Posted December 31, 2012

Hey yardbarker. Could you possibly do something about two things that I'm sure nobody likes and are just a bit annoying.


#1. Could you stop limiting us on each post  (article, whatever) between comments?  It's a little bothersome seeing your not so funny comments calling us "motormouths" and other things even if we are just trying to comment on two different comments in one post.  I may be having two discussions with two different barkers (and sometimes even more) and it would be nice to be able to have both without combining them on one reply and hoping both barkers see them. It doesn't even work at times because I have been blocked to comment even when someone else is the last to comment on that post. Your set-up also won't allow me to hit that last reply button in a thread if I typed the comment that brought it up. Instead I get "talking to yourself again?"? Really? You did this before and barkers complained and I believe you got rid of it. Why the limits now?


#2. Could you somehow modify that right border that blocks some of our comments from time to time? I know I have seen other barkers complain about this but nothing ever seems to be done. I know you must be able to do it so I will just assume that maybe you haven't seen the complaints. Hopefully you see them now and something gets done about it.


I sent a complaint about the limits on comments to one of the mods days ago and the message hasn't even been opened so I figured that I would put this out here for all to see and comment on if they would like. Thank you in advance for looking into these matters.

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  • Agreed.
  • I have been using gcobb, BGN, and the Eagles message boards much more. It's like this site wants to implode on its self.
  • I mentioned your comments to yardbarker about possibly pushing us off the site if they don't do anything but didn't use your ID in my message. The problem is that they just may not care. If they listen to us about two things that have to be easily fixable then maybe they can change my opinion on that...then again I'm sure that they don't give a damn about my opinion either. LOL.
  • I agree. And EZ thanks for the spirited defense with Flip. He has a thin skin if he cant take a little ribbing now and then. But I never thought he would resort to censoring my posts. I think he should reconsider that in the spirit of a new year and change thats coming. In addition, he may discount what I say but Ive been here the longest and have over 30 years of football fan experience including one team(Baltimore Colts) that pioneered the NFL. And I have the logistical advantage of having the Ravens and Redskin information contantly piped in on the radio. have a good new year.
  • You will never get that from me, hollywood. Although I disagree with most of your outlook on the Eagles and will tell you when I do disagree I will never block anyone on here. I appreciate you agreeing with me on this. Only trying to get yardbarker to stop their limits and do something about that stupid border over there-------------------------------------------------------------->.
  • Only a couple handful left in this yard (doesn't seem like many barkers left at all) but that is no reason that yardbarker shouldn't try to make this a better experience for us. Hopefully Spot, flip, Route36 and GangGreen come to this post and let yardbarker know how they feel about the restrictions on replies and how that stupid border cuts off some of our comments. It would be nice to also see some of the other barkers who comment form time to time state their feelings. YM5, Rontron, crazyphillyfan, joephieag and Zukny and anyone else I missed. We'd love to have your help here guys. Even if you haven't come across the limits on comments, even if your comments and replies haven't been cutoff in the past, how do you feel about yardbarker doing nothing to fix these issues?
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  • Honestly I'm not all that concerned with the silly border, but they could fix the size of these response boxes. Simply don't let them run into this stupid border. Better yet bring back the old style.
  • You may not be concerned, Eazy but I hate how it cuts off some of our comments and I know 20dawk has complained in the past. It has to fixable and their is no reason why it shouldn't be!

    Wow, able to post two comments on one post today without waiting. I think at times it may be limits on how much we type in our first post but maybe yardbarker changed their thinking already?
  • I would guess that if there is a reason they haven't fixed the borders it has more to do with the advertisements that are there and not the "The Eagles Hot 25". The lettering is small enough in the border where they could trim it but part of what they may charge per ad could be based on size. Would still like to hear that from them and I know that when I first started here 3 years ago my comments were never cut off. They should be able to fix it!
  • What about posting pics in our messages. How come we can't do that anymore?

