What Do You Expect From the Eagles This Year?

Posted July 06, 2013

I tried this before but admit that the topic took off and went into a different direction. I'd like to see what the barkers left on this website would deem a successful season in Kelly's first year. Looking at everything where do you expect the Eagles to be in January of 2014. I think a successful season would be finding out that they have a legit option at the QB position with either Foles or Barkley (which would also go a long way in showing that Kelly may be able to win without a running QB). With how the QB situation looks and having no faith in Vick ever winning anything meaningful I feel that would go a long way in shaping Kelly's 2nd year...if they come out of 2013 with a wash where their QB is concerned it is cause for some concern. A high draft pick in 2014 means that the Eagles probably won't be possible contenders before midway through Kelly's contract...and only IF they make the right pick at the position.


I also would like to see the defense starting to take shape (obviously). We can pick on Kelly all we want and state how the defense is worse than last year but what do we expect with how poor and dysfunctional the defense was the last two years? All pro corners who let up record number TD passes and couldn't tackle...safeties who would have fallen for pump fakes from Venus de Milo (and couldn't tackle)...young players and veterans being taught by a turnstile of coordinators because the head coach never found a replacement that was good enough after the unfortunate death of Jim Johnson (including the old offensive line coach who no player seemed to respect)...a position coach that obviously had no respect for his coordinator and seemed to undermine what he was trying to do...wasted draft pick after wasted draft pick with reaches and players that just never seemed to find the field for one reason or another (Bryan Smith, Daniel Te'o Nesheim, Vinny Curry just to name 3...we all know that there are many more). This will take time in my opinion. Kelly couldn't just tie up every dime the Eagles have under the cap in his first year to rebuild the defense and hope he made the right choices. That would be suicide if he misses just like the misses Reid made in 2011 helped him out the door at the end of last year. I feel a couple decent to solid signings (Barwin on defense...not sure what to think about Williams anymore although he can't do much worse than what was there , Casey on offense) along with some roll the dice type players that can either help them and they can re-sign or they can walk away from easily (Fletcher, Chung, Phillips) was the best way to go this year without strapping themselves in Kelly's rookie season. Going into next year with knowing what he actually has on this roster (and who can make the transition) will give Kelly and the Eagles more insight into what they have to do to bring the defense back to respectability while still having some cap space to make more of those changes. Although I'm not thrilled with Kelly's choice at defensive coordinator I'm happy that he at least found one from the right side of the ball...that has to be a plus, right? LOL.


To wrap it up, I feel that a successful first season would be the Eagles finding their QB (just may not happen) and the defense starting to gel...starting to find it's identity. Is it truly going to be some form of a hybrid 3-4 or is that only until Davis and Kelly have time to find the personnel to make the switch over? I'm not concerned about wins and losses with so many changes although if the Eagles find their QB the Eagles should at the very least be in some games by the end of the season...a few wins rolling up in December would obviously be a great thing to see with your QB of the future at the helm. I'm looking forward to finding out...camp in less than 3 weeks!

