Posted December 29, 2012

NOW when I said all of this (except point #1) everyone thought it was me being delusional. Granted this guy may be just as delusional, but he's  also a guy who gets paid to do this, gets access to the sources and information we don't, and he's saying a bunch of stuff you all have read before, right here.

I'll just cut and paste an excerpt and the link to his entire article, (for those of you who would think I only included the parts that support my own viewpoint). Enjoy.

Here are five reasons why Lurie could keep Reid for one more year:

1. Reid is due to make $6 million in 2013. That's a lot of money to pay a guy to go away. Sure, the Eagles have missed the playoffs two years in a row. But Reid is the winningest coach in franchise history. Nine playoff appearances, six division titles, five conference championship games and one Super Bowl loss is quite a resume.

2. A slew of injuries never allowed the Eagles to get in a rhythm on offense. The four best players - quarterback Michael Vick, running back LeSean McCoy, wide receiver DeSean Jackson and left tackle Jason Peters - missed a combined 31 games. Center Jason Kelce missed the last 14 games, and Evan Mathis was the only lineman not to miss any. Though some players were hurt after the team started its slide, losing these key players didn't give Philadelphia much of a chance to bounce back.

3. The Eagles had too much turmoil on defense. Reid fired defensive coordinator Juan Castillo after six games. The decision to move Castillo from offensive-line coach to defense in 2011 was Reid's biggest mistake. But the defense struggled terribly after Castillo was dismissed. It wasn't until defensive-line coach Jim Washburn was fired with four games remaining that the defense started making progress under new coordinator Todd Bowles.

4. Rookie quarterback Nick Foles and rookie running back Bryce Brown were bright spots on offense in a dismal season. Reid made his mark in the NFL by helping develop Brett Favre in Green Bay. He drafted and turned Donovan McNabb into a six-time Pro Bowl QB. So, he certainly knows quarterbacks. Foles would have to start fresh in a new system if Reid and his coaching staff are let go.

5. Reid has complete support in the locker room. No one on the roster has said a negative word about the coach and any player asked says he wants him back.

This already was a tough year for Reid before the Eagles even started playing games that count. Reid endured a devastating loss just weeks before the season opener when his oldest son, Garrett Reid, died during training camp after a long battle with drug addiction.

Lurie said that wouldn't factor into his decision.

"You are there to win and win big and you have to separate the two. All of the analysis will be on Andy Reid the coach," Lurie said.

Still, it's difficult to imagine a personal tragedy of that magnitude didn't even affect Reid's coaching. Lurie and Reid have had a close working relationship throughout their 14 seasons together.

Maybe Lurie lets Reid finish out his contract. It may cause a riot among the fans, but the city loves its Eagles and the stadium is always full.


Oh and here's that link I promised you:  http://www.myfoxphilly.com/story/20445927/maybe-andy-reid-isnt-going-anywhere


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  • 5 reasons Lurie probably won't keep Reid:

    #1. Regardless of the injuries it will be hard selling Reid to the media and fans for the 2nd year in a row especially after what he said at last years conference.

    #2. Juan Castillo. Even though Reid tried backtracking and claimed he should have let go of Washburn instead of Castillo the fact still remains that hiring your longtime offensive line coach as your defensive coordinator was never a good idea.

    #3. Jim Washburn. Reid admitted himself that keeping Washburn was a bad idea and I'll add that bringinging in his gimmick of a scheme was a mistake and in the long run it just may have helped set his defense and team back 2 years. Hiring a line coach and forcing him down your defensive coordinator's throat...not a good idea!

    #4. Mike Vick. Lurie publicly stepped away from this signing as soon as this happened and let the world know that he had to be talked into it. Although the off the field issues went away after the shooting of one of Vick's co-conspirators at his 30th birthday party, the signing still did nothing but lose Lurie 30 million plus and set the Eagles back at quarterback for 2 years. Besides, looking at where his 3 "stud" quarterbacks from 2009 are it doesn't look like that QB "guru" had the Eagles ready post McNabb.

