When you have no baseline for analyzing talent what is your criteria for throwing someone out the door?

Posted April 18, 2013

Real EZ question for some of you.  Lets use Mike Patterson as an example.  In your own analysis some on here said he didnt do anything special.  Ok lets assume he didnt and thats the criteria for cutting or releasing someone.  Then I pose the EZest question- who did do something last year?

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  • Just curious at your business are there little people there singing and pulling fat kids out of the chocolate lake? Is Beanie Wells a top five runningback there too? Oh and has McNabb won the Super Bowl as a Redskin there? Does Nnamdi make 15 mil a year to get beat up and down the field there too? Can I work for you and make 15 mil a year to do nothing? Who are we kidding. News paper stands don't generate nearly that much money.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Im sure your a fat and ugly grandma. And EZ well hes a loser. we all know that. What do you do EZ scrub toilet bowls. Not to demean anyone that does because someone has to do it but Im sure EZ has some kind of filthy job. Thats his speed.
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  • Obviously , you cant name anyone so your reasoning for cutting or releasing someone is arbitrary. Do you know that Mike patterson was an Eagle fo 8 years. Do you think anyone in the organization down to the janitors knew or thought highly of him? Thats what a good organization is made up of relationships. And the Eagles havent fostered anything even resembling a "team". Thats why they stay perpetually young and suck. But as for you, you can joke about my businesses but the fact remains I have more experience than you. Nhamdi wasnt happy and the organziation wasnt happy thats fine to part ways. But at some point you have to roll with your talent pool. Before castillo left wasnt the defense playing better? Im still not clear on your rationale for wanting certain players over others. You have knee jerk reactions to everything. You could never manage people.
  • boy im glad I dont have to do the dirty work as coach or the front office, ill stay a fan.
  • It's EZ to tell the paper boy's feathers are ruffled.
  • Its OK to jealous and have envy for others. IDC what you believe. But, what do you do?
  • I've mentioned what I have done multiple times before. Trust me I don't envy your lies. Nobody believes you are what you claim to be. You can't be a successful business person considering how you lack business savvy. In any case I don't care.
  • What do you do? You are avoiding the question. Look you started the insults. I would happily have you as a guest when you come to baltimore. But , for years you call me a "liar". I have been on my own since I was 26 and I cant ever recall any customer calling me a that ever. but, you have perpetuated this falsehood on this board. name a lie Ive made?
  • Can I help out? You state that Lurie is a hand's on owner who is racist and doesn't want to win Super Bowls (even though Rhodes was his first head coach and McNabb, Peete and Vick have been the faces of his franchise)...you claim Reid throws his players under the bus and they can't stand him even though many of his former players seem to care for him and respect him as a coach...you typed up a post about me and a few other barkers claiming things about us that wasn't even close to the truth when it came to me (you know nothing about me) and the other barkers stated the same...you claimed McNabb lost the Super Bowl on purpose so TO wouldn't win the MVP...you claimed that Kolb was the reason Weaver was injured (it's freakin' football)...you have typed to me that you didn't type a lot of these things when I accused you of them until I pulled them out of the archives...you lie, twist the truth, make things up...call it whatever you want (I'm sure you will stress that they are your opinions and that is part of your problem...many of your opinions aren't even close to being based on facts). You are extremely dishonest...at least when it comes to this website and that is the only way we will ever get to know you. You can keep trying to lie to us but we all have seen through them. If you think you're fooling anyone you are only fooling yourself.
  • I don't even think you have scratched the surface on his lies Green. Far too many to remember. The king of avoiding questions now accuses me of doing so. A day I will remember In4mously.
  • I know I haven't scartched the surface but I am upset that I forgot to throw in4mous out there. How could I forget a whole persona based on a freakin' lie? LOL!
  • It was all good till the end when you said I denied saying these things. Ive never done that. Take the black coaches and Qbs, not a whole lot of success there. I dont think there is any doubt that Reid threw players and coaches under the bus. I still think Mcnabb couldnt stand the idea of Owens taking the MVP of that superbowl. I do think weaver was injured trying to keep the defensive line off that rusty bucket. So far i have accepted all the comments. i think its you that has stepped away from your unbridled support of Kolb. It was you & EZthat werent impressed with Flacco. I can go on and on.
  • You lie in your acceptance, because you generally don't accept it until it is thrown back into your face with proof. Even then you try to weasel your way out of it like your excuses on why you ripped McNabb. By the way calling Andy Reid a drug dealer is not only a lie, but it's slander. Good thing for you that you aren't important enough for him to sue.
  • He actually usually accepts the truth and admits to it now because he knows I'll go back and look up what he typed and copy and paste it but the first few times I accused him of some of these things he denied them. You are right though...he tries to twist the truth by giving some lame reason why he believes what he types which is still far from typing the truth. Usually he types that it's his opinion and like I typed it doesn't change the fact that they are BS!