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  • You sound like kristinmasyn. LOL. Honestly, 20dawk. Will you be upset with the Eagles if they look unsteady at the beginning of the season yet seem to be figuring it out by the end? Are there certain goals you are looking for? Another goal I would like to see is the o-line making it through the season without a major injury...if that happens the offense may only be a QB away from being a force.
  • I wanna see the team have direction and a solid base. They have been like the sixers since dmac left. Just in steady decline. It's the same with the phillies. They r trying rebuild on the fly and it isn't working. I just wanna see them in the upward swing and start finding solutions for their problems not more problems.
  • 10-6 and a wildcard. Kelly is going to have coaches around the league scrambling to figure us out. Old school coaches like Coughlin and Shannahan won't know what hit em.
  • I like your optimism Brink but one place we differ is that you seem to think Vick will bounce back and I dread that even if he does slightly it will only be "fool's gold" (maybe I'm reading you wrong and you think one of the young guns could have success with Kelly). We saw that in 2011 at the end of the year with that 4 game winning streak and that only made last year's crash hurt that much more. I do hope your thoughts on what Kelly is bringing to the NFL are correct...wouldn't that be incredible?
  • We'll know by week 4 whether or not Vick can run Kelly's system. If he's still struggling by that point Kelly will pull the plug. There's too much depth and youth to stick with a struggling veteran qb. I like Vick, Foles and Barkley so I'm just hoping one of them proves to be the guy.
  • We will know by week three of the preseason if he can.
  • As incredible as I saw In Eugene, Oregon!
    and that was college!
  • Same as last year, maybe an extra win....just a different head coach.
  • Im still waiting for the year to begin...
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  • I honestly think an 8-8 season could be expecting too much, Spotella but you have a right to your opinion and wanting to see the Eagles double their wins. You have to look at what is going on with the team AND where they have been the last few seasons in my opinion. You know yourself that Michael Vick is not the answer at QB and if the 10 year vet isn't than what other options do they have? A second year pro that improved a bit over the last few games or a 4th round rookie who may not get a look unless it's proven that Vick and Foles can't get the job done. Unlikely choices to set the NFL on fire this year especially in a new system that may not totally fit their skill sets but the right choice in my opinion so we can see what the Eagles do have there.

    On the other side of the ball you yourself just told flip this morning that the defense is horrible (keep in mind the mess that Kelly was taking over and you are right in stating that we haven't seen a game yet) so how does that combined with their QB situation equate to an 8-8 season let alone a 14-2 one? Throw in coaching changes, system changes and the transition to a 3-4 and the team will be looking at a learning curve. If you need to see a playoff run to think the team is on the right path than that is up to you...you just may end up disappointed.

    If I were you I'd take some of those posts of flip's with a grain of salt. Cole and Graham will be mostly rush linebackers and I doubt they will see much time chasing down TEs and WRs if they do it all. I, like him, cringe when I think of Cole doing it (seen him trying it in McDermott's defenses) but am holding out my judgment on Graham who many analysts thought was a better fit as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme. He's still young and has lost some weight from what I understand and could very well make the transition. If not it's the last year of his deal, he will move on and the Eagles will find a replacement with someone who can...it's exactly what this first year plus is...a transition year.

    As for your comments on Billy Davis flip, you may be right but I'll also hold my judgment until we watch a season and see if they can improve from where Reid, Castillo and Bowles (and Roseman when you look at the talent) left them. Stranger things have happened then a coordinator having better success after a stop or two. Turnovers may just be a start with what the Eagles need. If Kelly's offense ends up taking off it's exactly what this team will need...more opportunities with the ball.
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  • In a normal year I'd be right in there with you Spots. The thing is, I think the defensive scheme itself (even after the players understand it) is what will give us the most trouble.

    I have another set of concerns about the Offense, but the O-line is the root of those. If I'm wrong, then we're fine; if I'm right, we are toast. And yes, it really, really is that simple.
  • We'll see what happens, Spotella. None us can be sure...the professional analysts nor the great birdflipper. All we can do is wait, watch and hope for the best. If you choose to hold your own boycotts or complain all season that's cool with me also. I've never seen you give barkers a hard time about being down on "their" team during a 12-20 run only to change into hollywoodeagle when things didn't go your way. Like I stated earlier with all the changes all I'm hoping to see is continuous improvements throughout.

    Going to use this block to make all my replies since yardbarker has still ignored our requests to make some changes.

    20dawk: A former 4-12 team doesn't have to have a playoff berth in them the following year to show they are on the right track. What you stated made tons of sense and is the reason the Eagles had to move on from Reid. A new sense of perspective...they needed to get away form their stale ways of thinking. If nothing else I'm sure Kelly will provide that.

    Brink: you and latin are the eternal optimists when discussing the Eagles...past and present. It's uplifting to see. We'll see what happens with the QBs. If it's Vick and he starts off well I will skeptically get behind him but he's disappointed me too often and I'm truly not a fan. Not a secret that I'd rather see Foles but I can't help but root the Eagles on no matter who is on the field and do get that with Foles or Barkley that Kelly's system will not be fully utilized. Hopefully the talent level at QB is where you seem to think it is.