    #5. Reid has made numerous on the field mistakes this year (more of the same old "we will run our plays...just try and stop us" with a banged up line and some promising running backs) highlighted by his leaving his star running back in the game when he got hurt a few weeks ago and trying to justify it by using the excuse that he was trying to win the game when they were at least three scores back with around 2 minutes left...come on Reid! Who are you trying to kid?

    Just some other reasons he may not bring him back. Lurie reportedly talked to Reid about his handling of the media and most know he needs a coach who can bring new life and a new public outlook to this team instead of "I have to do a better job...times yours". Everything about Reid has gotten old just starting with his press conferences. Another reason is this whole steroid mess that came to the public front just weeks ago. Lurie doesn't need the speculation going around that his players may have been using no matter if Garrett Reid was supplying them or not. I won't judge... no Eagles player has been suspended but I have seen the questions by the fans in some blogs so they are out there. No team needs that kind of publicity. The Eagles have been getting worse for 4 straight years and haven't won a playoff game since 2008 and Reid's coaching staff hirings have been poor as of late. I like Reid, I wish him no ill will...I just don't want the Eagles to waste another year. They will not win the Super Bowl next year so why delay the search for a new coach one more season?
  • They start and flip, 20dawk...to defensive line coach...to secondary coach...not to defensive coordinator...I believe I heard that a switch like Castillo's has never happened before in the NFL and I believe that Lurie came out and said that was all on Reid after Castillo's firing. Doesn't sound like a vote of confidence to me.

    Bringing in Vick was one thing if it works...does it look like it worked to you? All the faith Reid had when he turned to Vick is out the window when it comes to performance and no matter how much faith Lurie has in Reid it has to be dwindling after 4 seasons of sinking football. As a citizen Vick has been more than most of us could have hoped for...as a player he has been worse than I thought and at first I thought all The Eagles would eventually get was the Atlanta Vick, not the turnover machine that he has become. I know his career has been full of them but I would guess that it couldn't have been this bad but that is besides the point. For Reid supposedly being a quarterback machine his own team has what could be a huge questionmark at the position.

    Regarding McCoy, I strongly disagree. Reid has NEVER been one to pull his players out of a game regardless of the score and I believe he should do so on occasion. His reasoning is usually that they don't want to come out...he would say that about McNabb when the Eagles would be blowing out teams in the past. He is the coach, he should pull them out in certain situations to protect the player's and the team's futures. I get leaving in your running back to protect a lead but there is NO reason that the Eagles BEST player needed to be in the game down 20 plus and with only two minutes left. Because he is getting paid is a pretty lame one if you ask me. The whole team was getting paid in the last two regular season games of the 2004 season but most of the starters were riding the bench to avoid injury. I get that they aren't heading into the playoffs this year but it isn't like Reid needs to risk his best player's health for NO reason other than pride.

    Can't blame Reid for hiring Washburn but he can be blamed for forcing him down his defensive coordinator's throat and how the whole fiasco went down at the end. The specualtion and rumors were that some coordinators turned down the offer because of Washburn and Reid had to settle for Castillo who was asking for the job for quite a while...I'm sure if that is true it isn't sitting well with Lurie. Admitting that he should have fired Washburn instead of Castillo may have been a noble thing but it just puts more fuel to the fire...just one more mistake that Reid made.

    I know that an owner shouldn't care what the media and fans say but a 10 minute speech last year telling everyone how disappointed he was in the season BEFORE announcing he was bringing Reid back tells me differently. If it wasn't for that speech I may feel differently...I may feel that Reid could be coming back after a worse season as last year. Even though Lurie shouldn't worry about the fans, it's hard for an owner to look at 4 conescutive seasons in which his coach's record drops and not worry about how another poor season is going to affect ticket sales and concessions (that is where he will care about what the fans say and this team is heading there).

