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The Ravens are in a bit of a quandary as they are going to need to sign many of their high priced players. As such they are pondering which Franchise tender to offer Joe Flacco. The exclusive tender will give them exclusive rights to negotiate with the player; however the cost of the exclusive tender would make Flacco's contract in the 20 million dollar range. A very high number to carry against the cap. The restrictive tender would place his number around 14-15 million. That is where it becomes tricky, because other teams can then enter the fray and negotiate with Flacco. The Ravens can match the offer or they can collect two first round draft picks as compensation. If the Eagles wanted to get involve they would have to surrender this years pick and next years pick, but the result would be they have a franchise quarterback who is relatively young and has already won a Super Bowl. The Redskins gave up more to draft unproven RG3. They would also have to manipulate the cap number to that it would be impossible for the Ravens to matc the offer to Flacco otherwise they would just be doing the negotiations for the Ravens. It's an interesting proposition. Flacco may not be considered one of the elites, but he's certainly clutch, and is at least a top 5 quarterback. He would instantly make the Eagles a better football team even if he isn't the prototypical Chip Kelly quarterback. At 28 he still has 7-10 good years of football left considering he's a pocket passer who isn't taking the hits many of the running quarterbacks endure. If I were running the Eagles and if the Ravens slip up I would be willing to give up 2 number one picks for this guy. Some further reading: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/07/07/franchise-players-can-still-be-signed-by-other-teams/
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  • After the Eagles cut a few players (including Vick) they would certainly have the money to make a front loaded offer that would make it extremely tough for the Ravens to match (the carry over would make this year the perfect year to make a move like this) but I would be hesitant to do it for one reason...Kelly's system. Why hire a coach that favors that mobile quarterback and lock him into one that doesn't have that mobility that he desires at such a high cost (2 first rounders and 20 million per year and you would love to find that bonafide franchise QB)? If Kelly was confident he could work with Flacco similar to Belichick and Brady I wouldn't be upset at all if they made the move (it's not like the Eagles 1st rounders are making Pro Bowls) but I highly doubt the Eagles will be going that route.
  • OOps...I added the comment about finding that bonafide QB in with wrong parenthesis. Should say (2 first rounders and 20 million per year) and (it's not like the Eagles 1st rounders are making Pro Bowls and you would love to find that bonafide franchise QB)...my bad.
  • Again I know Flacco is no Mike Vick when it comes to mobility, but the kid is not slow, and he's an athlete. Go look up his 40 time. It's under 5, he sturdily built to handle some hits. Not that I think the eagles should invest too much in a quarterback who will take a lot of hits. You see in college when every 4 years you can change out quarterbacks its okay to run a quarterback often, but in the pros the constant hits would wear a guy down. In other words Chip Kelly isn't going to be able to run his system the way he did in college. The pros are too fast, and too strong to keep allowing your quarterback to take hits from running with the ball. He will have to adjust or he will be out of the league.
  • Flacco may be able to move around a bit and even run for a few first downs but if Kelly wants to use his read option at all Flacco would be an expensive stop to that, Eazy. I get that Foles won't be able to run it either but I don't realistically believe that Foles will be his starter longterm unless he shows significant improvement this year plus he comes MUCH cheaper.
  • Honestly if Vick is running the read option he is going to wind up like RG3. The guy is just too fragile, and when he isn't getting hurt he will be fumbling the football.
  • If i was flaco i wouldn't be asking for a ton of money. def not top money for a qb. but a healthy pay increase. let the franchise have some flexibility to keep the talent they have and replace ray lewis and eventually ed reed. he's in a good position in BMore he'd be dumb to screw it up by asking for too much and forcing their hand to get rid of him
  • Flacco wants top dollar and his agent is looking to get it for him. He's the Super Bowl MVP. Can't see why he can't ask for the big bucks.
  • not saying he can't get it... just he shouldnt look to get extreme top dollar otherwise its gonna force the ravens to make tough roster decisions and weaken the team
  • Vick did the same thing to the Eagles, and he didn't win a Super Bowl.
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  • No.

    All indications are that Kelly is going to "adapt" his system, so he'll still need a QB who isn't practically a statue.

    If we still had Reid that question would be a no-brainer and I'd call WIP to get the rumor started so it would hopefully reach Eagles brass.