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  • I hadn't noticed that yardbarker took that away from us also or I would have brought it up. Hopefully they rethink that decision too although it doesn't look like they are rushing to appease us. Thanks for the input, Brink!
  • If you havent noticed the Eagles are almost irrelevant. They wont be televised in big games anymore and have nothing really on the horizon.
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  • If you want to see crazy check out his post in the Charger's yard.
  • I think you already did with your last comment and I totally agree!
  • I remember when yardbarker actually had a nice forum setup. Everything got wayy too complicated. Sometimes simplicity just works!. I miss all the people, the famous sports people and the community s a whole. Its much more complicated now just reaching out and discovering the rest of the site
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  • its not like they have any other comments to read!. Lol they probably went through this thread already
  • It's actually posts like 20dawk's that tell me yardbarker pays no attention to what goes on here (no offense, 20dawk and I share your frustration). Misspellings of cursewords are a great example of how yardbarker constantly looks the other way. There is obviously a list of words that get picked up by some type of program and censored and everything else is ignored. Mods probably barely even come to the yards anymore. Still waiting for my message to be opened by the mod that I sent it to. I should copy and paste it to the big guy himself and see if he opens it. I'll mention this post and ask him to check out everybody's gripes and we'll see if he opens it. Even if he does I wouldn't be surprised to not even get a reply.
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  • No I wasn't or at least I don't remember that. It doesn't take a scholar to see the offensive word that they may have been worried about but it shouldn't have taken one to realize that other words are spelled with those three letters neither. No middle ground with this place at all, I guess. It's either out of control or the rules are way too strict and pissing people off.

    I sent that message to the main mod (I assume that is who he is although I think he wears more hats). We'll see where it goes. Sent it this morning and checked it just now and it hasn't been opened yet but it is Saturday. Hopefully we see something soon!
  • It's pretty pathetic I can only make one response in my own thread. This site is turning to one of the worst and its been going down this path for a long time.
  • This not only proves that these guys don't scan these yards it also proves they don't give a damn about us. No matter what they tell us (if they finally realize this post is here) won't change my opinion about that now. 5 days this post has now been here...barkers are complaining and no one has replied at all? I'd like to type that there just isn't enough of us for them to give a damn (still not an excuse) but the way they let a couple barkers run loose on this site I think they stopped caring long ago. I have had discussions with barkers and mods about a certain barker and from what I heard from both sides all yardbarker did was use lame excuses when confronted with other barkers trying to stop him from his trolling ways. All they did was tell me that they don't allow barkers to run wild on this website. We only have to use ONE barker as an example to know that is nothing but bull!

    COME ON YARDBARKER! Your people are asking you to look at some easy changes. Give us ALL either a response that you are looking into our concerns...or at least give us legitimate reasons why you can't.
  • I always felt that the group that run around causing problems were mods themselves. That would answer why nothing is done to stop them.
  • You aren't the only one that feels that way...I have seen a few barkers make the same comment and I agree. It honestly boggles the mind if it's true (why let that happen with part of your business?) but why else would they let a couple barkers ruin it for so many and run amok for years? Free speech is one thing but it goes beyond that when you are letting one or two barkers ruin it for everyone else by stalking and harrassing and letting them be flat out jerks! No matter what excuse yardbarker uses that is exactly what they let one particular barker do for years with his dozens of IDs. Even if the mods weren't doing some of the stalking, baiting, harrassing, etc...you would think they would want to do something to clean up that stigma! Why would they want any barkers thinking the mods mess with them instead of taking steps to make their experience better. Romorules and his numerous IDs for most of the 3 years I have been on here and they hesitate when we have complaints...what does that tell you?
  • My take on the situation as a whole, is that the mods do it to get people to post more. And some of the things I read here on the post, a day or two later ends up on some writers post. I think we just inspire some writers to know what to write about or what the people are thinking to write about. I stopped writing and just read the posts and comment once in a great while.
  • Regardless of why they would do it (if they in fact did), harrassing other's (not debating...harrassing) shouldn't be done especially by yardbarker itself. If the mods used their IDs or multis themselves (if they had some and it would answer why they are so adament to allow it) to debate and actually discuss football especially when this website just started I could somewhat understand what they were doing. That's not what I am using as an example. I mean romorules making up 3 paragraph stories about flip and Spotella. I mean the tiresome pictures and comments about the Cowboy's Super Bowls ONLY looking for a pissed off reaction. I mean stalking Eazy for weeks claiming that he is HarryPotter (even though romorules admitted to being BowlBound). You want to make a point about your teams past you have every right to bring up the Super Bowls they won, you have every right to type about their rings...pictures and deragotory comments OVER AND OVER just to get a negative reaction from other barkers is nothing but harrassment and yardbarker let it go on for years (way before I even got here by the looks of it). I know Eagles fans are guilty of some of the same but yardbarker could have stopped this behavior years ago. Maybe there would be more than a half dozen regulars on here now.
  • That is classic trolling Green. Rather than punish everyone for that, they should just put an end to the trolling. I don't mind a little back and forth team trash talk, but some of that other stuff was just simple trolling and purposely looking to escalate the situations with the intent to try and get people banned.
  • How many barkers did romorules brag about getting banned? He even claimed to have a hand in getting bigrele banned just a month or so ago. He baited me and you claiming he wanted to see us gone and yet yardbarker just sat back. My original requests to yardbarker was to just get romorules to stop his ways...not get him banned and I meant it...that's all I wanted. Now I'll admit that it is much nicer without him and I wouldn't mind never seeing his ID again. He is the only barker I have ever felt that way about (although I will admit that Supa deserved getting the boot with his threats and videos).
  • Funny how they wasted little time to ban Supe, but they let him just keep going and going despite how he admitted to using several different IDs and he admitted openly to try and get people banned. I just don't get what the mods were thinking.
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  • Why should YB care what a handful people want? Half the people agreeing with this post do their level BEST to run folks off this site.

