With the Chip experiment you can bet Foles wont be an experiment

Posted January 16, 2013

The hiring of Chip basically buries any chance of Foles being the QB.  I woill go a step further and say Vick has a more than 50/50 chance of staying.  I dont think this is a rebuild.  There isnt enough time for chip to get that done.  Any slip ups and he could be 3 and out.   I think they add some parts , keep Vick and make a run next year.  Could be wrong but I dont see why not.   I think Flip is way off.  I couldnt be hapier that the phat phuck is gone.   The opinions are mixed but I dont think Lurie wants a long drawn out process.  There will not be a Nick Foles experiment to see if he can play.  I think they realize now he cant.

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  • Like I wrote before. I don't mind if they don't choose Foles to be the guy, but I know Mike Pick is not the guy and if Chip Kelly puts his eggs in the Mike Pick basket he will soon find himself out of a job just like the rest of the coaches who have placed their trust in Vick. I would rather see them make a push for Geno Smith.
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  • I think realistically the Eagles won't be playoff contenders next season. That's why I don't mind Foles being the guy for a season. If he fails it only will make us one step closer to being in the top 5 top pick our franchise quarterback in 2014.
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  • Other than the Giants we were pretty much dominated by the division. Heck even the Giants blew us out in the last games. I don't see this team as a playoff contender right now. I could be wrong especially with the Redskins losing RG3 for most of the season, but we will see.
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  • I am not sure we are half decent right now. Too many question marks.
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  • I don't have any expectations. We will see what happens.
  • Johnny Football 2014
  • I think it would be a bad idea to play the QB of the future game with Foles in this coaches first year. The results with Foles might blow up in his face. With Vick at least you get an idea how his read and react offense would work with a moving part. I think with a few peices on offense and defense with good execution Vick could get them right back into this thing. Foles will bury Chip and get things off to a real bad start. I think Lurie made a very intelligent move and rolled the dice. I think this choice shows how bad and stale the offense had become and in a game thats hitting is changing from the peewees on up the impact of those changes is being felt in high school and college right now as those changes are implemented. The days of the tough guy coach are over and a cerebral guy like Kelly applies the new nuances to his game plan. Old schoolers like Flip are living under the old rules of the game. You need speed at the helm or at a minimum a guy that can scramble for yards. The lineman these days are not taking potshots(exception Vick) so a moving QB is a huge element because they are not getting injured at a high rate. I wouldnt mind seeing Vick stay and Tebow as his backup. That would be bold and innovative. Nick Foles is a washout. A guy that can come in off the bench and provide shorterm stability. Thats it. Thats not Chips plan. Book it
  • Don't book Tebow and Vick. YOU WILL LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • this is why??? I think Chip should have stayed in the college game!
  • You ought to stick with Vick fits Kelly's system better because the rest of your reasoning sucks. You state that Foles will hurt Kelly in the long run and isn't the answer but fail to comment how sticking with a veteran who has played bad football for the last two years won't go over too well in Philly either. I think going with a second year quarterback and failing would give him more leeway than failing with the man who has played poorly for 2 years now (and also fits his system better). I also don't agree that the Eagles expect Kelly to come in here and fix this team who has had two straight subpar years (it took 4 wins at the end of 2011 to get to 8-8) in his NFL rookie season. Too many changes to think that Kelly will be able to just get this team back to it's winning ways immediately and the biggest one will be finding HIS quarterback and I'm sure Roseman and Lurie understand this. I'll be curious to see if the QB situation will be what changes your opinion on Kelly. Will you start taking shots at him if the Eagles let Vick go...will you start if Vick does renegotiate his contract, gets the starter's job and struggles mightily again (I mean it will have to be Kelly's fault if {when?} Vick struggles right?...after all all his struggles up to this point were Reid's fault according to you) or will you finally admit that Vick just may not have it anymore (never really has in my opinion)? Vick has struggled and he is always hurt...why would any coach want to stick with that? Look, I agree that Foles may not work in Kelly's system but who's to say that there isn't a young QB in the draft or in free agency that Kelly thinks could work. Foles (and Vick honestly) will be as far behind as any rookie or free agent QB when it comes to learning Kelly's scheme and plays so I don't think it's a guarantee that it will be either Foles, Vick or that they will have to trade up to get Geno Smith (WIP is suggesting that he could be there at #4 but I would be surprised). I doubt the world will end if Kelly had to somehow modify his system for a year and go with Foles or some other young QB while he looked for his longterm answer. No one likes to admit that they made a mistake...the Eagles certainly will give Kelly time to prove they made the right move unless his first couple years are a complete disaster.
