Posted June 10, 2013

THE NICEST prediction I've heard about the eagles season is 7-9.


It was said by Heath Evans. The same Heath Evans that said the Chip Kelly may go down as the worst hire in NFL history. Of course that 7-9 is with his assumption of Michael Vick as our starter. (Months ago, I said the same thing. 6-10/7-9 behind Vick.) Truth is, I'm NOT AT ALL enthused about 2013.

Nobody really expects this team to have anything to play for by like, Week Five. When Heath Evans made his prediction he said he didn't know what to expect from a Kelly team, so he had to go on what happened in the past, (i.e. the Andy Reid era). I have to admit, I did the same.

Thing is, it's not the Reid era anymore. Reid actually knows what he's doing (despite some people trying to insist that his entire career here consisted only of his last season or two). On the other hand, Kelly has so far given every indication of being in over his head. It's actually rather reminiscent of when Ray Handley took over the Giants. 

Despite a number of personal attacks traded on here, what doesn't happen is people debating football. People want to discuss boycotts, Raider-hate, who praises what, etc. Just anything to avoid admitting that there is no quantifiable good thing happening on the Eagles team; or if there is a quantifiable good thing happening, nobody seems to know what it is or wants to discuss it. 

But if you change your mind.......

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  • Good things have happened with this team but you choose to ignore them. Reid and the Eagles parted and a new coach was hired. The Eagles had a nice draft and filled many needs through it and free agency. Most of the players are excited and from what I've heard and read most fans and the local media are behind Kelly. Just because you may disagree doesn't mean it isn't happening. I'm excited about the changes. I'm looking forward to seeing if Kelly's system will work. I'm even excited to see how the defense responds to a 3-4. I also realize that this certainly won't be a one year fix especially when looking at the QB situation so looking at the Eagles and knowing this will be a so-so season at best is a bit different than thinking this is a playoff team (most teams with new head coaches are facing the same situation). Hard for me to get too excited now with the possibility of another year of Mike Vick under center but it is what it is and if Vick wakes up I'll tentatively get behind him. A rookie QB next year (a possibility) will turn this into a 3 year plan at the minimum. This team absolutely needs some pieces to be a contender and I wouldn't be shocked to see the team stumble to a record below 7-9 this year. We've already seen how adding pro bowlers to a 10-6 team doesn't necessarily mean a playoff team the following year. With all the changes I don't expect this team to take off out of the gates and keep rolling. That doesn't mean a change wasn't needed. Of course there are going to be questions wrapped around the Eagles because no one knows for sure what this team will become. There were also MANY questions and negativity wrapped around last years Eagles but some of us chose to wrap ourselves around Andy Reid and ignore them. Of course there will be hesitancy with a new regime but we shouldn't mistake hesitancy for people being down on this team (and let's also not fool ourselves and ignore that the Reid teams the last two years are part of the reason for possible lack of excitement now). I truly haven't seen the negativity in the amount you try and make it seem like. I've seen questions and a couple of analysts step out and say that Kelly's system will not work (and it may not) but I would guess some of the same questions are being asked in KC, in Jacksonville, in Buffalo and in San Diego. As the season get's closer I will be looking forward to this season immensely especially if anyone not named Michael Vick steps up and grabs the reins. It's just a bit too hard to get giddy about it in early June.
  • Chip Kelly has yet to make A SINGLE lasting mark regarding the operation of this team. If he died or were fired today, what could you look back and say "Chip Kelly did that." Even the players brought in (draft AND FA) were with him having LESS say than Reid had. The personnel is more Roseman than Kelly. Where is Kelly's dent?

    side from personnel what is there for me to praise? I can ride the media's coattails to things I like about what the Raiders are doing.
    A system change that suits our current personnel. TANGIBLE. (Eagles can't claim that. They're still short of proper 3-4 DE's and a QB by their own admission. We have an enthusiastic starting QB. TANGIBLE. (The Eagles can't even claim a starter.)
    Purging of locker room malcontents. TANGIBLE.
    Getting a team out of sync in sync. TANGIBLE. (When the Eagles broke they were admittedly BEHIND the learning curve.)

    These are facts. None of which are minor. All easily verifiable (except for the DJax trade rumor. I may have heard that on a radio show, because I can't find it in print ANYWHERE.) But I get crap for noticing the difference between rising and sinking. And I'll get even more for being right when they go LIVE!