    Kellyscott, I hope you're right about Chip Kelly. One thing I do agree with you is that we truly won't know what will happen until we see the team in action. Looking forward to it. First preseason game in little over a month!

    gr: I wouldn't expect anything else from you.

    Flip: Really? You have concerns about the defense and the offense? Why didn't you let us know?
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  • Green I don't expect much from them this year I just wanna see them playing good football. If Vick is the qb I think nothing less than 9-7 and a wild card spot is where they should be cause we all know when he can make plays he wins games regardless of how pretty it is. If its foles or Barkley somehow I expect 5 maybe 6 wins. How I think it's actually going to go is Vick starts gets hurt or struggles foles gets put in for whatever reason plays better but not great and we r right back where we r. I really wanna see the defense take form and play aggressive. Make an identity for themselves. I really wanna see Kendrick's get moved to OLB and Chaney find his way to ILB. And Logan moved to DE with soap and cox. I wanna see who can play and who can't. And who can't moved out of the starting lineup and off the team.
  • I would also like to see Logan get some plays at the other DE spot but from what I have read the plan is for him to gain a few pounds and take over for Sopoaga. Who knows what we will truly see...no one has said much and it's hard to get a read on exactly what the Eagles are planning on doing...this year and in the future. I agree with what you want to see happen whole heartedly. This team needs to see who can fit Kelly's system and move on from players who don't...they need to wipe out the last couple years of losing and let go the players who are only here to pick up a paycheck...hopefully they already started that this past off season.
  • I expect the Eagles to have offensive potential but the defense on paper looks very weak. I see the same lame excuses lining up with the defense. Its the scheme, its the coordinator, its the personnel...blah blah blah. Vick will get the blame even though the D cant stop anybody. 1 step forward two steps back. Eagles find themselves searching for answers or maybe liking mediocrity. Eagles go 9-7 with Vick carrying this lame organization on his back or go 4-12 with mish mosh of bad excuses and a QB carousel.
  • You just never change, do you? Blame Reid for years and now that the Eagles have a new coach you won't even give him time before whining, you won't even give him a chance. Many new changes which will take time no matter what you type. Vick gets part of the blame for the Eagles because he has been horrible the last two years...will you ever get that? The defense gets part of the blame because they also have been horrible and that can't get fixed in just one year...is it possible that Kelly and Davis are the wrong choices to make those changes...absolutely bur 5 months in isn't the time to state it will never get done.

    I'm actually glad you replied because I would like to see you explain something. Tell me why all of a sudden you feel Reid could win a Super Bowl with Kansas City. Do you really believe that or are you just kissing flip's ass? You have typed for years that Reid is a bully coach, a terrible coach who will NEVER win a championship (and you also typed he was overrated in Philly and NO team would ever hire him when he got fired) but now you tell flip he just might be able to win one in KC...and to think flip just stated weeks ago that he respected you because you stuck to your guns...absolutely BS on both your claims and flip's.