    The basic lack of civility and decline of insightful football knowledge on here give new blood NO REASON to stay. Especially since Eagle's players no longer contribute. (Trading comments with McNabb is what initially got me hooked here. After a while he didn't respond to anyone.)

    Considering how dead all the other NFL pages on YB are it's no wonder that the administrators don't care that anyone complains. The Eagles page is actually their best NFL page! They have nothing to lose. It's one of the reasons I'm on here a LOT less frequently.
  • I disagree, flip. Sometimes disagreements get passionate and for the most part people keep it at that in my opinion. Most of the barkers left aren't looking to offend. I noticed you looked at all the negatives you think we offer this site but had nothing to type about what yardbarker has let this site become. Maybe, just maybe some of us have been hardened by this site and think every disagreement is someone waiting to lash out. I can think of one barker that fits that description.
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  • Come on. You're saying he NEVER replied to you? Not even once?
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  • Whether it was his agent or Roxie, I was just glad that response came back at all.
    If you want to talk about a guy who would MOST DEFINITELY respond, you needed to write to Stanford Routt, the former Raider CB. Talk about NEEEEEDY! He even added his cell number to his page info (I never did use it. Hopefully it just went to a fan club or something.)But his attempts to reach out were just a tad much.
  • I have disagreements with posters on the Eagles site, and some of the stuff on the Raider site I visit makes YB look like a tea dance. (They allow profanity and people question each others sexuality A LOT). The thing with those sites is there's more positive energy towards the team and a LOT more insightful football talk. Those things matter in terms of getting people to stay.

    Feel like they don't?

    Look at this page, you can count the regular posters here on less than two hands:
    You, EZ, Holly, Spots, Zukny, 20Dawk, Brinkster, Ganggreen90, and Me. Sure there are others: Joephieag, Ronton, and Crazyphillyfan, but they're here a lot less than even me now.

    That's 12 people. THAT is why YB doesn't have a need to hear you (or me back when I cared) about this issue. You simply don't have the numbers to matter, because you KEEP RUNNING PEOPLE OFF.

