its prime. Its time to strike. We had our lean years with reid. Im optimistic and you know Im about as critical as it gets. Nothing could have been worse than watching Reid for another season and his arrogant interviews. we are a wildcard now and I find it interesting and liberating.
  • What I know is if Vick wins and keeps the starting job expectations will go up. He better own it this time. No more talk. Just get out there and play.
  • he was supposed to know this the past two seasons. thats why he was given that huge contract. in my mind he had his chance. i get that chip kelly doesn't have a clear idea of who he wants to be his qb but if the same old vick shows up its not gonna be pretty. i'd respect him a lot more if he admitted he needs to find his franchise qb for the future and let vick go elsewhere.
  • I absolutely agree and I've heard many calling WIP with the same sentiments and most of the hosts were surprised and disappointed also. We'll see what happens.
  • The Mike Vick risk has dropped drastically with the resigning of Vick. I get why people don't want him, but the Eagles have allowed themselves an opportunity to see if he can be the guy. This won't be a long experiment though. If Vick stinks I don't think they will take long to dump him.
  • It's a little easier to take but I would have rather seen a complete break. I saw one report that suggested his base contract is as little as 5.5 million. If this is the case than money shouldn't be a factor if Vick is either beaten out in camp (I would gather he is the front runner) or needs to be benched early. I'm hoping come late April there is a young quarterback on the roster that we can all hope may be someone Kelly has confidence in that he can work with. Keapernick and Russell wern't 1sr round picks yet the 49ers and the Seahawks have their QBs of the present and future in just never know.
  • Russell Wilson wasn't a 1st rounder only because of his height. Numerous scouting reports said so. With Vick, Brees, Flutie and a few others shrugging that off, I decided to ignore it. So apparently did Seattle.

    This year doesn't feature anything close to Wilson's level of polish and poise. Better to pass until next year and grab real talent in the 1st (like with McNabb) instead of gambling again in the 2nd (Kolb), or 3rd (Kafka, Foles).
  • Manziel is smaller yet I bet he'd go higher than the 3rd round if he was in the draft THIS year. The problem with the thinking of waiting until next year is that no one knows where the quarterback talent will be rated going into next season either. Look back at predictions going into this year. Most everyone had Barkley as a lock to be the top pick...hell, many said he would have been top 10 if he would have decided to go into the NFL last he just may have dropped into the 2nd round depending on what he does in the combine and his pro day. Last year I saw mention of 4-5 quarterbacks that had 1st round potential but right now most analysts can only agree that 1 quarterback is a lock to be drafted in round one right now. Sure, that will change by the draft and teams that need quarterbacks will take chances but chances are what you type you want to avoid. Next season could just be more of the same. Kelly may see someone HE is willing to take a chance on in the second or third round this year.
  • He may, but now that he has his starting QB it's very unlikely he'd grab one before the 4th round. Then again when you look at who is on his staff...
  • Flip you are jumping on your Vick a little too early. Vick is going to have to earn that job. Vick is going to have to work to keep that job. I know it's hard for you to get off his Vick, but don't ASSume he has it in the bag.
  • Some of you act like Reid and just want to throw Vick under the us. There was a breakdown in the whole organization. Everyone gets blame the ownership, executives, coaches and players. To blame michael vick for the meltdown is not fair or loyal. Thats why eagle fans continue to suffer. they refuse to equally and fairly apply the blame when things go wrong. Any chance you might want to blame the oline for some of the problems. They were a nationally recognized horrible offensive line. That was their claim to fame last year.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Once again don't go ASSuming padwan flip that Vick easily wins this job. Vick has shown pretty much his whole career that nothing comes easy for him.
  • "Eagle fans suffer because they refuse to equally and fairly apply the blame when things go wrong"? You just described you! You always put the blame at Reid and Lurie's feet and hardly ever blame the players. Even when the players are struggling you state it's because Reid didn't have them ready. Go back and read your posts before you start preaching to the rest of us, hypocrite!
  • It's a waste of time green. You know what he's like. He isn't going to change.
  • I know he isn't but I just can't help myself, Eazy. He has to realize that he's not kidding anybody...he's only fooling himself if he thinks he's fooling any of us with his BS. It's kind of sad honestly.
  • You know him green. He loves to get a rise out of people. He will argue a point he doesn't even believe just to do so. Maybe he's actually trying to get under your skin. He also knows people wont comment on his stuff unless he is controversial. That's his gameplan. I remember how he was one of McNabb's biggest bashers, but he changed up his tune just to get noticed. Earlier this year he was against Vick, then suddenly he changed his tune. It's like whatever side you choose he will certainly be on the other side. You guys are like Yen and Yang.
  • True to a point but he doesn't question my comments...I question his idiotic ones. I don't think you are right, Eazy. I think if anything hollywood types with can tell he gets angry (even when he has no reason to be angry). I think he does type things to get comments but I also think he believes them to a point. He just has no problem pushing the truth and flat out lying to get those points across.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]

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