    Spotella: I honestly don't care about the complaining. Like I told flip last year when he was giving us crap for being down on a bad team every fan has the right to complain if they want to. I just hate the made up BS...I hate when fans look for things to whine about and exaggerate and I especially can't stand when people tell me (and others) that we shouldn't complain about a 12-20 run and that we are bad fans for doing so only to make it their priority when things didn't go the way they wanted or predicted. It's the main reason I have difficulty with Hollywood and that has now drifted over to another barker.
  • Im searching for the answers farther up the Eagle ladder. I believed in Reid unitl after the Superbowl loss and the TO fiasco. At that point I didnt like him here in Philly at all. That should have been his last hurrah. But Lurie stretched that crap out as long as he could and Reid went right along. I dislike Reid as you know but he is a good archetect and with the right committed owner, players and fans support he could win it. It just was never gonna happen in Philly because his credibility was shot. He played the fans with his ability to make them retreat. i didnt like his arrogance and Lurie helped him engrain that by never reigning him in. It was well coordinated but they took it about 4 years too long. Now the Eagles are carrying the garbage and Reid is long gone.
  • If you think he can win it SOMEWHERE why did you type that he will NEVER win a Super Bowl...that he will never be hired after leaving Philly?...why so much bull with you Hollywood?. Why so much anger over football? Why so much anger over a team that had the most success under Reid and Lurie than any other era? Why so many fibs and exaggerations just to try and push your over the top views?
  • Never win in Philly. Im not convinced he will be successful in KC because I think he is a disgusting excuse of a human being but with the right talent he has a shot. I think if he doesnt change he will fall flat on his face. His arrogance will never change just ask his family.
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  • hollywood will never change.
  • I certainly do not believe you can look at this season in terms of wins and losses. There are so many transitional phases on this roster. New defensive scheme. a new offensive scheme designed around running a bunch of plays, (on a side note you can't run a bunch of plays if you are constantly turning the ball over), a new coaching staff, new forms of discipline,and so on. I hope Chip Kelly realistically looks at this season and uses it to evaluate who is going to fight for him in the future and who needs to go, because they are a cancer to this team. Recently Jackson was on record as saying the team was "all in but...." Well you can't use the term but if you're all in. Chip is going to be challenged to maintain his course. This season will be difficult, and I agree the best thing that could happen is to find a franchise quarterback rise from the ashes of this season. So far nobody has predicted this team to win more than 7 games. All that does if make this team a mediocre at least for two more seasons and all but assures they do not get a shot at one of the young future quarterbacks. Four things I would like to see out of this season. The first is for Kelly to find the guys he knows he can count on to fight for him and hopefully win in the future with. The second is to either find a future franchise quarterback out of one of the guys on the roster or someone to be drafted next season. The third is is to see the team play hard, and not just quit like they have for the past two seasons. Last season especially this team just gave up in games. I want to see guys fighting, motivating, one another on the sidelines, and not disinterested or laughing if they are getting blown out. Finally I want to see the learning curve of the new offense and defense not take as long as it could. Hopefully the players can begin to show remarkable change on the field regarding the offensive and defensive concepts. The longer it takes players to learn, the longer it will take for them to start winning again.
  • The coach is going to need to clearly articlulate the goal. I havent seen that yet. Ive seen scheme changes, on the field talk but not a clear path. Chip deserves time to get a handle on things but he also needs to establish goals and expectations. I havent heard anything that remotely resembles Harbaugh here in Balto. He was on it and clear about his intentions. Chip seems intimidated. Not good when your team appears intimidated.
  • I don't know where you are going with this. How can they be intimidated when they haven't played a games? This team isn't the Ravens. Where are the sure to be HOF players that Chip Kelly has already on this roster? John had two of them already on the roster. Make no mistake about this until Kelly gets a legit FRANCHISE QUARTERBACK in some sort of way (he's already on the roster or they draft one) this team isn't going to be better, because there are too many flaws to cover up and a mistake prone quarterback only allows other teams to expose those flaws more.
  • You absolutely get it Eazy and welcome back. Hope you had a great vacation!

    The last of your team goals will only take place with good coaching...with coaches refusing to let these players rest until they get what they need to do. Someone on here likes to keep bringing up how many times it took the defensive scheme to be installed in recent OTAs (3)...is that such a bad thing in the new coach's first year? Only if you want to twist it that way in my opinion. This first year is a transition year...a throw away year when it comes to wins and losses. Next year when Kelly has his systems fully installed and tweaked and when he is surrounded by more of HIS players and hopefully has that QB in place is when we start looking at the wins and losses...until then they truly shouldn't be the main focus.
  • alot of ifs. "throw away" whats that. I guess the fans are throwing away their money this year right? What are they watching & paying for in a "throw away" year. You are essentially saying that you accept losing. Thats a bad formula. What do they teach you about sports in Philly?
  • It's a bad formula if the players and the coach's accept it...as a fan I have every right to accept it when looking at what is going on with the team...I accept and realize that this team is rebuilding and will be in a transition year...you refuse to acknowledge it so you can keep on whining...that choice is yours.

