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Reid Committed To Vick? ‘Today I Am’

[Eagles quarterback has come under scrutiny for his turnovers this year.

Tim McManus of Phillymag.com reports as Andy Reid was exiting the auditorium following his day-after press conference, a reporter asked if he is committed to starting Michael Vick against the Falcons.

“Today, I am,” the head coach responded.

After a stomach-turning loss to the Lions, Reid said he will “tear things apart” and evaluate everything.

Will Vick be a part of that evaluation process?

“I am going to take a hard look at everything,” he said.]

That sure doesn't sound like Mike Vick's job is safe. That is more of a safe for now kind of comment. It seems that maybe Reid is starting to think he can't get through to his star pupil. Perhaps Reid feels he has exhausted all of his options and is nearing a point of moving in another direction with his quarterback situation. If Reid is planning a QB change the perfect time would be after the bye to get his young rookie ready to play.

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  • EZ you know I dont blame Vick but if benching him is what this team needs to get off their asses Im all for it. This is a big mess. They need to get rid of the wide 9 and castillo and washburn NOW. move Castillo back to OL coach and get rid of Mudd.
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  • I agree! I never thought Juan was all that great. I will give him credit. He got a lot out of some questionable players, but for the most part I think he skated as an O-line coach. He never got the criticism he deserved. He never got Justice to be the player he had the potential to be.
  • I'm in the rarity I know.. But Castillo has done a DAMN good job this season.. No sacks No Turn overs. I realize BUT when the offense turns the ball over like 20 times in 6 games and you hold the opposing team to: 16, 23, 27, 17, 16, 26,

    Really, the only blame I put on Castillo is this last game which he kept the lions from reaching the endzone pretty much all day.