  • I disagree. Why should we "modify" the system for a scrub. Thats freaking dumb. There is alot of QB talent out there to execute his scheme. We have a veteran OL coming back this year and alot of backups that got plenty of experience last year. This is not a rebuild GTD. This isnt the loser rebuild bullcrsit. Winning is NOW. I dont care about Vick but lets not have an excuse before the season starts. Vick was hurt because the line stunk like sh*t. and Foles was hurt as well so what? I think Lurie realizes this is a veteran team not a group of rookies and they can make big gains quickly. Bring in Alex Smith, tavaris jackson, Vince Young... if thats the guy. I dont care but quit making execuses.
  • I'm all for bringing in a guy that he feels fits his system...I stated that all over my post. You keep discussing how it has to be Vick and I don't believe that at all! As for your thinking he has to win right NOW...you have preached for years that the talent sucks on this team besides the quarterbacks (McNabb and Vick are the only reason they won according to you) and a couple of other players you like (Jackson, Coleman, and a couple linebackers who haven't been able to keep starting jobs). Where's the talent, hollywood? I'm not discussing what Lurie believes, I'm asking you as a man...what do you honestly believe? You cry for the years the team sucks and has NO players but now you expect them to win with a rookie head coach with no true franchise QB and what you state is low level talent. You just looking for a reason to whine like usual! I doubt you make it to week one without making up a nickname for Kelly.
  • We have lots of pieces of talent that need to be molded. Im not going through the roster but its safe to say on offense we need 1 WR, 1 TE, possibly 1 lineman if everyone is healthy, a QB that fits the scheme. On defense we need 1 DT, 1 Safety, 1 LB maybe. So im not convinced we are any further off than alot of other teams.
  • This is a big change from your stance in the past. If I was to go by what you have posted in the last couple years, the Eagles only have one good wide receiver, NO TEs (you've been burying Celek for years), a horrible O-line besides Peters (they either are horrible or are a bunch of lowlifes who will scheme with their coaches to get their QB hurt and Chip Kelly can't have that), a running back that isn't in the top 10 amd lets be honest besides Coleman, Patterson and Chaney (3 odd picks in my opinion) you haven't really had many decent things to type about any other players. I just don't get why you think Chip Kelly needs to win right away with this cast. I mean I get why you whine that he NEEDS to win now...so you have something to cry about if the Eagles have a subpar year next season but I don't believe YOU think this team is overflowing with talent. Have you or have you not stated NUMEROUS times over the last few years that Reid was winning because of his quarterback? Haven't you typed a few times that the Eagles were nothing without Vick? Didn't you make up a nickname for the Eagles somewhat recently (The Philadelphia Phems or something like that?) along with calling them many other things? Come on hollywood, stay consistent! Regardless of the talent this team has or doesn't have I highly doubt they will hit the road running with what will certainly be change after change they are now facing including a possible QB change.
  • Hollywood judging from what Chip Kelly said in the PC he wants a "durable" quarterback. That IS NOT MIKE VICK! Vick is gone, and judging from the praise Kelly gave to Foles, Nick will be his guy until further notice. It's over for Mike Vick in Philly. The writing is all over the wall.
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  • You will have to wait until after the Super Bowl at least.
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  • What ever happened to the concept of a quarterback actually having the ability to throw a football. Kelly said durability is important in a quarterback. That's not Mike Vick. Tebow isn't an NFL quarterback. I highly doubt either will be Eagles in September.
  • Lol a rumor is at best all Tebow will be. He couldn't even get on the field for the Jets. That's kind of pathetic.
  • Obviously Tebow comes with alot of doubters but you have to admit having a Tebow and Vick on the same roster and using them both simultaneously would be fun at a minimum. Better than watching leadfoot Foles plod around.
  • No it wouldn't be fun because losing isn't fun.
  • ALL i can say .....a different ball game parden the PUN?? from college to pro@!!!
  • Let it go KS!?!?!?! He has moved on from the Ducks. Don't hate on him for it. He's left that program in really great shape.