    Where does Kelly seem intimidated at all? He seems nothing but confident and his past shows that he isn't afraid to do what he needs to where players are concerned but the NFL IS a whole different animal. You just keep piling up the BS.

    As for your comments up above you still haven't stated why you have flat out changed your stance from where you were with Reid during the past years. It's all just you spinning in circles. Reid may be a bit arrogant but the rest of your claims are nothing but BS!
  • You keep saying I changed my mind about Reid. I havent . He was solid when he first arrived in Philly. He was a good architect but he stunk as a game day coach. Then he morphed into an arrogant jerkoff. I think everyone agrees he was an arrogant prick. From the superbowl loss on he was just a big oof for the front office. He was a good soldier but not man enough to take the big prize. He caved tand stroked Luries ego and padded hiis wallet. He essentially sold his soul to the devil. For that and his treatment of the fans I despise him, however, given the talent he had with McNabb, TO, and Dawkins he guided them pretty close. I doubt Alex Smith will be anything like McNabb but KC has alot of probowlers on the roster and he will find a way to use them until they drop. So anything is possible. But as far as winning in Philly I knew he had no shot after the drama of TO. The Eagles like to compete and that was dangerously close to destroying Luries business model.
  • I do keep typing that because it's true. Did you or did you not type Andy Reid will NEVER win a Super Bowl? Did you or did you not type that Reid will NEVER get a head coaching gig when he left Philly? We both know you did and you know I can find your posts if I dig a little. They are out there. Now you kiss your new buddy's ass by telling him he could win one in the city that hired him (he was the first coach to be hired this year which shows how badly they wanted him).

    Not everyone agrees with your outlook on Reid...most people seem to like him but are happy he's gone. They know the team needed a change.
  • So what he got a gig. I still dont like him and hope he gets kicked out of the league. His son had enough steroids on him to be considered a dealer. All in the Eagle training camp facility but yet you still defend the guy. Your warped.
  • He made some mistakes but that hardly makes him a pimp, a thug, the worst person in the world and all the other things you mistakenly call him. You just type crap without even caring how true it is or isn't...and on top of that flip gives you props for sticking to your guns mainly because he thinks like you do now. What freakin' guns? Your last post was worlds away from the BS you were giving him just days ago. You want to see warped just pull up as many posts as you can that you have typed over the years...that is the epitome of warped.
  • I think Reid disgraced & demeaned this organization & city. He treated the fans with conplete disregard and basically sold his players , fans and coaches trust down the river. he was the biggest backstabbing coach Ive seen ever in pro sports. Does he even have a family?
  • You again grumbling and complaining with no basis to fact. Not everything was perfect, it certainly was time to end the marriage but the rest of the crap you state is your opinion and I'm sure...shared by very few.
  • Thanks. I had to go and see my father. He was sick in the hospital, but he's better for now. That's why I am moving to get them back up North with me. I don't think anyone can look at what has happened over the past few years and assume that it will suddenly turn around. The players to make such a drastic change aren't quit here just yet. It took the Redskins about a year and a half to install their 3-4 defense. It's going to take the Eagles at least that long due to the fact they are changing personnel. Again flip flop went on and on about Trent Cole covering receivers. For a guy who claims to know so much about football he is completely clueless. Even in 4-3 sets there are very few linebackers in the league today who can cover wide receivers. Heck in the 4-3 set we couldn't even cover the tight end! The truth is Kelly is doing the right thing transitioning to a 3-4. It's a defense that allows for multiple fronts, affords for more players with playmaking abilities on the field at the same time (with 4 linebackers on the field), and it allows teams to blitz and zone from multiple angles. 3-4 defenses win games, and championships. Still it's going to take some time before Kelly gets all the pieces in place and his players learn the system.
  • Sorry to hear about your dad. Hopefully he gets better.
  • Thanks Brink. He's out of the hospital now, but his health isn't what it used to be.
  • Glad your dad is feeling better, Eazy. My extended well wishes to him.
  • Thanks bro.
  • Complaining. Bitching, griping, venting... It's what people do on a sports blog site. Who really cares...bottom line is the eagles will be lucky to win more than 6 or 7 games this season and you all know it. Vick is washed up, Foles is a huge ? .... And Barkley will do what a multitude of USC QB's have done before him...SUCK!!!
  • Nobody cares (I don't anyway) as long as the bitching is truthful. Hollywood's made up stories and flip's hypocritical, over the top stance aside I never give anyone crap for complaining. If flip wouldn't have rode us about being down on a 12-20 two year slide I wouldn't give a damn about him turning into Hollywood's second coming (We've seen something like this before in flip when McNabb was traded but it didn't last). Just reminding him where he came from and also what he typed to us while Reid led the team to a horrible, disappointing two years.