    I used his press conferences as an example of how stale everything is with Reid not the only thing. None of us would have ever cared about anything the man would have said if the results would have been different. Not only hasn't Reid reached his goal, he is getting further away from it by the year. Doesn't seem to me that he is a man just bursting with new ideas on how to get his team to the Super Bowl. Regarding your comment about Chip Kelly...if you believe the reports from the media he will have his pick of head coaching vacancies at the end of the year so your hoping (I get that is all it is) that he becomes the offensive coordinator here is very slim (probably non-existent). Who knows, maybe Lurie will covet that 6 million and his loyalty towards Reid more than anything else. Maybe he hires an offensive or defensive coordiantor with the thoughts of turning the team over to him next year and Reid gets bumped up into the FO when his contract runs out (Reid has already said he wants to coach so I highly doubt that happens). It could happen but I'd rather Lurie not wait.
  • Next week will bring an end to the Reid era, and unless you are brain dead or you are Reid's agent you want him gone.
    Next week brings the end of the Mike Vick experiment/failure. Good bye and good riddance.
    Next week brings an end to the short lived Eagles team that did more talking about what they are going to do instead of doing it.
    Next weeks brings an end to excuses, and marks the beginning of accountability.
    Next week means the end of over priced players who aren't pulling their weight and spending too much time blaming everyone else for it.
    Next week begins the next chapter of Eagles football.
  • And you're VERY right to mention the POSSIBILITY. It's a very real thing and we're hearing and reading it more every day. I don't recall reading anywhere that you want Reid back.
    In fact I think I'M the only one on this site who thinks Reid shouldn't be canned only to replace him with a college coach. If they could bring in a Cowher or a Gruden, okay, I could see that. But the idea of a coach who's never had to manage PROFESSIONALS? I mean at least Reid was an assistant in the NFL first. But bringing in a guy as green as a draft pick? Nah. Keep that.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • You defeat your own argument. You see if Reid comes back without an extension then all Lurie has done is set his team up with consecutive seasons of a lame duck coach. Not only that Lurie loses credibility with the media and the fan base as his whole "8-8 isn't good enough" speech. So does that mean 4-12 or 5-11 is good enough? Lurie said he "evaluates everything in the organization." Tell me how can Lurie evaluate the Eagles and come to the conclusion that Reid deserves another season to prove himself after the season he tried to prove himself he failed miserably? You are looking too deep into this. When a player/coach/organizational member fails to do their job the team moves on. It's that simple. Just because the Eagles aren't telling us their plans (they have never been a team to do that), doesn't mean Reid will be back. That's why so many people got shocked by the trading of McNabb. Why so many of us were shocked Dawkins became a Bronco. Why Nnamdi became a Eagle out of nowhere. The Eagles move in silence. They have already targeted people they are going to interview.
  • not the right thread but did the eagles just solidify the 3rd or 4th pick in the draft?
  • Just cause Kelly's name keeps popping up doesn't mean he's their guy. They often toss fake stories to hide their truths. If Kelly is their guy we will know soon enough. Still I don't see how Reid can be part of the future when the team hasn't looked this bad since Kotite was coach.
  • just added it all up! Chiefs, Jacksonville, Oakland, Eagles, then Detroit.
  • If Oakland beats the Chargers the Eagles get the 3rd pick, 4th if the Chargers win.
  • Not looking good right now.
  • yeah I took that into consideration and they went in with terrel pryor no chance for Oakland against a better team. But I'm cool with the 4th pick basically many options avail at that spot
  • Now I need to start looking at the players who could be available to the Eagles. It will be interesting to see who is going to be the coach next season. I hear they have interest in the coach from Penn State. I love that idea.
  • A friend of mine has been bringing O' Brien up to me for a few weeks now. Offensive minded with pro experience coming from the Patriots who took Penn State to a better record than most expected. I doubt many would complain.
  • He as a coach I think would fit Nick Foles (if Foles is their guy) more than Chip Kelly would. I think if he were smart he would get out of PSU while he can.

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