    Hollywood. Eazy and I constantly stated we didn't know if Kolb (and now Foles) could win a championship but we wanted to see the Eagles move on. I know I NEVER typed he would be the next Brady (another one of your lies) and I actually found and pasted and copied YOU stating that Kolb reminded you of Brady a little bit. I typed to you that I thought Flacco was a good QB but not top 5 which is what you typed. I also immediately called you on it when you tried acting like I stated that Flacco was a terrible QB. This is just you trying to spin what other people type on here just like you always do...you never can keep it real and try to "win" arguments by any means...even if it means winning them with lies.
  • I wouldnt call it slander because its my opinion. And Ive made that clear. I see Astro is right up your rear as usual. But fact is its not a lie if I accept it as the truth. Once again the EZ & Astro fill the board with bullsH*t
  • Sure, everybody fills yardarker with lies except for you. That's why just about everyone on this site questions what you type, calls you odd and thinks your ideas are a bit..should I be nice and just type out of the box? LOL. I constantly type to you to keep it real and I won't question what you have to type...you almost never do.
  • I think Hollywood has by his own addition (stating HE believes Andy Reid to be a drug dealer despite the fact he doesn't have one once of proof) is a complete nut job. To be honest all we have done is feed his crazy. He's is the nut job that made it into the circle. He should have been left to the outcast a long time ago like kellyscott has been made.
  • You are absolutely right. I almost told him pretty much the same thing earlier. If it wasn't for the people that gave him crap (me, you and Spotella for the most part...20dawk on occasion and even bnugent is starting to get what he is about) practically no one would respond to him. I figure it's kind of like the young child who get's himself into trouble becaues he needs the attention. The best props he's gotten since his boyfriend romorules is gone is that Brink finds him entertaining. LOL.
  • Really the fact that his son is in possesion of drug dealer quantity of steroids in the Eagle practice facility isnt slightly odd. Oh I know that was thoroughly investigated. do you think pro athletes have had steroid clauses written into contracts that increase their pay if they do roids would you believe that? Just a hypothetical. wake up you naive moron.
  • So I just read there were 12 Baltimore police indicted for drug corruption. Judging by your warped sense of presumed guilt by association everyone from B-More must be corrupt. How can you go so hard on Reid while at at the same time suck on the teet of a murderer like Ray Lewis?
  • In the world of Hollwood calling someone a drug dealer with no basis of fact is truth???? I think we are all thankful only you live in that world of crazy Hollywood.
  • Hes arrogant, hes a liar, hes abackstabber and his son is dead and he barely mourns his death. Could be the biography of a drug lord.
  • You don't know how he mourned his sons death and to continue to bring it back up is definitely the biography of the worst kind of human scum.
  • and welcome to the WWE of eagles football,
    lets get ready to rumble!!!!!
  • You eagle fans crack me up, this is some funny shiit man. What's next...."My father can beat up your father you doo doo head". Or maybe the ever popular...."Sticks and stones may break my bones but etc etc etc.... BAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAAA!!!!!
  • We tanked as a team last year. Nobody did anything to distinguish themselves or make the case that it wasn't a systemic problem.

