Posted October 07, 2012

JUNE 27th, 2012 I wrote:

The Eagles play Cleveland and Arizona in 2 of their first 3 games. Even if they go 3-0, some people will question the legitimacy of those wins, just like they question the legitimacy of the final four weeks of last season. Even if they do start fast, the legitimacy will be shrugged at until probably the Bye Week.

So far I've absolutely nailed it! 

The team is 3-1 atop the division, and the fanbase is still somehow underwhelmed about the team they mostly expected to tank.

So here's the question: When in YOUR (individual) mind does this team turn the corner and become legitimate? And I mean legitimate for THE SEASON. Not the sort of legitimate where you brag when they win, then bail when they lose.

Fact is if they lose, folks will tear them a new one and hold the loss over their heads all year regardless of how well they do.

So would a 4-1 start be enough? Would beating the Steelers, be enough? 

Most of us expected a loss to the Ravens, and the EAGLES won. Last week we took a game away from a division rival. Every win has been a fist fight that required mental toughness, not only to beat the opponent, but to also not get down over their own mistakes and keep fighting.

These things have gone completely unnoticed, and that's sad considering that those are EXACTLY the qualities this city LOVES the character 'Rocky Balboa' for.

Do you only like fictional toughness? Can you not appreciate toughness in real life?

How many wins will it take before you get behind your team, and STAY there?


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  • I don't see it exactly how you have this forum typed out. flip. Of course fans are going to be leery about feeling overly confident with a team who has had so many turnovers so far this season and had way too many last year also. Of course they are going to be cautious of wearing their hearts on their sleeves when the Eagles are led by a quarterback who hasn't been able to stay completely healthy, has the majority of those turnovers by a huge number and doesn't seem able to be patient enough to learn from his mistakes. It also doesn't help that the head coach and offensive coordinator seem to have the same impatience when it comes to taking what the defense gives them. Vick played much better last week and cut down the turnovers the week before and it absolutely helped that Reid and Morninweg stuck with the run. I've stated this all year (and I believe many have on here), the Eagles success all depends on whether or not Vick learns to stay healthy (still taking way too many hits and the banged up line doesn't help the confidence here) and he needs to take what the defense gives him. If he keeps doing that the Eagles will be in the thick of it at the end of the year. Not typing for anyone else but I'm behind my team and always have been, doesn't mean I won't discuss what I think they need to improve on along with the positives. Thinking they may lose a tough game on the road also doesn't mean a fan isn't behind "their" team. We're here (and have been most of the year), discussing our team and I think that says a lot about MOST of us.
  • Lot of words here but no answer.
  • Really flip? You ended your forum with the question "how many wins will it take before you get behind your team and keep you there?" and I clearly answered I'm behind my team and always have been! If you think that I have to predict an Eagles victory every week or ignore what's happening on the field just because they may have pulled out a win after turning the ball over 3-4 times a game to be behind my team, then I strongly disagree.
  • It's HIS mindset you see. For him he can't address problems the Eagles may have. HIS fragile fan hood would implode on itself. He wants to portray HIS weakness onto the rest of us. If he's not comfortable in his fan hood then that's fine, but he shouldn't be attempting to point the finger at the rest of us, because of his weakness. I for one am completely comfortable in my support of the Eagles and I certainly don't need the approval of a Raiders fan to be my fanhood litmus test.
  • Support for the EAGLES? Is that what you call your bowing down to EVERY opponent before EVERY game?

    But you do make a GREAT point! My VOCAL (not hidden) support for my team IS my mindset. Way to finally be correct on something you said here.
  • Ignoring the Eagles flaws isn't support. It's stupidity. Writing catch phrases isn't support. The fact you even wrote this line to me further shows you have no idea what your writing about, because it's completely false. TO BE CLEAR CALLING FOR BOYCOTTS ISN'T SUPPORT. Your ripping of Jackson isn't support. Having two teams isn't support. Hypocrisy must be the new word for fan.
  • "Now see the Falcons scare me. They have a "WHATEVER IT TAKES" all caps mindset right now. That 50 yard heave that Matt Ryan threw from his own endzone? You don't even ATTEMPT that if you think you can make a mistake. The Falcons are playing like God himself has told them they can do no wrong."
    If this isn't "bowing down" (heck you're unzipping and offering a little extra here) to an opponent I don't know what is. One play from that Falcons and you become their b!tch. You aren't the fan you claim to be.
  • Whether or not you are right, the problems do exist and the biggest one I brought up to flip was the main reason they lost today. Vick's turnover on the one probably cost them 7 and at least 3 and possibly the game. The sad part is neither one of the hits on Vick's first two fumbles was even that violent...Vick just didn't secure the ball. I know the defense against the run struggled but giving up 16 points you would hope this talented offense could score enough to win the game. Regardless, I am not going to predict mortal locks ever let alone when I see this team making the mistakes they do. I will also come on here and discuss what I see as weaknesses whenever I see them if my frustrations move me to do just that. Doesn't mean I won't be rooting them on every game they play.
  • No worries, Eazy. Vick said his fumbles are just one of those things.
  • Vick is an idiot. Just one of those things that
    have a better chance of getting him benched than wining
    any "Dynasty" anytime soon. They should never let him talk.
    He is a complete contradiction in everything he does.
  • honestly sucker? With Romo coughing up the ball all over the place on Monday night? 0-0 tie unless one of the defenses can punch it in! LOL.
  • So true.
  • Hollywood is also on here constantly discussing the EAGLES. Does HE really strike you as a fan?
  • That is exactly who I meant by MOST! People being down on their team a little, discussing what they think is wrong and typing their frustrations right after a loss doesn't mean they aren't behind their team! Even if their team is (was) 3-1.
  • Don't waste your time trying to reason with flawed logic green. I think he's the wall kellyscott is so obsessed with.
  • For someone who was so infuriated over the Eagles choosing to move on from McNabb (a choice that Eagles obviously got right) and had almost nothing good to say about them for quite a while, he sure seems to be bothered by barkers just discussing what they feel is wrong with this team right now.
  • That is precisely the reason why a call him a fraud.
  • Oh and a hypocrite too.
  • Im not touching this with a skyscraper
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  • Why?