    But go ahead. Keep on telling me I'm wrong and that gutting fellow fans "is what it's all about". You keep being unhappy. I've found my nirvana, and I am more than happy to come here and see by posts like this one, that you are miserable in your own personal Hell.
  • He is grasping at straws. He THINKS we ran people off this site yet all MOST of us are guilty of is having a spitited discussion from time to time and he is as guilty as we are (even right NOW!).
  • *spirited
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  • I'm not overly fond of trash talking, Spotella but I do get that some fans like it and I'm fine with that. I just try to step back when it is happening and that is one reason I don't go over to the Cowboy's yard too often. The passion I bring up is more based on some of the conversations I have had and seen in this yard among Eagle fans. The best example I can think of is how fans felt about the possibilty of trading McNabb. We can even bring up the recent firing of Reid also...fans on different sides of the fence who want their reasons for thinking and feeling the way they do heard (seen). Nothing wrong with that and nothing wrong with showing that passion when discussing it yet some do take it to far. In the past I was insulted for my wanting McNabb traded (mainly by hollywood but there were a couple others) and told I was a fool for thinking that way even though I never provoked that type of response. For the most part I think the few of us who remain have been fairly cordial to each other. Do we still show some passion when discussing some of the issues facing the Eagles...sure we do. I think the name calling for the most part has subsided. Could we improve on this and even our attitudes towards each other?...yes we could but that would be up to each individual. I know I'm guilty with my discussions with hollywood and I've told him I would stop debating him so much if he started leaning towards the truth a little more instead of constant speculation on every negative move the Eagles make and all his spin doctoring (and flat out lies). He refuses so I debate him. I try to keep it at that and as long as he keeps it clean I will do the same.

    So, 11 days since I first messaged a mod with my concerns and still nothing. It's been almost a week since this post went up and I haven't heard from anyone and as you all can see, no response. I hoped maybe my copy of my message to the big guy would bring forth something by this morning but again nothing! My last shot will be to send a message to the yardbarker feedback email address asking them to come to this site and take a look at this post and tell them my messages to the mod and the big guy are being ignored or at least not seen. Maybe the mod no longer works here (he was the one who helped us when many multis were deleted) but I would think the big guy is still here. He used to be the owner and as of a few months ago was still part of yardbarker. Who knows, maybe they are all on an extended vacation. Trying to be optimistic. The funny thing is that last night one of our fellow barkers had their account locked for awhile. I was happy to see that yardbarker must have re-thought that decision because that account is now back but thought it would have been a slap in the face for us to have one of us locked out while having our concerns ignored.
  • In general I dont mind your opinions. But the problem is if most Eagles fans think like you Im worried that it will be a very long time before they win a superbowl. I told you Nick Foles doesnt have and arm. Did you watch Flacco? He has an arm. Luck, he has an arm. Foles cant move. How would that work with Chip? 3 and out. You find no problem that the Eagles leverage Vicks salary to entice Kelly. Do you think they might want to get Vick to agree to that first? Is that a normal negotiation? Thats bad business period. And to leak that and then blame the failure to sign him on Vicks unwillingness is comical. Another scenario that players take notice of and say to themselves can this owner and front office ever deal in good faith. Ive never seen anything like that in Balto. . Yes stalemates. But more often that not good resolutions. In Philly a failed negotiation turns to finger pointing. Does Vick deserve the money? Do you deserve yours? Does anyone on the Eagles deserve their money? So from simply a negotiation tactic it was pretty juvenile from and owner with a 800 million dollar asset.
  • Who is finger pointing? Your problem is is that you take everything you read that can be twisted into something negative and use it in your arguments like it has been proven to be truth (even though you sometimes totally push aside what has already proven to be true). Is it a known fact that the Eagles were using Vick (or a renegotiation of his contract) as a negotiation ploy with Kelly or is it just media speculation because of the situation? Have the Eagles come out and admitted to anything you are whining about or are you just reading the blogs before getting to this site and running with the information. We all use media speculation in our arguments form time to time but YOU need to realize it is just that...speculation! Hell, if the media was always right, Kelly would be a Cleveland Brown and Andy Reid would be having his press conference in Arizona and not in Kansas City.
  • that is not something the Eagles would readily admit. But if past history is any indicator of what they will do in a negotiation I dont think someone just made it up.
  • Let's stick to the topics of this post so we can hopefully get yardbarker to at least look at our concerns. This is the second time you tried steered this post off topic and I admit I bit this time. You want to talk Eagles please do it on another post!
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  • Interesting. What did 20 do to get blocked? He can run a little hot sometimes.
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  • Just wanted to let everyone know that I got a response to an email I sent to the feedback@yarbarker.com address and it was from one of the mods I sent my message to (he also finally opened his message too). All he did was thanked me for the message and post and said they will look into their comment policy. The reply was only a couple sentences long and did not address any other concern that anybody had. I'm not surprised and wouldn't hold my breath to see it changed if I were any of you. I was hoping they would do something to prove that they appreciated some of their longtime barkers but a two sentence e-mail reply stating they will look into their policy that no one seems to like isn't much. Sorry, but I tried!