    I'm going on record every chance I get because I don't want anyone confusing where I stand. Eventually I will tell you all that I told you so. And I'll be INSISTENT about it.

    Here's the best part. Even if I'm wrong, and we win the Superbowl, I get to go to a parade, my friends do well, and all I have to say is "I wa wrr- wrrr-. I was wrrrrrrrr" Eh, I'll say it if and when I have to.
  • The Eagles are changing both their offensive and defensive schemes...most people would realize it will take more than one off season to make all the necessary changes but I realize that you aren't most people. As far as the personnel unless you were in close with the scouts, Roseman and Kelly you have no idea how much input Kelly actually had...you are grasping. The FO went out and brought in some players he coached in Oregon and drafted a few players from the Pac-12...how is that not getting Kelly players at all?...again you seeing what you want to see. You can spin your arguments all you want...call them tangible, ignore what the Eagles are doing. You can call the Raiders letting go of numerous number 1 picks as getting rid of malcontents...some will see it as drafting poorly. You can call the Raiders naming their starter in June a smart move but if the Raiders change QBs after getting off to a slow start and the Eagles end up starting theirs all 16 games this year what team will be questioned? You really are trying to get a hell of a lot of mileage out of the Eagles having to modify or slow down the pace of their practices in June of Chip Kelly's first year as a head coach, aren't you? Come on, flip. I'm glad you brought up Jackson positioning for a future trade because I have heard nothing about that at all...yeah you don't stretch things a little bit to make things seem disastrous, do you? Go on record with all that you type and be insistent on letting us know that you were right if indeed you are (come on, flip...we all know there is a better chance that you will be right when it comes to percentages of college coaches going pro)...not many are arguing and telling you that Kelly will be a Super Bowl caliber coach. I am just questioning why you are going about this the way you are and you know that I feel you're a hypocrite for being so "vocal" about it. Nothing wrong with questioning a new coach but what you are doing is way overboard....compared to last year when Reid was head coach and how you claimed your undying love your comments are almost sacrilegious. You know who the last barker I saw type something similar to that last paragraph you typed about you still getting to celebrate a championship even if you are wrong?...Hollywoodeagle...you are in great company.
  • Why don't you praise the Eagles. Write a post extolling their virtues. You don't, because you can't, because I'm right about everything I said.

    So come on.

    Write me another BOOK using the words "hypocrite" and "Hollywood". You don't come here to discuss the Eagles. You come here to discuss ME. Regardless of the topic, you ALWAYS end up talking about Birdflipper.

  • Damn BF, ya had to go and remind me of the Ray Handley days, lol, man he sucked. Those were really lean years under him.
  • Mr. Knows what he's doing went 5-11 his first year as coach so if Kelly goes 7-9 by deduction he knows more. Go Eagles!
  • 7-9? That's your mark of competence? I thought you weren't about mediocrity? You should have been over the moon for 8-8 two years ago.

    How about this instead:
    If Kelly becomes the franchise's all-time winningest coach he knows more.
    Or if Kelly wins a Superbowl he knows more.
    Or if Kelly survives 15 seasons with one team WITHOUT winning a Superbowl, he knows more.
    Or if Kelly make TWO Superbowl appearances he knows more.
    In the real world to prove yourself better you have to DO more. What has Kelly done?

    Andy Reid has lasted 15 seasons in the NFL. So far try as he might, Kelly has been unable to even TEACH his system. At that rate he may not last 3 seasons.

    This is Ray Handley all over again.
  • 7-9. That's about improvement from the waste land of mediocrity left by the man who knew What he was doing. Maybe if you stopped worshiping and kissing his wide arse you would see that.
  • This from the guy anointing Chip Kelly as the second coming of Lombardi. 2013 is a write-off, but it'll be interesting to see what you think of Kelly come November 2014. Odds are Lurie will let Kelly run his contract out, but my guess is you guys will turn on him much sooner than that.

    And oh yeah. Despite all your posturing you STILL can't drum up any enthusiasm.
  • If you write I'm anointing Kelly as the second coming you clearly didn't read what I wrote. With that being the case. I still feel positive about my team. Far more positive today than if the mans who arse you enjoy kissing so much were still here, going 3-13 adding a few more victories to that record of his. So yes flippin little I'm very excited about my Eagles, because I see a change is here.
  • You SAY your excited but you don't say anything good about what they're doing.

    Why don't you talk about how good the players look out there? If you say they look good, you'd be at odds with Chip Kelly, who thinks they need more study time because they are doing things wrong out there.