    Even if the EAGLES get shutout, I'm still gonna be here rooting on my team just as loud and as hard as ever.

    Just wait to see what I'll write about Detroit next week.
  • As I said all week defense for steelers would be to much but mikes fumbles left 7 off the board we ARE better then Pitt that was evident but good news is we're gonna beat Detroit and ATL of the Bye
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  • The Lions will be a challenge for the Eagles, but it will be a home game. Reid teams in general play better after a loss, but Mike Vick must get those turnovers down. I believe the Eagles match up well with the Falcons. I expect 5-2 by the time that game is over.
  • What are people supposed to write? Mike Vick turns the ball over at the one yard line further cementing the Eagles lead in Red Zone turnovers. We're number one! Yes! We only turned the ball over twice in this game! Now that's improvement! Now let's all go hold hands and sing Kumbaya and Captain Coop troops imaginary line.

    On a side note don't hurt yourself to bad patting yourself on the back. You couldn't have been more wrong about this game and the Arizona one.
  • Agree with you here, Eazy. 3-1 before this game but very easily could have been 0-4...that is why people were/are so concerned!
  • So I guess there's nothing to do but shut it down for 2012, and root for the 2013 rebuilding program, huh?

    Time is yours.
  • Read Eazy's comment over a few times and still can't figure out where you came up with that!
  • The answer is he can't differentiate concern over your team as part of being a fan over people bashing them. You see in his mind when your team gives you a plate of sh!t the proper response should be "Thank you sir! May I have another?" Anyone who questions the proper serving that steaming pile of monkey crap isn't a real fan. So unless your face first into enjoying that plate of crap, popping your head up only to breath then you aren't really a fan. Of course he's so greedy he wants two plates! One from Philly and one from Oakland.
  • I shouldn't get into your discussions with flip but saw him exaggerate a bit earlier on a comment to you and left that one alone...couldn't ignore this one!
  • The flipster is too blinded bile his plate of Who Poo to see that MOST of the Eagles fans on this site want the same thing. We want to see our team do well. This site is not the Eagles website and none of us (that I know of) are getting paid by the Eagles to spew propaganda. My name isn't Spuds. I'm not on the payroll so I will call it like I see it. The reason sports talk radio and blogging exists is because people have an opinion and want to share. He just needs to suck it up. We all had to endure his 12 steps for making a mediocre team, so now he can deal with a few people demanding more out of their favorite team. I he can't then I'm sure he could get a job being Spuds personal yes man.
  • ...
  • Fumblesynthesis: A condition that causes an object to be removed from their person, without their consent. Results in a loss of games, division titles , postseason appearances, and two damm cookies. Other known side effects includes fans bickering, coaches on hot seat, and disappearing acts. And although there's no permanent cure, in some cases benching, cutting, and trades have been a solution.
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  • As long as Romo is NOT part of the deal.
  • Yeah, we'll use him in our goal line package to pin opposing offenses deep in their redzone when he turn the ball over.
  • I guess that would be wetter than giving them the old fashioned Romo Pick Six Play.
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  • LOL. Typo, but "wetter" does fit too.
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  • All good candidates however Mike "The Turnovernator" Vick really stood out, and separated himself from the group. Last week he had no turnovers, I knew that was an aspiration,soon or later..HE'LL BE BACK!!
  • Too bad for you the Cowboys never saw the Turnovernator. They only get the Cowboykiller who serves up Bully Beatdowns. Nobody is afraid of the Cowboys this way.
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  • Listen Captain Cooptroop you can't fool me. You might have others fooled, but not me. Nobody who cried for as many weeks as you didn't over the departure of one player to the point of calling for a BOYCOTT of their supposed team should begin to have the audacity to question anyone as a fan. You can't CLAIM to "HOLD THE LINE" when you ALREADY TURNED YOUR BACK TO IT. You need to "DO A BETTER JOB" of being a fan and CHOOSE ONE TEAM.
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  • I doubt it would be Edwards if they made a change and don't think one will be coming anytime soon anyway. Edwards was on the inactive list for the first 3 games. Does that sound like Reid and Morninweg aren't being honest that Foles is #2 (I guess you never know with them though)? I do agree with you about Vick holding onto the ball too long but feel it's a bit of everything. A LOT of Vick, a little playcalling and a bit of how bad the offensive line is playing. It's also that either Vick misses the blitz or that he feel's he can beat it. He admitted he felt he could get rid of the ball quick enough on that disaster of a play at the end of the half against the Cardinals when he fumbled and the Cards scored. I also stated the same about McNabb when so many on here claimed his offensive lines were horrible and that was one of the reasons he never won a championship. I showed stats from the year Garcia took over and the number of sacks per game dropped dramatically because Garcia got rid of the ball quickly. Playcalling?...probably a bit but my point at that time was that the offensive line was fine and not one of the reasons McNabb didn't win a championship. I'm not saying it is fine right now but it certainly isn't the only reason Vick is taking too many hits! HE is a BIG problem when it comes to taking the hits he does. I think he's gotten better at avoiding some but he just can't seem to put it all together for the long haul. Probably going to end up being why they walk away from him!
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