    2odaawk, they blocked you but they obviously changed their minds for some reason. I don't know if it was because of this post and your comments or maybe you pissed some off lately and they flagged you? Maybe a combination of the two?

    Flip, you really are taking your anger to an extreme here (especially for one that has reached his personal nirvana, I'm worried about you). All I'm doing is trying to help make this site a little better...if it doesn't happen I will sleep easy tonight just like I did last night...no hell for me buddy but it sure would be nice to hit ny own nirvana some day...maybe with your guidance I will.
  • They'll respond with more concern when you have the numbers to influence it.

    Learn to be nice. Stop running people off the forum. Attract and KEEP new people here. It can be done. The only question is will you do it. If the answer is "No" then see your post above.
  • I added to my reply above because I still couldn't respond to all the comments I wanted to.

    I am nice, flip. I don't feel I've run anyone off this site. Maybe I was A reason kellyscott stopped posting but he ripped us for not reading his posts before I ever commented to him. I actually responded to him by giving him advice (just like you are doing to me here) and was very kind to him and he responded back with anger. For the most part I left him alone but will admit that I made a comment to him every now and then...almost always when he made one first. I would guess the real reason he stopped posting here was because NO ONE ever commented on his posts...not even Birdflipper. I try to get along with almost everybody here (hollywood is a lost cause with me) and I have even stepped back from certain barkers that I thought just posted things to anger people even if they agreed with a certain stance of mine. If barkers get upset because they disagree with certain view points that I feel strongly about that is their problem and I will not apologize for that. I am who I am and if you don't like that than oh well...I think I'll survive but I am certainly not the reason yardbarker only has a half dozen regulars left. There were more barkers when I got here years ago but many of the barkers I have seen only in pictures and avatars stopped posting before I came here. McNabb stopped posting before I got here. This site was in major decline when I got here...I just watched the last remnants crumble! Did you ever think that just maybe yardbarker has slowly developed a bad reputation for many years? Did you ever think that just maybe yardbarker is responible for that by not moderating this site properly? Besides, do you really think that if we all started putting out posts stating GO EAGLES!!!...WE LOVE OUR EAGLES!!! with pictures of unicorns pooping rainbows and smiling sunshines the barkers would come storming back or that we would attract new barkers? Somehow I doubt that would help but you go ahead and keep it up if you want to. I do love my Eagles but I come here to discuss the current issues and right now the main one is Lurie searching for a new coach coming off a poor season. Hard to twist that into bright skies all season and if you got upset with us for not sharing your enthusiam that is on you. I like yardbarker, don't mind sending a message or two along with an e-mail and a post to fix some things I didn't like but I won't break if this site folded or they dumped the yards. You can blame "ME" or people like me (I'm really a nice guy, flip) for ruining this site but that is actually not placing the blame where it truly belongs...with yardbarker! Rainbows and unicorns aren't going to help this site right now.
  • I don't believe anyone would stay here over rainbows and unicorns, but fans here seldom give each other a pat on the back anymore. Remember all the Bark-ups? Go and look atthe equivalent "I Like This" and you will see just how few they are in between. Conversely look at the tirades and ripping apart of fellows fans on any of those same posts. Our actions are speaking for themselves.

    You cannot make a good impression on a new guest if when they first come into your home there is yelling and screaming and all of this thing. The new will be looking for somewhere to all belong, not to have to fight their way into.

    And about Kellyscott I did make responses to (his?) earlier posts, thinking (he?) was penning them from a bus or a train, but they never got any better, and at times it was a chore to even decipher what (he?) was talking about. You know with the lady sneakers in the picture, all this time I assumed it was a girl. :)
  • I don't disagree with what you're typing...I just think things have gotten somewhat better. I remember first coming here and not knowing what to expect with my first responses and comments. To tell you the truth I pretty much leave the newbies alone unless they address me with a comment. If getting them more involved in discussions helps we all could do that more often and if any show up I will try. Still not recruiting...not going to do it!