    As for your stance on the Eagles QBs...as I stated before you may be right but you just never know. We as Eagles fans loved watching Manning struggle his first couple years but he turned into an elite QB...you just never know. If the QB isn't on the roster there are many QBs that should be coming out in the 2014 draft that seem to be better fits in Kelly's system (Bridgewater, Boyd...possibly Manziel)...this is only year one, Kelly has time. Although having to bring in that franchise QB in year 2 sets them back a bit I'm sure Lurie understands what the Eagles QB situation looks like.
  • I will agree the Eli is one of the elite NFL quarterbacks, but I view him as one of the fringe elite. He is a guy who creates a lot of turnovers. He ofter just chucks the ball up and his receivers go and get it for him. He has a lot of hot and cold stretches in games. How many times is he going to throw the ball to Asante Samuel? Does he do any film study? I get the feeling that when Eli loses it it's going to be a quick decline.
  • Two Super Bowls says a lot for him no matter how they won them. He'd go down as the greatest Eagle QB to ever play the game if he won two in Philly...no question in my mind. I get what you type about the picks and at times he does have way too many but I'll take the picks as long as two Super Bowls came with them...I'd take those toss ups if the Eagles had a receiver that could go up and get them. I'm looking forward to the day he goes into rapid decline but that surely won't take away from what he already has accomplished.
  • Yeah there is no doubt that Eli is elite, and I would take those two bowls. I'm just stating that I believe when he starts his decline it's going to be fast.
  • The giants have a committed organization and have a full range of quality players. The two teams cant be compared. Eli has a much higher calibur of cast members there to support him. The Eagles a junk pile of misfits.
  • Who is comparing organizations here? If you love the Giants so much go be a fan of theirs.
  • Im not sure how pointing out that the Giants are more fundamentally sound organization than the Eagles makes you assume their is "love" there. Cant someone be critical of their own team where its warranted? Eli isnt in the class of Montana, Unitas, Moon, Mcnabb. He had a very solid running game, pass game and defense to support his game. W/O Bradshaw and Jacobs and the elite WR's & TEs Manning wouldnt scratch the playoffs.
  • I guess, but I never questioned the Giants as an organization. I could see if I did, but I didn't so I don't get why you needed to tell what kind of organization they are. My comment was strictly based on Eli.
  • as chip Kelly said at Oregon basically One game at a time or win the day.
  • And they will 'Win The Day...about, about 6 or 7 times this season.
  • Which means the Giants will most likely win the day only 2 or three times more than the Eagles. Which means Kelly could surpass them by his second season.
  • I think its safe to say almost every elite QB comes with an elite organization. True?
  • So then how do you explain how for years you ripped the Eagles when they had McNabb? Are you saying that McNabb was not elite? The Dolphins for years had Marino and hadn't won much of anything. Who was the Ravens elite quarterback when they won their first Super Bowl? I believe winning makes an elite organization, but it certainly helps to have an elite quarterback. Elite quarterbacks tend to make winning much easier. Also calling an organization elite is subjective. Take for example the Cowboys. I know someone like you call them elite even though they have won only one playoff game since the 90s Still they are the highest grossing team regarding revenue in football. The Redskins haven't been relevant since the early 90s and they are number 2. My point is calling an organization elite is subjective.
  • McNabb never proved he was an elite QB. I think he had poetential to do the things that Rodgers and Brady have done but the Eagles limited the talent around him. You dont win superbowls with Thrash, Johnson, Stinkston, Westbrook. You need thoroughbreds and they gave him mules. The one season he had a decent reciever they crapped it up by manufacturing a lockeroom problem. They didnt want to pay TO so they paid Hugh Douglass to intimidate him. Douglass got his ass kicked by TO. I told him that on WIP and he didnt deny it. and the Eagles offically went from wannabee class organization to outright scum.
  • Theses kind of comments are exactly what I mean by you running with your silly opinions and made up BS. Why the hell would the Eagles bring in TO and then 'manufacture" a locker room problem? TO signed a nice contract with the Eagles, wanted more after helping the Eagles get to the Super Bowl and admitted he planned on being a pain in the ass to get his way (and he was). Hugh Douglas just basically told him to stop acting like a diva and man up and we know that TO didn't like to be told what to do...not even by the coaching staff. TO ruined his and the Eagles chance to make that one year run more than it was. Leave it to you to try to twist it the other way around. Just like I have stated in the past...you typing things over and over will never make them true.