    Coach and players. In any other year I would drop this at their doorstep. But with death and rampant injury I just don't see the point of fans piling on. Or the owner for that matter.
  • I think I make that point Flip when I say they jettisoned Nhmdi, DRC, Patterson and Jenkins only to shed salaries not necessarily based on their conttribution compared to others on the team. As far as the death of Reids son is concerned it was a culmination of Reids personality defects backfiring in one major event. I wasnt suprised one bit on his response as well as the circumstances of his sons death. Not piling on just a fact.
  • I wasn't arguing with your point. In fact I was agreeing with it. What is the standard?
  • How are you making his point when he's the only scumbag on here ripping the owner and making light of Reid's sons death?
  • Honestly, why do we have to go through this again?. Especially with someone who doesn't listen to logic and rather look for negatives. The team needs to look at many factors especially in a year where you have a new coaching staff coming in. If you truly thought that Vick and Asomugha should have been left alone with both being paid over 15 million this year after the last couple seasons they have had than you shouldn't even being watching football. The contracts (and level of play that contract is giving you) have to be looked at when deciding to bring players back in a year like this and the ONLY player I may have considered bringing back if I was making the decisions would have been Jenkins since he has experience in a 3-4. Asomugha was horrible and wasn't worth close to 15 million (just look at his contract from the 49ers even with the 4 million the Eagles paid him thrown in), Rodgers-Cromartie didn't warrant a longterm deal and he didn't get one, did he? The Eagles moved on from ineffective players the last few years that were either aging, cost too much or just didn't fit into their plans. A new coach is always going to do this off a 4-12 season (and let's not forget the 8-8 season with a fool's gold finish) and look for ways to build his team...what is so hard to understand about it? It isn't hard to understand unless you are looking for reasons to complain.

  • I guess in flips eyes Reid should have gotten a mulligan since his son died, but in what job or career does one get to do such if they truly mess up? Also Reid had every opportunity to stay away. No one forced Reid to come back early and assume his duties. He made a choice and that was implying that Reid was ready. Also Reid was in the second to last year of his contract. After making a play to try and get his deal extended he became a lame duck coach. So bring him back and have him be a lame duck coach all over again? In what realm of logic is any of that a good idea? Worse the flipster though after all of that terrible coaching Reid should have gotten an extension! What Eagles fan would want to see more of what had transpired? The Eagles actually tried to restructure Nnamdi. He told them to pound sand. Who wants a guy WHO DOESN'T WANT TO BE HERE? Since all of those guys came here the Eagles have a losing record, but for some reason these two guys are acting as if the Eagles made some huge mistake in letting them go. The proof is in the product. None of those free agents and trades panned out, and that's why all of them are gone in less than two years. If people can't see that then they weren't really watching. When you realize the two guys crying about it watch other teams more than the Eagles it begins to become clearer.
  • 90% of the callers (probably more honestly) I hear on WIP agree that Lurie needed to move on. I don't think I have heard or read ONE sports reporter that thinks Andy Reid should have been retained as the Eagles coach this year. The team was a mess and steadily getting worse and needed to make a change. If anybody thinks that Garrett Reid's death should weigh heavily enough on the decision to where Reid should have been brought back then it's a good thing he isn't making the decision. The Vick decision, the Castillo and the Washburn hirings, the bad decisions on the field and the bad play brought on partly due to those decisions have to outweigh any and all hard luck that Reid had to try and overcome off the field. I feel bad for him as a man and I hope I never have to face what he went through but his son passing doesn't mean he should get a pass on his 14th year as an NFL head coach.