    Not sure what kellyscott was but he (she) certainly wasn't very good at writing. Just a few too many misplaced questionmarks for my liking among other things. He also picked some strange topics and didn't understand the concept of quality over quantity at all. Not to mention he didn't know not to insult his target audience.
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  • People will be yelling and screaming until this owner puts a good product on the field. Yelling and peace are directly related to wins and losses.
  • The REAL reason why YB lost so many is because so many of those fans were just here to connect with athletes like McNabb. Some of them were even cool to make responses like Brendan Haywood (McNabb never did), but now with Twitter people access their athletes that way. What does make this site better than some others is how regular people have the opportunity to voice their opinions. I know on some other sites fans aren't allowed to create their own posts. Moderators on other sites are much more strict with what bloggers can and can not type. On YB more than some other sites I have been too it is much easier to identify people than it is on some other sites. All in all I come here, because I want to, but that doesn't mean that there are some things that could be done better.
  • I missed out on the athletes posting (have seen McNabb's blogs and I never saw any replies...actually saw comments from some fans that he never replied) and that could be the main reason so many barkers bailed. It certainly wasn't us like flip would have us believe. Insults have been flying since day one of me being here and I've seen much worse when looking back at past posts (2008 to now). I rarely insult people on here anyway but I obviously have traded a few with hollywood and one or two other barkers. One thing I know is that I never insulted anyone without being provoked and even have let a barker or two throw an insult my way while ignoring it. I'm not looking for arguments but I will debate anyone I disagree with.