  • Wow Hollywood. I don't know what's crazier. Your comments about the Eagles fabricating a locker room problem or the fact you wrote McNabb wasn't elite. You have just thrown all of your years of defending McNabb out the window with one statement just to try and prove a most ridiculous point. I've told you before and I will tell you again NOBODY ON THIS SITE AS EVER BEEN MORE VICIOUS AGAINST MCNABB THAN YOU.
  • I will never get why Hollywood wastes his time on this website just to push his garbage. We all have read the truths with the TO story (or at least angles that are definitely closer to the truth than he dishes out). His whole outlook on him thinking that McNabb purposely lost the Super Bowl so TO wouldn't get the game MVP should tell everyone what Hollywood truly thinks of McNabb (not to mention the other garbage he typed about him). His claim that McNabb was the greatest Eagle to ever play the game was nothing more than him trying to rally the troops when we were discussing his trade. Similar to his claims to flip this past week that he thinks Reid can win a Super Bowl in KC after ripping him for years and claiming he will NEVER win one. All he is doing is kissing ass.
  • Elite Qbs win superbowls right off the bat. From a physical perspective Mcnabb had all the tools to become elite. The coach and organization choose not to enable him to become elite by making him do much more than necessary. Had they surrounded him with top tier offensive players Mcnabb would have gone down as one of the greats but he wont. So Im not the only one that isnt classifying him as elite or he would be in hall of fame right?
  • For nearly 10 seasons McNabb was the best quarterback in the division. Now he was just okay? Dan Marino and Warren Moon never won a Super Bowl, but they both I would consider elite quarterbacks. Jim Kelly never won a Super Bowl and it took Jon Elway and Steve Young to nearly the end of their careers to win a Super Bowl. They didn't win on off the bat. If anything McNabb making the playoffs with Thrash and Stinky Pinky makes him more qualified as a former elite than others. Hollywood you are just hating for the sake of hating. You have no purpose or reasoning for it other than to draw attention to yourself. Never again champion a cause for McNabb. You are clearly one who hates him.
  • Elite Qbs make it to the hall of fame. Lurie should have made sure that he made it. he didnt. If steve Young doesnt win a superbowl he doesnt make it. I would say he is in the category of a Warren Moon but i think Moons CFL championships gave him a different type of credibility. Kelly went to 4 superbowls(in a row?). Thats a significant accomplishment. Im not here to argue with you let the so called experts decide. If he gets into the HOF hes elite if not then hes not.
  • Then why have you been fake crying about keeping the guy? It's not Lurie's position to choose the players for the coach. He's the owner. He's not Al Davis or Jerry Jones. You have a beef with the roster then you need to blame Reid for that. Also when McNabb actually got a big time receiver he couldn't take all the attention T.O. got and how the fans accepted him so quickly. McNabb got jealous and did nothing to prevent that split. Of course neither did Reid who in my opinion is ultimately responsible. Now I don't know if McNabb will be a HOF player, but I think he's doing more to hurt that as a member of the media than what he's done on the field. Going to 4 straight NFC title games is still quite an accomplishment. One that has never been done prior and hasn't been repeated.
  • I agree with you 100% here. I blame Reid for not being able to communicate the importance of McNabbs position on the team. I think Mcnabb was naive and immature at times. With all his talent and skill Reid should have been able to mold him into a champion. I believe that is an organzational failure that ultimately goes to Lurie because he is pulling the purse strings. Was Lurie blind to the talent he had in McNabb. If he really wanted to win I just believe he could have demanded better leadership from his coach, QB and WR. They failed. And wasted the best opportunity they may have for a long long time.