  • I wouldn't count Foles out. I think the idea that Kelly needs a "mobile" quarterback is a big misconception. Yes, that's what he won with in Eugene but does anyone really think it's going to be the same EXACT system? No way. Sure we'll see some stuff carry over from college but everyone (including chip) knows that the exact system won't work in the NFL. I expect to see something like the patriots have. Up-tempo, spread the ball around, get play makers in space. That can work with Foles. In fact, I think Foles would be a better fit than Vick the turnover machine.
  • If you want ZERO chance of winning a superbowl Foles is the guy.
  • What chance does Mike Vick or Tebow give you? I could use a good laugh.
  • Hollywood just doesn't get that no one is here is trying to forcefeed anybody Foles...he is the one still stuck on Vick. Foles is just a better option for most because he has shown he can play a little, he's young and has a chance to develop and he's not Mike Vick.
  • The point is, unlike you, I dont believe slashing and gutting the team is a smart plan. You jettison a bunch of veterans on this team and you will have nothing left. Most teams are 5-6 players away from a superbowl. You heard Chip say it . Its mostly about talent. The Eagles need more but they can get it in the draft and a couple solid FA. Dont have to be mega stars just guys that come to play hard.
  • What you or I believe isn't relevant. What is going to happen is Mike Vick will be gone. Deal with it, because Mike Vick isn't a winner.
  • I still don't get what makes you so sure of that. Outside of his first start in Washington, Foles has shown plenty of promise. Yes, he had a few rookie mistakes here and there but were you really expecting perfection? In his rookie season? Playing behind THAT line? I honestly don't get where you're coming from here.
  • He isn't sure. He's a Vick fan. Do I really have to type more? Hollywood was extremely "vocal" about getting Vick some playing time and just doesn't like to admit that he may have been wrong. Didn't you watch the games this year, CPF? Don't you agree with hollywood that every hit that Vick took, that every pick he threw and every fumble he lost was somehow the coaches fault...the O-lines fault? Didn't you plainly see that the coaches schemed with the O-line so that Vick would get hurt so the Eagles wouldn't have to justify benching a player who had gotten progressively worse in each of the last 3 years? The NFL was even in on it according to hollywood. I wish I could type that I'm making this up but unfortunately I'm not. Honestly you don't need more proof that hollywood has an agenda when it comes to Foles than to just look at his pro Vick posts above. Two years of pitiful play and he'd rather stick with Vick than see what the 2nd year pro can do even with new coaches heading to Philly.
  • I think Chip Kelly will pass on Tebow if he actually wants to pass the football.
  • I think...I'm hoping that 20dawk is only having some fun.
  • The funnything about you is the vigorous non stop defense you put up for Reid and the organization just two years ago. While I was telling you they were tumbling and falling off a cliff you were staking a claim that the front office was nearly never wrong. I for one put the blame squarely on Reid and the lying executive office. Im giving them the benefit of the doubt that going so far down changed them. But now that I hear Reid has his hand in the pick of Kelly Im worried. If they are so sure of not wanting Vick they should release him now. Whats the hold up?
  • Never nearly wrong, hollywood? That wasn't my stance at all. My stance has always been telling you that you exaggerate and just because the Eagles fired their coach of 14 years because they finally realized things had gotten stale doesn't mean the BS you type is true. While you were typing that Reid was a horrible coach and you knew he would never win a Super Bowl I reminded you that he was only 30 minutes away from winning one. While you typed all sorts of BS about the Eagles being racists, that Lurie only cared about himself and not the community and never wanted to win a Super Bowl I proved all these BS claims as false. That is all that this has ever been about. Every organization has it's skeletons in the closet, no one is perfect and I have never claimed the Eagles organization of being the best let alone perfect. If you want to stick with lies to try to prove your silly points I will continue to call you on them as long as we both still frequent yardbarker. Look at how you twist words to try to make some kind of stupid point. Where the hell did you hear that Reid had a hand in hiring Kelly. How is an endorsement on a former employer "having a hand in the pick of Kelly"? Do you ever get through a week at home without somehow twisting words to fit your needs? As for Vick, hollywood, who knows what the Eagles will do but Kelly just got the job two days ago. I'm sure he has plenty to do besides focus on Vick like round out his coaching staff. One thing I will be suprised of and I will admit a bit disappointed in if it happens...I keep reading that 3 million dollars of Vick's contract is guaranteed if he is still an Eagles in a couple weeks. I'll be surprised if he is still an Eagles after that date if it is true. I would guess that will be the date to see if he sticks with Vick or decides whether to move on.
  • I know easyeagle I should stop,
    his choice not mine

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