    Any new head coach would be looking to get as much cap space as possible...how do you do that? By cutting the older players who haven't played up to their contracts for the most part and that is what the Eagles did...what is so hard to understand about that? No matter how many people (or few honestly) type that Asomugha wasn't the reason that the Eagles were letting up record setting touchdown passes the last two years or that Patterson and Jenkins were better than what the Eagles currently have on the roster (I think hollywood doesn't remember Cox) the fact of the matter is that they were not playing good enough for the money they were making. That stands out even more the year a new head coach wants to put his stamp on the team.
  • One thing is for sure when you play for a crappy franchise your value on the open market drops. If I were all of them I would fire my agent for leading me to longterm mistake. They got hosed and the Eagles got worse.
  • Not for sure. Nnamdi played in crappy Oakland for years and got paid. MJD stuck in Jacksonville and he gets paid. Another thoughtless comment right up there with Beanie Wells being one if the best backs in football. By the way haw can I take you seriously as an abdicate for Nnamdi when you don't care to spell his name correctly?
  • He has no clue how money and contracts in the NFL work...he's proven that time and time again. I would guess that he is going under the premise that it was the system and the coaches that caused the players to play poorly. If Asomugha would have made enough plays the last two years (he had plenty of chances because the QBs in the league started realizing they had nothing to fear...at least not anymore) he would either still be with the Eagles or at the very least would have been given a contract worth more than 1.5 million this year. Same with all the players who were released.
  • Nnamdi got 4mil to walk away. He didn't care about how much his next contract was going to be. He already had 4 mil in the pocket. Why anyone is weeping over Nnamdi makes no sense, because he's not weeping over leaving. He dogged it as an Eagles, went out his way to alienate himself from the team, refused to take a pay cut to stay, and never said a word about Philly once he left. That dude had no intentions of being in Philly. He just literally took the money and ran back to the west coast. How can anyone not see that? Besides a guy like Nnamdi is better off on the west coast where he can get his movie roles in.
  • Anyone remember how Wood went on and on about how the Eagles mistreated Weaver? Well guess who decided to sign a one day contract with the Eagles just so he could retire as an Eagle? The guy have one season as an Eagles, but loved it here so much he wanted to retire in Philly. Once again the weasel is proven to have no idea what he's blabbering about. If he's not lying and he believes the garbage he spews then its worse. Now it's borderline crazy.
  • You make the stupid assumption that he loves the organization . Maybe he loves the fans ever think of that twit 9-5 loser.
  • How can you question anybody about "stupid" assumptions or haven't you paid any attention to most of your posts on here? Regardless of why Weaver retired an Eagle he still did just that. Why would Weaver not like an organization that made him the highest paid fullback at the time they gave him his multi-year deal?...or are you making a stupid assumption?
  • I never argued that Weaver hated the organization. You have made that up. What I argued was that Reid ran an ill advised stupid telegraphed play to protect your idiot dufus Kevin kolb. a fullback draw is going to slow down a defensive line with its ears pinned back. But why do you assume Weaver did that for the organization and not the fans?
  • I heard him say with his own words he loves the organization and was happy they made him the highest paid fullback ever. So your ASSumption that he didn't retire in part for his fondness of the organization is wrong. As such it can be concluded that Weaver didn't feel in any way his career was shortened to protect another player so you can come off that nonsense as well. From this point forward for you to continue down such a path would be nothing more than another half-wit lie from the man with the paper route.
  • Thats fine for weaver but for every Weaver I have heard quite a few stars pan Reid and the organization. 33 years and no Lombardis proves they havent been the successful organization you claim they are. Wake up EZ its 5:15 your wasting your life away loser.
  • There are players for every team that have beefs with their old ones. That's like saying the sky is blue. Are you that dumb that you don't realize it or are you just too focused on ripping the Eagles to care? I mean your comment has no basis in fact, but you act like its an isolated event. I'm sure Ed Reed is a little more than miffed with the Ravens considering they just let him walk away without even offering him a contract for that bum Sean Considine.
  • Ed Reed is in his 12 or 13th season? Is barely able to use is shoulder and is only good for playing center field and yanking some ints down. he went back to his hometown. There was no animosity at all. he accomplished his goal with the Ravens. what could he be mad about?

    I wouldnt call jenkins or patterson old. And Im not sure how you can analyze their play any differently from lets say DeMaco Ryans. No one stood out. tent Cole played worse than Jenkins so strictly from a contribution standpoint why was he given his walking papers. Same goes for Patterson when healthy.
  • Make what up? I was just playing off what you replied to Eazy with...that it was a stupid assumption of his that Weaver loved the organization...I also figured you must feel that way since you did not deny it to Eazy and also that you constantly type that many Ex-Eagles hate Reid and the organization.
  • I don't know why we try. You can't fix stupid.
  • It isn't about trying to fix stupid with me...it's more about not allowing him to spew his BS without having to go against a conflicting and more truthful outlook or a much more grounded opinion.
  • At this point Green I have come to realize that nobody other than maybe the flipster believes any of Hollywood's bull.
  • Only when it's convenient. What's funny is that hollywood is so foolish and stubborn that he seems not to get that he is nothing but a joke on this site.

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