  • Sorry but I still have to place it on Reid. He's the guy who chose Freddie Mitchell over Steve Smith. He could have drafted Chad Johnson too. Reid did a poor job of getting McNabb a receiving option for years, but I do believe the Eagles fully understood McNabb's position. Just listen to how the former players speak about McNabb. He had their respect as a player, and his work ethic, but all in all I think they viewed him as somewhat of a flaky guy. That's just his personality. Reid can't change that.
  • Ok so we are closer to agreement here. We are both not putting the majority of the blame on McNabb but we agree that Mcnabbs flaky(immature to me) might have been a issue in his development. I think a good coach can get into the head of his QB. Coughlin/Parcells...etc are experts at setting a tone. I think Reids method of humiliation and putting himself in the spotlight stole the accolades that mcnabb deserved and kept McNabb from making even bigger strides. But you are right the talent level around McNabb stunk and you give him a Rice, Taylor, Rodger Craig and cant remember the TE and you have an elite QB. So , in my opinion Mcnabb had the elite physical and mental ability but was not given a level paying field to prove he was as good as the Bradys, mannings...etc and that will always leave a question mark as to what could have been. and thats a failure of his coach and ultimately the owner.
  • I think McNabb played up to those guys levels. McNabb has a better playoff winning percentage than Manning. I don't blame Reid for McNabb's personality. He is who he is, but I do think McNabb had people around him constantly coaching him on how to speak to the media, but that guy wasn't him. McNabb just was who he was. Maybe if he had a different coach he could have thrived, but personally I believe Reid has as much to do with McNabb's success as McNabb's own talent. For many of those early years Reid provided an offense and a defense that protected McNabb despite the fact he was chucking it 30-40 times a game. We saw how things went quickly downhill for McNabb when he left. Part of that was due to his diminishing skills, but another part of that was McNabb had a difficult time understanding a new system. Had McNabb ended up on a different team than the Eagles he could have ended up like the rest of the quarterbacks drafted in his class. Reid was patient with McNabb, and he also protected him.
  • If you believe he played to those levels what made you think he was shot at 32 yo? I bet he would still be playing for Eagles now if Reid didnt boot his ass out the door. Reid should have gotten the boot before Mcnabb but that was part of the mental approach of the fornt office to make the fans believe Reid was more importanzt than McNabb. Its called control.
  • I believe he was shot, because he was, and the Eagles clearly weren't going to win with him.
  • You bet he would still be playing for the Eagles? How many teams offered McNabb a job last year?
  • Green Hollywood was attempting to flip my questioning of him onto me. He was trying to prove some kind of point, but unlike him I have kept my stance on McNabb. He's so bent on finding fault in Lurie that he would throw McNabb under the bus in an attempt to do so.
  • We both know he's flipped his opinion on McNabb and he's also done it numerous times on Reid (he's even flipped his opinion on flip...LOL). To think that someone on here told him he respected him because he held fast to his opinions and beliefs...what a freakin' joke! Hollywood changes his tune whenever he needs to just so it fits TODAY'S argument.
  • There isn't anything hollywood concerns himself more with than confusion. He revels in it, and enjoys finding a way to rip the Eagles at any cost, but then swears to be a fan?????
  • He has no choice but to try and confuse (I'm sure he confuses himself more than anyone else). That is what typing lies and BS does to him...makes him type more and more BS until he doesn't know what he's typing anymore...that's why he's continually spinning in circles.
  • I think he and flipflop are holding hands as they turn.
  • Ring around the rosie style?
  • Now it seems flipflop has placed a wig on his other hand so it can join in though.

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