    What I do blame?
    *that's right. the man that called for Dmac to be gone, missis the CRAP out of him right now* :(
  • Now Juan is the scapegoat. Reid is the problem.
  • Castillo is the scapegoat. Never think you are Andys friend thats when the knife blunges into your back.
  • The thing is nobody is really buying Juan as the real problem except some local media guys who Reid has in his back pocket. You know those softies too scared to ask real questions.
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  • I didn't write this as you can tell, but I felt it important to pass the information. The problem for this team is bigger than Vick, but still Vick has not been the player the Eagles need him to be.
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  • I would have written the same thing a week ago. This is an interesting quote by Reid when you consider how he mentioned something similar before (not that long ago) and it created a media frenzy. He quickly had to back track. Now he's gone and done the same thing???? What's he going to do? Back track yet again?
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  • Funny I think he's as Hollywood would put it " a backstabber." Reid has on numerous occasions said one thing and did another. Juan is just one of many casualties of this from Reid. Vick being one too would not surprise me and in fact I certainly think he deserves it more than Juan did right now.
  • I think you are looking at this wrong. Reid's mistakes on those occasions is making any comment at all. Doesn't make him a backstabber in my opinion. This is the first time he has fired an assistant coach during the season. He doesn't usually throw his players or coaches under the bus but sometimes bad decisions have to be reversed or things just need to done. He should stick with the "always evaluating" comment he is using at times now if there is any doubt but to think a coach is a backstabber because he doesn't have the right answers when being asked tough questions is a little tough itself.
  • I remember McNabb saying the janitor told him he got benched. I remember the Eagles saying they were keeping McNabb and within weeks he was deal. I remember Reid saying Kolb was his guy and days later he was benched. I remember Reid saying McDermott was his guy and a month later he was fired. I remember yesterday Juan was his coordinator....
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  • No excuse for the McNabb benching...Reid should have told him but the other things you mention are all media related. Come on, Eazy..do you really expect Reid to publicly discuss what he may do when firing coaches or benching or trading players? I get a kick out of people getting upset with coaches who don't divulge this type of information or hint at what they may do! What do you really expect him to say?
  • He doesn't have to discuss anything with us, but it's better to say something like "we are continuing to evaluate the situation" or "no comment", but to flat out say a guy is your guy and the next day fire them is kind of messed up. To tell McNabb you wont trade him and then you do is messed up. Green Reid is sometimes hard to believe. From his "do a better job" comments, to passing all of the time, to his backing a person just to boot them later all wreaks of a guy to complacent and prideful for his own good.
  • I ask this all the time, do we honestly know what is truly being said behind closed doors? The Eagles supposedly gave McNabb a choice of destinations, doesn't sound like he didn't know he was being traded to me. I'm not stating the Eagles are perfect with these situations and I'm sure every NFL team struggles with these things. Just think it's funny how so many get bothered by little things when a team starts struggling. Reid has never had a way with words, Eazy. One of the things why so many find him arrogant.
  • I find Reid arrogant, because he is arrogant. I find him ignorant, because he has no reason to be arrogant. Reid continues to do and say the same things. Still passes too much despite the fact he has a struggling quarterback, struggling line, and a top 5 running back. Knew his defense has struggled since JJ's passing, and Dawkins departure, but still chose inexperienced coaches for the job. He thinks his way is better than everyone else despite the fact he has little hardware to prove it.
  • I liked McNabb but you made solid points about where he was in his career. But I was more annoyed with the treatment Reid gave a guy that gave his body up for the team. He wasnt perfect by any means but he tried to help Andy and inreturn the knife plunged into his back.
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  • The fact that Vick still fumbled twice and threw two picks after costing us the game against the Steelers proves he's not going to change. 17 turnovers in six weeks is inexcusable and may already be the reason we don't make the playoffs. I'm not questioning Vick's heart or desire, but he just doesn't have what it takes skill-wise to get this team to the Super Bowl. It's time to give Foles a shot.
  • I think Reid is at least pondering a switch. Other than an injury or just a terrible performance by Vick (how is 17 turnovers in 6 games not terrible?) I didn't think Reid would consider benching him. Reid has already backed Juan (again), but he claims he will be making big changes by next game. I can only think of one change that could be considered big and that would be going with a rookie in a make or break season.
  • Firing Juan was Reids way of sending a message. Reid will let Vick start against his former team to turn his season around but if he stinks it will be his last game as a starter.
  • I was thinking the same thing but Foles first start on a Monday night would be another head scratcher and if he was to name Edwards the starter after placing Foles at #2 all year...it would also be a mistake. Reid is in for a tough ride the rest of the way.
  • I just saw what you wrote. I agree that it isn't a good idea to start a rookie on Monday Night Football in a Dome. It's now or never if Reid is looking for a QB change.
  • That would be the mistake if that is his plan. Whatever the message is, Vick has already tuned them out. Giving Vick another game is useless unless the plan is to stay with Vick for the rest of the season, because as right now Reid had time to prepare his rookie to start. You don't want a rookies first game to be in the Super Dome on Monday Night Football. If Reid doesn't get the kid ready now, then there is no reason to use him.
  • the o-line is mess up BAD---they need a miracle---no adjustment 3 step drop to get ball out quicker --- vick did the same thing in atlanta in 2004 all those turnovers---but his big play over shadow flaws in his game----hero ball--
  • What i do not understand is with all these protection issues, why dont they run packages with extra blockers. i rarely see a running back stay in to block, also rarely see a tight end blocking. its not ideal but when your o line cant get it done you have to change something. And also why must andy reid always change qbs playing styles he did the same thing with mcnabb, vick is a runner before he is a passer, let the man run the ball and do his thing. he is NEVER going to be the type to sit back in the pocket and pick a defense apart, especially with this oline where the clock in his head is at 3 and he has to throw it cause he is used to constant pressure.
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  • Don't know about Vick but Castillo is gone and Bowles has replaced him!
  • Changes are heading this way. If Reid was willing to let go of Castillo to try and save his job than Vick and his turnovers could be next. The time would be now before the bye to give Foles time to get ready mentally and physically. It would also be a better move to do it now because you just don't want Foles first start to be on Monday Night in New Orleans.
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  • I mentioned the same thing. Now would be the perfect time to get the rookie ready. After claiming Juan was his guy, he promptly fired him the next day (WEEKS TOO LATE), so if I were Mike Vick I wouldn't feel so safe about my job right now. A ROOKIE can give up 3 turnovers a game.
  • Gargano said on WIP earlier that he asked Reid yesterday if he was considering a change. Reid gave the "as of now Vick is my quarterback" but Gargano said that he got the sense that his mind isn't made up and he's thinking about a change. I think if your mind isn't made up regarding a 32 year old starter that's struggling as bad as Vick is there is only one choice to make. Still don't think it will happen yet though, Reid will fear it's pretty much over at that point.
  • Vick's flashes are what makes it hard to make a decision on him. There were stretches of the Lions game where Vick looked sharp, getting rid of the ball quickly, hitting receivers in stride, and deciding to run and get out of bounds. Still those interceptions were all on him. He threw bad passes. Gargano said something today that was also interesting to me. He mentioned how on the third down in over time Vick saw Suh, but still threw it basically at him with no trajectory change or pump fake. That's poor situational awareness. Gargano is the schmoozing type. If Gargano is saying he thinks Reid is considering a change, then Gargano may know something.
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  • Spots that's not entirely true. He did give us game winning drives this season. As much of the sudden McNabb love going on around here, that was one of the weakest part of his game. There is something to be said about a guy being able to come back in games.
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  • I don't want Mcnabb back. He (like Reid) took the Eagles as far as he could take them. The Eagles aren't out of this thing, but they are a reeling team filled with individuals who are far better at talking than playing.Reid needs to grab hold of this before it spirals too far. He has a bye to get this thing right. Getting rid of Juan wont fix the woes of the offense and quite frankly may not fix the problems of the defense either.
  • If I were Lurie I would tell reid you have Edwards and Vick to work with. You are not to ruin this young prospect in your hour of desperation.
  • That would be funny considering how much of a QB Guru Reid is supposed to be. I doubt Lurie would do that. He's not the type to get involved in those types of decisions. No reason to give Reid a lifeboat when he's working really hard to sink himself.
  • im not disagreeing by any means

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