    Why not discuss how smooth the transition is? Wait. Same problem.

    Why not discuss the tight bonds between the players helping each other look good out there? Wait, there's really been no news about anything like that. Unless you count the one about the former WR turned DB who may be cut but is being a good soldier by helping a rookie steal his spot.

    When the Eagle do something RIGHT, I'll crow about it. Likely even more than you. But as of right now, they're cementing their spot at the bottom of the division. That means no playoffs, and no Superbowl.
  • "You SAY your excited but you don't say anything good about what they're doing."

    I've already done that. I'm not going to go back and forth with you on it. If you don't see that working hard is the right thing to do you never will. FYI WORKING is DOING!

    Don't worry about my enthusiasms. I'm very happy with my football team. they are making changes. They are change the culture. Maybe by 2015 you will realize it and tell us how you knew it all along.
  • All 32 teams are "working". How is it enthusiasm to say that?
  • Last year the Eagles weren't "working."
  • Last year they weren't working???

    Said like guy with NO IDEA how much work it is to run around, in 90+ degree heat, in full pads and a fiberglass helmet.

    Said like guy with NO IDEA what the impact of those hits is like.

    Said like a guy who has NO IDEA what it feels like to make hole for your RB when your hands are numb from being in -30 degree weather.

    EVERY football player is "working". Regardless of how good or bad their team is, if they make the roster or got close, they WORKED!
  • I agree with Flip here. There is a lack of enthusiasm. I think that management has knocked the wind out of the fanbase with the excessive years with Reid . During those years there wasan absolute disregard for the fans. And now the organization is paying the piper.
  • I think the lack of enthusiasm comes more from (like you said) the lack of a clear vision.

    I was excited when Kotite took over, because he was an Offensive coach who didn't get to flourish under defensive minded Ryan. To see what Randall could do with a team tilting toward helping him had me stoked.

    I was not particularly thrilled with Ray Rhodes becoming the coach, and was even less excited about Emmitt Thomas as our DC.

    I wasn't excited at Reid's hiring, and was amused by his having the locker room paint job completely changed to reflect a change of atmosphere. But he won me over quickly with how detailed he was in WHAT he wanted from his WCO, and the lack of hollow tough talk that we'd endured under Rhodes.

    Kelly comes in with secrecy, silence on player misbehavior, smoothies, fast-paced practices, techno music, playing older players out of position, indecisiveness, and having to go back to the drawing board REPEATEDLY.

    It's hard to get behind that.
  • I bought into Reid early on because he knew exactly what he wanted to do. he built an o-line , put a top quality QB behind it. He seemed very organized. Then he got drunk on his success and became tyrannical. He played head games, backstabbed his most loyal players and coaches and became to chummy with management. He did too much of managements bidding and didnt defend his players enough. The culture he left behind is so cancerous that iit has engulfed the team , owner and the fans. What we do know is that a good QB goes a long way in fixing problems in Philly. I think Vick has shown heart. the pounding he took is unprecedented in the NFL. Its the worst Ive seen and yet the guy still wants to lead. what more do you want from a QB. This guy is willing to sacrifice his health for the Eagles but thats not enough? Ok he made mistakes in his life havent we all? . he deserves this year to prove what he can do and that includes chips blessing. Whether he fails or succeeds thats the least this organization can do for him. They didnt provide him with good game plans or protection so maybe they can provide him the opportunity to redeem his performance. But, lets give him something to work with so its fair.
  • Chip Kelly owes Vick NOTHING! You're putting a struggling quarterback ahead of the coach and team. Just stop.
  • Where are the 60,000 fans waiting for season tickets? Poof gone. You know why because the management still refuses to hear the players and fans. They havent gotten the message that the fans want the TALK to stop and the goal of winning incorporated into the culture of the franchise. Grabbing headlines and playing games is OLD. We have seen enough and dont like it. name the starter and get on with the business of running a professional organziation.
  • Don't you get that the season tickets aren't the tickets that keep the Eagles from sell-outs (which hasn't happened in years)? It's the single game tickets that only make up a small percentage. Even after two seasons with a combined 12-20 record they still sold out this year but I heard it took longer than usual. This actually proves exactly what I told you when you were calling for your boycott and questioning the Eagles claim. Only a few losing seasons would bring back the blackouts so what is your point?

    Honestly, hollywood. Your lies and BS are really just old and boring. I can see why most people just ignore you when you ramble.

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