    I thought we may have been succesful with having yardbarker change their commenting policy but I guess not. Was not able to put a a second comment on this post even though I was able to post 3 consecutive comments to different barkers on another post this morning.
  • If the site were a little more user friendly I certainly think it would help. Some of the guys who left just went away, because they wanted too. Some got booted. Can't worry about those who are no long here. I think a few simple fixes could lessen some of the complaints. I remember chatting and responding with a few of the NBA and WNBA people who used to be on the site. I used to write on McNabb's threads, and I noticed he never once responded. In fact he usually just typed about some charity event he did or was doing. He rarely discussed football.
  • It appears that flip needs alot of attention these days. Our yardbarker Sheriffs office is manned by deputy semi pro flipper. A man taht appears to be starved of love for his efforts to make the yard a safer place. I am censored by flip. I generally stick to football and my opinions are 100% how I feel. On the other hand, the fraud that censors when its convenient, flip flops , changes his opinions, his moods on a daily basis. I wish he would stop talking about his great attempts to save us and stick to football.
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  • He has excellent writing skills and I wouldnt be suprised if he writes for a living but his opinions are off base at times and he will start a thread about anything. Although my posts arent entirely right its clear I have a clear disdain for the owner and front office andwhile many here defended them I was often the only one on the board lamenting the group. In that sense, given the condition of this franchise, Ive been proven right. I will let people know when I think this organzation has changed its way of doing business. But so far they have been rejected by a college coach and appear to be reaching, as McNabb has said, into a hat. It was like Goldman Sachs watching everyone resign and hightail it out of Philly. Its a broken enterprise.
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  • Careful Spotella. I'd hate to see you get tossed because of someone that just isn't worth it. We all know who brought this site down for years with his incessant trolling. Don't even hit the show comment button and look at his posts. He is the only one that I know of still with his comments below viewing threshold. Take advantage of it and enjoy the fact that you have the power right now on whether you see his posts or not.
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  • It seems they may have deleted YOUR post and it could be nothing more than that. The funny thing is that whether some barkers' suspicions about the mods harassing us are true or not, you would think that yardbarker would want to SMASH that perception...do ANYTHING possible to make sure they cleaned up their image in our eyes. I don't know if we don't matter to them because of how few we are or maybe because they have gotten to know a little about us through our posts and they feel we somehow deserve the treatment they have allowed romorules and others to inflict on us (and they have allowed him to do that no matter what they think) but whatever reason it is it should never have gone on. I've spent a little time going back on some posts and saw some interesting things. Before romorules created the romorules ID he admits to being Bowlbound. From what I understand Bowlbound and Harry Potter used to go at each other quite often. I never came across that. To tell you the truth I don't remember seeing too many Harry Potter posts but I did see the Bowlbound ID actually discussing football with Eagle fans in a MOSTLY cordial manner. I don't know what happened but somewhere along the way Bowlbound must have started harassing Potter or vice versa (and it seems like Potter harrassed him back from what barkers have stated in their posts). Harry Potter may have been a creep himself or maybe like the rest of us he got tired of romorules (Bowlbound's) crap just like we have but that's besides the point. We ALL know what romorules has done in the past and still does yet it still goes on to some extent. After all his bull as Bowlbound, after his ongoing BS as romorules it still goes on. He even admitted to me in one of his comments that he "stalked" a female barker by putting out her ID when someone was telling me about it (the barker didn't remember the ID just remembered everyone liked her). Romorules knew exactly who the barker was referring to. The funny thing is that when I typed to him that his throwing out her ID pretty much proved that he must have done some stalking as Bowlbound the comment with his "admission" disappeared. I've also seen a few of his multis "mysteriously" reappear after being blocked by one of the mods. They were permantly deleted after I complained to the mod that they were somehow opened back up. This was during the time when many of his multis were deleted and he wasn't hiding the fact that many of the ones we suspected were him. Is there any wonder why some of us would think that the mods at the very least enable romorules to have his "fun"? There is no good reason why romorules should still be on this site after so many years of his constant harassing but here he is in some form and I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we can see his posts without having to open them up if we choose to. Maybe yardbarker takes offense at people giving them advice on how to run their website...maybe they do in fact know romorules or he is one of them. Maybe he started posting to garner interest in the site with some of his multis and his arguments built into what they are today, harrassment! Maybe the mods simply find humor in what he does or they simply just don't care but whatever the reason they are wrong in allowing it to go on for so long. Didn't they tell you when he made one of his MANY mocking IDs at your expense (he also did this with bigrele, Eazy..I wouldn't doubt that the old ID mocking hollywood {hollowhead} was his) that he was only mocking himself? Why the hell would yardbarker not only allow that how did they justify him mocking you and your ID as mocking himself? I've seen his stories about you and flip and he even mocked me in one of flip's. Why would any website just sit back and allow this and make excuses for the man when the easiest thing to do and most logical would be to boot him? I used to ask yardbarker to just make sure he backed off and they told me they would monitor the situation. When things heated up and I asked that they do more they basically told me that if he got booted I was going with him. Why would they give you lame excuses for the man and threaten my account on here unless they had a reason? I would guess that yardbarker won't allow this post on here for long but if they do delete it all they are doing is trying to hide what I believe to be true and everything but my speculation on why they allow it is certainly the truth. I can't be sure what reason yardbarker has for allowing this to go on as long as it has and I understand that I will never know. All I do know is that they have the power to change my perception (and other's) but they choose not to...they continue to allow the BS to go on and for us to wonder why they do it.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • We'll never know, Spotella and I can live with that. I just hope they make the small changes we ask for right now. Is that too much to ask?
  • It's crazy that hollywood's biggest supporter on this site also mocked him. Well he never admitted to being that hollowhead guy (though he was never pressed on it), but from all of the previous stuff people automatically assumed it was him. From all of the other antics what can anyone say he's not capable of trying?
  • Everyone likes to think that their posts make sense and that is why hollywood chooses to believe romorules when he posts his "love" for the guy even though for every post that he's given hollywood props in, hollywood has probably gotten two dozen negative replies about his comments from many other barkers. He just plays on hollywood's need for acceptance and hollywood soaks it in.
  • I know it's rare, but there are sometimes when even Hollywood makes sense. It's hard to let him know that without him going waaaayyy over the deep end.
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  • Just adding my two cents. Basically at the end of the day "Yardbarker" fix it
  • Thnks for the comment, Eaglemafia. I'm hoping they fix these issues but I will agree with flip on one thing...I don't think yardbarker gives a damn. Easy fixes I'm sure and you would think they would make them just to keep a few barkers happy but if they wanted to make us happy things wouldn't be the way they are right now on this site. My messages and e-mails get ignored by the mods until I keep pushing the issues...don't think I'm very popular with them. All I've ever tried doing is putting a stop to the trolling (and I've only ever complained about ONE person and it's not like I send them constant messages) and now I am trying to get a couple very fixable issues looked at...yet I get ignored and then I receive a couple sentences telling me they'll look at their comment policy. What's to look at?...just like you typed...YARDBARKER fix it. The sad part is that I bet we won't even be notified if they do change their policy. They'll just change it and let us figure it out on our own.
  • I think that's what most of us want. Just fix the little things and we would be okay. Of course Baby Huey wants to fix us all to become just like the mediocre loving, emotional softie he is today. I will pass on being just like the flipocrite. Just fix the border, and let me post more than once every ten minutes.
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  • yard barker has progressively made the forums worse and the site nicer. Personally I think they did it to get us to comment on the articles and not the forum posts.
  • its hysterical. Just go to hottest forum's section and the only posts there are is from the Eagles section. The website has literally died outside the 20 of us! It was booming before all th0se dumb changes!