    I'd even give you credit for it.
  • Did you see the play in the Super Bowl where Flacco scrambled to his right and threw a dart 30 yards down field? He's no Vick, but he's no statue either. For the record he has been known to run between a 4.7 to 4.9 40 time. That's not bad for a quarterback.
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  • Thats funny a "statue"? Flacco can move better than you think and hasnt missed a game yet. He is slippery in the pocket and when he decides to run he can pick up yards. But he hardly needs to because of the rocket launcher attached to his shoulder. I know Flip he isnt good enough to be an Eagle. LMFAO
  • I certainly believe he's good enough to be an Eagle. I also believe that he would instantly make them better regardless of this offense Chip Kelly runs. Heck Vick can run, but he can't stay healthy so it doesn't matter how fast you are if you can't stay in the field.
  • yes he would but it wont happen
  • I don't think the Ravens are dumb enough to let it happen, and I don't think the Eagles are smart enough to take advantage if they did, but if that did happen it would be a genius move. Not only is Flacco talented, but he's a local kid. Fans would come just for that reason and the marketing would be unreal.
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  • Larry Brown did it. Besides if you can sell him into the playmakers on offense you may have a shot. Lets not forget how much Vick was a liability last season. A legit QB could be an improvement.
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  • I think it depends on what the Ravens are willing to give him. The point is if he did fall through that loophole and the Ravens did blow it I would jump all over it if I were the Eagles.
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  • Foles can be just as good as Flacco in a couple years.
  • Brink I'm not so sure of that. Maybe you're right, but I haven't seen enough of Foles that would lead me to that conclusion.
  • Brink get real. Flacco is similar to John Elway. He can make every throw on the field and is as clutch as any QB in the league. Where do you come up with Foles can be as good. How do you draw that ridiculous conclusion?
  • Very similar physical abilities. Aside from a 4-game stretch during his 5th season, Flacco has been above average at best.
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  • I doubt the Ravens would be foolish enough to let this happen to themselves. I don't think some of my fellow Eagles fans realize how desperately we need a quarterback to win in the NFL.
  • It's a moot point as Flacco won't be an Eagle under any circumstance. He's going to be a FA and unless he suddenly contracts mental retardation from an insect sting or a zombie bite there is no way on Earth he'd want to be HERE.
  • He would go anywhere so long as the money was right. What are you thinking for him now?
  • They all follow the money but Flacco wont hit the free agent market and Lurie doesnt have the juice.
  • I'm just laying out the possibility of the scenario. If it were to happen would you pull the trigger if you were in charge? My answer would be yes. Why wouldn't I want a clutch QB on my team?
  • yes for sure.
  • Thank you. It's a simple concept, but the simple minded can't comprehend it. I mean who in their right mind would choose Vick or Foles over Flacco? I don't care what kind of offense you are running. An elite quarterback is an elite quarterback.
  • I'm not thinking for him but I AM thinking. But you go ahead and get your hopes up that Flacco wants to go from the Super Bowl winner to the team in the toilet being coached by a 3rd rate staff.

    Wait, let me get my ear all set up for when you start whinning that Lurie doesn't want to win because he didn't bring you Flacco.
  • I know it's difficult to think outside the box for some of you here. A so called Raiders fan ought to remember a former Super Bowl MVP doing that very thing. You don't think Flacco could be sold on coming back home? I get it though. It's not what you want. You would much rather be in the thralls of mediocrity. I'm not debating what I think Jeff Lurie would do. I ask as if you were in the position what would you do. Clearly you would stay away from Flacco. You only understand mediocrity, so I'm sure you would much rather keep Vick at 16 million and lose, rather than pay 20 million to Flacco and win. I'm sure in some Southern states one might consider you a genius.
  • If you recall I already said on THIS post, that if Reid were still here, chasing Flacco would be good. But since Kelly is here instead, well...let's just sit back and see how hard Eagles pursue Flacco.

    As for your ham-handed attempt at a MARCUS ALLEN reference, it was a DECADE later when Marcus left the Raiders for KC, because KC was going to give him a chance to prove he could still be a major contributor, which he proved like a BEAST!

    At the time K.C. was a perennial playoff team. Remember the post where I said I used to follow them because of Okoye and Word? This was back then. Marcus went from an okay team to a good one, not from a Super Bowl winner to a laughingstock.

    It ain't me that won't get you your Flacco, but be as mad as you like honey. Eagles fans excel at being mad.

    Just remember to enjoy your 2013 Vick/Foles/rookie mash-up, because it's coming. Just remember to cheer extra loud for the guy you're denouncing today.
  • Im not the coach so why would I care
  • If you don't care then why bother typing. You're strange that way???!....?????
  • For not caring he sure pumps out a lot of posts.
  • something to do???? coach
    and I get responses from folks like and sounding conversations??? LIKE YOU....
  • So you care but don't care?????
  • need braille???? im just going to sit and watch his 1st year
  • The numbers? thats why you dont know squat about flacco. 5 seasons 5 post seasons, 3 afc championships, 1 superbol win, one superbowl missed by a dropped pass. the best post season by any QB in his 1st 5 years. So what the phuck are you mumbling about? dalton? your a very funny little man
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  • Seems? he does have have ice water. But make no mistake he isnt leaving Balto under any circumstances. Book it . forget about it!
  • Yet you wasted your time to write such nonsense.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • Now if I said what Hunterduke said I'd have a ton of whining about how in the box I'm thinking.

    I'll be watching to see how much crap Hunter gets for this, or if it's just being saved for me.
  • Would you rather we discuss how the Eagles should waste their first pick and draft a safety projected in the the late first to second round?
  • dont worry about that dumb idea. The Eagles will get a marquee in the box pick. No way they start the Reid reaches now.
  • Aaaaaand my point is made! Hunter calls this post a waste of time, but it's ME you took the shot at.

    BTW: EVERY time I mention Eric Reid I MENTION that taking him there would be a reach. I know where he ( still pre-Combine) is projected to go. That's why I call it a "reach". So we're all on the same page. It IS a reach.

    Thing is, NOBODY is saying that they think the guy can't play. Everyone is more concerned with his slotting than with whether or not he has the skills we need, and whether or not the other Safeties in this Draft are scouted to have those same skills.

    Seriously, look through them. One of the biggest knocks you'll see in this Safety class is their Recovery Speed. While one report on Reid says his R.S. will be questioned, on other prospects it flat out says that they don't have it. That makes him rare in THIS Draft class, wouldn't you say? Like a good woman, when you find someone rare, you don't gamble, you close the deal.

    If we miss on him we'll have our pick of Safeties with the same whole in their game.

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