  • It's funny how many people posted after the photo of a white Mike Vick came out. None of those people stayed. Of course most of them were racists, but still.
  • LOL, Eazy. Honestly after reading that post I got the sense that one person or a couple people had WAY too much time on their hands. So many of those comments set up idiotic but natural responses and replies to each other and it was almost like they were in unison with each other and never seemed to offend. It almost seemed rehearsed or almost like it came from the same mind and I wouldn't doubt one person had a hand in almost all of it and if I'm right whoever was behind it should be ashamed of themselves.
  • My goodness that seems like a lot of work for one person, but knowing this site I wouldn't be surprised at all. I'm always leery of new IDs on this site from all of the history. I'm especially leery of people who just pop in and start discussing on a topic as if they have been here for years. They probably have been here for years and its just another fake looking to start something.
  • It did seem like a lot of work for one person Eazy but if I remember correctly in a matter of a couple days a dozen or so new profiles popped up and MOST of them seemed to just want to take racists views on the whole "white" Vick article that was posted. Seemed too coincedental to me. Have to admit that when I saw all that BS that one ID on here popped into my head...the one that seems to enjoy wasting his time creating new IDs just to shock and try to be funny at almost anybody's expense. I agree with you about being leary about new IDs (I was asked if I was an old ID when I first started on yardbarker) and there is no doubt that some of the newer ones have already been here (I've seen some discuss their history on here even though they have new accounts) but as long as they follow the rules I leave them alone). One ID who always gives himself up eventually (and I usually can tell it's him very quickly) is Supa. He types a certain way, never changes his city and his posts always turn pro Vick even when he buries him early like his most recent ID blpower has done. He always gives himself up eventually. Even with that, as long as he keeps it clean and stays away from the videos I won't be too hard on him.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I never saw that cat thing he posted, but Supa pissed off a lot of people with that one. Truthfully he seemed like one of the fakes that came here just to start crap too.
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  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • They don't care at all, Spotella. They've proven that to me for quite some time now and aren't even ashamed that we know how they feel!
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
  • I know where I stand on Manti. That story is getting too much runtime. I just hope the Eagles keep their distance.
  • probably a Raven or a second round draft pick.
  • It doesn't seem too silmilar in the sense that the main man behind the Te'o situation was supposedly one of his best friends. Seems it was either a horrible prank that Te'o was embarrassed to admit to publicly after finally finding out the truth or he plotted with friends to play on the sympathy vote to help him win the Heisman. Either way it shows that there are some strange characters out there and that our buddy isn't the only one and probably far from the worst when it comes to their kind. Just a year or two ago some man was convicted of some type of crime for preying on depressed people on the internet. He would pretend that he was in depression himself and would hook up with people on some media outlet for people looking for help and would make some kind of suicidal pact with them. He did this to a few people who ended up going through with their plans and he obviously wouldn't...makes our buddy seem like a puppy dog, doesn't he? Different type of situation but just shows what some people use the internet for. We choose to discuss football and doing so have developed an easy relationship or two that doesn't take too much time out of our lives...others choose to be like our "buddy" and prey on the innocents who may want to just get away from the real world for a moment or two every once in a while by discussing football or some type of passion they have (or like the victims that fell prey to the pyscho I discussed earlier, may have been looking to just fit in somewhere or may have been reaching out for help). It's a shame that some people get a kick out of trying to ruin things for other people. That is plain and simple what romorules tries to do and yardbarker MUST see this...there is no doubt in my mind. Shame on them for giving him the ability to do this for so many years.
  • Well no they have at least made it so you as an individual will have to look at his posts if you choose to. Don't know why they didn't go all the way, but that's at least something.
  • [not displayed: comment from locked account]
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